12-29-15 New Location for Los Volcanes Senior Chess Club

Just wanted to let the chess community know that the Los Volcanes Senior Center Chess Club will be moving to a different location (Effective January 9th, 2016) for at least the next three months due to renovation at the senior center. The Club will now meet from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at West Mesa Community Center at 5500 Glenrio Rd NW Albuquerque NM 87105 (505) 836-3487. The WMCC is located on the west side just off Coors between 1-40 and Central. This is a multi-generation facility so all ages are welcome. Contact the club’s President Robert Scott @ 505-833-3770 for more information (please no calls after 7:00 pm).

Happy New Year to All

Greg Stricklin

12-24-15 Heart of the Desert

I would just like to encourage everyone to attend this tournament if you can. I went to this tournament last year after Thanksgiving and it was an enjoyable experience and a well-run tourney plus an amazing venue. I played a very tough field consisting of a master, an expert and four very good A players. I was able to wrangle a half point from the ever tough BYE!

Robert Hampton

12-21-15 Festive Quads

22 players competed in the Festive Quads on Saturday 19th. Thanks to all. The tournament has now been rated. Congrats to winners of the 5 sections: Chris Peterson, Vasudev Kenkre, Aubrey O’Neal and Mark Galassi, Kirill Sereda, Annabelle Romero and Jesse Montoya. Santa Fe Rooks next event is our annual 2 day tournament in Eldorado….The Utopian Open on March 19th and 20th. Not to be missed. btw if any of your chess equipment is missing….. now in our lost and found …send me an email.

Jim Johnston

12-21-15 Heart of the Desert Chess tournament

The Heart of the Desert Open will be held again this year at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces, NM. Details are available at the NM Chess Organization web site www.nmchess.org. The event is partly sponsored by the Museum and by Heart of the Desert Pistachios & Wine. The Museum’s conference center provides excellent playing rooms and support facilities including an on-site restaurant. In addition, the museum provides an educational and entertaining collection of historic exhibits and live demonstrations of a number of farm and ranch life activities. Really a nice diversion between rounds or for family members.

The first round starts at 11:00 AM on Saturday, which makes it convenient for players in northern NM to drive down that morning. Advance registration is payable through PayPal with a link on the Coming Events page on the website; giving you even more flexibility to drive down Saturday morning. We also look for a strong turnout of players from southern NM and the El Paso-Juarez area. Hope you can join us. Next round has been moved to 3:30 to allow sufficient time for lunch.

Dean Brunton

12-15-15 What the community wants

Thanks for everyone’s input on the number of rounds wanted, Andrew Flores did a fantastic job with the Southwest Autumn Open and it was 5 rounds. NMCO should take notice to how he planned and ran such a successful tournament. Andrew had no time restraints because the event was at Hotel Cascada (a place I have been pushing for). 5 rounds looks like what the chess community wants and should get. I do remember the good days of tournaments being 5 rounds.

Steve Perea

12-13-15 Summary and Response

“I don’t even know when 4 round tournaments started”

Having an even number of rounds, and therefore the same schedule on both days, makes things easier for the tournament director. Having 5-6 rounds might not be possible at the venue selected.

“I have no reason quarrels with people who take a bye… but I do not think it is right for the rest of us to have people who say they are “too tired”.”

The primary reason voluntary byes are offered is the most adults have lives and commitments outside of chess. The tournament often has a lower priority than family or work. Other players taking byes in no way affects the number of games you play.

“I predict that if there are insufficient entries [for the memorial tournament] it will be due to the $40 for four rounds”

$40 is excessive for 4 rounds of play. I would suggest about $7/round. In a state as poor as NM $10/round is just too much.

“the Tournament Organizer must submit his tournament format to the board one month before submission as a TLA so that there will be time for discussion.”

Why this is not already in the by-laws is a mystery.

“I’d prefer 5 rounds.”

I’d actually prefer 6 rounds, if time allowed. That would make the $40 entry fee quite reasonable. If three rounds can be fit into the first day, there is no reason that three rounds can’t fit in the second day.

Robert Ryan

12-09-15 Another child’s opinion/request

I am totally with Heidi with this. I don’t even know when 4 round tournaments started but I think 5 games is important. Not only does it show mental DISCIPLINE, it shows practice, and COMMITMENT to not only the game we play and love, but to our opponents. I have no reason quarrels with people who take a bye because they have another event. I also have no quarrels with people who need the bye because somehow they got sick and are throwing up (though I don’t know how they’d know before the tournament) but I do not think it is right for the rest of us to have people who say they are “too tired”. Just create a 3 day schedule then and increase the entry fee. Despite being a fast player, I do enjoy having some “fluff” time I guess so that I can relax and take my time to think at crucial points even if it only takes 10 minutes because in let’s say a G60 no increment then it’s like “will I have enough time at the end?” and then I’ll make the stupid move. If you want another suggestion you can change the time controls to say… G45 with 30 increment and then increase the number of rounds in some way so that they are similar to larger states and at the national level where they have 7 to 9 rounds… I don’t know though…just a thought 🙂

Also I was wondering if anyone is willing to play me? I would like some practice against 1600+ players either online or OTB, and specifically Heidi can you play me? You can contact me through my email:lukechesswalker@gmail.com

Tim Tran

12-09-15 $40_Bad Move ??

On this issue the young and old agree. I attended both NMCO Board meetings, Oct./Nov, of the new board as a non-board member. The meetings were conducted in a very professional manner and the board entertained the opinions and suggestions of the two non-board members in attendance. However the $40 entry fee for the Senior/Memorial tourn. was submitted at the whim of the tournament organizer at the very last moment to make the deadline for inclusion in the TLA of the Jan. issue of Chess Life. Unless I am suffering from a ‘senior moment’ there was no discussion at the meeting of the entry fees for that tournament. There was discussion of other aspects of the format, and if perhaps other NMCO members were present they could have swayed the vote (five rounds versus four). I never assumed that the entry fee for a four round senior event would be $40 and hence did not ask. I apologize. I would have lobbied for $30.

I predict that if there are insufficient entries it will be due to the $40 for four rounds rather than by those members who wanted a five round event as expressed on this forum. For the next board meeting, see the NMCO calendar. So, you all get your butt over there if you want to know what’s happenin’ and even get your two cents in. Because I doubt whether, without real live bodies, this Forum influences anything. I intend to submit a proposal for the agenda to wit: that the Tournament Organizer must submit his tournament format to the board one month before submission as a TLA so that there will be time for discussion. However with the backlog of issues already on the agenda that may take several months. I also propose that even though the TLA has been submitted, we can legally reduce the entry on our NMCO site to $30 and refund advance and on site entries that already have been submitted. Always welcomed when there is a price reduction rather than an increase. Thank you for bringing up this issue again: ‘opinions matter’ (it’s 2015)

Art Glassman

12-07-15 A child’s opinion

I’d prefer 5 rounds. More games, more opportunity for serious ‘practice games’ (it is just a game, after all), and at least 4 games per person even with byes forced in a few sections. Just as a scholastic player, it would be really nice to have some more quality games without short time controls – 5 rounds instead of 4 helps that. However, I believe I understand Art’s reasoning.

To reiterate a point mentioned before… is it really sensible as far as the players go to charge the same entry fees for four-fifths of the rounds (especially when our tournament traditionally draws 0 FMs or IMs or GMs)? I get that it’s difficult to finance and arrange tournaments, but I think that organizers should factor in number of rounds into entry fees.

Heidi Darsey

12-06-15 Alternate view

Alternate view : four or five rounds? The New Mexico senior tournament was originally designed as four games of slow chess (five hour games) to give seniors (and anyone else) the chance to play in a relaxed but serious atmosphere. Four rounds allow for more sections and hence closer competition (and better analysis between the rounds and still have time to eat). It was not meant to be a ‘marathon’ event. There are sufficient tournaments of various five rounds of more that you can participate in. Consider all the three day or longer events around the country that require travel each day, unless you stay in five star hotels. Regarding your travel problems given in detail from your point of view: please be aware that not everyone lives near Tramway. It is your right to chose those events that are suitable for you. I believe in variation of format to give everyone a chance to play in their favorite event and location, if possible. In fact I would have prefered 30/90 followed by G/60 (five hour game). But can’t have everything. And that is not because I am several years older than you young ones. (I just won the over 70 5K at the Duke City Marathon). Just like to have a long think sometime and a good cigar to go along with it 🙂

Art Glassman

12-04-15 my view on weekend tournaments

One person’s opinion: if I am going to allocate a weekend to playing in a tournament, then I would like it to be five games, not four. The difference in time is minor — both still effectively take up the weekend. This feeling only intensifies when the tournament is out of town. By out of town I am parochially referring to anything outside Albuquerque. I go to tournaments that are only three or four rounds in Santa Fe, but they only take up one day. I can almost get to Santa Fe from my home east of Tramway as fast as going to Rio Rancho. And the variance in the time to travel probability function (I only wrote that to show that PDF can stand for something else!) to/from Rio Rancho is a lot higher due to the dearth of bridges across the Rio Grande. This causes me to leave earlier from home to ensure I am there on time. So the effective travel time back and forth to the Senior Center in Rio Rancho is effectively longer, for me, than traveling to Santa Fe. To be clear, I am not primarily griping about playing in Rio Rancho, I am primarily griping about four round tournaments taking two days. Rio Rancho travel times are a secondary, but important, gripe.

Maybe I am old-fashioned, but a weekend tournament should be five games. I have had people tell me that five game tournaments are too exhausting and they have to take a bye for the third game Saturday night, so we might as well just play four games. I am 69 and I appreciate this feeling, but I think it is good to allow people like me (I don’t think I am unique in this respect!) that want the mental discipline of playing five games to have the chance to do so. The net result is that I will probably not play in the Senior Open in January despite my white hair. And if the class tournament is four rounds, as it is scheduled to be and as it was last year, I probably won’t play in that either, just like last year.

Peter Lattimore

11-30-15 Announcing the Andy Nowak Youth Chess Fund – open for applications

Dear chess promoters,

Last year Andy Nowak, a long time and beloved chess organizer in Santa Fe, left his estate to establish a scholarship fund for scholastic chess in New Mexico. We are now ready to start disbursing grants for activities that promote chess for children.

If you are interested in getting funding for a scholastic chess activity, please go to our web site at


where you can get more information and submit an application. Any activity will be given consideration.

