12-11-11 Santa Fe Rooks tournament on December 17th

Hello All,

Our last tournament of this year is the Christmas Octos at La Farge library in Santa Fe. Play 3 games at G/60 + 5 secs delay. Prizes to 1st and 2nd in each 8 player group. You can send me an email to say you will be there and then pay the entry fee outside the library on the day. Hope to see you all there.

Jim Johnston

11-28-11 Berserkers tourney rated

The rating report for the SFR Berserkers tournament should be up by the time you read this. The next Santa Fe Rooks event will be the Christmas Octos on December 17th. We will have 3 rounds G/60 at the La Farge library in Santa Fe. Hope to see you there.

Jim Johnston

11-24-11 Invitational

Hi all,

I am running a FIDE Invitational tournament from January 2nd – 4th. It will be 9RR over 3 days (M-W). If you are interested in playing, let me know. We need 10 players, 7 are pretty much confirmed and 2 are on the fence. We already have the required 4 players who have FIDE ratings to get everyone established by the conclusion of the tournament. The average rating of the current group (of 9) is 2067, the average rating of those confirmed is 2068. If you are interested, please contact me at <href=”mailto:wiredkingscc@gmail.com”>wiredkingscc@gmail.com


11-14-11 Congrats to Georg Meier who will play in Albuquerque in February

Many NM players had not heard of GM Georg Meier before we learned that he will play in the Southern Rocky tournament next February. For the last 2 weeks he has been playing board 2 for Germany in the European team championship in Greece. On Friday 11th in the last round he beat Sergei Movsesian of Armenia. Meier was black and played the French against his 2710 rated opponent. The other 3 games were drawn so Germany, the 10th seed, sensationally won the match and became European team champions.

Jim Johnston

11-11-11 Santa Fe Rooks tourney on 26th November

Hello all,
We had to change the date of the next Rooks event as the library has a book sale on the 19th. So our next tournament is the 8 rounds of G/15 + 3 secs delay at the La Farge library on the 26th…the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If anyone has already entered but can’t be there on the new date then we will refund their entry fee.
If you plan to come then either send a check to the address on the flyer or send me an email to say that you are coming and then hand me your $10 entry fee outside the library at 10 am on the day.
Jim Johnston

11-08-11 Lancaster Elementary Chess Tournament

Attention all chess affiliated members, My name is Augustine Valverde and I provide chess tournament directing for scholastic chess events in SSID,YISD,EPISD and El Paso county school districts. It has come to my attention that there are two chess events occurring on Nov. 12 this coming Saturday. Lancaster Elementary will hold a k-12 grade chess tournament from 8 am to 2 pm. There is a 5 dollar fee and awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for team and individuals. I recommend that all high school students attend the tournament at Burges High since they only want high school students to attend. Both events are a good challenge for all students. If anyone has any questions about running or starting a chess tournament at your school please contact me at 9155408608 and you can txt me there or email me at avalver6@nmsu.edu.
My services are free. My only goal is to promote chess in El Paso, Texas – not make a profit.
Thank you sincerely,
Augustine Valverde

11-02-11 Duel Timer increment settings

The Duel Timer clock (www.dueltimer.com) has an increment setting. It is called “Bonus Time” in the instructions and presets. When one button is pressed, it immediately adds the increment to the other side. I have an old Duel Timer Standard+ clock. If anyone has questions about setting Duel Timers for increments, please e-mail me at scott.kerns@yahoo.com. I’ll try to help you out.

Scott Kerns

11-01-11 NM Open – Open Section Clock Rules

Here are the clock rules for the Open Section.

Art Glassman
Open Section TD

11-01-11 Reply from Dr. Levitt about Poe and the Turk

Dear Janet,
It was quite an exciting and fun filled day. It is nice to hear that others also enjoyed the event. Too bad we lost the connection at the end.
As to the questions, I will try my best.

Q: How strong was Poe at chess?
A: As to Poe’s chess playing, I know of no games of his that have been recorded, or other references to his chess playing ability. I would imagine that if he did play (and most likely he tried his hand at the game, as its popularity at the time was quite substantial) he was probably pretty good, as his mental acuity was pretty sharp. Many chess clubs formed during the early to mid 1800’s, and he was most likely a part of the chess playing craze that accompanied it. I have searched a bit on the internet, and most Poe-chess references are related to his essay. Some Poe scholars may have a better idea from personal papers and the like as to his chess playing. Wish I knew more.

Q: The Turk’s Knight Tour was reentrant. Has the number of reentrant (or non-reentrant) tours ever been determined?
A: The Knight’s Tour has, according to Wikipedia, exactly 26,534,728,821,064 solutions on an 8×8 board. I found a very interesting site that allows you to try your hand at a Knight’s Tour. The site is:http://www.borderschess.org/KnightTour.htm . It’s a great trick that has fascinated many.

