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What is Chess960?

Chess960, also known as Fischer Random Chess, is a variant of traditional chess that was invented by the former World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer. It introduces an element of randomness to the initial setup of the chess pieces, making each game unique and challenging. Here's an explanation of Chess960 for someone who has never played it before:

1. Randomized Starting Position: In traditional chess, the starting position of the pieces is always the same. However, in Chess960, the initial setup is randomized. The only rule is that the two bishops must start on opposite-colored squares, but other than that, the pieces can be placed in any order behind the pawns.

2. Castling Rules: In Chess960, the castling rules are slightly different. The king and rook can still castle, but the king doesn't always move two squares towards the rook. Instead, the king moves to the square next to the rook, whether it's to the left or right. This means that the castling positions can vary from game to game.

3. Increased Complexity: Due to the randomized starting position, Chess960 introduces a higher level of complexity and strategic thinking compared to traditional chess. Players can't rely on memorized opening moves and must adapt their strategies to the unique position they are given.

4. Chess Knowledge Still Applies: While the initial positions are different, all the standard chess rules still apply in Chess960. The objective is still to checkmate your opponent's king, and each piece retains its traditional movement and capturing abilities.

5. Fairness: The random nature of Chess960 ensures that both players start from the same position, eliminating any potential advantage from memorized opening moves. This makes the game more fair and puts the emphasis on creativity and strategic thinking rather than rote memorization.

6. Chess960 Notation: To keep track of the starting positions, Chess960 uses a numbering system from 1 to 960 to identify the possible starting positions. Each game's starting position can be recorded using this notation, allowing players to replicate interesting games or analyze them later.

7. Popular Among Chess Players: Chess960 has gained popularity among chess enthusiasts and professional players as it adds variety and freshness to the game. It challenges players to think on their feet, adapt their strategies, and rely on their chess understanding rather than memorization.

The best way to fully grasp Chess960 is to give it a try and play a few games. It can be a fun and exciting variant for both seasoned chess players and newcomers alike!


Hotel Rooms: Players in this tournament wishing to stay at the venue may get a $144 discounted room rate by using the following booking link. Rooms are available for the Friday before the event through the Sunday of the event and bookings must be made by October 14th, 2023. Players who stay at the venue will receive a $10 coupon to discount a future NMCO tournament entry.

Book you stay at the venue here:

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