Since there are many local chess activities that this letter might not reach (for example, an active teacher, parent, or club unknown to us), please feel free to pass this information on to anyone who is promoting chess for school-age kids in New Mexico.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The selection committee
Martin Cooper
Mark Galassi
Ron Kensek

PS: If you have problems with the web site, please send email to


11-27-15 calendar

Thanks to Jeff for posting the chess all in one chess calendar! Thanks to all who sent their tournaments in. I ask that the chess community to check it out and see if there are any missing events. I look forward to completing my next two projects, a TD workshop (open to all) and amending the qualifications to be a voting member. I am open to all ideas and suggestions for these projects. Contact me atchess.coach.steve@gmail.com with what you (the chess community) wants.

Steve Perea

11-27-15 Cesar Guevarra

This is to inform the NMCO community of the untimely death of Cesar Guevara last Oct 27. An active member of NMCO for the last 20 years, he tied for 1st to 3rd place on the 2006 Abuquerque Tricentenial Open.

Rodelio Ronquillo

11-22-15 New Venue for Santa Fe chess club

Yet again we are changing our location. The club which has been meeting at Whole Foods is going to try the café at the Violet Crown movie theater in the railyard. We will meet from 6 till 9 every Monday starting 11/23.

Jim Johnston

11-22-15 Santa Fe Rooks – the results

Our Blitz and Quick combined tournament had 12 players. Thanks to all! 2 students from St John’s college dominated the Blitz. Danilo Maturane scored 7 out of 8 and Adrian Nez had 6 points. In the subsequent 5 round quick tournament Peter Cuneo was 1st scoring 4.5 with Art Glassman 2nd on 4. The gap was too wide and Danilo took the 1st place in combined scores. Mark Galassi won the rating prize.

Leading combined scores:
Danilo Maturane				10
Peter Cuneo				9
Adrian Nez				8.5
Art Glassman				8
Mark Galassi				7.5
Jonathan Gardner			7
Gilbert Mireles				7

Our next one is a 3 round quad, G/60 ;d5. It will be at the La Farge library on December 19th.
See you there, I hope.

Jim Johnston

11-19-15 Lynn Challenge

I would like to thank all the continued support we have for New Mexico Chess. North and South. Thank you NMCO for helping notify everyone I could not get too! This is the biggest help I have received yet! THANK YOU. Maybe someday we will have a scholastic event in Las Cruces, but not anytime soon. We will just keep fund raising and playing up north. I really wanted an opportunity to host bigger scholastic events in Las Cruces. Thank you all for making it possible on our player end.

Will Barela

11-18-15 Llyod Gustafson

Lloyd Gustafson passed away at age 87 on November 15, 2015. Lloyd was a long-time member of the NM chess community. He was the founder of the Bear Canyon Senior Center’s chess club and also taught and coached scholastic chess. He has been inducted into the NMCO’s Distinguished Service Registry.

I’d invite everyone to add their stories about Lloyd with a FORUM post.

More info can be found at:



11-17-15 Tribute to Brian Mason McNiece

I posted on my blog a tribute that Brian’s family put together.


Andrew Flores

11-17-15 BRIAN McNiece

Good grief! It’s BRIAN McNiece. If you’re going to honor someone, at least bother to get the name right.

Robert Haines

11-16-15 NM Memorial

Robert Ryan, Art Glassman and Heidi Darsey, sorry the details for the NM Memorial has not been put up yet. I missed the last meeting due to a scholastic the same night. I just want you to know your questions will be answered soon and your need for details are being worked on.

Robert Hampton, thanks for the great input on what the chess community wants, needs and views on the forums. I have pointed out to the board on your #5 issue, I did submit a complete list but it was edited. I hear and understand you.

Steve Perea

11-12-15 SWAO Results

About four days after this weekend’s tournament I have finally mustered up enough energy to congratulate the winners.

U1100 Section – 1st Mayurkumar Bhakta, 2nd (overall) Benjamin Sheffer, 2nd (rated player) Shirley Herman, and 1st U800 John Patrick Regal.

U1400 Section – Shared 1st Kristopher Franco and Tara Martinez, 1st U1200 Elonzo Santillanes

U1800 Section – 1st (five way tie between) John Berba, David Lewis, Gregory Stricklin, Holly McRoberts and Tim Tran.

Open Section – Tournament Champion Andrew R. Flores, 2nd (five way tie between) Ben Coraretti, Stephen Sandager, Daniel Herman, Jonah Romero and Raynaldo Fourzan.

There were a few outstanding performances I took note of during the tournament.

1. Gregory Stricklin – After about a 15 year hiatus from tournament chess, in late 2012 he decided to join us over the board once again. Since then has steadily increased his rating by 266 points, and I believe this weekend his has capped it off with his tournament performance to date, Sharing first place in the U1800 section. That was no small task my friend. Great Job!!! What makes his success extra impressive is that you will never meet a nicer person.

2. David Lewis – David shared first place with Greg in the U1800, and has been on a real tear lately, he has scored 9 points out of his last 10 games. He won a nice prize at the Millionaire Open a month ago that earned him a floor of 1800. So this tournament will likely be his last in the U1800 for the rest of his chess career, and he ends it in a first place finish. Congrats, and welcome to the Open Section.

3. Tim Tran – He also shared 1st place in the U1800 section, and his rating was 1427 going into the event. His performance earned him 189 rating points, WOW!

4. Raynaldo Fourzan – This gentleman decided to drive up from El Paso on the day of the tournament and he is grateful he did because he had his best tournament result ever. He played so well that he gained 63 rating points made the jump to the next level. Well done Expert Fourzan!!! You’ll have to invite to Ray Day in El Paso, Will tells me they are busting out the Mariachi’s for your accomplishment. Well deserved.

Congratulations to all of our winners, well done!

A special thank you to Shirley Herman for helping recruit players and basically bringing her whole family down from Colorado to play. That was pretty awesome, thank you. Also, thanks to Will Barela for bringing up a crew from down south to play, he is one cool dude. Of course, thanks to everyone else who came out and supported our event this weekend, especially those who made the trek to Albuquerque from around the state and region. Hopefully we will see you next year.

P.S. There are two winners that I haven’t been able to get contact information for and I have yet to pay, specifically Elonzo Santillanes and John Patrick Regal, if you know either of them please have them contact me at charlieschessclub@gmail.com

Andrew Flores

11-08-15 TD workshop

Tournament Directors workshop

I would like to start organizing the TD workshop. I would like to have all current NMCO TD’s give input and to include Ron Kensek and Art Glassman. I will like any TD wanting to lecture or give input on events to email me ( chess.coach.steve@gmail.com ) If you would like to attend, also contact me.

This TD workshop is open to any one wanting to learn more about being a TD or how a tournament works. I am looking for a time frame in February and making it an all day event. Making it an all day event would make it worth the while of our fellow members out of town to come and enjoy the workshop. Location I am considering is Hotel Cascada, I am open to other location.

I will discuss a possible fee to cover lunch for all. I would like anyone and everyone’s input.

Steve Perea

11-05-15 Memorial Senior Chess Tournament

Has the board decided on a format for this tournament yet? Some of us like to plan ahead.

Number of rounds?

Number of sections?

Time control?

Entry fees?



Perhaps a retro analog clock time control would be appropriate for the Senior tournament. Just a suggestion 🙂

Robert Ryan

11-04-15 Charlie’s Chess Club & Online Payments

Hello again,

By popular demand, I have setup online payments through PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal charges a fee to process online payments, so to pay online there is an additional $3 fee to cover this expense. The payment portal can be found at the bottom of our events page (http://www.charlieschessclub.com/events.html). Select the section you are entering from the drop down menu and then click “Buy Now.” After you have paid send an email with your entry form information to charlieschessclub@gmail.com. Since I just got this up and running, I will extend the deadline to enter before incurring a late fee till 11/5/15 (Thursday) at 9:00 p.m..

Hope to see all of you this weekend,

Andrew Flores

11-03-15 South West Autumn Open

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow is the deadline to enter without paying a late fee. If you have yet to enter and would like avoid the late fee I will be at the Frontier Restaurant/Coranado Chess club from 6:00-7:15 p.m.. If you have mailed me a check and don’t see your name on the list, shoot me an email at charlieschessclub@gmail.com..


Andrew Flores

11-03-15 Tournament Locations

Although I can understand the difficulty in finding a suitable venue, I would like to point out that only one out of the next seven tournaments (17%) are being held in Albuquerque. This seems disproportionately small when you consider that 43% of New Mexico’s population lives in the Albuquerque metropolitan area (2014 census).

As a person with limited transportation, this makes attending the majority of events very difficult.

Robert Ryan

10-26-15 All Hallows’ Eve Quads

I would like to start off by saying a special thanks to two people. Dean Brunton and Scout Veitch. Dean took the time out Saturday to come by the tournament and presented me with my plaque for becoming the State Champion, and said some really kind words. Not only did he come by the tournament once, but twice so that he could present it to me. Thanks Dean! You’ve always been a class act.

Secondly, thank you to our new President, Scout Veitch. He had plans on Saturday, but called me on Friday and offered to play if I needed an extra player. Well originally we didn’t need an extra player, but as luck would have it we had a person withdraw last minute late Friday night. So I called him less than two hours before the tournament started and he was there ready to fill in, but then we had a few other players showing up wanting to play. So it ended we didn’t need him, and he was willing to step out even though he was already there. That was very cool Mr. President.

Congratulations, to Eric Stuart, Chris Cruz, and Holly McRoberts for winning each of their respective sections; and Congrats to Nikki Carter and Aubrey O’Neal for tying for first in their quad.

Also, thanks to all of those who played.

Andrew Flores

10-26-15 NM Memorial

30/90, SD/60 sounds like a REALLY nice time control – plenty of time for thought. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to play it. Might have plenty of confusion regarding setting clocks at the tournament.

And for what it’s worth, whether I attend the Memorial is mostly dependent on the number of rounds. There’s another tournament I traditionally attend (http://nmchess.dyndns.org/) the same weekend. It has a faster time control, which I dislike, but if the Memorial only has 4 rounds, I get the same number of games with the Los Alamos tourney. Of course I wish they were on different weekends so I could have 8-9 games instead of 4-5 🙁

-Heidi Darsey

10-22-15 And the Beat Goes On …

Still no feedback from the NMCO TD as to what will be the format of the Memorial Senior, at least not communicated through our only public media feedback system. Like when I was a kid — open a box of ‘Cracker Jacks’, aka Chess Life magazine, and read the TLA’s. Surprise! A previous NM resident is planning a visit in Jan. He asks? Is it worth waiting ‘till the end of Jan. to play in the Memorial? Depends.

