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Str Opurbo
Jun 19, 2022
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Such consistency, believe it or not, is achievable. Maybe you think that your company is too big, too loose, or too (fill in the blank). Job Function Email List Don't raise your hand. There are tools that can help you align your organization's message. One tool that many content strategists love - a very simple but powerful tool - is message architecture. Job Function Email List Why should you keep reading? If you don't have a messaging architecture, you're missing something valuable. Creating content without an architectural message is like building a house without a floor plan. Job Function Email List Katie Del Angel shared with me another metaphor. Job Function Email List A clearly articulated message architecture is my best friend. This is the North Star that everyone in a project can work on (internal and external). Margot Bloomstein says, "Content strategy is what makes content marketing effective," and "what drives that strategy is message architecture." Content marketing relies on content strategy, which relies on messaging architecture via mbloomstein. Click To Job Function Email List TweetWhat is message architecture? Job Function Email List A message architecture is sometimes called a messaging architecture or messaging framework.
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Str Opurbo

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