Q: Some people in the 17-1800’s had more creative theories on how the Turk worked – like witchcraft. What are some of the wilder theories you have heard of from people who lived in that era?
A: I suppose that people considered it witchcraft, or some supernatural force that enabled the Turk to play chess. At the first showing in 1770, a woman considered it to be the work of the Devil, and ran and hid in a corner as the Turk Played (See Windische’s first person account of the first showing). Magic was also a common explanation for things that were not easily understood. But is seems that most people either considered it an actual machine that could play chess, or an illusion directed by a human hidden inside.(They wanted to learn how the illusion was performed, especially in regards to the hiding of the hidden director, how he or she saw the movement of the chess pieces, how the arm moved, how was it illuminated inside, and how did the “machine” play such wonderful chess?).

Q: Did any of the other inventions of von Kempelen survive to date?
A:. John Gaughan would be better to explain the machines of von Kempelen. As we were talking with each other during the Skype outage, Mr. Gaughan related to me that he had been in Budapest at an exhibit and celebration of von Kempelen, and they had some of his speaking machines on display. I imagine his fountains at Shoenbrunn may still be in operation, and perhaps his designs of the salt mines are still functioning. As Mr. Gaughan related, von Kempelen is a national treasure to the Hungarians. He has been noted on coins and stamps and is an admired personage in his native Hungary.

10-28-11 Clock settings for the NM Open

Just a quick note: The USCF expects players to know not only how to set their digital clocks for the initial time period but also how to add or subtract minutes from one side or the other as may be required by circumstances. TD’s have the leeway to impose a penalty if you can’t do the above.

Please review your digital clock instructions prior to the tournament.

Art Byers, TD for the NM Open.

10-26-11 Notes on the November 5th & 6th New Mexico Open Chess Tournament

To all players in the New Mexico Open:

1. Once the first round is paired on Saturday November 5th (approximately 8:40 A.M.), my Cell phone (505-440-9754) will be OFF. If you have a problem arriving – i.e. a flat tire, etc. — Please contact the Meadowlark Front Desk: 505-891-5018. Same applies at 8:10 A.M. Sunday to the 4th Round.

2. We need help setting up tables and chairs at the Meadowlark Senior Center at 5 P.M. on November 4th. We try to be out of the center by about 5:30 P.M. That is easy if we have enough people to help.

3. There is still time to save $10 by getting your entry in the mail within the next few days. Last pickup at the post office box 4215 on Cornell is about 11:30 A.M. November 4th. We have been assured that no additional mail is put into the P.O. boxes after 11 A.M. Pay Pal will be accepted, without the $10 added fee, through 11:59 P.M. Mountain time, November 4th. If you use Pay Pal, please be sure to fill out an entry form when you arrive on site.

4. The USCF expects all players to bring a standard Staunton pattern chess set, chess board and a chess clock. Mr. Arthur Glassman will have sets,boards and clocks for sale before and between rounds.

5. We will be using the USCF November Golden Data Base for player ratings. If you renewed your membership or took out a new USCF membership after October 2nd, please bring proof of current USCF membership.

Play Well,

Art Byers
Chief TD

10-15-11 14th Annual NM Chess Fest- Saturday, November 12th

The 14th Annual New Mexico Chess Fest 2011 is officially a go! It’s scheduled for Saturday, November 12th! We apologize for being a bit late with our announcement. But we’re going to do it! Please come out and support scholastic chess in New Mexico! Click here or visit our website at www.nmchessfest.com for entry form and details. Thank you!

Scott Kerns

10-14-11 GM Georg Meier to attend the SRFO!

I am extremely excited to announce that GM Georg Meier will be attending the 2012 Southern Rocky FIDE Open & U.S. G/15 Championship! GM Meier is rated 2648 FIDE and 2763 USCF. He is ranked #100 in the world, #3 in Germany, and now plays for Susan Polgar’s Texas Tech Red Raider chess team.

It looks as though this year’s event will be even stronger than last year with 3 GMs already entered!

See you there,

10-11-11 NMCO Service Registry

In May of this year NMCO asked me to find a way to recognize those individuals who have served the chess community in New Mexico in a significant fashion. The result is a “Distinguished Service Registry” which the Board has approved in final form. Those who have contributed much to the chess scene in New Mexico will now be honored on the NMCO website for their service. The last stage of this endeavor is now in the works and you will soon be able to visit the site to view those who have nurtured chess in our state.