Reply to a few random feedback posts:

If using Increment Time Controls, USCF recommends 30sec. instead of other arbitrary times. Sudden Death rules are affected along with clock settings and consistency for the players. When I voted for G/90+30 sec. inc. It was only because if I suggested the old fashioned slow control used at the US Open and other major events, necessitating only two rounds per day, it would have received no consideration at all, Perhaps 30/90 followed by SD/60 (a five hour game). Glad to see that other ‘old timers’ and a few ‘young ones’ would also like to try that. Kick back and smell the flowers!

Having an annual ‘Simul’ by a top level GM is very costly. Several years ago a less than top level GM (well known commentator personality) was contacted. His business manager wanted $5000+ expenses for the weekend. Perhaps the cost could be better used for an upscale playing site in Albuq.

A ‘one section’ open tournament (used successfully every year in CO) is a great idea. Six rounds at three per day and faster control would produce a winner. Make everybody a big happy family once a year 🙂

I think NMCO is currently working on an annual schedule to be posted and distributed at tourns. Don’t know if it includes more than just dates?

People have posted requests for ride sharing but most players just call their friends. But worth a try if you need a ride.

Team tournaments seem to come and go at the whim of the organizer or who gets elected in any given year. To Bad. Had some good times, both at the NM Team and at the US Amateur Team in Los Angeles.

Blitz combined with regular events is very difficult to squeeze in, unless perhaps on Fri. night. Players time frame gets confused. Rarely scheduled on the same day as the regular schedule.

Agree. Cost for a four round tourn. should be less than a five-pack.

Art Glassman,
‘enquiring minds want to know’

10-21-15 my two cents

Thought I would chime in on NM chess since there have been many comments of late. This may be a semi-lengthy rant so if you don’t have the time – I will boil it down to 3 words for all the movers and shakers – JUST PLAY CHESS!

First of all I would like to apologize to Steve Perea for missing his tournament last weekend – I was thinking about going and then something came up (we have all been there).

My thoughts on the multiple tournaments this weekend are pretty simple – the real crime here is not that they are conflicting tournaments but that the vast majority of NM chess players will not attend either one. Maybe on a good day we get 20 players at each? So that means we have 40 players in the state? I hope I’m wrong and they are both very well attended. The other issue I have with this “scheduling conflict” is that the two events are so similar. If we are going to have multiple events let’s at least make them different to give players a choice. Normally I would go to the slower time control event (I know many of you are the exact opposite) but these events are pretty close. I like the increment time control in Socorro but alas I had already signed up for the library tourney which because of operating hours at the library could only offer a 5 second delay with a quad. A note on our problem with scheduling – don’t we have already have a chess clearinghouse? It’s calledwww.nmchess.org and Jeff posts all the events there that people tell him about.

The NM chess community seems to be dividing up into different camps and I have 3 words for this – JUST STOP IT! There are a bunch of people portraying an UNCLE vs. THRUSH confrontation but though we are chess players I don’t think any of us are particularly diabolical and we are just lucky if we can spot the occasional 2-move combination. We are all just trying to get by, the best we can.

I have heard a lot of rhetoric on how good chess in NM is right now. Let’s remember two things: It can always be better!? and it can always be worse?! I remember my first tournament in NM in the mid-70s at the Las Cruces Open and I got to play then expert Steve Sandager, the tourney filled the ballroom at NMSU Corbett Center. In high school I played in the US Junior Open also at NMSU! I remember in college discussing the plight of professional chess players with Robert Haines at the Los Alamos Open. I remember watching Jesse Kraai play IM Ivan Ivanov for the NM Open championship in Farmington. In later years I had the opportunity to play against IM’s Donaldson, Preuss, and Zierk along with GM’s Kraai, Kekelidze, Krush, and Khachiyan. We have had a lot of good chess but we can always do better. Take a look at one of our most active players, Jim Johnston, who has played 318 events since 1991! If we take a look at one of his counterparts from Colorado, say Dean Brown, we see 872 events!! Granted Colorado is a more populous state and Dean might have been retired longer, etc., but we still probably have a discrepancy.

I am very surprised at the number of negative comments I have heard about the playing site in Rio Rancho. I think it’s pretty nice overall. Have we all forgotten the “conference center” at the Days Inn Midtown? I don’t remember a time when the toilet was not over flowing. Does anybody else remember the exploding lights from the leaking ceiling during one of the late rounds? I can’t believe people in Albuquerque aren’t willing to go to this location to play chess for a weekend. I personally have played all over this state (Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Las Cruces, Deming, Gadsden, Taos, Socorro, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Farmington, Los Alamos and am probably forgetting a couple like El Paso which is really just southern NM) and people need to realize that you have to travel some distances in the West.

I have heard a lot of people complain about time controls. Personally, I like long controls. One of the best things about tournament chess is the rating (we get to compare ourselves to everyone else and move up). Unfortunately the worst thing about tournament chess is the rating (we lose points when we are not playing our best). My new take on all the different times is that often my long game will boil down to 60 minutes then 30, then 15 and often to a G/5 scramble so I really need to be able to play better and more at all the time controls.

Ok, enough bitching and reminiscing. Let’s organize more chess and let’s play more chess. Here are a couple of ideas I overheard or maybe even thought about over a few beers:

1) How about giving the overall winner of the NM Cup free entry into all of the Cup events in the following year? the caveat would be that you can’t win the cup the next year that you enter free. Perhaps we could do this next year or even this year for Mr. Nolan?

2) Why not have the NM Blitz Championship during one of the evenings of one of our other big tournaments? Maybe Albuquerque Open? This might prevent scheduling conflicts like having G/15 and G/5 too close together.

3) Let’s try to get NMCO to organize a simul from a titled player once a year?

4) Let’s have one of our major tournaments in Albuquerque (not a surrounding community) each year?

5) How about a table on the NMChess home page with every upcoming tournament that has been submitted to Mr. Sallade? the columns could include date, location, time control, etc. and be ordered by the date. If there were more details you might be able to click on the event and get sent to a page with all the info (like a flyer).

6) How about organizing rides to tournaments that are out of town? Maybe we need this for getting Albuquerqueans to Rio Rancho? Perhaps a ride board or rent-a-van?

7) Have an open tournament each year with less sections (maybe none)? It seems like everything is a class tournament.

8) What happened to team tournaments?

Robert Hampton

PS – here is a TO DO list for every NMCO member:
play more rated chess
play more unrated chess
be an officer (at least once)
run/organize/TD a tournament
play in a national tournament
play in a simul
try to play chess in every NM city that offers a chess tournament
buy a chess book (my personal favorite)
play postal
try every chess time control
teach chess to someone
read a chess novel
see a chess movie
join a chess website
go to a chess lecture

I think you get the gist –


10-21-15 NM Memorial

Either 5 or 4 rounds is fine. Staying awake for the late round on Saturday can be hard. However, 5 rounds is more reasonable for the usual entry fees.

I would prefer FIDE time control (G/90+30s inc) over G/90 d/10. I’d also go for 40/2, SD/1 as Robert mentioned, although I’ve never played it. Seems pretty standard in the US.

Heidi Darsey

10-20-15 Chess in Santa Fe

While Whole Foods are remodeling over the next 6 weeks we are going to play at St John’s college on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8 in the coffee bar.

See you there,
Jim Johnston

10-18-15 SF Rooks match-ups

This event has now been rated. Thanks to all who came and congrats to Bob Nolan, Robert Hampton and Aubrey O’Neal who all won both games.

Jim Johnston

10-17-15 NM Senior Tournament

since we are apparently voting informally on this i vote for five rounds. committing a weekend to playing chess seems a waste if only four rounds are played. especially when i have to drive from east of tramway near indian school to rio rancho via that dratted paseo del norte. i am not as old as some of the other seniors but i will be 69 in a couple of weeks and five games is a good number from my perspective.

i also vote for the longest time control that can be fitted into five rounds. if this is game/90 + 15 sec increment, then that is fine. it would be kind of neat, thinking about what has been written previously, if we could go retro and use a pre-digital old-fashioned time control.

Peter Lattimore

10-16-15 RE: Memorial/Senior Tournament

I cast my vote for G90 + 30 sec increment.

Robert Ryan

10-16-15 Slow time controls

I would agree with Art Glassman that G/90 + 30s increment is preferable to a 10s delay. I would actually like to see us bring back a 40/2, SD/1 dual time control but then who has time for good chess?

Robert Hampton

10-15-15 Memorial/Senior Tournament

The 2016 tournament is being finalized at this time. Chess Life ad must be submitted in a few weeks. Present format is for 4/SS, G/90 +10sec delay. Rds.9am-1pm. Here is your chance for feedback from the membership. My preference is 4/SS, G/90+30sec increment. Rds.9am-2pm. Reason: The memorial/senior is the one tourn. per year (originally designed by Art Glassman back in the 1990’s) for slow relaxed but serious chess at only two games per day. Many adults enjoy that. Lets keep it that way.

Thank you,
Art Glassman

10-11-15 Mortal Kombat Results

Mortal Kombat Crosstables — Points listed are “Mortal Kombat” points, USCF rated tables with be posted soon. Thank you to all participants!

Estevan Perea		1608	8.5
Steve Perea		1869	8.0
Greg Stricklin		1588	7.5
Sam Dooley		1928	6.5
Arthur Glassman		1789	3.5
Tad Snediker		1739	3.5
Dean Burton		1645	1.5
Jorge Cardenas		1330	1.0

Kenneth Lawrence	1299	10
Willow LeTard		1323	8.0
John LeTard		1049	8.0
Elonzo Santillanes	926	7.0
Quinn Fredine		1070	5.5
Annabelle Romero	998	4.0
Scout Veitch		1128	3.5
Duncan Ahlen		964	0.0

Ivan Belyaev		646	14
Leo Janert		787	9.0
Paulina Naydenkov	484	8.5
Marcus Santillanes	642	8.5
Lokesh Hariharan	556	8.0
Ashwin Chinala		787	7.0
Isabella Hays		826	4.0
Nathaniel Hays		431	0.0

Celine Haga		UR	15
Philip Guadette		UR	10
Charlie Groves		411	8.0
Lorena Larranaga	UR	7.0
Diego Santillanes	416	6.0
Henry Furlow		142	6.0
Oliver Groves		123	2.0
Ian Ahlen		UR	0.0

The following sections were non rated and made for beginners that are non-USCF to get a taste of what NMCO is about and encourage USCF membership. NMCO welcomes these 20 participants to the chess community!

