12-21-14 Player seeks ride to Memorial Senior

Hello All!

If anyone with extra car space is willing, I’d love to tag along with you! My nearest cross street is San Mateo and Indian School; please email thatchessguy@gmail.com to let me know. Thanks!

-Eddie Wyckoff

12-18-14 Charlie’s Winter Championship

Congratulations to the winners of this event! We would like to thank the organizer Andrew Flores and director Robert Hampton! We hope that our state organization, NMCO, recognizes the quality of such an event with respect to conditions of increment time limits. This event was G/120+30sec and the tournament ran very smoothly! There are no problems with increment time limits and they are the preferred time control for quality chess tournaments – this tournament was an example of its success. It is clear that there is absolute support for such an event; the conversations we both had with the participants validated our views. Therefore, we encourage all New Mexico chess players and players in surrounding states (Colorado, Texas, etc) to strongly support Andrew Flores in his pursuit for quality chess tournaments. It is our sincere hope that our state organization follows the example of Mr. Andrew Flores. Benjamin Coraretti will play in quality events using increment time within the state of New Mexico.
Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Benjamin and Ronald Coraretti

12-17-14 Charlie’s Winter Championship

The results for CHARLIE’S WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP have been posted at USCF.

Winners -
    Section 1: Andrew Flores
    Section 2: Dave Langlois & Art Glassman
    Section 3: Robert Hampton

Charlie’s Chess Club is planning on hosting more of these longer time control events in hopes of encouraging stronger players and better chess. The tourney attracted three current and former NM State Champions (and possibly several future state champions). We had several master, three experts, a half dozen “A” players along with a scattering of participants representing the other classes.

Robert Hampton

12-14-14 SF Rooks Christmas Quads

This tourney has now been rated; thanks to all who played and congratulations to section winners 1 Bob Nolan and Victor Lopez 2 Jeff Sallade 3 Joey Reich 4 Christie Nolan and 5 Miles Teng-Levy. SFR will take a break in January and our next event should be an action tournament on February 7th. Hope to see you all there.

Jim Johnston

12-11-14 This Weekend-Charlie’s Winter Championship

We had a last minute drop out of this weekend’s tournament, and are now one player short. Please contact me if you interested in playing.


Andrew 610-2508

12-07-14 Heart of the Desert Open

On behalf of Endgame Chess and the southern contingency, I would like to thank NMCO for hosting this event for us! I hope you will host more for us.

To all of the anonymous donors and contributors, we thank you for EVERYTHING that you do for chess! I hope to have an opportunity to host similar events with your help!

To the Great General!! Qa’pla!! Everyone I have talked to is very thankful for all of your support in scholastic chess!! Thank you for your curriculum. Thank you for the lessons as well as the camp! You have given us a great boost for success!

If I may, I would like to thank Mr. David Lither for great direction, sharing great experiences and giving encouraging words for Kwon and I!! We are going to make you proud! THANK YOU

Will Barela

12-06-14 Christmas Quads in Santa Fe on December 13th

Last call for entries for next Saturday. 3 rounds G/35;d5 at the La Farge library in Santa Fe. Rounds at 10:15 11:45 and 1:30. Finish by 3. $10 to enter. Winner of each quad earns $30. To enter mail your check to Santa Fe Rooks, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe, NM 87508 OR you could send me an email to say you are coming and then arrive early to pay at the door. Directions and (soon) a player list are at santaferooks.blogspot.com

Jim Johnston

12-06-14 Happy Holidays!! 🙂

I just wanted to wish everyone in the chess community a happy and healthy holiday season!


11-27-14 Heart of the Desert Open reminder

Heart of the Desert Open; this Weekend in Las Cruces

Just a reminder that the Heart of the Desert Open will be this weekend in Las Cruces (Friday to Sunday, Nov. 28-30). Details about this big chess event can be found at www.nmchess.org and below.

For those of you still uncertain if you will play, we’d note that the 3-day 7-round schedule offers some nice flexibility. Round one starts at noon on Friday, allowing folks time to travel that morning. Also, a half-point bye is available for any round, which should let players remain competitive for that big prize fund even if travel or schedules require a late arrival or early departure.

In the note below, I should have stated that this may be the highest prize fund ever for a NMCO tournament. It will not however, be the highest prize payout for any tournament in New Mexico. Scott Kerns reminded me that the 2011 and 2012 Southern Rocky FIDE Open tournaments had $10,000 in combined prizes. Organized by Chad Schneider along with Scott, these two tournaments were remarkable achievements for NM chess. While we don’t expect the Heart of the Desert to match that firepower (10 FIDE-titled entrants) or the glitz (GM simuls, GM lectures, and that karaoke night duet by Scott and Yermolinsky); they are a good reminder of how much fun it is to play in a big tournament.

The links below are to Chad’s accounts of those events as reported in Chess Life Online. New Mexico’s own Lior Lapid won the 2011 event over a field with two GMs. Maybe you can be the Lior of the Heart of the Desert this week. (Just kidding about the karaoke, but join us for a good time.)

Southern Rocky FIDE Open
A Southern Rocky Story

Dean Brunton

11-27-14 Turkey Time Quads – Results

We had a good turnout at the Turkey Time Quads with enough people for 5 quads. Winners were:

Quad1 – Andrew Flores
Quad2 – Peter Cuneo & Peter Lattimore
Quad3 – Jonah Romero
Quad4 – Kristofer Franco
Quad5 – Willow Letard

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the Albuquerque Public Library for letting us use their facility and all the players for playing!

Robert Hampton

11-22-14 Turkey Time Quads

Hello Everyone, please remember to show up at promptly at 10:00 a.m., because we are going to try and start as close to 10:15 a.m. as possible. Also, remember we’ll be in the large community room in the basement of the Albuquerque, Main Library. Please have with you, your set and a writing utensil.

Andrew Flores

11-16-14 Entry Fees $10-Off; Heart of the Desert Open

The Heart of the Desert Open on November 28-30 is going to be a great opportunity for area chess players. It will be a seven-round tournament over three days in Las Cruces, NM. Once again, we have received terrific support from sponsors that allows us to hold a large tournament with an exceptional prize fund in excellent facilities. And a very generous private donation now allows us to discount all the posted entry fees by $10. For those who have already sent your early entry, we will refund the $10 discount at the site.

The event is being held at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum. We have been given plenty of space to accommodate a large turnout. This includes rooms for skittles and a separate room for the special Under-1000 section one-day competition on Saturday. The Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum tour is an interesting activity that players and guests can enjoy between rounds.

Heart of the Desert Pistachios and Wines is once again providing sponsorship for the tournament. They are covering the site costs for us and also providing samples of their pistachios for players. Heart of the Desert also operates a gift shop and café at the museum that is very nice. Heart of the Desert is headquartered at the Eagle Ranch in Tularosa, NM. They have been a generous sponsor of chess in the Alamogordo area and for previous NMCO tournaments, but they have really outdone themselves for this event. A big thanks to Heart of the Desert.

The prize fund may be the largest paid out for a New Mexico tournament — even possibly exceeding the recent New Mexico Open. Prizes for the Open section are guaranteed and qualify this tournament for USCF Grand Prix status and points. This tournament should be especially attractive to strong players and those of us who enjoy watching them compete.

Our location in southern New Mexico is expected to draw players from El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico as well as from Arizona and all of New Mexico. It’s a chance to reconnect with players we rarely get to see at our Albuquerque tournaments. We are getting great support from NMCO members in southern New Mexico and we should have a good turnout. Hope to see everyone there.

Details and instructions for entering the tournament are at www.nmchess.org. Note that the reduced entry fees are as follows:

Open $45
Under-1800 $40
Under-1400 $35
Under 1000 $10 (Saturday 11/29 only)

Dean Brunton

11-13-14 All Girls and Women Chess Club

New chess club for girls and women organized by Daniela Keller. See club page listing for details.

11-13-14 Southern Contingency

Thank you all for your warm welcome and understanding. May I have a flyer, updated email or ad for the upcoming November tournament? I will distribute to at least 80 scholastic players, 10 class A players, and a few International Masters we have contact with. If possible, may I have something official by Friday? I will make copies to hand out on the 8th at an El Paso event. We will also post on our Facebook page, Endgame Chess. Endgame Chess is about any chess related discussion. Openings, endgame, tactics, problems,…

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do!
Will Barela

11-10-14 Grateful Thank yous

Many thanks to Zach Stuart for his three hour walk while playing over a dozen challengers, also to Tony Schroeder who hosted this event for the third year in a row, and also to Victor Lopez for providing the tables and chairs from LCA. Over half of the “sharks” that played Zach are rated over 1600, but his genuinely positive demeanor gave the chess community some great publicity.

Thanks again Zach!

