2021 Scholastic State Chess Championships


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2021 Scholastic State Chess Championships

Presented by NMCO
A high level scholastic tournament that will decide our NM Representatives for:
Dewain Barber National Tournament 6th grade to 8th grade (April 17 -18)
John D. Rockefellar III National Tournament Kindergarten thru 5th grade (April 24-25)
Ruth Haring National Girls Tournament of Champions Kindergarten thru 12th grade (May 1-2)
GM Arnold Denker National Tournament 9th grade to 12th grade (May 8-9)
Team Championship
No limit to the number of players a school or club may enter but only the top six scores count for the team score.
New Mexico resident
Must be enrolled in a curriculum approved by the state for grades K-12
Must be able to represent New Mexico in the National Tournament held on the weekend of July 31-August 8
As the tournament platform will be lichess.org, players must have a lichess.org account. A free lichess.org account is sufficient. Players must include their lichess.org username/handle in their registration form.
Players must own 2 webcams. The 1st webcam must be embedded in the player’s laptop or desktop. The 2nd webcam must be a webcam with a minimum of 1,080 pixels (1080P). The 2nd webcam must also be able to log in to the Zoom conference that will run throughout the tournament. NMCO recommends the 2nd webcam be a standard mobile phone or 2nd laptop, because they can be logged in to the Zoom conference easily. The 2nd webcam should be positioned so it will provide a landscape view of the room in which the player will be competing.
Players do not need a Zoom account, as a link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to them. Players experiencing technical problems will be taken to Zoom breakout rooms for technical support.
Players’ US Chess memberships need to be current through the end of either April or May 2021, dependent on the date of your tournament. Renew your US Chess membership here.
Event Information: 4 round Swiss per tournament, one section, open to experienced Chess Players.
Pairings will be done by lichess ratings. (Strongly recommend players practice on lichess to get a rating.) Tie break will be held the preceding Monday at 6PM on lichess.org hosted by Diamondback Chess.
A Zoom practice session will be held the Friday preceding the weekend of the tournament at 6pm.
Time Control:
Game/60 5 sec delay
Tie break a 5 minute round robin blitz tournament
Rounds: All times are Saturday 10:00am, 1:00pm, Sunday 10:00am, 1:00pm
Tie break Monday at 6:00PM
Entry Fees: Donations: LINK
ATTN: Online registration must be completed by the Thursday preceding your tournament.
Plaques for Top 3 finishers in each Tournament
•Games will be played online at lichess.org
•Complete instructions for online play will be emailed to team contact’s email address supplied at registration
•All players must use Zoom video monitoring at all times during their games. Side view showing player, computer
•A Zoom practice session will be held on the Friday preceding the tournament at 6pm
•Players must be logged in to lichess.org and Zoom 10 minutes before the beginning of each round
•Prizes will be mailed to address provided
•Prizes will be sent approximately two weeks after tournament ends to allow for fair play review of results
Fair play rules;
•By registering, all players agree not to use outside assistance of any kind
•Players may not listen to music, wear headphones, or have another electronic device near them while playing
•Players must not have any other applications or browser tabs open on their computer while playing. Only the online game browser tab and the Zoom tab may be open during play
•When the tournament or prize eligibility requires Zoom, players must use Zoom video monitoring at all times during their games. Side view showing player, computer, and area preferred.
•Players must always have video enabled in the Zoom meeting while they are playing
•Players must agree to Zoom requests by tournament staff, including turning on audio, giving a scan of the area around a player, adjusting the camera angle, etc
•All games will be reviewed by the online platform and tournament staff during and after the event
•Players discovered to have violated will be:
•Removed from the tournament.
•Ineligible for prizes
•Tournament results and standings will be adjusted as per US Chess rules
Any player who meets the eligibility of the tournaments and has financial hardship contact
Tony Romero at scholasticdirector@nmchess.org for assistance.

To donate to the NMCO Scholastic Chess Fund, click here


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9-12 Champ, 6-8 Champ, K-5 Champ, Girl's Champ