Aiden Dunne		15
Kirshil Jariwala	10
Jordan Montoya		8.0
Jose Furlow		6.5
Jenna Sanchez		6.0
Trent Bansby		4.0
Kolton Mandaville	3.0
Ethan Lopez		0.5

Aravin Anandakumar	14.5
Julian Thornton		14.5
Luke Cherian		8.5
Max Blankley		7.5
Hanna Doornbos		7.0
Tanay Tarikere		6.5
Tru Bansby		4.5
Mason Mandaville	0.0

This section was made just for adult beginners, all four players loved the idea of playing with their peers. I have a feeling this type of section will grow in future Mortal Kombat events.

David Drezner		8.0
Daniel Cox		6.5
Loren Dils		4.5
Jim Reale		4.0

This years winner of the Lion Heart Medal was Oliver Groves. The Lion Heart award goes to the youngest USCF member at Mortal Kombat. Sam Dooley the highest rated player of the tournament awarded it to Oliver.

Steve Perea

10-10-15 Rio Rancho

So here we go again. Another tournament held in Rio Rancho. What exactly is your reasoning? The site is hard to find, has ridiculous traffic and the playing hall itself is a dump. In addition, you routinely have a third fewer players than for comparable tournaments in a central Albuquerque location. When I expressed my concerns to our former president I was assured that NMCO would not stop running events in Albuquerque. Yet of the big four events NMCO is charged with running not one has been held in Albuquerque for more than a year (June 2014 Albuquerque Open with 90 players vs. 58 this year in RR)

I understand that sites cost as much as a hundred dollars more for a weekend in town, but that is more than compensated by the greatly increased participation. Can anyone on the board do math?

But of course other things may be involved, but NMCO members would never know. No summary of event finances is ever posted, and NMCO accounting seems to be of the “black box” variety, where even the board only sees the final numbers. This sort of accounting is used when an organization wants to hide kick-backs or embezzlement. No one is being accused of anything, but how would anyone know?

In addition one cannot get minutes of the meetings to see what was discussed (because they don’t exist), as well as the fact that meetings are routinely rescheduled with no notice to members.

And finally, our president has decided not to accept volunteers who might help fix the problems. One wonders what’s going on with NM chess. Art Glassman was dead on with his critique of NMCO, and when you get the two of us to agree you must have really made a mess of things.

Robert Haines

10-09-15 Communication with our new cabinet

Last week I had one issue and one request. I am very thankful in reporting my issue and request have been answered!

On the scholastic side, I did not have any great communications, but the dates for championship events and invites are posted! I am not sure who was influenced, but I am glad our kids will get to compete!

As for my request on longer time controls with increments, many great statements were received! I appreciate everyone who acknowledged and commented! Thank you all for this great information.

I feel good about our new cabinet and the great things we will accomplish!

I believe we all have the same goal. If we just keep communicating with each other, New Mexico Chess will be the greatest it has ever been!

Thank you all

Will Barela

10-08-15 Re: Brian McNiece

Through this website, I was shocked & saddened by the news of Brian McNiece’s death. Brian’s first rated game was with me back in 2008. He drew with me & achieved a rating of 1858! That’s the best start that I know of. Bobby Fischer’s first tournament was in 1955 & he achieved a class B rating that year. Brian was fun to play against.

Dwight Ditrick

10-08-15 Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Why did the board vote for sponsoring the Socorro tournament, who voted for this and why, when it was well known that there was another event scheduled well in advance for that day? I was at the special board meeting when Oren proposed it. As president I’m sure he must look at the NMCO website occasionally, as should have his ‘protege’ in Socorro.

Long posts afterwards that there should be more coordination sounds good but usually does nothing (we have been saying that for years). It is like telling school kids “play nice now”. Perhaps knowing ‘why’ instead of secrecy would be of more help in the future. At least our new president Scout Veitch wrote on the forum that since they both had a legal right to hold their individual events then nothing more to comment on. Oh yeah, what about social and cultural mores within the our small community. The entire affair smells like a microcosm of ‘big government’. Secrecy and Apologies.

So what is a citizen to do? Vote with my tournament entry, and convince others to do likewise as protest (one player said not to play in either event). And, of course, run for the board next time as a voice in the wilderness.

Art Glassman

10-06-15 Let’s discuss avoiding conflicts

As most of you know, for a great many years, NMCO has had an unwritten (Handshake) agreement with Northern Scholastic to make a mutual effort to avoid conflicts.

In the recent past, some time In November or Early December we have received, from David Poston, a list of the dates for Spring scholastic tournaments. This has been very helpful — making it easy for NMCO to uphold our side of the agreement

Times change. Things are different now and for the better.

Under the leadership of past President Oren Stevens, Will Barela of Las Cruces and Tournament Organizer, Larry Kemp, We now have tournaments in Las Cruces. . Santa Fe has an active USCF Affiliated club led by Jim Johnston. With the leadership of Caleb Janquish (Now a Masters student at New Mexico Tech) New Mexico tech has become an viable excellent venue for chess tournaments and has pulled in not only NM Tech students, but other New Mexico players.

Added to this mix of many chess tournaments are the events held by Charlie’s Chess Club led by Andrew Richard Flores, and the special tournaments directed by Steve Perea . We now have many events that did not exist just a couple of years ago — there are more chess tournaments available in New Mexico than ever before. That’s just great!!

Right now, negotiations are underway (due to Preston Herrington and Oren Stevens) with a college in Farmington for a chess tournament there that certainly will draw players from New Mexico Colorado. and perhaps Utah.

When you add in the NM Class tournament to pick boards and the subsequent annual team match with Colorado, when board #1 pits the current NM Champion vs the Champion of Colorado, almost no month will be without chess activity.

This is why we must set up some kind of a clearing house to avoid conflicts, either on the Web or a separate entity with an Email address. It should have guidance from chess players and organizers from Northern, Middle and Southern New Mexico.

The NMCO Board and the Clearing House, when established, will have Policy decisions to make: Primarily, what constitutes a conflict?

Examples: A same day tournament is not really a conflict between Las Cruces and Santa Fe- – – the five hour drive each way makes that obvious. BUT we certainly don’t want to lose the fine venue at NM Tech with its student attendance and players from the middle and South of New Mexico. Is the 90 minute drive each way, to and from Socorro and Albuquerque, far enough to not be considered a conflict?? Yes?? No?? Is it obvious that the Drive from Santa Fe to Socorro, a 2 & 1/2 hour drive each way, make a tournament, by Jim Johnston’s club and the NM Tech club not a conflict??

A Policy decision: Must major NMCO tournaments (such as the January Memorial, the June ABQ Open and the Annual New Mexico Open and State championship) that will have a TLA in Chess Life be given priority?

Board meetings are open to any NMCO member in good standing. Let’s all give this some serious thought before the Tuesday October 13th, 6:30 P.M. Board meeting at the Cascada Hotel so the best possible decisions for New Mexico chess can be made.

Art Byers

10-04-15 Mortal Kombat Special Section

I will be having a special section for beginner adults non-rated! If you know any adults who want to play other adult beginners, let them know about the tournament. I believe this is a good way to attract more members to NMCO.

Steve Perea

10-03-15 Socorro Quads

The NMCO board voted in favor of continuing to support the Socorro Quads event that is planned for 10/24. It is unfortunate that this event conflicts with a Charlie’s Chess Club event and I hope the board works on the following areas to improve the advance planning of their events:

  • Finalizing events at least 2 months (I would hope for 3 or 4) in advance
  • Specifically having the tournament organizer check state affiliate web sites to avoid conflicts
  • Including an initial affiliate membership in the budget of small events in new areas to transfer ownership
  • Announcing dates for major tournaments (even if details are not complete) by 6 months in advance

Jeff Sallade

10-02-15 Re: Brian Mason McNiece

Ugh, that hurts to hear. I hadn’t seen Brian in a few years but there was a while where we talked and played blitz weekly at the Coronado Club. He was intensely passionate about everything he did. My thoughts go out to his family and particularly his kids. He was always so proud of them.

Gabe Ewing

10-01-15 Mortal Kombat update

Mortal Kombat can only hold 120 entries, last year was 86 entries so I think we will be ok. Send your confirmation about playing to chess.coach.steve@gmail.com

Please also include a one topping pizza you would prefer in your email.

Thanks for everyone’s support and this tournament is a Thank You from NMCO to the chess community.

Steve Perea

10-01-15 Appointing additional Board Members

As a past NMCO President and a Local TD who has been active in directing some 76 chess tournaments since I moved to New Mexico, I am in favor of adding one or two new board members. Board members with divergent views should be welcome as long as they present their ideas in a calm and logical manner.

An excellent example is Steve Perea who, as a board member, has brought new and different tournaments to fruition, found new venues and embraced new ideas. His enthusiasm for chess is contagious!

In my opinion, a fine player, such as Andrew Flores who has shown the initiative of creating a USCF Affiliate Chess Club such as Charlie’s and organized chess tournaments that did not exist in previous years, should be welcomed as a Board member -as a member at large or whatever title the Board may decide to bestow.

With the addition of the new NMCO President, James Scout Veitch, who brings his vast experience in many aspects of New Mexico Chess including both scholastic and adult events as well as coaching a high school club, We can look forward to 2016 being one of the best years for chess in our state — Ever!!

Art Byers

10-01-15 Next NMCO Board Meeting

The NMCO meeting will be October 13 Tuesday at Hotel Cascada at 6:30

09-30-15 Re: Controversy

Instead of telling everyone go your own way and do what you want message, I decided to resolve the problem. There was an error in logistics that created the problem we are facing. I did some research on who goes to these events, I found that there were about 8 people that attended both of these events. I gave the information to both Andrew and Oren. I communicated as a mediator between them, both agree they made hasty comments at the Open. Both events will proceed as plan and things have been patched up between them. Andrew does have his own affiliate so there is no problem there for his tournament but does our president want NMCO to pull out of event that NMCO has supported since its inception? NMCO should be supporting all chess activities not pulling away from them.

The board has been talking about add more members at large in the last few meetings, why the idea to reduce the number of members?? More voting members keeps checks and balances in the system. Reducing or not allowing this looks like a divide and conquer tactic, I will not let this happen. I will encourage more members at large to a balance within NMCO.

Steve Perea

09-30-15 Brian Mason McNiece

Over this past weekend, I was sadly informed a former New Mexico chess player and friend, Brian McNiece passed away earlier this month.

A few years back him and I were pretty close friends, and I must say we couldn’t of lost a individual who strived everyday to be the best person he could be.

You will be missed my friend….



09-30-15 Congratulations!

Congratulations to Andrew Flores for becoming the 2015 New Mexico State Chess Champion! Way to go Andrew! Also, Congratulations to all other Section winners! You can check out their results which are now posted below.