Scout Veitch

11-10-14 My win over Zach Stuart at the Simul

Zach Stuart 2131 vs. Brad Earlewine 1651 Saturday 11-08-14 simul board 1 B-23 SICILIAN (Dedicated to Steve Perea) 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nd4 4.Nf3 g6 5.Nxd4 cd4 6. Ne2 Bg7 7. 0-0 a6 8.Ba4 b5 9. Bb3 e6 10. D3 Nge7 11.Bg5 0-0 12. F4 f6 13.Ba4 d5 14.Nxd4 B-b7 15.Nxe6 Qb6+ 16. D4 QXe6 17. E5 Nf5 18.Bf2 a5 19. C3 a4 20. Bc2 fxe5 21.fxe5 Bh6 22.Qg4 Rae8 23. Qh3 Bg5 24.Rae1 Ng7 25.Qg3 Bf4 26.Qh4 Qe7 27. Qh3 Bc8 28.Qd3 Bf5 29.QXb5 Bxc2 30. Qxd5+ Qe6 31.Qb5 Rb8 32. Qa5 Kh8 33.d5 Qe8 34. Bd4 Rb5 35. Qc7 Rxd5 36. G3 Ne6 37. Qc4 Qb5 38. Qxb5 Rxb5 39.Gxf4 Rxb2 40. Rf2 Rb1 41. Rxb1 Bxb1 42.Rb2 Bd3 43. Rb6 Bc4 44. Rb4 Bxa2 45.Rxa4 Bd5 46. Ra5 Bb3 47.Rb5 Bc4 48.Rb4 Ba2 49. Ra4 Bb3 50. Rb4 Bd1 51.Rb7 Rxf4 52.Rd7 Bg4 53.Rd6 Kg8 54.Kg2 h5 55.h3 Bf5 56.Kg3 g5 57. Rd5 h4+ 58. Kg2 Be4+ 0-1 and Zach resigns.
A great and exciting game!

Brad Earlewine

11-07-14 Chess tournament November 28-30

Hi, How are the pre-entries going for the Heart of the Desert Open November 28-30? I already sent my entry in two weeks ago. Thanks,

Ray Fourzan

11-07-14 Spare Room?

Hello everyone!

I would really like to play in the upcoming Las Cruces tournament. Does anyone have a spare room that I could stay in? I cannot afford the cost of a hotel room….please e-mail me at QueenHJM@aol.com if you have the ability and desire to help! Thank you!!!

Holly McRoberts

11-02-14 Re: Ray

Hi Ray,

Sorry, I can’t be there for the Heart of the Desert Open. I was really looking forward to being beaten up by you, but we have other commitments. You’ll have to beat me up some other time.

Good luck,

10-28-14 Amarillo October Open

I was the lone New Mexico participant in the Amarillo Open held recently. It was the smallest strongest tournament I have played in, ever. There were two GMs, one WGM, one FM, and I think five experts out of 32 players. I lost to the WGM and a young person, clearly on the rise, about 50 points from being a master. I tied for best under 1800 (3 points) with several others and won enough to cover the entry fee and meals at Arby’s. Two locals donated an extra $2,000 to the prize fund, attracting a lot of attention from Texas Tech. They are planning on doing this again next year. If you want to play in a weekend Swiss with a high proportion of top players I recommend this tournament. It was held at a new Holiday Inn (not the old one I played at 30 years ago!) on the west side of town near Interstate 40.

Peter Lattimore

10-28-14 the gauntlet thrown!

I enjoy the spirit of the challenge Ray trumpeted. I, sir, accept your challenge in the spirit issued (not to mention my personal greed and the size of the prize fund)….look forward to reprising our socorro game…and result (!)

Wm Barefield

10-27-14 Calling all chess experts

To all New Mexico State chess experts (and any other experts courageous enough to answer). I challenge you to show up for the Heart of the Desert Open chess tournament in Las Cruces on November 28-30. I did not go to the New Mexico Open in Socorro because I didn’t want to risk beating all of you and having my rating go over 2000 before the Millionaire Open in Vegas. But now that the Vegas tournament is history, I plan to show up in Las Cruces and crush any expert who dares to show up. So if you are wise, you will stay home and not dare to show up. I will crush all of you! (Especially you Matt).

Sincerely, Ray Fourzan
(Upcoming expert after the Heart of the Desert Open)

10-23-14 My 70th Birthday

Thanks for coming to my 70th birthday gala. It was a lot of fun. The chess cake was delicious. You can read the article in the Mountain View Telegraph at www.mvtelegraph.com. Thanks to all who came or sent Birthday wishes!

Brad Earlewine

10-20-14 Re: Mortal Kombat

It was a rated event, there was a bug in the swisssys7 that gave both players wins and some both getting loses in each section in the first round. I did contact the programmer, reported the bug, had to re-do the entire tournament and resend it to USCF. It should be up shortly. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great event!

Steve Perea

10-18-14 Mortal Kombat

Was the G20 tournament Mortal Kombat on Oct 11 rated? If so, any idea how soon the rating changes, etc. will find their way to USCF?

Preston Herrington

10-13-14 Millionaire Chess was a Success!

Congratulations to the Chess Youth! Donald Poston, Henry Poston. And Jonah Romero played extremely well. In a field of players extremely determined to win the cash prizes. Most games ran the full allotted time. As a spectator, the tournament ran smoothly and I hope to return next year.

Tony Romero

10-13-14 Who wants to be a millionaire…??

Congratulations to the NM players who grew richer over the weekend:
U 2000 Ray Fourzan came 8th winning $1000
U 1800 David Lewis and Donald Poston came 19th prize was between $600 and $1000
Larry Dunlap (remember him?) was 38th winning $600
Jonah Romero came 40th winning $600
U 1400 Christian Von Huene came 5th. My calculation is that he took home about $1600
Great job all!
I hope I didn’t miss anybody.

Jim Johnston

10-12-14 Chess Clock


I may have left my Chronos clock at the New Mexico Open. Did anyone find it? I don’t think it has any identifying information on it.

Thanks, Matt

10-11-14 Mortal Kombat Report

Todays big winners in Mortal Kombat! Section 1 Sam Dooley 8 pts, Section 2 Estevan Perea 8.5 pts, Section 3 Tim Tran and Joe Schrader 11 pts, Section 4 Elonzo Santillanes 13.5 points, Section 5 Jessica Alschuler 16 pts! Unrated Rachel Kilman 16 pts! It was seven rounds with extra points for wins under 20 moves and forced checkmates. Any one over 7 pts was in true form of Mortal Kombat. Special thanks to NMCO, Dions and University Village for making this event possible. Looking forward to next years National Chess Day event!

Steve Perea

10-10-14 my 70th birthday

I am celebrating my 70th birthday and I invite all NMCO members to come and celebrate with me on Wed. Oct 15th from 4 to 9PM at Pack’s El Comedor Restaurant in Moriarty. Free chess cake, music, food, dancing, poetry, etc. Grandmaster Coach of Tal Shaked, World Junior Champion 1997 and called “Mover and Shaker” by Chess Life.

Brad Earlewine

10-09-14 Senior Open

The Senior Open date has changed to 1/10-11/2015. Meadowlark is not available to us on January 3-4 as I had hoped. This will be a 5 round 2 day G/90 event. It will qualify as a Grand Prix event even though we have yet to receive a donation toward the prized fund.

Larry Kemp

10-09-14 Amarillo October Open

Our neighbors in Amarillo are holding an Open on 10/18 & 19.
It is a Grand Prix Event with Open section prizes at $750/600/450.

Call Bill Snead at 806 372 4387 for info.

Larry Kemp

09-30-14 New Expert

Congratulations to new Candidate Master (expert) JASON KAMMERDINER!

Robert Hampton

09-30-14 NM Scholastic Chess

What is occurring with NM Scholastic Chess? Did Dave Poston retire? If so let’s hire him back. Will there be tournaments for our youth?

Tran Nguyen
Please respond

09-26-14 Sr Open Corrected Notation

I have been asked several times why I didn’t take the exchange – I finally looked at what was posted and I noticed the notation was incorrect – here it is from my Monroi (I am guessing they posted from Walter’s score sheet) – bottom line I still lost!