Scout Veitch

10-05-11 Santa Fe Rooks tourney on October 15th

Hello all,
Our match-ups tourney is at the La Farge library, on Llano Street in Santa Fe, on 15th October. You will play a 2 game match, white and black, against the player whose rating is closest to yours. G/90 + 30 second increments. Rounds at 10:15 and 1:30. Cash prizes of $20 for 2 points and $10 for 1.5 points. SFR players may be interested in the Los Alamos Kick Off tourney on Sunday 30th October – info at nmchess.dyndyns.organd/or the NM Open in Rio Rancho on November 5th and 6th -info at nmchess.org
Jim Johnston

10-01-11 Poe & the Turk: a Chess Mystery

The Loma Colorado library in Rio Rancho is hosting an Edgar Allan Poe chess event on Saturday, October 22nd (1-4pm) as part of The Big Read. The chess-playing “Turk” automaton toured Europe and America from about 1770 to 1840 and played chess against such historic figures as Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin. Poe wrote an essay called “Maelzel’s Chess-Player” which detailed his thoughts on how the “machine” was able to play and win chess games. The library event will feature:

– Readings from Poe’s essay
– A Skype session with an expert on the Turk
– Contributions from NMCO president Oren Stevens and Scott Kerns
– A chess tournament after the presentation

Please see the poster below for more information.

Poe chess event poster

Edgar Allan Poe’s essay “Maelzel’s Chess-Player”

Please call Janet Phillips at 505-891-5013 x3032 and register if you’d like to play in the tournament after the presentation.

This is a free event that should be lots of fun! If you have any questions, please call Janet. Thank you!

Scott Kerns

09-29-11 Chess Victory

I want to let other chess players of New Mexico know, that I competed at the 33rd annual Southern California Open in San Diego from Sept. 2nd. I flew from El Paso to SanDiego. I was the only New Mexico player at this event. I placed 2nd with tie breaks with others in the reserve section. I won 400 dollars. The event had 6 rounds with 2hr and 1 hr sudden death time controls. I like the event because there were many sections to choose from and a chance to win . I live in Truth or Consequences so its kind of difficult to join a chess club nearby. I had to train hard with no human help instead it was chess.com and gameknot.com that help me prepare. Occasionally, I go to the El Paso chess club.

David Bonner, Truth or Consequences, NM

08-26-11 Congrats

Congratulations on landing the US G/15 championships! That is quite a coup and bodes well for the future of NM chess.

William Barefield

08-22-11 SF Rooks results

In the time odds tournament on 8/20 Matthew Niemiec took clear 1st with 4.5 points ahead of Carlos Santillan, Sam Dooley, Dante Archuleta, Robert Hampton and Bird Thompson who all finished on 4. Harsh Bhundiya won the prize for the biggest upset for his win against Carlos.

Congrats to all,
Jim Johnston

08-18-11 Wired Kings to Host US CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT!

I am pleased to announce that the bid I sent in 2 weeks ago has been approved by the USCF to host the US G/15 Championship!!! (Triple EXCLAM) It will be run in place of the speed chess touranment at the Southern Rocky FIDE Open on February 26th, 2012!

Best Regards,
Chad Schneider

08-18-11 Lodging Tip

Hi, For events in Taos… Will and I stayed at Days Inn in Espanola (cheaper)…$56 + tax clean ok…

Mark Schwarman

08-16-11 Foothills Chess Club – change of meeting day and time

Please note that the Foothills Chess clup now meets on the third SATURDAY of the month from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M.

If there is a FHCC chess tournament that day, it will take the place of a meeting.

Art Byers, Secretary FHCC

08-15-11 Santa Fe Rooks Tourney on August 20th

Hello all,

The next Rooks event is the time odds tournament next Saturday at the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center in Santa Fe. We will play 6 rounds of G/30 + or – a time handicap. Unrated… so those who no longer belong to USCF, or have yet to join, can also play without the expense of joining the federation. If you are planning to play send me an email and then arrive by 9 on the day. I will collect $10 entry fees on the door. Please seesantaferooks.blogspot.com for more info on handicaps, round times and directions to the venue.

Jim Johnston

08-15-11 RMTCC Results

The 9-5 winners of the Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge this weekend.

Doug Thigpen 0 – 2 David Hartsook

Jeff Serna 0.5 – 1.5 Jackson Chen

Will Barefield 1 – 1 Paul Covington

Daniela Keller 0.5 – 1.5 Jason Loving

Chris Hyde 0 – 2 Brady Barkemeyer

Harsh Bhundiya 2 – 0 Archie Shipp

Tim Tran 1 – 1 Deanna Alter

Next year’s match will be in Colorado and the qualifiers will again be the NM Open, Denker Invitational, and Class Championships.

-Chad Schneider

08-04-11 Las Cruces Quads – August 20, 2011

Just a reminder. The tournament is coming up fast. Right now we have the five confirmed entries listed below. We have room at the site for 30.

Remember, you cannot enter at the site. You can enter by mail (see the attached entry form), or you can pay me in person at the following two chess clubs in Las Cruces the next two weeks:

Hastings Entertainment at 2350 E. Lohman Ave. at 7:30pm on Tuesdays. The Hastings is about a quarter mile up on the left after you exit from I25 to Lohman going west.

