Got Rating new format

Due to the number of players, there will be two sections. The upper section (about 1700 to 2200, two masters are playing) will play in quad 2 games with G90+30 and the lower section (U1700) will play swiss pairings 3 games G60;d05. Contact me if you have any questions...

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Santa Fe Rooks Q and B. Results

8 players competed at the quick and blitz event on Saturday. Congrats to Ryan McCracken who won it by a street. Gilbert Mireles took the rating prize. Our next tournament is the Utopian Open in Eldorado on April 13th-14th with 5 rounds G/90;d5. 2 sections Open and...

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2019 Bughouse State Championship

Will Team “Shake & Take”with Jonah Romero & Andrew Wolz win? Or Stone Cold NM Andrew Flores and Scholastic Undertaker Asher Nathan! #Jointhebattle #bughouse #Statechampionship #register @ March 30th

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