[Event “Sr Open”] [Site “Allure of the Seas”] [Date “9/15/2014”] [Round “1”] [White “Robert Hampton”] [Black “Walter Browne”] [Result “0-1”] [WhiteElo “1752”] [BlackElo “2470”] [Source “MonRoi”] [EventDate “”] [TimeSpend “12663”]

1.f4 d5 2.Nf3 g6 3.e3 Bg7 4.Be2 c5 5.O-O Nc6
6.d3 Nf6 7.Qe1 O-O 8.c3 Qd6 9.Qh4 e5 10.fxe5 Nxe5
11.Nbd2 Re8 12.e4 dxe4 13.Nxe5 Qxe5 14.Nc4 Qe6 15.Bg5 Nd5
16.Rae1 Bd7 17.dxe4 Nb6 18.Rd1 Nxc4 19.Bxc4 Qxc4 20.Rxd7 Rxe4
21.Qf2 f5 22.Rfd1 Rae8 23.Rxb7 Re2 24.Qh4 Rxg2+ 25.Kxg2 Qe2+
26.Kg3 Be5+ 27.Bf4 Bxf4+ 28.Qxf4 Re3+ 0-1

Robert Hampton

09-25-14 Player List

Do we have a player list for the NM Open? Just asking. Good luck to all!


09-25-14 Elliot Higgins

Sad to report that Elliot Higgins passed away. Hummingbird and its chess camp simply will not be the same without him.

Scott Kerns

09-25-14 Elliott Higgins

For four years (1991, 1996, 2004, and 2005) I taught at Hummingbird Chess Camp, held during one week of the Hummingbird Music Camp (Jemez Springs, NM). The founder of the chess camp, Elliott Higgins, passed away today. Hummingbird is a magical place. I am grateful to Elliott for hiring me to teach at the camp. He also gave wonderful tours, told great stories, and had a passion for music and for chess. I would like to express my condolences to the Higgins family.
Alexey W. Root

09-25-14 Robert making GM Browne sweat!!

Kudos to Robert on his game against GM Walter Browne! he’s a legend in chess!! I’ve lost a few times to Roberts deadly Bird!

Leroy Quintana

09-22-14 Q & A’s about the NM Open

2014 New Mexico Open Chess Championship
Friday-Sunday, September 26-28, 2014
Socorro, NM

Hosted by New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Joseph A. Fidel Center on the NM Tech Campus in Socorro

Guaranteed Prize Fund of $2,500!

This is believed to be the largest guaranteed prize fund for any tournament in New Mexico chess history. Thanks to a generous private donation and exceptional sponsorship by NM Tech University, the entry fees have been lowered and the prize fund increased and guaranteed.

The entry form is attached and more information is available at the New Mexico Chess Organization’s web site www.nmchess.org.

Some questions have come up regarding details of the tournament:

  • Why does the first round have two starting times? Players have their choice to play their first round game at either 2:00 PM or 6:00 PM. For those players who can travel to Socorro early on Friday for the 2:00 option, this allows them to return home in the early evening on Friday. Albuquerque and Santa Fe players who have work or other commitments on Friday should be able to reach Socorro in time for the 6:00 option.
  • How will the special U-1000 section be conducted? This section will be contested in one day (Saturday). We are fortunate that the Fidel Center is providing several large rooms for skittles, conversation and to allow separation of playing rooms. This tournament will be held in a separate tournament room. Of course, players rated under 1000 who wish to play all three days should register for one of the standard sections.
  • If I have already paid my entry, will I get a refund now that the entry fees have been lowered?Yes, players paying the higher fees originally posted will receive a $5.00 refund at the site.
  • How was NMCO able to guarantee such a large prize fund with these lower entry fees? Two fortunate circumstances came our way:
    • NM Tech is providing a terrific playing site. This is a great opportunity for anyone not familiar with NM Tech to visit a university that is considered one of the country’s best bargains for a strong technical education. High school chess players considering where to attend college in particular should come and check out the school and campus. NM Tech is also providing refreshments (players only!). Site rent is generally one of the biggest tournament expenses.
    • NMCO also received a private donation to help subsidize the costs of this tournament. This is truly a rare opportunity to have a low cost tournament with exceptional prizes and fabulous playing conditions.
  • How do we get there? Socorro and NM Tech are about one hour south of downtown Albuquerque. The Fidel Center is in the center of campus. Numerous traffic signs will direct you to the campus once you exit I-25. For an internet location finder, 801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM 87801, will get you to the central parking lots.

Dean Brunton

09-22-14 Socorro, for the tournament player

Coffee house: The little place on the sw corner as you enter the plaza is on par with most the best in the state…gelato, espresso drinks, handcrafted pastry, breads, and sandwiches.

Mex food: Sofias is ok…good for that breakfast burrito. Most people go to far south of town on the main drag to armijos or jump to the east of the freeway to El sombrero on the north end of town.

Diner: the el camino is the center of town is by far the best…dennys here stinks.

Hotels: super 8 is good for mid level…best western for the upper end. lots of crash hotels without bedbugs strewn thru town.

Watering holes: The Capitol Bar serving since 1896…more the Tech hangout. The Bodega is the other bar in town…good food, pricey. The fake brew pub is on the main drag, good food great pizza. The real brew pub is just north of the Plaza, the Twisted Chile: great beer, ok food. There is not one single bottle of French wine in the entire town, sooo…..

San Antonio, 10 miles south of town have both of the best green chile cheese burgers in the state…they have beer too…closed sundays.

Wm Barefield

That’s a Socorro natives down and dirty

09-22-14 Socorro

I live in Socorro and I think this information might be useful..

HOTELS: In general, the quality is married to the price. The best motels are the Holiday Inn and Best Western, also the most expensive. After that it is catch as catch can. There is also a bed and breakfast for the gentry, a little bit more homey.

RESTAURANTS; Along with the usual suspects of fast food (most of which are located in the northern section of town on California, the main drag), 24 hour establishments are DENNY’s and the El Camino, also located on California Street. With Sofias and the Bodega (catywhompers to the El Camino) offering casual and sit down food. In the town square is a new establishment the Twisted Chile. For other New Mexican fare, there is the El Sombrero located in the extreme northern part of town across an interstate overpass. For the triumverate of quality, quantity, and price the best is probably the El Camino. Simply put, you would not be disappointed and again it is open 24 hours. The owners son is a little chess playing demon. The other establishments are okay but I (and the students of tech) think that the El Camino is the place to go. Also in the town square is Socorro’s coffee shop, 7:00 am to 6:pm with pastrys soups/sandwiches.

Socorro has a DAV and Eagles club. The Eagles are located in the Northern part of town adjacent to the super 8. DAV near the center of town. Smoking is allowed there but membership is required as these are private clubs. Attached to the El Camino, (adjacent to the Econo lodge) is the El Matador Lounge. Thus you can also get a drink with your dinner, they usually close by 9:00 pm. I would describe it as a traditional lounge. Attached to the Bodega is a bar (formerly the Road Runner) again it is catywhompers to the El Camino and Econo lodge. Finally, there is the Capitol Bar located in the town square. Established in 1896, it is a Socorro institution. A traditional bar it is a student and visitor favorite. Staff is friendly and prices reasonable. Open at noon to 2:00 am Monday through Saturday, noon to midnight Sunday. As a note, they serve freshly made Pizzas there which are surprisingly good. Music on Fridays and sometimes Saturday..

Northern part of town fast food and hotels. Center of town, town square Twisted Chile, coffee shop, Capitol Bar. Everything on or near California Street the main road.

El Camino Restaurant, Capitol Bar.

Mark Schwarman

09-21-14 NM Open

Allow me to second the opinion of Matt. You need to be at this Open. It will be long remembered.

In addition allow me to mention Sofia’s, a little restaurant with character and very good Mexican food at very good prices. It’s right near California street on the north side of Bullock avenue, next to the defunct pizza place and on your way to the tournament site. It’s true that Fidel Center has food services on the first floor, but, if you’re going to spend a weekend in Socorro, you might as well sample its highlights.

If anyone else has someplace to recommend I’d love to hear about it.

Robert Haines

09-21-14 New Mexico Open Chess Championship

I am really looking forward to the New Mexico Open Championship in Socorro next weekend. The site is awesome! If you have never gotten off of I25 while driving through Socorro, you have no idea how beautiful the New Mexico Tech campus and the Joseph A. Fidel Center are.

The guaranteed prize fund for Open Section may be the largest ever offered by the NMCO. I expect a strong field and a fierce fight for the title!

I hope to see you there.

Matt Grinberg

09-21-14 Re: Farewell, New Mexico

Hey Doug, we will definitely miss you. You are an “awesome” dude! Give ’em hell in Salem, especially my Uncle Bob – he used to win against GM Larry Evans – playing cards.

Matt Grinberg

09-19-14 Robert Hampton at the US Senior Open

Our own Robert Hampton (Cibola HS chess coach) was featured in a recent Chess Life OnLine for giving GM Walter Browne a “tough game” while on the cruise which features the US Senior Open. The short article (with photo and game) can be found at http://www.uschess.org

Ron Kensek

09-18-14 Re: Farewell, New Mexico

Hey Doug, it was nice knowing you, good luck in your future endeavors.