Munson Senior Center on Friday mornings at 8:30am. The address is 975 S. Mesquite St. You also get to the Munson Center by taking Lohman west from I25 and then turning left onto Mesquite St.

Daly, William J, 1600
Farber, Gerald, 1644
Goodman, Peter Powers, Unrated
Grinberg, Matthew M, 2035
Ramirez, Alex Pasqual, 1343

Bill and Matt

01-20-11 Results for the SFR PDQ tourney

The quick chess tournament from last Sunday has now been rated. The cross table is on the USCF site. Congrats to Carlos Santillan who won all his games to come 1st, More info on santaferooks.blogspot.com.

Jim Johnston

07-18-11 Santa Fe Rooks tourney this Sunday

Hello all,
Probably the best Sunday tournament all year is happening at the Rodriguez Community Center in Santa Fe on Sunday the 24th July. There will be 5 rounds of game in 29 (3 secs delay) 1st round starts at 10:00. The tournament is quick rated only. There is no danger of losing points on your regular rating! If you want to play you should send me a check for $10 payable to Santa Fe Rooks -entry forms are on nmchess.org or you could just email me that you are coming and then arrive early and pay at the venue. Pairings for round 1 will be made at 9:50. I will post entries on the blogspot on Thursday,
Jim Johnston

07-16-11 Southern Rocky FIDE Open News

I am pleased to announce that there will be a 2012 version of the Southern Rocky FIDE Open and it will be even better than last year. We again have two Grandmasters signed up to attend and share their knowledge including:

GM Melikset Khachiyan – He will be returning and this time doing a lecture as well as the simul!


GM Alex Yermolinsky – Former US Champion and 3 time world open champion. I will soon post a link with more info about him on WWW.SouthernRockyOpen.Com Meanwhile, here is a brief bio on him on the USCF page http://main.uschess.org/content/view/129/203

Other exciting changes include:

*The prize fund will be increased in each section. $1,500 guaranteed to 1st in open section. This will be an 80GPP tournament.

*There will be 2-day and 3-day schedules so some players can avoid playing 3 rounds in a day.

*The festival will be expanded to Thursday with a lecture my GM Yermolinsky (3:30PM) and a Simul by GM Khachiyan that day. All Thursday events will be held at the Hilton Howewood Suites and in between the two events there will be a Free BBQ for participants of the Thursday Simul and Lecture.

*Host Hotel will be moved to the Hilton Homewood Suites for a group pri ce of $71 (Regularly $140, found as low as $109 online). Hotel has a fully complimentary breakfast each morning and full shuttle service. Each room is a suite with a full kitchen. There will be a link to get this rate on the SRFO website, limited space.

*There will be an unrated section for beginners.

*If you are interested in taking private lessons with either GM, they each have 3 blocks. If you are seriously interested in taking lessons, you will be paying them directly but I will scheduling the times.

*Boards will be for sale in advance online at SouthernRockyOpen.com

Thanks to all those who volunteered to help this year including Robert Hampton, Aaron Blecha, Victor Lopez, Holly McRoberts, and Jeff Sallade.

Chad Schneider

07-13-11 Attention players in the July 16th Team Tournament at the FHCC

Please be advised that I loaded, into my laptop, the USCF Golden Data base for July, 2011. On the USCF screen it clearly states that this Golden Data Base contains information through the July supplement. HOWEVER, Senior TD Art Glassman pointed out to me that this on screen statement is in error. It actually has the ratings for AUGUST !!

To verify this, I used both the standard USCF Player/Rating Search plus I downloaded the actual July supplement. The ratings in the July supplement matched those in in Player/rating search and in many cases were different from the ratings in the July Golden Data base..

Here are two examples: Dante Archuletta’s rating comes up in the Player Rating Search AND in the July Supplement as 1844. It comes up in the July Golden Data base as 1903. Robert Hampton’s rating comes up as 1822 in the Rating search and the July supplement but is 1754 in the July Golden data base.

I have sent Email to Walter Brown at the USCF, who is in charge of over the board ratings, calling this to his attention and asking if it was O.K. to use the July Golden data base – OR – if I should revert to the Player/Rating Search and/or the actual July Supplement for the July 16th tournament.

If a reply from Mr. Brown is received in a timely fashion, I will follow his recommendation and change the rating shown on this web site under “Players” should that be his answer. If reply is not received in time for the tournament, I will use the ratings of the July Golden Data base which are the ratings posted on the NMCO web site..

I preferr to use the Golden Data Bases because they contain the information on all players about whom the USCF has any record at all – – –Current paid up member, expired memberships, and non-members who have a ID number. . The reason for this is that at most tournaments we can renew expired memberships if there is WIFI. We can also find the USCF ID numbers for on site registrants who don’t have USCF ID with them.

