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Distinguished Service Registry

“Thank you for your continued dedication to chess in our community!”

“The Distinguished Service Registry honors those individuals who have fostered chess activity in New Mexico. This includes sponsors, coaches, teachers, club & tournament directors and organizers as well as others whose philanthropic efforts have served our state’s chess community in significant ways. Those listed here have distinguished themselves in this manner. This is NMCO’s way of showing our gratitude and appreciation for their service..”

Dale Gibbs.JPG

Dale Gibbs

After 36 years with the ATSF Railway, Dale retired in 1995 and decided to give back to the community by teaching chess at St. Mary’s School in Belen for 5 years. This chess involvement soon blossomed to include tournament directing (he is one of three Senior TD’s in NM), serving as an officer on the NMCO Board (in three different positions), and many other chess club and teaching activities including 11 years Summer chess program at the Albuquerque Academy. Dale has been a USCF certified chess Coach since February of 2002.

Inducted on: 07-07-12

Requirements for inclusion:

1.All nominees will be informed of their nomination and must accept before they will be listed. No one will be placed on the Registry without their permission.

2.Nominees should have 10 years of chess service.

3.The NMCO Board will vote on each nominee based on their service to chess.

4.A brief biographical sketch will be included. The nominee will be given input in this process.

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