“Never miss a check: it might be mate.”

Don Mulcahy

09-16-14 NM Open

The NM Open will be held next week in Socorro on the NM Tech campus. One advantage with this year’s tournament is that conditions will be good for an opportunity to connect with other players and members of the NM chess community. We are expecting a good turnout due to the excellent playing conditions, reduced entry fees and very large prize fund. The site offers a number of rooms for skittles and conversation. Also, food is being provided at the site and our time controls are extended; that should allow some time between rounds for reconnecting and getting to know new folks (instead of rushing to grab a hamburger).

Over the past year, NM has lost some important members. That includes Jack Shaw, Andy Nowak, Ruben Shocron, Richard Sherman and others. I would encourage everyone with memories of these players to share those either on this forum or in person at the NM Open next week. (Here is a link to a nice tribute to Jack Shaw by Ron Kensek that was previously posted on the forum and there is a picture of Jack Shaw on theState Champions page.)

Dean Brunton

09-16-14 Farewell, New Mexico

To the New Mexico chess community,

I left yesterday to live in Salem, Oregon. I am excited to see what new obstacles await but I am sad to be leaving our fine state and its dedicated, rapidly growing chess players.

The years in which I have been state champion have been a tremendous honor, that was equalled only by the honor of representing New Mexico in our matches.

I would like to wish good luck to all participants in the upcoming NM Open and to extend my congratulations to the event’s section winners including the soon-to-be state champion.

Farewell New Mexico,

Douglas Thigpen

09-12-14 Thank you

Thank you to the anonymous donor! Also, a big thanks to all our NMCO Officers (past and present!)


09-12-14 Any interest in a Friday evening chess group in SE ABQ?

My wife and I were wondering if there was any interest in a new chess group that would meet at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center in SE ABQ? We were thinking it would be on Friday evenings so that scholastic players would not be out late on a school night.

Potential Activities:
– casual games
– club ladder
– game analysis
– blitz tournament
– bughouse
– Beginner instruction

If you would be interested in such a group, please send me an email.
Watch this forum for details (assuming we get some indication of interest).

Bob Nolan

09-11-14 GOOD NEWS

Due to a very generous check received from an anonymous donor, the New Mexico Open & State Championship entry fees have been reduced and there has been a big increase in the prize fund. Those who have already paid their entries will get a refund for any excess. A new entry form, that shows all the increases in Open, Reserve & Booster prizes, will be up on the web site shortly. Note that the Open section prizes, 1st through 4th place are GUARANTEED with a first place prize of $600.

Because of this donation, The “Heart of the Desert” November tournament’s entry fees (also a 3-day event) will be lower than originally planned and the prize fund will be larger. Look for it on nmchess.org after the New Mexico Open is over.

P.S. The Annual meeting and election of officers has been moved to Saturday September 27 @ about 3:30 P.M.

Art Byers

09-09-14 FORUM NMCO Annual Meeting and Executive Board Elections

The New Mexico Chess Organization Annual Meeting and Executive Board elections will be held on Saturday, September 27, at approximately 3:30 p.m., between the third and fourth rounds of the New Mexico Open, at the Joseph A. Fidel Center on the campus of New Mexico Tech in Socorro.

The following current members of the Executive Board have volunteered to stand for re-election and/or re-appointment:

President: Oren Stevens
Vice President: Steve Perea
Treasurer: Dean Brunton
Secretary: Sam Dooley
Tournament Organizer: Larry Kemp
Desert Knight Editor: Matt Grinberg
Webmaster: Jeff Sallade
Member at Large: David Lewis

The Executive Board invites any individual who would like to volunteer to stand for election and/or appointment to the board to contact the Secretary (by email, if possible) prior to, or at, the Annual Meeting, so their name may be included in the election/appointment process.

In addition, any individual who will not be able to attend the annual meeting who would like to vote for one or more of the elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary) may do so by sending an email to the Secretary that indicates their votes, by name and office.

All Executive Board meetings are open to anyone who has participated in a NMCO tournament, and anyone who would like to attend a board meeting may do so by contacting any board member to find the date and time of the next scheduled meeting. Volunteers who would like to help with any aspect of the board’s work are always welcome.

Sam Dooley, Secretary
on behalf of the Executive Board

09-07-14 Santa Fe Open – the winners

The Santa Fe Open has now been rated. If you didn’t get there you missed a great tournament. 32 players were there. The Open section was won by Zach Stuart and Carlos Santillan. Art Glassman took the U1900 and Aubrey O’Neal the U1700 rating prizes. In the under 1400 section Nick Koselko won all 4 games to sweep the section while Max Foults won the U 1200 and Isabella Hays took the U800 rating prizes. Congrats to all the above and thanks to everybody who turned out.

Jim Johnston

09-05-14 Appreciation Letter to Foothills Fellowship Church

This letter of appreciation was sent to the Foothills Fellowship Church on September 4th, 2014.

W. David Lewis

09-04-14 NM Championship Open

Because of the generosity of New Mexico Tech and the City of Socorro, the New Mexicoi Chess Organization is lowering the entry fee and adding to the prize fund of the New Mexico State Championship Open Chess Tournament September 26-28, 2014. Entry fees are reduced by $5 for each section other than the Morphy Section (Limited to those rated less than 1000). The Morphy Section entry fees are lowered to $10 from the original price of $20. Those who have already paid the original price will receive appropriate refunds. And NMCO has increased the prize fund by $300. NM Tech is also providing complimentary food during the tournament.

Larry Kemp
Tournament organizer

08-31-14 The Santa Fe Open on September 6th

The Santa Fe Open is on at the Southside library next Saturday. Play 4 rated games G/40;d5. 2 sections Open and U1400. Prizes based on entries. To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe NM 87508 or you can just email me to reserve your place and then pay at the door if you arrive promptly. Note that the library is now opening at 10:30 so you should show up a couple of minutes before that and 1st round will be at 10:45

Jim Johnston

08-17-14 Santa Fe Rooks winners

16 players took part in the Rooks Blitz and Quick tourneys. Congrats to Raymond Griffin who took 1st. Harsh Bhundiya won the U1600 prize and Lawrence Longwell took the U1200. Leading scores (out of 13) were Raymond 10.5, Harsh 10, then Sam Dooley and Tad Snediker on 9.5. Our next one is the Santa Fe Open, 4 rounds G/40;d5 at the Southside library on September 6th.

Jim Johnston

08-05-14 Public Thanks

I am thanking the backbone of NM chess for their service to chess in this state. Chess works here because people make it work. Thank you Art, Oren, Dean and Robert. Your efforts make it possible to play chess in NM. As to the Blitz tournament, it was a very competitive field. I am thankful that it is over and I did not have to embarrass myself further. Even a blind chicken can sometimes find a kernel of corn. Thank you again.

Mark S.

08-05-14 NM Blitz Champion

I would like to congratulate our newest State Champion – Mark Schwarman!

Robert Hampton

08-05-14 Blitz Championships

Thanx and congratulation to Mr. Hampton for running a pleasant and successful tournament. It was fun.

wm barefield

07-31-14 New Master

I would like to congratulate Gabe Ewing on his 1st place finish at the World Open!

Robert Hampton

07-25-14 Re: The New Mexico Open

Thanks, Larry. Nice shoestring catch.

The standard international (FIDE) limit these days is g90 increment 30 . That turns out to be a really nice rate.

Looking forward to seeing “Java” and the Socorro players and their chess haunts. And I hear nothing but raves about the site. Kudos to all involved.

Robert Haines

07-24-14 The New Mexico Open

Mea culpa.
Here is the Tournament Life announcement submitted for publication in September Chess Life

SEP. 26-28 New Mexico Open and 2014 NM State Championship at the Joseph A. Fidel Center on the New Mexico Tech Campus , Socorro, New Mexico. SEPTEMBER 26 SPECIAL EVENTS will be listed in detail on nmchess.org. Championship play. September 26, 27 & 28 5/SS. G/120 5sec. delay. Rounds Friday: 2pm or 6pm (your choice), Saturday: 10am, 4pm, Sunday 10am 4pm

Open Section: Entry Fee $35.00; Prizes $220/$165/$75/$50/; Best under 2000: $40; biggest upset $40/based on 20 entries in the section

Reserve Section (Under 1800): Entry Fee: $30.00. Prizes: $165/$115/$55/$35; Best under 1600: $35.00, biggest upset $35.00 all based on 25 entries

Booster Section (Under 1400): Entry Fee: $25.00. Prizes: $100/$70/$40/$30; Best under 1200: $30.00, biggest upset $30.00, all based on 25 entries in section.