Scout Veitch

09-25-15 Chess in Santa Fe

Players meet every Monday from 6 till 9 at the Whole Foods store on Cerrillos Rd. If you prefer to play in the mornings then try the Baking Company on Cordova. Chess is played there from 9 till 1 on Fridays and Sundays.

Jim Johnston

09-25-15 Election Process

Greetings, chess players!

I have heard from several sources that we will likely be voting by a show of hands. If that is the plan, I would like to suggest that we conduct our next election by a secret ballot (a process as casual as writing names down on a slip of paper will more than suffice). The reasons for my suggestion are as follows. Firstly, I have been very excited to see how seriously the chess community has been taking this election and I think we should adopt a more professional system that reflects that. Secondly, many of us personally know and have good relations with the candidates and would not like to damage that or to hurt the feelings of these humble servants of our chess community.

Doug Thigpen

09-24-15 Annual Membership Meeting

Proxy Votes Accepted at the Annual Membership Meeting

There appears to be significant conversation in the chess community that some eligible voting members may employ the use of a proxy vote during the upcoming election of NMCO officers. To the best of anyone’s knowledge proxy votes have never been utilized by a member during the Annual Membership election process even though the NMCO Constitution provides for the right of eligible NMCO members to vote in person or by proxy. In order to effectively handle this eventuality the Election Committee consisting of Dave Lewis, Oren Stevens, Larry Kemp and Matt Grinberg requests that any eligible member (18 years or older) who wishes to vote at the Annual Membership Meeting using a proxy vote submit their proxy vote prior to the start of the 3rd (third) round on Saturday. This should give our committee ample time to validate each proxy vote so they can be included with the live voting during the Annual Membership Meeting starting at 12:30 pm on Sunday.

NMCO Election Committee

09-24-15 Santa Fe Chess

There was a group that used to meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Flying Star restaurant at the railyard. However, that restaurant has subsequently closed.

Does the group still meet? If so, when and where?

Thank you,
Robert Peebles

09-23-15 Election Interviews

Here is the link for the election interviews I conducted with Steve Perea and Scout V, on their upcoming presidential election. Sorry if I was unable to ask the question you submitted in particular. We had such an overwhelming response, I had to try and pick and choose questions around common topics. However, I want to thank all of you who emailed me.


Andrew Flores


09-22-15 More campaign info from Scout Veitch

To all NMCO Members.

This is in addition to information about my platform, which is listed below in the post titled: “Presidents’ Race” on 9-15-15.

I have appreciated listening to many of your concerns for NMCO. One of the main ones folks seem to have I alsoshare: increasing tournament participation. I am grateful for all of the ideas that have come in regarding this topic and others. Here are some of the highlights:

Primarily, maintaining a presidency that is FREE of conflict of interest.


  • Making sure tournaments run on time.
  • Submitting the rating reports in a timely manner.
  • Finding new venues to hold events.
  • Finding new directors to direct tournaments so as to add to the overall expertise and wealth of knowledge around tournament directing in New Mexico.
  • Creating an effective and simple feedback loop for members to give their input about our tournaments and organization and take feedback seriously.

Once again, thank you to everyone for taking part in this process of charting a new direction for NMCO.

Scout Veitch

09-20-15 Reminders for the NM Open 9/26 & 9/27

Quite a few chess players have not given NMCO their Email (which is optional) so they may have missed the following:

1. In order to use the most up to date ratings available, the USCF October Data base will be used for the New Mexico Open

2. Will Barela, of Las Cruces, will be the Assistant Chief Tournament Director and Steve Perea, of Albuquerque, will be the section chief TD in charge of the OPEN section

3. The Meadowlark Senior center will be open on September 26 at 7:30 A.M. and ON SITE Registration will start at 8 A.M. and close at 8:35. Round 1, hopefully, will start at 9 A.M. Those who have registered in advance are asked to try to arrive by 8:45 A.M. and to check the posted Advance list to see if any Bye request they have made has been entered in the system.

4. On Sunday September 27, Meadowlark will open at 8:30 A.M. The annual NMCO meeting and election of officers will take place on Sunday between Rounds 4 & 5.

5. Deadline for receiving Mail entries is 11 A.M. , 9/25 –which is the last pickup for box 4215. If you want to register via Email, Please attach your entry form & Email it to newmexchessorg@gmail.com before 5 P.M. on Friday the 25th.

6.Please remember the Morphy section will only play on Saturday and in a separate area. Players 11 years old and under must have an adult family member in attendance on Saturday.

Play Well!!

Art Byers, Chief TD for the 2015 New Mexico Open

09-19-15 NMCO Member at Large

At a recent Coronado Chess Club (Frontier Restaurant) event I was approached by a NMCO member with several issues/concerns and several opportunities for improvement that involved the governance of the NMCO organization. The issues/concerns revolved around the NMCO Constitution, how and when it can be amended, and voter eligibility requirements relating to the upcoming Annual Membership Meeting. The opportunities for improvement involved advanced notification on any potential Constitution amendments and better communication on Executive Board meeting times and places. I would also point out that I have been a NMCO Member at Large since November 2011, and this is the first time I have ever been approached by a NMCO member with thoughts or ideas about the organization.

As a result of this interaction I contacted Board members to discuss these issues/concerns. The Board considered these issues/concerns and others as well. The outcome was a Special NMCO Executive Board Meeting which was held Friday, September 18, 2015, resulting in a change to the voter eligibility requirements for the upcoming Annual Membership meeting and a retraction of the NMCO Constitution that was posted on September 15, 2015.

I believe the NMCO Executive Board recognizes it could do a better job announcing meeting times well in advance so that any NMCO member may attend (the Bylaws provide for the right of NMCO members to attend and address the meeting) but in this case the issues/concerns were time sensitive and required immediate action.

I hope this does not come across as self serving but the current NMCO Executive Board is an eclectic group of volunteers who in many cases devote considerable personal time to the organization and rarely receive recognition or are thanked for their efforts. Some have full-time jobs and others are retired who have multiple commitments, yet all are passionate about chess in New Mexico. For example I am the current Chairman of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico Senior Advisory Group that is dedicated to assisting Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) Administrators and staff by providing useful information, suggestions and insight to enhance the evaluation and measurement of their Medicare plans, communiqués and policy effectiveness. Needless to say this takes a lot of my time.

The NMCO Executive Board schedules monthly meetings because that is what the group feels is necessary to properly govern and advance the organization, but the regular meeting venue can easily change because of facility issues, personal schedules that affect a quorum and time sensitive decisions. For example, Tournament Planning and execution is a complicated process and Tournament Life Announcements (TLAs) in the USCF magazine have strict schedules; this all requires a lot of coordination on resolving tournament facilties/costs, prize funds, entry fees, TD’s, TLA language, etc. — no small task and sometimes this requires non-scheduled meetings and decisions by email because just when you think everything is set in stone something changes (Murphy’s Law, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” is always in play).

I personally believe the NMCO Executive Board tries very hard to make decisions that will ultimately advance and benefit its membership. No matter what the decision is there will always be those that think it could or should have been done differently. This happens routinely at Board meetings too and is why there is active discussion, sometimes occurring over multiple meetings, to hopefully reach a balance on behalf of membership that all can live with. In the end there is always a vote to determine the majority ruling. I remember an interesting Star Trek quote: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Yet I also believe the Executive Board recognizes that it can do a better job of communicating meeting places and times so that we are more accessible to members, and we will try harder.

Now some words about the NMCO Constitution and Bylaws: The Constitution of an organization is the initial document created when an organization is first formed; it states the purpose, describes the structure, and establishes the identity of an organization. Essentially, the constitution provides a foundation upon which an organization operates. If you think of a house the Constitution is the cement foundation that is created before anything else is built. Each Constitution amendment/revision should clarify inconsistencies, remove loopholes, and hone in closer toward defining what is at the core of the organization. A Constitution is the hardest document to change as it defines the organization and provides consistency from year to year through a changing leadership and membership.

The Bylaws serve as the supporting documents, practices, policies and rules that support the internal workings of an organization and provide the detail the group must follow to conduct business in an orderly manner. If you think of a house the Bylaws are the framing, walls, pipes, electrical, roof and other supporting materials that enclose the house and allow it to function on a daily basis. Both the constitution and bylaws are divided into parts, called articles. As necessary, the articles can then further be divided into sections and subsections.

Just like a house that needs to be remodeled every now and then because of technology or environmental changes or that some elements just get old and stale, the needs of an organization will change over time and it’s important that the Constitution and Bylaws are kept up to date to reflect the current state of affairs.

The NMCO Bylaws were last updated June 2012. My personal belief is that it is time to review the NMCO Constitution and go through the appropriate process to review the articles and sections to ensure it provides the proper foundation for the organization that exists today. I support the process that any proposed amendments should be provided to membership in advance so that members can post comments and create discussion. All done in advance of a membership meeting that requires a two-thirds vote to adopt.

I have posted this because I want to encourage any member who has an issue, concern or idea to contact a Board member and share your thoughts. Sometimes ideas take a little while to process on but in the end no idea is a bad idea, and everything has to start with an idea.

Dave Lewis

09-19-15 Campaign Letter for Steve Perea

NMCO Letter

09-19-15 Special NMCO Executive Board Meeting

A quorum of the Executive Board met for a non-scheduled meeting on Friday, September 18, 2015, not to amend or change the NMCO Constitution, but to determine if the NMCO Constitution (with foot note stating“As amended, Nov. 2, 2008 and Nov. 6, 2011”) posted on the web site Tuesday, September 15, 2015, is the correct valid document governing the NMCO organization.

It was determined that there is not sufficient documentation or other objective evidence to support that this document and its amended changes were ever approved by a 2/3’s (two-thirds) vote of the NMCO membership at an Annual Membership Meeting or Special Membership Meeting. Therefore the NMCO Constitution that was previously on the web site was determined to be the most current (membership) approved document and will be reposted.

As a result voters eligible to vote at the upcoming Annual Membership Meeting on September 27, 2015, are any person age 18 or over who has paid his/her entry fee into any NMCO tournament during the previous two calendar years and is in attendance (in person or by proxy) at the annual membership meeting. Proxies that were previously distributed can still be used but only proxies from eligible members 18 or over will be accepted and counted during this annual election. Each proxy vote that is received at the tournament will be validated by an election committee.

The Executive Board regrets the confusion that this has surely caused but has taken these steps on behalf of the NMCO membership to fulfill its responsibilities to properly govern the operations of the NMCO.

NMCO Executive Board

09-18-15 special meeting

You see, this is the sort of thing that got me torqued. Here is the board dealing with constitutional issues of concern to all members, and they are holding the meeting with about 12 hours notice. I suppose that’s better than no notice, but is insufficient for a board whose mission is to serve the chess community.