I know some may not think all the above is all that important – but, ratings have a distinct effect on Swiss System pairings. Also, as TD, I want to be accurate and follow the rules and procedures of the USCF.

Arthur J. Byers, TD for the July 16th Team tournament at the Foothills Chess Club

CC: Oren Stevens, President of the Foothills Chess Club.

07-12-11 FHCC Team Tournament July 16th

12:25 P.M. July 11th: It looks like we will have at least six teams in the competition. We need Teams in even numbers so if more entries continue to come, we might make eight teams. This could be a “first” for the Foothills Chess Club — a “Team Octagon”!!!!

Remember there will be a Swiss for those who want rated chess but don’t expect to be on a team AND an unrated section for the Elementary grade youngsters. Entry forms are on this website.

Art Byers, TD

07-11-11 Santa Fe Rooks quick chess tourney on the 24th

Hello all, just a reminder that our next tourney is going to happen on July 24th, at the Rodriguez Community Center in Santa Fe. Since it’s a Sunday we will not start the 1st round until 10 a.m. All the info is on the blogspot and the NMCO site (here). If you are planning to play please send in a check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks or you could email me that you are going to come and then you need to be sure to arrive early to hand in the entry fee before pairings are made at 9:50. See you all there, Jim Johnston

07-02-11 Clock switch

Have you gone to a chess tournament, come home, and found out the clock in your new chess set was an analog rather than your digital? If you want it back and still have my clock, call me at 417-6389 to identify.

E. Sedillo

06-21-11 Quad results

Congrats to the following quad winners from Saturday’s Return of the Rooks event in Santa Fe:
Quad 1 Sam Dooley
Quad 2 Leroy Quintana
Quad 3 Daniel Trujillo
Quad 4 Art Byers
Quad 5 tie between Krishan Bhakta and Andrei Popa-Simil

The next Santa Fe Rooks event will be a swiss tournament of 5 rounds of G/29. Quick rated only. We hope to have 2 sections by rating. The venue has yet to be confirmed but will be either the library on July 23rd or the Nancy Rodriguez community center on July 24. I hope to pin down the date and place before the end of this week.
Jim Johnston

06-20-11 Reminder to chess players in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Open

If you are signed up for the first round on Saturday and are unavoidably delayed en route or something forces you to change your plans so that you won’t make the first round at all, please try to leave a message on my cell phone 505-440-9754. I will check for messages before pairing the first round.

Same applies to the first round on Sunday.

Art Byers, TD for the ABQ/RR Open

06-18-11 SFRO Pictures

I wanted to let everyone know that yesterday I came across an abundance of pictures from the 2011 Southern Rocky FIDE Open in zip files. I sent them out to people who I recognized and knew their email address. I also posted them in a slide show on the Southern Rocky website; however, it appears that the website is experiencing some slowdown from the added gadget (found on the left side of the page). If this slowdown impacts my other computer as well, I will remove the slideshow tomorrow.

If you are unable to view them on the website, you can also find them on my personal facebook page. I should also note that several emails which I sent out were undeliverable to a modest percentage of intended recipients. The most likely cause is insufficient storage space in the recipient’s inbox, but it might also be that you’ve changed email addresses. If you believe you are in any of the photos, did not receive an email, and cannot access Facebook or www.wiredkingscc.com then feel free to contact me at WiredKingsCC@gmail.com

Finally, I posted on the WKCC website (www.wiredkingscc.com) a message requesting some help with various organizing tasks for a potential 2012 SRFO. I listed a small percentage of the multitude of organizing tasks that would go into hosting again. If I can find some help with these tasks, the WKCC would be willing to host the tournament again in 2012. Please check out the website and email me if you are available and willing.

Best Chess,

Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

06-12-11 Quads Tournament on the 18th

Hello one and all,

There is still time to enter the quad tournament at the La Farge Library in Santa Fe next Saturday. If you want to play you should send a check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks to the address on the flyer. If it is getting very near the deadline then please email me to say that you will be there and then arrive on time and hand over the entry fee in the parking lot or when the librarian is not looking! I will list the entries and ratings on the SFR blogspot on Thursday.

Jim Johnston

01-20-11 Albuquerque Chess League

I would like to enthusiastically announce the February 2012 launch of the Albuquerque Chess League! The league will be open to all who wish to enter. We believe that it will suit all levels and most time commitment.Entry Form

The details of the chess league can be found at http://abqchess.blogspot.com/ or at www.wiredkingscc.com

In case you were wondering if it will be taking the place of Wired Kings Events, the answer is “sort of” for 5 months (Feb/April/June/August/October) of next year. The chess league will still be rated and will offer 2 (G/90) games per event date. Aside form the league, we will still be hosting “normal” events for 6 months (November is off for NM Open) of 2012 including the three championship events (NM Speed Chess, Quick Chess, and Class Championships).