Unrated eligible only for 50% of prizes in Reserve and Booster Sections. One (1) one half (½) point bye may be selected in writing on the entry form or 1 hour before the first round. Tie breaking systems to be used for state champion’s individual plaque which goes to highest finish by NM resident in the Open and for the Women’s Championship prize, which will be awarded to the highest finishing female resident of the State of New Mexico competing in the Open Section: 1. Modified Median, 2. Solkoff, 3. Cumulative, 4. Cumulative of Opposition. Advance Reg: Pay to NMCO, Box 4215, Albuquerque, NM 87196. To avoid late fee, postmark by 9/23. Deadline for PayPal is 9/24, Pay Pal must have valid USCF ID and phone or email contact or will be charged additional $15 late fee on site. Special Pay Pal entry form is available on nmchess.org . Reg: on site: cash/check only plus Late fee $15. Sat. 7:30–8:15. Arrivals for on site reg. after 5:15pm Friday will be given a Round 1 forced 1/2 pt bye. TD reserves option to place late arrival in a playing section without penalty if needed to make an even number of players. $5 Family discount after one full price entry. NMCO annual meeting & elections Sun 2:00 pm. Info: directions, list of recommended Motels see nmchess.org ask for chess rate. W.

Larry Kemp
Tournament Organizer

07-24-14 Re: Time Controls for NM Open

I echo Mr. Haines question…theres nuthin nowheres abt time control…however, i pull for a 5 sec delay….BUT i really would love to see the state title be awarded in a tournament that has time controls more in keeping with serious chess/national tournaments…so 40/120 and g/60 with a 5sec delay…i think a longer time control not only gives nm players a chance to train for a big tournament like the na open or national open…but it gives the title gravitas…
wm barefield

07-23-14 Re: Time Controls for NM Open

How do you know what the time limit is? It doesn’t seem to be on this site.

Robert Haines

07-22-14 Time Controls for NM Open

We have several players from Las Cruces desiring to play in the NM Open in Socorro, however the time delay of 30 seconds gives us second thoughts. Planning on departing Sunday afternoon, it is difficult to estimate how long the last round will last because with a 30 second delay the game could go on another half hour or more. We would appreciate a reconsideration and perhaps a change to the delay to 5 seconds vice the 30. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to your comments.

John Helwick

07-20-14 SFR Octos- the winners

The rooks octagons have now been rated. Thanks to all the players who showed up and congrats to Mark Galassi and Julian Trujillo who tied for first place in the top section, and to Alex Ortiz who swept the lower Decagon. Our next tournament will be Blitz and Quick play – two separate tournaments – not rated at the Southside library on August 16th.

Jim Johnston

07-15-14 nm open comments

Wow! the NM Open slated for NM Tech? its a great venue. the hotels are cheap, the el camino restaurant is chess friendly, the coffee house on the plaza is one of the states best (real gelato, too)…Capitol Bar for the thirsty….also noticed its a three dayer…could it be a 40/120, g/60 time control?? Its almost too much to hope for…

wm barefield

07-14-14 Millionaire Chess

Millionaire Chess
October 9 – 13, 2014


Are you planning to play in the Millionaire Chess Tournament? Want to save $100 on the steep entry fee? Want to share a hotel room to cut down on expenses? Some have high hopes that GM Maurice Ashley’s pet project, the Millionaire Chess Tournament will be a success, with prizes available down to 50th place in the rating classes above 1200 rating it is no wonder people are interested. Others feel the entry fee is too high and shrug it off as a fantastic dream and nothing more. If we can get 10 or more people to join as a group each person will get a $100 discount (it will be refunded to the group leader to return to the participants after the tournament is over). Morry Holland and Steve Farmer will be attending and a couple others are ‘on the fence’ waiting to see if others are interested. Ideally we would like to have 15 people sign up as we know a few are likely to cancel out before the event. If you are interested in being part of our group, fill out your name, phone number and email address and we will be in touch to keep everyone up to date. You can contact us directly:Morry Holland – laskerlives@gmail.com 520-358-5841 (no late night calls, please) Steve Farmer –stoopidbishop@gmail.com, or David Lewis ( wdlewis@centurylink.net) in Albuquerque can provide additional information.

07-08-14 The PayPal form did not work, Mia Culpa!

Sorry! There has been much confusion and trouble submitting the forms you can fill out on your computer, tablet or smart phone screen.. — Yes, it’s all my fault. Apparently, it is not only my first wife who points out everything I do wrong. I don’t pay much attention to her, but, to be serious, I do pay attention to you chess players and I thank you for all the feedback. A new and much more reliable Pay Pal form will be up shortly.

Art Byers

06-17-14 Free chess class in Santa Fe on June 24th

I will be giving a chess class at 6 pm next Tuesday the 24th at the La Farge library on Llano Street. Open to all chess players. I hope to see you there.

Jim Johnston

06-17-14 Simul with WGM Anya Corke

Hello NM Chess Friends,
This just came up today.
I am excited to announce that Women’s GM Anya Corke is in town and will be doing a simul this Wednesday evening at the UNM School of Law (google map). We tried to make it Thursday to avoid conflict with the Frontier Chess Club but Anya has a flight leaving town on Thursday evening. I spoke with Munir and he said the Frontier chess club will still be a go as well.

Click here to learn more about Anya’s simul.

Sign up here.

On another note: I was incredibly sad to learn of Andy’s passing. He was great to work with on tournaments and chess events and he was a wonderful man who gave everything of himself to teach and organize chess opportunities for kids all over Northern New Mexico. I thought Mark did a beautiful job with his write up about Andy on the Nowak’s Knights of Santa Fe website.

I hope you all are well and living your life to the fullest as the days are longer and summer is upon us.


P.S. Congrats to all who represented New Mexico against Colorado! Way to go!!!

06-15-14 Colorado Match

New Mexico 9.0 Colorado 5.0
Douglas Thigpen (2021) 0.5 Brian Wall (2244) 1.5
Jeffrey Michael Serna (2027) 2.0 Victor Huang (1948) 0.0
Manuel Rios (1794) 1.0 Brady Barkemeyer (1848) 1.0
Paul Porter (1540) 1.0 Andrew Lin (1558) 1.0
Gopikrishnan Muraleedharan (1339) 1.5 Tony Robert Philips 0.5
Jorge Hu Cardenas (1217) 2.0 Nelson Perez (1084) 0.0
Corbin Gustafson (1584) 1.0 Nabil Spann (1975) 1.0

Every NM player contributed

Larry Kemp

06-13-14 Re: Andy Nowak

He will be missed. If you go out to the Scholastic page and look at the New Mexico Scholastic Chess Champions grid and look at the first line from 1977 where Brian Dye won. It was at the “new” Albuquerque High School and it was one of the first tournaments I ever played – Andy organized it!

Robert Hampton

06-12-14 Re: Andy Nowak

Yes, a lot of us will miss him. Right now i am looking at a trophy on the mantel my son liam and i won at one of his parent/child tournaments back in the mid 80s shortly after we moved here.
Peter Lattimore

06-09-14 Re: Andy Nowak

I am sorry to hear of Andy’s death. The guy was a tireless chess volunteer. I have many good memories of playing at the Pir Maleki tournament west of Las Vegas, NM, which Andy often [always?] directed, as well as other scholastic events he directed.

-Ryan McCracken

06-08-14 Andy Nowak

I am sad to inform you that Andy passed away this morning. He was always working to promote youth chess over the last 40 years and we will all miss him.

Jim Johnston

06-08-14 SF Rooks The final four – the winners

Our tournament from June 7th has now been rated. Congrats to the section winners:
1 Jeff Serna and Carlos Santillan
2 Nakul Deshpande
3 Peter Lattimore
4 Aubrey O’Neal and Jeremiah Beyale
5 Max Fouts
and thanks to all who played. Our next event is an Octagon on July 19th, though the date and place are not yet confirmed.

Jim Johnston

05-31-14 Santa Fe Rooks tourney on June 7th

Next Saturday at the La Farge library in Santa Fe we will play 2 rounds of G/90; d5. Rounds at 10:15 and 2. The format is the Final Four….Groups of 4 by rating…1st round is a semi – final then winners advance to the final. If games are drawn then black advances. 1st round losers play each other for 3rd/4th place. Entry is $10 and the winner of each group gets $30. To enter send your check for $10 to SFR, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe, NM 87508… or you can just email me to reserve your place and then pay at the door IF you arrive by 10.

Jim Johnston

05-22-14 Summery Chess Camps – Got Rating?

Coach Steve and Coach Oren Stevens are offering 2 sessions of summer chess camps for players of any age rated U1400 USCF or unrated: June 23-27, July 20-25 (full or half days). Registration includes a 1 year USCF membership! See Flyer for details.