Well I can’t make this one. But allow me to make a recommendation. All constitutional matters need to be posted on this site, with the proposed wording. A date for a meeting to vote on the issue should be set for 12 weeks down the road, and members invited to post comments for an open discussion. Members should be able to vote in person, by proxy, or by e-mail.

No more constitutional decisions being made without full notice and discussion.

I also respectfully request the two presidential contenders to solve this problem by renouncing any support by members under the age of 18. This would show a commitment to solving problems rather than pursuing error.

Let me say that both Steve and Scout are good men and good friends. They must feel horrified to be in the middle of this. It would be a shame to lose the services of either of these fine gentlemen. For this reason I am withdrawing my name from consideration for vice-president and suggesting that whomever places second for the top spot lands here. I shall be happy to serve NMCO in an unnamed post accepting tasks for the board or in no post if that is the preference.

Finally, for those who hate conflict; allow me to apologize for kicking over this anthill. I am sorry for that and for the fact that I may have argued my position too forcefully (this is for you, Dave).

Robert Haines

09-17-15 Special Board Meeting – Friday 9/18

There will be a special meeting of the NMCO board at Hotel Cascada, Friday September 18th at 6:30pm to discuss the validity of the 2008 constitutional ammendment that has to do with annual election voter eligibility. All NMCO members are welcome to attend.

Posted on behalf of the NMCO board,
Jeff Sallade

09-16-15 Voting Age Amended

I wanted to try and clear up the status of eligibility for voting in a NMCO election under the Organization’s Constitution. In a note to this Forum, Robert Haines noted that the Constitution was redrafted (in 2005 I believe) and that draft was adopted as an amendment to the previous Constitution by approval by the required 2/3 vote of the membership. That version had a voting eligibility requirement of 18 years of age. However, in 2008, the Constitution was amended again. These amendments 1) eliminated the voting age requirement, 2) instituted an age requirement of 18 years for the four elected officer positions, and 3) set the quorum requirement for NMCO Board meetings to be three Board members. There were some further non-substantive (typos, grammar, etc.) amendments made in 2011. Both the 2008 and 2011 amendments were approved at the Annual Membership Meetings.

Unfortunately, the version of the Constitution that has been posted (via link) on the NMCO website was the pre-2008 version. This was probably my fault; as I had the word document files and most likely forwarded the wrong one to the webmaster. I apologize for the confusion this has caused. So the current status for the upcoming NMCO election is that there is no age requirement for voting membership. The current Constitution is now posted on this website www.NMChess.org .

Nonetheless, the scenario that Bob described is troubling as to potential disruptions that could arise. I feel the sense of the membership is that the Board should be elected and representative of the members and that this means everyone’s opinion should be considered. But also that in trying to be open and democratic, we need to be sure not to create a system that can be abused in ways that thwart that goal. I would invite members to offer any suggestions (perhaps including reinstating an age requirement) either on this Forum or at the Annual Meeting at next week’s NM Open tournament.

Thanks for your participation (and understanding).
Dean Brunton

09-15-15 President’s Race

The competition that now exists for President of NMCO will encourage both candidates to articulate goals and plans and which will hold the winner accountable for their decisions during the next year.

I am running to support New Mexico Chess without ANY economic or personal conflict of interest. I do not make money from teaching chess or from running camps or tournaments.

How I plan to support New Mexico Chess:

I will help coordinate scheduling between different groups, as I do have a strong relationship with all different entities of the New Mexico Chess community.

I will provide accurate, timely, and clear communication regarding events, meetings, and organizational issues.

My goals as President include:

Increase number of participants in NMCO tournaments.

Acquire fresh venues for our regular tournaments.

I will maintain my impartiality and I will improve public relations within NM and surrounding states.

My Background:

16 straight years as sponsor of the Eldorado HS Chess Club (1990-2006). EHS attended the State High School Team Championship in 13 of those years.

Notable Alumni from my Eldorado Chess Club include: Scott Kerns (2002 State Champion), Chad Schneider (2009 State Champion). Scott and Chad brought us the Southern Rocky FIDE Open through the Wired Kings Chess Club.

I have also served as the Central Region and State Chess Director for the NMAA several times between the mid 1990’s and 2006.

I am currently a Local Tournament Director for the USCF with over 40 sections directed. Some of the directors and organizers I have worked with include: Martin Cooper, Andy Nowak, Ron Kensek, Scott Kerns, Oren Stevens, Victor Lopez, Dale Gibbs, Art Glassman, and Art Byers to name a few.

My most memorable achievements include bringing a tournament to the Albuquerque Balloon Museum, the development of the Distinguished Service Registry, and my volunteer work in APS, most recently with the La Mesa ES Chess Club.

I ask for your support for NMCO President on September 27th. Voting will take place between noon and 1:30 pm at the Meadowlark Senior Center in Rio Rancho. There will be an opportunity for a proxy vote if you will not be there. Here is a link to that form.

I believe, working together, we can rebuild a strong and vibrant chess life in New Mexico.

Thank you,

Scout Veitch

09-15-15 Eligibility

Actually the age requirement is still in effect. The constitution may only be changed by a vote of the members and those changes must be made and displayed on this web site.

I think none of that has been done.

But this lack of an age requirement is a bad idea. Back a dozen years ago, when the constitution was rewritten this was discussed and rejected because we had the horrible example of the Northern California association. They made all members voting members and one annual meeting a local “chess teacher” walked in with a large number of eligible kids and took over the organization. They proceeded to loot the organization’s bank account. It took years and much time in court to untangle this mess.

Don’t let this happen here.

Robert Haines

09-15-15 Borderland

I would like to take the time to thank NMCO and the board for supporting chess in the south.

20 years ago, times were much different and support was non existent . It seems we still have a common fight of organizer vs organizer in New Mexico. With our new change in rolls coming up, I feel greatness is upon us. I would like to see ALL organizers at least try to work together this next year.

In the south, we have the same battle of organizer vs organizer. While this happens, no one wins.

I am VERY appreciative of National Master Ben Coraretti and FIDE Master Gustavo Maass for taking the lead on trying to unite the southern Borderland. Together, we will be a great chess community. Soon, as a united group we will invade the north!

I look forward to seeing everyone at the state championship and I am honored to be assisting Larry Kemp as assistant tournament director.

Will Barela
Southern Contingency

09-08-15 NMCO Membership Eligibility

The following is a list of events that qualify paid entrants as members of the New Mexico Chess Organization:
2015 New Mexico Open
2015 NM State Blitz Championship
2015 NM Game/15 Championship
2015 Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Open
2015 New Mexico Class Championship
2015 Springtime in Socorro
2015 Andy Nowak Senior Memorial
2014 Heart of the Desert Open
2014 Mortal Kombat
2014 New Mexico Open
2014 NM Blitz Championship
2014 Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Open
2014 Class Tournament
2014 NM Socorro Chess Olypiad
2014 NM Game/15 Championship
2014 Richard Sherman Senior Memorial

NMCO members that are 18 or older are eligible to vote in the upcoming annual elections.

Posted as a message from the NMCO Board,
Jeff Sallade

09-04-15 Elections

I am excited for the upcoming NMCO elections, for the first time in who knows how many years; we will have more than one candidate to choose from for NMCO President. To quote one NM chess player, “this is long overdue.” Indeed it is.

Consequently, I am writing this post for a couple of reasons. #1. I want to encourage everyone to show up for the elections and vote, with only a handful of NM chess players each and every persons vote truly does count. So please show up and vote, pick the candidate who you think will do the most for chess in the land of enchantment. I believe the elections are September 27, at 12:30 pm.

#2. I think everyone should get an accurate depiction of each candidate, personally, I don’t know who I want to vote for, also I want to dig down and see what each candidate brings to the table. Hence, I have decided that I am going to make kind of a video debate, where each presidential candidate will be asked a series of the questions and I will record their responses. 60-90% of the questions will be identical for each candidate, and 40-10% of them will be personalized to each candidate. A few of the questions will be from me, but I would like the rest of the questions to come from NM players.

So if you would like any question(s) answered by either candidate or both candidates, please email them to me at charlieschessclub@gmail.com. In the subject of the email, type election questions. These questions will be anonymous, the candidates will not know who asked them, I, and I alone will. When completed, I will post the video on my blog at charlieschessclub.blogspot.com.

I am hoping to have the video up by 9/16 (at the latest), so please submit your questions to me no later than noon on 9/9.

Andrew Flores

09-01-15 2015 NM G/15 Championship & Sandager Simul

To find out how the event went, please visit: charlieschessclub.blogspot.com

Andrew Flores

08-28-15 NM G15 & Simul

Hello Everyone,

If you like to play tomorrow, we still have a few spots left for the simul. You can avoid a late fee by calling or emailing me this evening before 10p.m., and you can pay in cash on site.

Andrew Flores

08-25-15 NMCO Annual Meeting and Executive Board Elections

The New Mexico Chess Organization Annual Meeting and Executive Board elections will be held on Sunday, September 27, at approximately 1:30 p.m., between the final two rounds of the New Mexico Open, at the Meadowlark Senior Center in Rio Rancho.

The following individuals have volunteered to stand for election and/or appointment for the coming year:

President: Steve Perea
President: Scout Veitch
Vice President: Robert Haines
Treasurer: Dean Brunton
Secretary: Annabelle Romero
Tournament Organizer: Larry Kemp
Assistant Tournament Organizer: Will Barela
Desert Knight Editor: Matt Grinberg
Webmaster: Jeff Sallade
Member at Large: David Lewis

The Executive Board invites any individual who would like to volunteer to stand for election and/or appointment to the board to contact the Secretary (by email, if possible) prior to, or at, the Annual Meeting, so their name may be included in the election/appointment process.

All Executive Board meetings are open to anyone who has participated in a NMCO tournament, and anyone who would like to attend a board meeting may do so by contacting any board member to find the date and time of the next scheduled meeting. Volunteers who would like to help with any aspect of the board’s work are always welcome.

Sam Dooley, Secretary
on behalf of the Executive Board

08-20-15 2015 Contributor of the Year Award

I would like to announce, that Charlie’s Chess Club has decided to annually present an award to a person from the New Mexico Chess Community, who stands above all others in his or her contributions to the betterment of NM Chess. I am honored to reveal, the person chosen for this year’s award is Jeff Sallade. Jeff, is definitely the unsung hero of NM chess and probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. This gentleman has been the NMCO webmaster for about a decade now, racking up hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of service to us all. If it wasn’t for him, most of us would have no clue about what is going on around the state. So I hope you will all join me in congratulating Jeff next time you see him.