I encourage everyone to follow the ACL and this website for updates. The league will be limited to 20 teams in its first year. Teams will be limited to 3 players + up to 2 alternates. Therefore, even though the start is several months away I would enter as soon as possible to avoid being locked out. If you are interested in playing, but will not have a team you can enter as an individual and I will find a team for you. I’d imagine that there will be several people who need players to be on the regular team and as alternates.

Thanks for your interest,
Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

06-10-11 Rio Rancho Open

Nice work getting on the Rio Rancho tourism page! It’s always great to see chess publicized locally.

-Chad Schneider

05-27-11 fees, prizes etc

I don’t have a problem with tourney expenses…they are a fact of life…just wanted some sort of % based on entries number…thank you for addressing this concern…anyone who plays chess to get rich is pretty much mis~guided…but knowing what the pot is before ante~ing up is pretty much normal…

William Barefield

05-25-11 Scout Veitch

I noticed that Scout Veitch is a member of this organization and past president, and I am an old student of Scout Veitch and came across your website looking for something for my cousin related to chess and was wanting to hopefully get this email to him. I don’t know if he remembers me, but my name is Tim Thompson and I graduated from Eldorado in 1990 and just wanted to sincerely thank him for the basis that he gave me in Mathematics due to the fact that I now have my bachelors degree in computer science and minor in mathematics and I am employed by IBM. I feel that alot of my success was due to the efforts of Mr. Veitch’s teaching at Eldorado and greatly appreciate it. My email address is trthomps@us.ibm.com if he wishes to contact me.

Tim Thompson

Timothy R. Thompson
Application Specialist
AS Michigan Delivery Center, East Lansing
Tieline Number: 596-1829
IBM Number: 517-391-1829
Email: trthomps@us.ibm.com

05-24-11 Where tourney fees go

Art Byers explained part of NMCO’s expenses but he forgot 1) site fees- most places charge us for space rental, 2) Post Office and banking fees, 3) USCF Affiliate fees, TLA fees, and rating fees, 4) TD fees. And while we are on the subject of TD’s, how many are there in this state?!

Scout Veitch

05-21-11 Potential prizes at the June Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Open

NMCO Prizes are based on attendance of 80 paying players. (We will list prize amounts in all future 2-day NMCO tournaments.) As an example: Prizes in the 2010 NM Open were listed as: Open $250-$125-$75, U1800 $175-$100-$50, U1400 $120-$60-$30 – again based on 80 players.

As to the June 25/26 ABQ/RR Open: We have been drawing about 72 players, plus or minus, at the most, recently. Based on that the prize fund would be about 7/8ths of the above or $219 for first in the open. 50% is guaranteed even with very poor attendance.

Art Byers, NMCO Tournament Organizer

05-21-11 Where does your entry fee in NMCO tournaments go??

NMCO’s income is based more than 95% on tournament entry fees plus some donations. At the annual November meeting, Dean Brunton, the treasurer, has always had complete income and expense reports ready for inspection – nothing is ever hidden. The NMCO officers are all unpaid volunteers.

The great majority of the money is paid out in tournament prizes. However, our mandate is to support chess in New Mexico and here are some examples: In 2010 we paid a total of $500 to assist the NM High school champions ( Boy and Girl) attend the Denker and Polgar tournaments. $360 was spent on liability insurance. Many good playing sites will not accept chess events without proof of insurance. Our website, nmchess.org, is not free .In 2010 NMCO donated $100 to the Wired Kings Chess club twice. Once to support the class tournament that determined players for the first team match with Colorado and once as up front assistance for the 2011 Southern Rocky FIDE Open. I, Art Byers, not NMCO, personally paid for the permanent rotating plaque to the interstate team tournament winner. NMCO also pays the $40 USCF fee that all Affiliates must pay. In addition, we paid the $40 for the Santa Fe Rooks’ first year in order to get them started.

At the three major NMCO tournaments, the January Memorial Senior; the June ABQ/RR Open and the NM Open and state championship usually held the last week in October or the first week in November, we publish the Desert Knight Magazine which is free with tournament entry. This costs about $1.50 to $1.75 per copy- average, depending on the number of pages and if color is used for the front and back covers. DK was in place for many many years before I moved to New Mexico and often cost substantially more in dollar value of its time than it does now since Editor Jim Johnson and I took over.

The NMCO Tournaments, which are not considered our major events, held in Santa Fe have all lost money. Now that there is an active club in Santa Fe, The NMCO Board will discuss possibly leaving all Santa Fe tournament to the SF Rooks.