Got Rating? Coach Steve will be running single day tournaments at $5 per tournament. G/30 on June 26 and July 24. G/5 on June 27 and July 25. Each day will have 2 tournaments (9am-noon; 1pm-5pm). See Flyer for details.

Steve Perea

05-20-14 Remembering Jack Shaw (Jan 25, 1925 – Jan 20, 2014)

Remembering Jack Shaw
Ron Kensek

05-18-14 Lost and Found

Once again, after a chess tournament, we have found a digital clock, in first class condition with no identification for the owner, that no one claimed even after our announcements at the tournament itself.

If you played in the Class tournament, May 17/18, and are missing your clock, please reply with the brand and the serial number and we will see that it is returned to you.

AND, good friends, as we pleaded the last time we found a clock after a tournament: Please put your name on your clock. Use a Sharpie marker and cover that with magic tape. Keep a record of your clock’s serial number. and your faithful clock will find its way back to you

Reply to: Artjbyers@Gmail.com

05-12-14 Re: Elctronic Submision Form

I know that it helps to use Adobe Reader to fill out the PDF. If your browser tries to display the PDF, just click the download button or right click to save the page, and then open with Adobe Reader.

While filling out the PDF, it seems to require all fields — so if you do not have information for some of the fields you can still type a space or two for those blank fields just to get past the validation.

After filling out the PDF, if the Submit Button does not launch your Email program then just save the PDF in order to attach it to an email. Please send the email to newmexchessorg@gmail.com

Hope that helps,
Jeff Sallade

05-12-14 Elctronic Submision Form

Hello All,

I would like to thank NMCO officers and volunteers for all the work they do to keep chess tournament and events going in NM. I need to bring to your attention that electronic submission button on the pay Pal site, that we suppose to fill out after payment with Pay Pal does not seem to work. Thanks

Ramzi Hammad

05-07-14 Class Tournament May 17/18

A few reminders to chess players.

Cell phones must be off when games are in progress – HOWEVER – In an emergency, you can be reached via the telephone at the Meadowlark front desk 505-891-5018.

Please practice setting and adjusting your digital clock as the Tournament Directors are not responsible for adding or subtracting penalty minutes or correcting a clock set improperly. There are simply too many different clocks on the market and no person can be expected to know how to set and adjust all of them.

Score sheets will be provided but we ask that you bring at least two ball point pens with you.

If you intend to register on site Saturday Morning: Try to arrive by 8 A.M. and have a completed entry form with you. Forms are available on nmchess.org. This will help assure that the first round can start on time.,

Thank you,
Art Byers

05-05-14 RIP: Jack Shaw

Sad news, I found this in the Correspondence article at Chess Life –


Jack Shaw of Phoenix, Arizona, has died. Jack was a prolific player at one time carrying a 2100+ rating.


2011 John Collins
White: Shaw, Jack
Black: Johnson, James

1.e4 c5 2.c3 d5 3.exd5 Qxd5 4.d4 Nc6 5.Nf3 Bg4 6.Be2 e6 7.O-O Nf6 8.c4 Qd8 9.dxc5 Bxc5 10.Nc3 O-O 11.Bg5 Be7 12.Qb3 Na5 13.Qa4 h6 14.Be3 a6 15.c5 Nc6 16.Rac1 Qc7 17.Rfd1 e5 18.h3 Bf5 19.b4 g5 20.Nh2 e4 21.Ng4 Kg7 22.Nxf6 Bxf6 23.Nd5 Qb8 24.Nb6 Ra7 25.Qb3 a5 26.b5 Ne5 27.Rd6 Be7 28.Qd5 f6 29.Bd4 Bg6 30.Bxe5 fxe5 31.Qxe5+ Bf6 32.Rd7+ Kh8 33.Qxb8 Rxb8 34.c6 Bf5 35.c7

Robert Hampton

05-04-14 Results for Santa Fe Action

The Action tournament has now been rated. Congrats to Sam Dooley and Raymond Griffin who tied for 1st and also to Robert Nolan and Aubrey O’Neal who won the rating prizes. The next SF Rooks event will be The Final Four. Play 2 games G/90 in a semi final and final format. I hope this will be on June 7th and will confirm when the library has been booked.

Jim Johnston

04-26-14 SF Rooks Action tournament on May 3rd

It’s been a while since we played G/30;d5, but next Saturday will bring a chance to do so. We will play 5 rounds at the Southside library in Santa Fe. Rounds at 10:15 11:30 1:45 3 and 4:15. Probably in 2 sections. 80% of entries returned as prizes. To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe, NM 87508. You may also just email me to say you will be there and then pay at the door IF you arrive by 10.

Jim Johnston

04-22-14 Elementary and Middle School State Team Tournament

I have received numerous calls from parents saying I am deliberately trying to eliminate certain programs from playing in these tournaments. I will explain the requirements to play in these tournaments, these are the same requirements for the NMAA.
1. A school need only 5 players that attend at that school to play in there respective grades. Having Home School Children or kids from other school playing in the clubs does not make a school ineligible.
2. A school with mixed grades would play up not down, having Middle Schoolers play in Elementary would not be fair to the other teams.
3. Home Schools can create their own team but can not be eligible to win the title.
I would love to see as many schools being represented as possible, therefore I offer Learners up to 8 slots to play in the Elementary State Tournament. If there is any other schools or programs wanting to play in these events, please contact me at nmaachess@gmail.com Thank you Mr. Lopez for pointing out this huge misunderstanding that got more parents involved and aware of the situation. The NMAA does not endorse or promote ES and MS events, these events are funded by registration fees and my personal funding to make up the difference. The cost of each tournament is approximately $450.00, any donations would be appreciated.

Steve Perea
NMAA Chess Director

04-21-14 Santa Fe Open – The Winners

The SF Open has now been rated. Congrats to Andrew Flores who swept the open section and to Tiegan Kurtiz and Ming-Yuan Lo who tied for first in the U1500. The next SF Rooks tournament is an action event – 5 rounds of G/30;d5 at the Southside library in Santa Fe on May 3rd

Jim Johnston

04-13-14 Central NM Team Chess League

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with the Central NM Team Chess League finals on Sunday April 6th in the Student Union Building at UNM! We had 207 participants from 23 different school chess clubs around Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and the East Mountains. Many of the players in the room were playing in their first ever chess competition and had a wonderful experience. There were 40 five player teams competing.

Congrats to the top 8 placing school clubs:
1. San Antonito Roadrunners
2. North Star Wolves
3. Mountain Mahogany Knights
4. Monte Vista Penguins
5. Georgia O’Keeffe Rams
6. Bandelier Bears
7. Hubert Humphrey Hawks
8. St. Thomas Aquinas Pelicans

We are big believers in team chess for youth development. It gives players from the same club the most incentive to help each other improve their skills while also developing lasting friendships.

A little about the Central NM Team Chess League:
This is the second year we have run team tournaments in Central NM. It is currently organized and sponsored by Learners Chess Academy. Participation is free of cost to any teams that play in it.
Our events are not USCF rated.
We run regional tournaments late in the Fall semester. This past year our regions were: NE Heights, SE Heights, University/North Valley, and Westside/ Rio Rancho.
In the Spring, we do one large final team tournament. Schools clubs may send teams of players who practice regularly with their club, regardless if they attend that school or not. Therefor, home-schooled players and players from schools that lack a club may play for the school club where they practice and learn chess. Unfortunately, this fact disqualifies most all of the school teams in our league from the Albuquerque School Chess League and also from playing in the NMAA State championship tournaments being advertised. But the events are loads of fun, all teams earn trophies for their placement at each tournament, and all participants earn medals for participating.
If you are interested in getting your youth chess team into the Central NM Team Chess League for the coming 2014-2015 school year, please feel free to contact me at learnerschess@gmail.com.


04-08-14 Congrats to Thomas Mathine and Jonah Romero

Albuquerque Students Thomas Mathine of Albuquerque Academy and Jonah Romero of Manzano Day School represented NM in the 2014 High School Championships this past weekend San Diego. Thomas Scored an impressive 4.5 points out of 7 against the best players in the United States. Thomas received 2nd Place in his class rating. Jonah received 3 points in Championship section and 3rd place in the Blitz Championship in his class section. Both Boys played well against many experts and class A players. Congratulations to them and hope to see more NM Scholastic Chess Players at the National Tournaments.
Kind Regards,
Tony Romero

04-03-14 The Santa Fe Open on 19th and 20th April

Santa Fe Rooks are holding the SF Open at La Tienda in Eldorado in a couple of weeks time. Play 5 rounds of G/90 + 5 secs delay. Rounds at 10 1:45 and 5:15 on Saturday then at 10 and 2 on Sunday. 2 sections….Open and U1500. Prizes (based on 16 per section) each section 1st $125 with 3 rating prizes $90 $85 and $80. To enter send your check for $30 to ….
Santa Fe Rooks, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe NM 87508.
There is a late fee of $5 added to entries received after Thursday 17th or on the door from 9:15 – 9:30. One half point bye is available for any round if requested in advance. NM Cup points awarded to all players. For directions and (eventually) a player list check out santaferooks.blogspot.com

The next SFR event after the SFO is the Rooks action tournament confirmed for the Southside library on May 3rd.

