State Champions

Photo from the 2002 NM Senior Open (taken by Susan Koenig) shows two four-time NM State Champions
Warren Miller and Jack Shaw. Jack is third from the left on the front row and Warren is directly behind Jack.

Got Rating new format

Due to the number of players, there will be two sections. The upper section (about 1700 to 2200, two masters are playing) will play in quad 2 games with G90+30 and the lower section (U1700) will play swiss pairings 3 games G60;d05. Contact me if you have any questions...

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Santa Fe Rooks Q and B. Results

8 players competed at the quick and blitz event on Saturday. Congrats to Ryan McCracken who won it by a street. Gilbert Mireles took the rating prize. Our next tournament is the Utopian Open in Eldorado on April 13th-14th with 5 rounds G/90;d5. 2 sections Open and...

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2019 Bughouse State Championship

Will Team “Shake & Take”with Jonah Romero & Andrew Wolz win? Or Stone Cold NM Andrew Flores and Scholastic Undertaker Asher Nathan! #Jointhebattle #bughouse #Statechampionship #register @ March 30th

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