Last time I looked, there were only 393 paid up USCF members in all of New Mexico (Total population now slightly over 1 million) and more than half of those paid up members were Scholastic players. Our player pool is very small. Since 2005 when I started playing chess in NM the most we have had at our three majors , and that only once, was 93 players, once 82 and all the balance close to 70. Based on 72, we are drawing about 18% of the currently paid up USCF members to the three majors and that would be reduced to about 15% if we count the 8 to 10 out of state players that often take part.

If you want bigger prize funds you have a choice — We can increase entry fees, which in this recession would have a negative effect on attendance and might well not increase revenue or may actually reduce revenue, oryou can try to get your chess playing friends to join the USCF and play in all our tournaments. If we could reach 20% to 25% of all the New Mexico USCF paid up members, out prize fund would materially increase.

On an only personal note: I play chess because I love the game not for the prize money. The cold fact is that most USCF tournament chess players are not good enough to stand a real chance of consistently winning money…but they still play!!!.

Art Byers, Past NMCO President, Past NMCO Secretary and current NMCO Tournament Organizer.

05-20-11 Prizes for Rio Rancho Open Cont.

I agree with Mark Schwarman…the flier is very clear regarding my responsibilities…it needs to layout AT LEAST the percentages for various prizes.

I also think that perhaps the organizers might have actually addressed this concern by now…for many of us its not just a little drive cross~town…there are hotel expenses if nothing else…

William Barefield

05-19-11 SF Rooks Season 3

Locations for the 6/18 and 8/20 events are set!

Jim Johnston

05-09-11 Prizes for Rio Rancho Open

Rio rancho open. What is the projected 1st place, 2nd, etc. I haven’t been lucky lately in choosing open ended tourneys…traveling 700 miles, winning a section (20? Players) and getting $70…I just won’t play where 1st place is whatever somebody feels like after I have payed my entry.

Mark Schwarman

05-06-11 Santa Fe Rooks tournaments for season 3

Hello all,

Please keep these dates free as you would not want to miss any of these up-coming events! The Santa Fe Rooks are hoping to run tournaments on the 3rd Saturday of every month from June to December, though not in September when NMCO is hosting a gambit tournament at the NEA in Santa Fe on the 17th.
Some of the events are at libraries and the venue can only be booked 30 days in advance, but tentatively we will run:

June 18th Return of the Rooks Quad G/60 3 rounds
July 24th (Sunday) Prairie Dog Quick G/29 6 rounds (may be moved to the library on Saturday July 9th with 5 rounds)
August 20th Time Odds Tournament G/30 +or- time handicap 6 rounds….. see blogspot for info
October 15th Matchplay 2 rounds b and w against same opponent. G/90 plus 30 second increment
November 19th Berserkers’ tournament G/15 8 rounds
December 17th Christmas Octos G/60 3 rounds
All events are $10 entry and cash prizes will be awarded.
August 20th is already confirmed. Watch santaferooks.blogspot and nmchess.org for updates.

Jim Johnston

05-04-11 WKCC tournament May 7th

This Saturday, May 7th, Wired Kings Chess Club will have our annual To Blitz a Mockingbird blitz and bughouse tournament! If you would like to play in either event, please send us your entry. If you do not think we will receive it in time, just e-mail your entry, and we will arrange a way to collect your entry fee. Details are below. Thank you!

May 7th, 2011. To Blitz a Mockingbird Blitz Tournament, Chapter III — 6-DSS, G/5. Main Library, 501 Copper NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, Community Room (lower level). 1 section for all. EF: $10. NO ONSITE ENTRIES. Prizes ($$b/40): $150-$75-$25; 1st U1600, U1500, U1200 all $25. Reg: 10:00. Rds: 10:30, 11, 11:30, 12, 1:30, 2. USCF memb. req’d. N/S, No food or beverage. No byes allowed. Entries must be rec’d by 5/4/2011. Info: (505) 550-4654. E-mail: WiredKingsCC@gmail.com. Ent: Chad Schneider, 12004 Prospect Ave. NE, Albuquerque NM 87112. Checks payable to: Wired Kings Chess Club.

May 7th, 2011 — Bughouse Tournament (After Blitz) 5-DSS, G/5. Main Library, 501 Copper NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, Community Room (lower level. 1 section for all. EF: $10/Team. NO ONSITE ENTRIES. Not USCF Rated. Prizes (B/8 teams): 1st – $50, 2nd – $20. Rds: 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00. N/S, No food or beverage. No byes allowed. Entries must be rec’d by 5/4/2011. Info: (505) 550-4654. E-mail: WiredKingsCC@gmail.com. Ent: Chad Schneider, 12004 Prospect Ave. NE, Albuquerque NM 87112. Checks payable to: Wired Kings Chess Club.