If you would like to see pics of his award, and or receiving it. Check my blog atcharlieschessclub.blogspot.com after Friday (8/21/15).

Andrew Flores

08-16-15 SF Rooks Action tournament

This event has now been rated. Thanks to all who played and congrats to Doug Thigpen for winning the top section. New player, Sam Gates swept the second section. We will not run a tourney in September but will be back in October, I hope.

Jim Johnston

08-13-15 Elections

I would like to announce to the chess community, I will be running for NMCO president.

Steve Perea

08-12-15 Annual meeting/elections

Just to let everyone know, I have decided to throw my hat in the ring once again. I am officially running for NMCO President.

Scout Veitch

08-10-15 Robert Haines

Robert Haines made the ABQ Journal this morning.

Dave Lewis

08-09-15 July top 100 lists

Just looking at the July lists (latest posted):

=91 Tony Sgro

Blitz Over 65: Two current NMCO Officers:
#62 David Lewis
#78 Larry Kemp

Blitz Over 50: Socorro gang:
#74 Mark Schwarman
=91 William Barefield

Women Blitz overall:
#33 Holly McRoberts
#39 Rebecca Deland

Non-Blitz ratings:
Women Under 21:
=75 Rebecca Deland

Age 18:
=61 Corbin Gustafson
#74 Albert Zuo

Age 12:
#72 Jonah Romero

Age 10:
=80 Nathan Asher

Nathan Asher attends Rio Grande Elementary in Santa Fe. The other NM youth honorees happened to compete in the ASCL [Albuquerque Schools Chess League] at one time or another: Corbin with Rio Rancho HS, Albert with Dennis Chavez under Rod Avery, Rebecca first with Manzano Day School then Bosque Prep (MS and HS), Jonah with Manzano Day School and then Academy (and former honoree, now master, Gabe also competed at Bosque Prep).

-ron kensek

08-08-15 Re: top 100 lists

There are at least Asher Nathan in 80th on the Age 10 list, Jonah Romero in 72nd on the Age 12 list, and Anthony Sgro in 92nd on the Correspondence list. There may be others that I didn’t find.

My own last appearance was in December 2014 at 83rd on the Blitz under 21 list. I suspect it’ll be a long time before I make a return.

Gabe Ewing

08-08-15 top 100 lists

Just curious….were schwarman and barefield the only new mexicans to make any of the top 100 player lists this year (2015)

Wm Barefield

08-05-15 USCF Special awards

I was able to get the list of USCF Special Awards for this year. These people will be recognized at a luncheon at the US Open in Phoenix this Saturday.

“The Executive Board names the following 2015 award winners:

a. Distinguished Service Award – Al Lawrence (TX), Pal Benko (Hungary)

b. Outstanding Career Achievement Award – L. Gordon Brooks (S-CA), Robert Haines (NM), Jim Talmadge (AZ)

c. Special Services Award – David Grimaud (SC), Ron Kensek (NM), Steve Perea (NM), Barbara DeMaro (NY)

d. Meritorious Services Award – Daniel Rensch (AZ), Robby Adamson (AZ), Enrique Huerta (AZ), Elizabeth Shaugnessy (N-CA)

e. Committee of the Year – Website Advisory Committee

f. Chess City of the Year – Sunrise, FL

g. Koltanowski Awards – Gold – Frank Berry (OK), Silver – Amy Lee (BC)

h. Scholastic Service Award – Individual -Roger Gottschall, (IA), Organization – US Chess Trust

i. Organizer of the Year – Al and Janelle Losoff (NV)

j. Frank J. Marshall Award – Don Schultz (FL)

k. Grandmaster of the Year – Sam Shankland (N-CA)

l. Honorary Chess Mate – Myron and Rachel Lieberman (AZ)

m. Chess Club of the Year – NorCal House of Chess (N-CA)

n. College of the Year – Webster University (MO)

o. Tournament Director of the Year – Mike Hoffpauir (VA)

p. Tournament Director Lifetime Achievement Award – Bill Goichberg (NY), Carol Jarecki (NY), Ira Lee Riddle (Posthumously) (PA), Joe Lux (NJ)

q. Outstanding Player Achievement Award – Hikaru Nakamura (MO)

r. Outstanding Team Performance Award – Yasser Seirawan (Netherlands), Jennifer Shahade (PA), Maurice Ashley (NY)

s. Woman Chessplayer of the Year Award – Irina Krush (NY)”

As you can see three New Mexicans are being recognized this year.

Robert Haines

07-31-15 Update on NM/G15 Championship

Hello everyone,

I have great news, the legendary Master, and 13x State Champion Stephen Sandager has graciously decided to give a simultaneous exhibition to the first 20 players that sign up for the NM G/15 Championship. This is free. So of course this will change the format of the tournament, we will be reducing it from 7 rounds to 6. The Simul will begin at 10:10 A.M. and the first round of the tournament will commence at 1:45 (rounds 2-6 will be at, 2:25, 3:05, 3:45, 4:25, and 5:05). This means Charlie’s Chess Club, will be canceling our special event on 9/12/15 in lieu of this simul.

I will be competing in the U.S. Open over the coming days, so I won’t be creating/updating a players list until my return, however please continue to send in your entries. I will update the entry form on the site.

Andrew Flores

07-26-15 La Tienda Open

This tournament has now been rated. Congrats to Doug Thigpen who won the Open and to Danielle Slough who took 1st in the Reserve U1500 section. Santa Fe Rooks next tournament is a 5 round action event at the Southside library in Santa Fe on the 15th August.

Jim Johnston

07-24-15 Interested in Hosting a Chess Playing Exchange Student?

Hello NM Chess Community.
I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.

I was recently contacted by a Katja Fleck from the Aspect Foundation with an inquiry about finding a host family for an exchange student from Kazakhstan who loves playing chess. Here are the details of the student and how to move forward if you might be interested:

Alizhan is a 15-year-old boy from Kazakhstan who will be coming to study in the United States for the 2015/16 school year. He greatly enjoys playing chess and is also very sporty, loves playing soccer, table tennis, swimming and biking. He also greatly enjoys reading and tutoring younger students. His parents describe him as a very friendly, responsible and active young man who earns very good grades at school and is a great role model for his three younger siblings. We have a very brief profile set up for Alizhan here:http://services.aspectfoundation.org/st/index.php/st_search/profile/UY5-KAZ-003-M Federal regulations prevent us from sharing any more details about Alizhan with the general public. If anyone in the chess community is potentially interested in hosting him, we ask that they please fill out an inquiry. Once a family has been screened, they can view Alizhan’s full application along with his pictures and a letter from his parents. In the meantime, they can already read Alizhan’s letter on his public profile.

Host families are required to provide three meals a day, some sort of transportation to school (which can be a school bus, a ride with another student or giving them a ride themselves should the high school be on their way to work, for example) and a bed (which can be in a shared room with a host sibling of the same gender and of about the same age or in private room). But most importantly, it’s welcoming Alizhan as a member of the family for whom the same rules, chores and rights apply. Due to legal regulations we are not allowed to compensate the families for hosting. However, host families can claim a $50 tax exemption for each month they host. For all other activities or special food requirements our students bring their own spending money and they also come fully insured.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Katja if you or have any further questions about hosting Alizhan or about the general idea of hosting a foreign exchange student. You can reach Katja by phone at 800-879-6884 or by email at katja.fleck@aspectfoundation.org. The Aspect Foundation has been promoting cross-cultural engagement through study abroad for 30 years.


07-13-15 Upcoming events

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to post a reminder and announce some news about a new tournament November 6-8th. So the reminder is about our free matchups this weekend (July 18th), this is the only rated event in NM (that is planned at the moment at least), that will be G/90 or longer until the New Mexico Open two and half months from now. If your planning on making the trek to AZ to play in the US Open in a few weeks, this is perfect time to get in some practice, and even if you’re not we’d still love to have you. Plus, this is the first event that counts towards the inaugural Charlie’s Cup (please visithttp://charlieschessclub.blogspot.com/2015/07/introducing-charlies-cup.html for more details about the cup).

Now the exciting news, we are throwing our first large event on November 6th-8th, 2015 at the Hotel Cascada. When I first started playing chess as a teenager, almost all of the events were held at this venue (it was the Radisson at that time), Ron London was the TD, and I had some great memories. So we have decided to bring a tournament back to this hotel, as kind of an homage to the Pax Romana of New Mexico Chess. For additional information on this and other events please visit www.charlieschessclub.com and click on our events tab.

Andrew Flores

07-11-15 Congratulations to Steve!

Great to see Steve get that National Award! His dedication to improving scholastic chess in New Mexico has helped ‘raise the bar’.

Congrats from Mitch Robison

07-05-15 Congratulations

Congratulations to Steve Perea for his well-deserved award.

I guess I should mention that I was awarded the “USCF 2015 Outstanding Career Achievement Award” and will be at that Phoenix luncheon also.

In addition, I think there’s one more New Mexican to earn recognition this year, but I don’t know who. Maybe that person could post here.

The crosstable for the Albuquerque Open is not showing up. Perhaps someone down there could fix the broken link.

And finally, I’d like to point out that Rio Rancho is not Albuquerque. If one wants a tournament in Rio Rancho, one should just start a Rio Rancho Open instead of hi-jacking the traditional Albuquerque Open. Last year, when held in Albuquerque, the Open had 90 players. This year, in Rio Rancho, there were 58.

Robert Haines

06-30-15 REF-National Special Service Award

Congratulation to Steve on this prestigious award. Well deserved!!

Ramzi Hamma

06-30-15 Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Open Rating Supplements/Pairings

Played in the ABQ/RR Open and had fun, but noticed one problem:

A lot of players were paired with really old rating supplements. Can’t speak for everyone, but I was paired with the March 2015 supplement (despite having April, May, and June supplements available). This also allowed a couple 1800s to play in the U1800 section… I assume the rest the tournament was paired with comparably old ratings.

Just wanted to bring this up – hopefully can be fixed in future tournaments for more accuracy.

-Heidi Darsey

06-29-15 2015 National Special Service Award

I just found out I was awarded the 2015 National Special Service Award from the United States Chess Federation! Thanks to my students, chess community, my chess colleges and my mentor Master Robert Haines. I will receive the award August 8 in Arizona at the 116th U.S. Open!

Steve Perea

06-16-15 Charlie’s Chess Club launches their new site!

