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2022 Scholastic Champions

2022 Scholastic Champions
State Representatives

NM 9th-12th Grade State Champion and Denker Representative: Philippe Bakhirev

NM 6th-8th Grade State Champion and Barber Representative: Aarush Tutiki

NM K-5th Grade State Champion and Rockefeller Representative: Manuel Castillo

NM Scholastic Girls State Champion and Haring Representative: Dana Poon

2022 K-12 Champions

NM K-12th Grade Co-Champions: Seneca Yellowhorse, William Orr, and Wilson White

NM K-8th Grade Co-Champions: Aarush Tutiki, Halden Sjostrom, Liam Wendt

NM K-5th Grade Co-Champions: Harshin Jagirapu and Manny Castillo

NM K-3rd Grade Champion: Desmond Ramirez

2022 Grade Level Champions

NM 12th Grade Champion: Andy Corliss.

NM 11th Grade Champion: Seneca Yellowhorse

NM 10th Grade Champion: Amare Kramer

NM 9th Grade Champion: Wilson White

NM 8th Grade Champion: Aarush Tutiki

NM 7th Grade Champion: Trent Ogas

NM 6th Grade Champion: David Sanders

NM 5th Grade Co-Champions: Nash LeTard and Krish Sathish

NM 4th Grade Champion: Sarah Sanders

NM 3rd Grade Champion: Leo Hill

NM 2nd Grade Champion: None

NM 1st Grade Champion: Bohan Li

NM Kindergarten Champion: Layla LeTard