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mamun 123
Jun 19, 2022
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Fogg believes that what users care about most is cost. Instead of using more temptations to increase his motivation to do something, it is better to think about reducing the cost of executive list doing it. time money Manual labor: taking a taxi is easier than walking two hours; Brain work: Some people just don't like to use their brains, it's too complicated for you to let them answer executive list questions and win prizes; Social pressure: the cost of doing something counterintuitive is also high; The power of habit: If doing this thing disrupts his daily habits, there is an additional cost. 3) The conversion factor. Trigger is the trigger condition Stimulate Spark: When executive list the user does not have enough motivation, it is necessary to use text or video to stimulate the user to generate motivation; Auxiliary Facilitator: When the user has enough motivation, but executive list sometimes he does not know what to do, the user has a certain motivation but does not know how to do it, and needs to be guided patiently; Signal: Users are motivated and know what to do, just need a reminder. Of course, if the signal is excessive at this time, it will also have the opposite effect. 3. . Summary A successful conversion occurs when the motivation is strong and the implementation cost is low. That is, above the threshold in the above figure. Of executive list course, sometimes, both strong motivation and low cost cannot be completely satisfied. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that there is no design with high cost and insufficient user executive list motivation. Fourth, the product is finished, then what? Some thinking tools about user operations: 1. Assess product capability AARRR model The AARRR model is a very classic Internet user leakage model.
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mamun 123

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