Jim Johnston

03-12-14 stolen clocks

Please be on the look out for somebody trying to sell saitek blue chess clocks. Some one broke into my car and stole my bag of chess clocks. They probably thought it was a laptop.

Steve Perea

03-9-14 Reminder for Scholastic Coaches

Scholastic Schedules for Regionals and State
Regionals — 3/22/14 HS and MS at AIMS@UNM 933 Bradbury check-in 8 to 8:45
4/6/14 ES at S Y Jackson check-in 8 to 8:45
State — 4/24-25/14 HS at Marriott Pyramid Hotel, 5151 San Francisco Rd NE, Albuquerque
register by 5:45 PM on Thursday afternoon
5/2/14 MS at University Village 1901 University check-in 8 to 8:45
5/9/14 ES at University Village 1901 University check-in 8 to 8:45
For more info contact: Regionals – Oren Stevens 505-298-2534 or orenstevens@aol.com
State – Steve Perea 505-315-8709 or chess.coach.steve@gmail.

Steve Perea

03-9-14 Re: ASCL Chess coaches

Thank you Robert for your efforts for promoting chess in schools, there are many other coaches doing the same and I thank you and them. There is such a huge number of schools that don’t even have clubs but want them, hence my effort to help get coaches in these schools. USCF is not a requirement but it does help to have coaches who have at least been in the “chess trenches”. I am already getting emails from people wanting to help out in the schools that don’t have chess clubs and schools in need of coaches.

Steve Perea

03-06-14 ASCL Chess coaches

I am a volunteer scholastic chess coach at a local high school and I have noticed the number of HS/MS teams dropping the last couple of years as well. It would be a very good thing if every (or at least a solid majority) APS/state HS & MS had an active team. I just read the USCF article on the Illinois High School Team Championships and was very impressed.

Just a note: I don’t believe there is any requirement for a coach to have any association with USCF (though it couldn’t hurt).

Robert Hampton

03-06-14 Update on the 2014 Class Tournament

On March 4th the NMCO Board voted to allow out of state players in the 2014 Class tournament and to have a special one day (Saturday) section for the players rated Under 1000. Corrected entry forms have been sent out Via Email and will replace the previous forms on nmchess.org.

Art Byers, TD for the 2014 C lass Tournament

03-05-14 Call for Scholastic Clubs and Coaches

Ron Kensek mentioned that the Albuquerque School Chess League is also down in numbers. I have been approached by APS to help fill gaps of schools that have no chess clubs. If anyone is interested in coaching in schools, please email me. A coach would be required to run the club and charge their own fee (or volunteer), I will help place coaches with schools in their area free of charge. Coaches must be USCF (active or inactive), pass a background check ($12 online) and drug test (drug testing will be free at Alliance drug testing). As the NMAA Chess Director, I have seen the Southern New Mexico region has exploded in size and have become well organized, congrats to them! Lets work at expanding kids chess.

Steve Perea, NMAA Chess Director

03-05-14 Scholastic Events Re-instated

The Elementary and Middle School Team Tournament, Spring Break Camp and School Coaching have all been re-instated. Thanks to all for making this happen. Please email me if you have any questions about my events or want to sign up. chess.coach.steve@gmail.com

Steve Perea

03-02-14 Rooks – the winners

The return of the rook quad has now been rated. Thanks to all who played and congratulations to the winners…..Sam Dooley, Victor Lopez, Bruce Nelson and Quinn Fredine. Our next tournament is the Santa Fe Open, a five round 2 day event in Eldorado on April 19th and 20th.

See you there,
Jim Johnston

02-25-14 NM G/15

The NM G/15 results are posted at USCF.

Congratulations to Open winner Eric Stuart; U1600 champ Greg Stricklin and U1200 champs Corbin Gustafson & Kyle Henke.

Robert Hampton

02-23-14 News update on Meadowlark

Because the Rio Rancho Meadowlark Senior Center will be closed for renovations all of June and July, The Super Class tournament to qualify our team for the 2014 match with Colorado will take place on May 17/18 at Meadowlark. Notice has been sent along with entry forms to the NMCO Email list.

We are looking for a place to hold the annual June Open Chess tournament and as soon as we have such, it will be posted on the website.

Art Byers, TD for the Class tournament

02-23-14 Return of the Rook Quad on March 1st

Rooks are back with a quad at the southside library in Santa Fe this coming Saturday. Play 3 games G/60 ;d5 Rounds at 10:15 1:15 and 3:30. Winner of each quad takes home $30. To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks or you could just email me to reserve your place and then pay at the door IF you arrive on time.

Jim Johnston

02-19-14 New Mexico G/15 Registration

Registration for this weekend’s tournament was set to close today. However, If you are interested in playing please contact me at 505-610-2508 or charlieschessclub@gmail.com by Friday at 7:00 p.m., to make arrangements for payment.

Andrew Flores

02-07-14 Charles McLaughlin 1927 – 2014

Sad news from Santa Fe with the passing of Charles (Homer) Mclaughlin. Charles was an active member of the Santa Fe chess club in the 80s and 90s. He moved to Santa Fe from Oklahoma when he retired in 1987. Charles played in a lot of tournaments both in NM and elsewhere. He played in the ’97 US Open in Florida, for example, and the best result I have traced for him was clear 1st in the reserve section of the 93 SW Open in San Antonio. His last rated event was in 2001 but after that he went regularly to the Frontier on a Wednesday night.

Jim Johnston

02-05-14 Hummingbird Chess Camp

The annual Hummingbird Chess Camp will be held June 8-15 2014 at Hummingbird Music Camp. Visit our siteHummingbirdmusiccamp.org to see the facilities. $100 tuition discount scholarships may be requested from Elliott Higgins. You may use Andy Novak as a reference. Past campers include Jessie Kraai our only NM Chess Grand Master. If you have a suggestion of a Chess Master who is educationally motivated in the Five contiguous states please let me know.

Additional information: Elliott255@gmail.com

02-05-14 Lindenwood

There is a nice interview with Zach Stuart on USCHESS.ORG –

“L.A to Saint Louis: Kostya on Chess at Lindenwood”

You can also find a couple of Zach’s games at the USCL (http://uschessleague.com/games-2013.php) site – he played for St. Louis.

Robert Hampton

02-02-14 Updating the NMCO Email Broadcast list

We are updating the New Mexico Chess Organization list of Email addresses. As you know we send out broadcasts to keep you apprised of chess tournaments we run in New Mexico and non- scholastic tournaments run by any group in NM that wants publicity. (There is a link to scholastic events on this web site.) For example: When firm dates and locations are known, we will send out an Email broadcast on the annual Class tournament. That is used to select players for the annual team match with Colorado, the annual Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Open and the NM Blitz championship.

We do not give out the Email list to any person or group.

If you have not received any of our past broadcasts and want to be put on the list, please send your current Email address to newmexchessorg@gmail.com. If you are on the broadcast list and want to unsubscribe, please let us know via Email to the same address.

Art Byers

01-31-14 Lost Chess Clock

Mark Galassi thinks he may have left his Saitek Mephisto Competition Pro chess clock at the Meadowlark Center after the 2013 New Mexico Open tournament.

We have checked the lost and found at the Meadowlark Center and no clock was turned in. It is possible, since all these Saitek Pro clocks look alike, a player may have taken it home by error. If you know anything about this clock, please contact Mark : mark@galassi.org

Art Byers

01-26-14 Quick Tournament

Hello Everyone,

I will be holding a quick tournament (G/15) on 2/22/14 at the main library downtown. So save the date. I will post all of the details in the next week.

Andrew Flores

01-26-14 nm tournament status

My post was a relating of my previous conversations and experiences in nm….not of a conversation with mr. kemp. Mr. kemp seems to want to do well and I applaud his intent. I thought the general nature of my remarks was clear. I specifically removed the names of those who spoke those remarks to me, being that they are not fictitious.
William Barefield

01-26-14 Tournament Rating and Status

Wow! I, for one, think Larry did a fine job with the recent tourney. And I’m mystified about what’s wrong with the venue. “Obvious reasons” for concentration issues, but no specifics? How in the world is that “problem” supposed to be fixed?