We are excited to announce that after quite of bit of work, we have our new website up and running.www.charlieschessclub.com At the moment the site is in its infancy, and we will be adding much more content. Our vision for this site, is not only to inform people about our upcoming events, but to turn it into site that promotes player develop and helps everyone improve. For announcements on the site and tournament updates, follow our blog at: www.charlieschessclub.blogspot.com We spent the majority of the first part of the year trying to launch this site, we will now refocus our energy on running events. Hope see you all soon over the board!

Andrew Flores

06-14-15 Rooks Octos results

The SFR Octos tournament has now been rated. Thanks for coming to all 32 players. Congrats to the section winners: 1st Michael Torres, 2nd Holly McRoberts and Mark Galassi, 3rd Devin Coe and 4th Alfonso Arenasa.

Our next tournament is already confirmed! We will run a 4 round G/60 ;d5 event in the performance space at the La Tienda Mall in Eldorado on July 25th. 2 sections….Open and U1500 with prizes for 1st and various rating prizes. Directions and info is at santaferooks.blogspot.com

Jim Johnston

06-12-15 RMTCC

RMTCC tournment info – anyone wanting to carpool? or share a room? Email me or IM on facebook.chess.coach.steve@gmail.com Send me time your leaving, maybe I can help others going to carpool together.

Steve Perea

06-01-15 Driving to Phoenix for the Girls Invitational

I will be driving out to Phoenix on Thursday afternoon 7/30, and will be returning a few days later… the return date is not set in stone, but will probably be August 3rd or 4th.

I am wondering if anyone else from Abq is heading that way, I would love to have company and share the driving.

Sarah LeTard RN BS, Willow’s mom

05-18-15 Kevin Chor Simul

Kevin Chor (chess prodigy) will give a simil at my chess camp on June 15! Free to campers, $5 for non-campers. All proceeds go to Kevin. Here is your chance to play against him and have him sign your score sheet! His current USCF is 2084 and he is only 9 years old. Don’t miss the chance to meet a chess rising star!

Steve Perea

05-14-15 South

Thank you for sharing our tournaments here in the Borderland!
We have 3 great tournaments happening back to back to back.
All 3 are great campaigns!

Southern Contingency
Will Barela

04-28-15 Re 5th edition books

Thanks to Ron Kensek for his donation of 9 rule books! Our TD class will start on May 8 and these will greatly help!

Steve Perea

04-27-15 Charlie’s Spring Open Results

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to all winners it was a very tough tournament with some long hard fought battles being contested. We had several State champions in attendance and also probably several future State champions. The Championship section ended in a tie between Experts Douglas Thigpen and Andrew Flores. The Reserve section was won by Julian Trujillo. The Under 2000 prize was won by Munir Hammad and the Under 1600 prize was secured by Mark Smith.

If any of the participants would like to submit any annotated games please send them tocharlieschessclub@gmail.com

Robert Hampton

04-26-15 Santa Fe Rooks Time Odds results

Eleven players competed at the library on Saturday 25th. The time handicap seemed to work pretty well with many close games and nobody going without a loss. After 5 rounds Sam Dooley took 1st with 4 points, followed by Paul Hedrick on 3.5. Paul won the biggest upset prize with a win over Bob Nolan with a rating difference of 579 points. Tied for 3rd on 3 points were Art Glassman, Annabelle Romero and Bob Nolan. Thanks to everybody for coming.

The next SFR event will be Octos, 3 rounds of G/60 ;d5 planned for a library on June 13th.

Jim Johnston

04-23-15 5th edition Rulebooks needed

No longer need your old 5th edition rulebooks? I am asking for them, our chess season has ended and our chess class will now study on how to be a TD. I am willing to pick up in Alb or pay for your postage.chess.coach.steve@gmail.com
Coach Steve Perea

04-21-15 Charlie’s 2015 Spring Open

There are still 5 spots left if you would like to play in this weekend’s tournament. Seecharlieschessclub.blogspot.com for more information.

Andrew Flores

03-31-15 State Location Change!!!

Location change for High School, Middle School and Elementary State Tournaments have changed to Hotel Cascada 2500 Carlisle NM! Please pass on to anyone you know that will have a bearing on.
Call 505-888-3311 call for rooms and let them know it is for chess to get a discount.

Steve Perea

03-30-15 Utopia Open Now Rated

Thanks to all 46 players who played at the weekend in Eldorado and congrats to Heidi Darsey who swept the reserve section and to Dave Langlois, Larry Wutt, Shaun Macmillan and Paul Covington who tied for 1st in the Open section. The next SF Rooks tourney is a time odds event at the La Farge library in Santa Fe on the 25th of April. The time odds formula will soon be explained at santaferooks.blogspot.com

Jim Johnston


03-11-15 Springtime in Socorro

The Springtime in Socorro Tournament Rating Report has been submitted and approved for all but the Morphy section, which will be forthcoming once we get ID #s for the USCF vouchers we sold to minors at discount. They didn’t warn us when we bought the vouchers that they would clog our rating reports. The cross tables from the other sections should start to appear around 4:45 pm this afternoon.

Thanks to every one for making this a fun event. Let’s do it again next spring..

Larry Kemp

03-05-15 New Chess Puzzle Column for UNM

Hello everyone!

UNM’s free student newspaper, the Daily Lobo, recently gave me a short chess column in their puzzles section, next to the syndicated crossword and Sudoku. Please, read it, check it out, and send in any comments/suggestions to lobochesspuzzle@gmail.com. Your feedback can help keep this new aspect of UNM chess culture going!

-Eddie Wyckoff

02-27-15 Volunteers needed at State Scholastic Chess events!

Volunteers needed at State Scholastic Chess events! On April 17th, 24th and May 1st volunteers will be needed to watch over the tournament during the coaches meeting at 9:15 until 10:00. If you can help any or all days please let me know. All State events are at 1901 University Village, Alb NM. Thank you to the chess community for your support!

Steve Perea

02-09-15 SFR Action the results

Saturday’s event has now been rated. Congrats to Michael Torres, Bob Nolan and Robert Hampton who tied for 1st, and to Greg Stricklin and Joey Reich who shared the rating prize. Thanks to all who played.

Jim Johnston

01-31-15 Santa Fe Flying Star is closed

Flying Star is in bankruptcy and has closed the Santa Fe Railyard location. I suggest that we meet at the Whole Foods (the main store on Cerillos) at 6:00 pm on Monday. There are tables in the cafe section behind the coffee/checkout spot.

Whole Foods is probably a good permanent location as well, but we can decide on that later.

Gerard Jungman

01-12-15 Marvine Venus Wainwright 1936-2014

Marvine Venus Wainwright 1936-2014

Venus Wainwright was a good friend of NM Chess. She was an employee of Meadowlark Senior Center in Rio Rancho; the host site of many NM chess tournaments over the past decade. To chess players, Venus was the face of the Meadowlark Center. She was a fixture at the front desk during our tournaments, working overtime on weekends, which allowed the center to be open for our events. Always friendly and attentive, her organization and efficiency helped make every tournament go much more smoothly. She quickly picked up knowledge of chess etiquette. She knew when it was important to maintain decorum at the playing site — and how to gently reign in noisy skittles players or between-round kids in the hallway or even how to calm exasperated tournament directors. More important, she always had a friendly ear for each of us. The tribute from the MSC Staff below touches on many of the things we’ll remember.



For those of us associated with the Meadowlark Senior Center, it is hard to imagine a world without Venus. She was, for us, the pivotal point for the Center. She was the consummate volunteer, a trusted employee, and a generous friend. As a volunteer, she will be remembered for her many contributions: she founded the MSC Red Hatters and served as Queen Mother; she was on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Many Cultures; she served on the Division of Senior Services Advisory Board; and she was on the Board of and a participant in the Sandoval County Senior Olympics. She was also a volunteer instructor for the MSC computer lab and a volunteer driver for sporting events. As an employee, she worked for Sandoval County Frail Elderly Program and at the MSC as a fixture in the evenings and at special events. But it was as a friend that Venus transcended all of these contributions. Venus never knew a stranger. She would listen with interest to a story she had heard a hundred times; she would empathize with members and Staff alike as they shared their concerns and frustrations; she would offer sage advice; and she would always be there for us in a million ways. She was loved and will be missed as we try to fill the void and cope with a world without Venus.

Memorial Services will be held Sunday, January 18, 2015

4:00 p.m. at Sagebrush Community Church 6440 Coors Blvd NW Albuquerque, NM.

01-12-15 NM Memorial Tournament

I would just like to give Arthur Byers a round of applause for a job well done this weekend in directing the Andy Nowak Memorial tournament. This was a vast improvement over the Memorial last year. Rounds started as promptly as possible, he made several correct and fair rulings, posted the tournament results within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event, and he managed all of the difficult personalities in New Mexico Chess. NMCO hasn’t run an event this well since Scottie Kerns was directing for them. So I would like to take a moment to thank Art, not only for this tournament, but for all of his contributions to New Mexico Chess. This man has been a vocal leader in our community, and I know not everyone has always agreed with him, but his heart has always been in the right place; perhaps more importantly, he was/is willing to do the tough and thankless jobs that no one else in New Mexico wants to do to preserve and grow chess in our small state.

Well done Art!!!

Andrew Flores

01-12-15 looking for chess friends

I’m looking for chess players who travel often and play in tournaments. I live in Truth or Consequences. It would be nice if someone or groups of people have a vehicle. I would like to participate in tournaments whether local or out of state. I dont have a vehicle to travel. If anyone is interested in traveling to play let me know. I can pay for gas, split expenses etc. I went to San Diego a while back thx from my friends at work. I won 400 dollars playing chess.
My phone # is 575 894-6045 leave message

David Bonner

01-06-15 NM Senior tournament

Question: Why was the age for the Senior Prize moved up to 65+? Didn’t it use to be 55+? The USCF goes with 50 I think. Maybe there could be two prizes? One for 50+ and one for 65+. This would give more than one person a chance. Remember, even just a trophy for that age is a nice prize to win.
Ray Fourzan

01-06-15 Grant County Championship

This Saturday, 1/10/15, at the Silver City High School Library. Register at 8:45, first round at 9:00. Unrated, 3 rounds G/25. No entry fee. Highest scoring Grant County resident will be this year’s Grant County Champion. More info: Mike, 575-956-3138

Rick Lass

01-05-15 North American Open

Congratulations to Corbin Gustafson and Dave Langlois who finished first and tenth respectively in the under 1900 section.

Robert Hampton

01-04-15 State Events

State Tournament Dates:
High School April 16 – 17 (side tournament for Non-NMAA schools)
Middle School April 24
Elementary May 1
All are at 1901 University Village, Alb NM
Please contact for any questions.
Steve Perea NMAA Chess Director 505-315-8709