Preston Herrington, Farmington

01-23-14 A few facts

The chess community as a whole needs facts. Here are a few-

1) The heading area on the crosstable shows FOUR dates- Event, Submittied, Received and Rated. It also shows the TD’s (note plural) who worked the tournament.

2) As a TD myself I took a pencil and paper to the top two sections AND after a couple of hours I found NO GLARING problems with the pairings (although my search was not “complete”).

3) Part of the discussion at the NMCO Board Meeting on Friday night before the tournament was related to which software should be used at the tournament. The decision may have been a contributing factor to the lateness of the “Submitted” date.

4) It was submitted 5 days after the event, AND was rated by USCF 5 days after that.

5) Responsibility for a SMOOTH tournament lies with the people who are running it AND ALSO THE PARTICIPANTS. A very few tardy players may throw off the first round sufficiently to cause problems for the rest of the tourney. Additionally, “crowding” the TD doesn’t help either.

6) Almost forgot- The PRE-RATE is not what is used to pair the rounds, it is that month’s RATING SUPPLEMENT.

Scout Veitch

01-23-14 2014 Sherman Memorial Senior Open

I apologize to all who were adversely affected by the intolerable delays beginning the first round and completing the rating process of The NM Senior Memorial. I will be working hard to avoid such delays in the future, even if it means recruiting others more competent to perform tasks I have tried to perform. Frankly, the tournament was a nightmare for me.

In an effort to improve, I had obtained a new printer and new software. Even though the I had read the 80 page user’s manual for the software and run a practice tournament at home with the new software and new printer a few days beforehand and had no serious problems, both failed me the before the first round of the tournament could start. In the days following the tournament, I tried to generate the ratings reports by rerunning the tournament from the beginning. I contacted the maker of the software and exchanged several e-mails with the programmer and finally e-mailed him my files and asked how to solve the problems we were having. Though this software was USCF and even FIDE approved, I found it difficult to handle the the requested byes, forfeits and withdrawals. Finally I went back to the software we had used in previous tournaments and ran the tournament from start to finish and generated the rating reports needed by the USCF and submitted them Friday afternoon. I received a list of errors and resolved all the errors later Friday evening. I expected to get a favorable reaction the USCF staff came back to work Tuesday (Monday was a holiday.). I called two staff members of the USCF on Wednesday and left messages for both that were not answered. This was in itself unusual as these two people are usually prompt responders with good solutions. I went over the ratings reports another time and discovered and resolved a problem and a couple of hours later the outcome of the tournament was posted on the USCF website.

I don’t want to run another tournament like this. I want to run an efficient tournament where high quality chess can be played, or I want to spend my time and limited talent doing something else.

To Dean Brown I apologize for the pairing problems. I thought I had entered you into the software such that you would be properly paired in every round. Somehow that didn’t happen. Still, when the problems were discovered, we took appropriate steps to remedy the situation. Ideally, I would have repaired the whole Reserve Section to give you ideal pairings, but since we were, by that time running more than a half hour behind schedule, I paired you against a person who would otherwise have been given a bye. I had a chance last night to discuss this decision with Art Glassman, a well respected senior tournament director, and he told me I made the right decision.

To William Barefield, I respond that I have never had any communication from him and my ears are always open to suggestions for improvement, even from those who have no desire to become volunteers. The allocation of prize money has been a topic of consideration from time to time by NMCO. And I have seen no reluctance by the Board to entertain further discussion on the matter.

To Ron Coraretti, I respond that I was not aware of any complaints about the Meadowlark site. I have been trying to find alternative sites just to give us options should Meadowlark become unavailable. I have recently proposed a tournament this November in the new museum in Las Cruces. Last year we held the Class Championships in El Dorado and the blitz tournament in Belen. I like incremental time controls and expect we will be using them more as more players obtain clocks that have that capability.

To the rest of those involved, I thank yhou for your patience and do not expect to tax it again.,

We will probably have to go with Game 90 to get 4 or 5 rounds in a weekend.

I thank Art Byers, David Poston, Art Glassman, Scout Vietch for their offers of assistance.

To all of you, I invite comment by e-mail to me at klk221b@gmail.com.

Larry Kemp

01-22-14 Tournament Rating Status

Can we have a status on why the New Mexico tourney has not been rated yet?

Michael Torres

01-22-14 New Mexico Tournament Status and Conditions

Mr. Dean Brown, I believe, has brought correct attention to some of the fundamental problems that have been plaguing the state tournaments in recent years that have apparently gotten worse. I would also like to draw attention to another fundamental issue not addressed by Mr. Dean Brown – and that is the venue itself.

My son, Benjamin Coraretti, played at the Rio Rancho site some years ago and stated to me that he would never play at that site again. He had serious concentration issues for “obvious reasons” pertaining to the site and conditions; I do not want to get into the exact specifics, but I will tell you that this site is not conducive for promoting serious quality chess play.

I have heard from other players this same sentiment; this site is a hindrance to serious players and certainly a hindrance to the attraction of any titled players. I hope that the State Organization will seriously consider promoting the best possible conditions for the state events.

My son is looking forward to playing again and helping to promote New Mexico Chess, but only under the right conditions.

I would like to mention that increment time controls are a must for at least the state events. I propose G/120+30sec increment or at least G/90+30sec increment.

Also, I would like to address the TD problems that Mr. Dean Brown has already mentioned. I believe qualified and organized personnel must be obtained. I would like to recommend Scott Kearns (who worked with Chad Schneider) and Art Glassman, both who are truly professional directors in my opinion (and also Ben’s). I also have heard that Jim Johnston is well qualified. As a tournament director myself, it is true that under the current system, all events can be rated and posted within a matter of only 2 hours. So any delay longer than a couple of days is unnecessary.

I hope that the NMCO will take all said on these matters into serious consideration, as my only purpose is to promote serious quality chess and not to undermine our state’s organization! I thank you for your kind attention. I am,

Respectfully yours,
Ron Coraretti

01-22-14 nm tournament status

Let me be the first to proffer to mr. brown what I am told whenever I have expressed any concerns about the venues, methods, prize funds, or anything else about nm tournaments:

“These tournaments are run by volunteers (of which are you not one) so if you were expecting things to run in ways you have become accustomed to in other states, then you need to become a volunteer. Otherwise we are hereby dismissing your concerns or complaints out of hand. If you happen to feel second place in the open section is a greater achievement that winning first in the “b” section and thereby deserves a larger prize, You are simply an elitist pig. It doesn’t really matter that you’ve worked your butt off to become an expert. Thank you for your support.”

William Barefield

01-20-14 New Mexico Tournament Status

I have always enjoyed visiting my birth state and playing chess with friends in New Mexico over the past 16 years, but, there has been TD problems this past year that is concerning and damaging to future participation in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho events. First, there have been registered players who were not paired in the first 2 rounds of at least the last two events (in my case the TD had to find me an opponent after the pairings were made in rounds 1 and 2 of the NM Memorial/Senior). Second, it takes less than 2 hours to submit a USCF Rating report for a 60 player 3-section tournament; after a week, there have been no ratings issued for the NM Memorial/Senior tournament. Third, the rounds were not USCF-default paired. The Pre-tournament Publicity did not state that this was an unrated event, nor, that pairings would not follow USCF pairing rules. Does anyone know the status of the Rating Report of the NM Memorial/Senior Tournament? The status of who will be TDing the future state events?

Dean Brown

01-12-14 Rumors, Facts, and Fires

I have removed some posts relating to rumors, facts, and fires due to their sensitivity and unresolved nature. Some of the parties involved have expressed that these issues are private and requested that the postes be removed. The parties involved are being asked to work out their differences directly with each other rather than through this public forum. I do thank everyone for their opinions and sincerely wish the parties involved in these posts the best.

Jeff Sallade

01-09-14 Are 1/2 point byes allowed if requested before the first round?

http://www.nmchess.org/Schedule.html says yes but the online entry form says no.

I’d like to play in the Morphy U1000 on Saturday and take 1/2 pt bye and 0 pt bye for rounds 1 &2 in the U1400 and then finish up with rounds 3&4 in the U1400 on Sunday. Is that possible? I’m going to fill in forms for my family now and submit paypal payment so I guess if not I’ll need a refund for the Morphy.

Shirley Herman

01-01-14 Re: Coronado Chess Club

Actually, the Frontier was closed when I stopped by at 6:30pm — bummer!

Jeff Sallade

01-01-14 Coronado Chess Club

Hello chess friends, we will have our regular 2 rounds this Wednesday (New Year Day).
See you there and happy new year.
Thank You.

Ramzi Hammad

01-01-14 New Mexicans at North American OPEN

CONGRATULATIONS TO Michael Torres for his tying for first in U 1700 Sec and Robert Hampton for tying for 3rd in U1900.

Ramzi Hammad