04-23-11 Lior’s Summer Chess Camp

Lior Lapid will be instructing at the Learners Chess Academy this summer. There are several sessions to choose from and a $10 discount for signing up at least 30 days in advance! Here is the flyer, which is also available at the Learners web site.

04-22-11 class championship results posted

Last weekend’s results have been submitted to USCF and should appear shortly on that site.
Congratulations to our winners.

William Barfield
Daniella Keller
Chris Hyde
Harsh Bhundiya
Tim Tran

Beat Colorado!!!!

Rick Lass

04-20-11 Lior Lapid now in Albuquerque

National Master Lior Lapid recently moved from Las Cruces to Albuquerque and is offering private and group chess lessons. Lapid is a two-time NM State Champion, former K-9 and K-12 National Champion, and winner of the 2011 Southern Rocky FIDE Open ahead of two grandmasters and two international masters. He has been teaching chess for over a decade to players of all ages and levels. For more information, he can be reached at lior.lapid@gmail.com or (575) 312-8121

Art Byers

04-13-11 Farewell to a legend

A few months ago some of us had discussed the idea of starting a New Mexico Chess Hall of Fame. In doing so, we discussed obvious questions regarding voting, nominations, criteria, and of course we discussed the significant question “who would be in the initial class.” The inaugural Hall of Fame class in baseball was Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Matthewson, Walter Johnson, and Babe Ruth. I think the prevailing thought at the time was in the spirit of the typical chess-history related deferral, “we should go to Ron Kensek for this.” However, the more I think about this abandonment of responsibility, the more I question its rationale. The more I reflect, the more I believe that the “first class” should have names and legend so profound and obvious that everyone knows them, not just our guru of chess history; names so relevant that someone that has been playing chess in New Mexico for 15, 10, 5 years should recognize. For this reason, I know of no better “legend” in than Richard Sherman.

Mr. Sherman has organized and “directed” activities at the Coronado Chess Club (Aka the Frontier Restaurant Club) for many years. As far as I know, he formed the club before Ty Cobb was born and has a MUCH better attendance rate than Babe Ruth’s batting average. His events were the first chess activity in New Mexico I found when I moved to New Mexico 15 years ago. I found the scoop on all of New Mexico chess from Richard when he took time after the club meeting to talk to me about where and when to play. I played chess in New Mexico for a couple years and then I quit. Five years later, I came to the club again to play a casual game. The club and Richard were still there. It made me want to play again and helped me enjoy the game. Then, for another handful of years, I quit again. Each time I would walk away and come back, he would be there an hour or so before the start of play eating dinner and making pairings at the Frontier. His reliability was something that, as an organizer, made me somewhat scared to even venture forward with the Wired Kings. In my best of times, I would never be able to match the strength and fortitude that is Richard Sherman has demonstrated with his community service for so many years.

It felt like the club offered some of the best exposure for chess in New Mexico. Granted, it is exciting to see New Mexico chess in news print or mass media; however, chess played in public places is something to write home about. There have been many instances of acquaintances finding out that I play chess and asking me, “did you know that they play chess at the Frontier?” It is the closest thing New Mexico has to, “did you know they play chess in that Washington Square Park” or “did you know they play chess on beach xyz.” Richard has brought chess to the New Mexico public in his own way. It seems to me that every time I attend the club I see Richard explaining to inquisitive onlookers how to “join the club” or (as he did with me) tell them where else to play the game. While every person on the street might not know the name of Richard Sherman as they know the name of Babe Ruth, the Frontier restaurant for New Mexico chess players is without doubt “the house that Richard built.” It is his Yankees stadium.

Strength, reliability, and the love of the game; without trophy, profit, or throngs of adoring fans, he will always me in my personal Hall of Fame. So with this brief commentary, I want to applaud you Mr. Sherman and wish you luck in your travels and in your move to Virginia. I hope that the impact we have left on your can even remotely resemble the great impact that you’ve made on all of us. I also want to wish Munir “Ramzi” Hammad, who will be taking his place in running the Coronado Club, the best of fortune in your new role. I hope that you too can run the club for another 20 years. If not, I think that we could all understand and I would hope that we all can together fill the shoes of our great legend.

-Chad Schneider, Wired Kings Chess Club

04-11-11 Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is leaving NM to go live with his daughter in Virginia. Richard will be making a final visit this Wednesday night and will be giving a farewell speech.

Who ever is interested to meet with Richard and say goodbye, please be at the Frontier restaurant on Wednesday by 6:45 pm .
There will be no Club pairings this week.

Best wishes to our friend and chess veteran Richard Sherman!!

Ramzi Hammad.

04-10-11 Reminiscing on the Southern Rocky Fide Open

I was reminiscing on the success of the Southern Rocky Fide Open and wanted to openly congratulate Chad Schneider and the Wired Kings Chess Club for sponsoring the Southern Rocky Fide Open! This event was, in my opinion, the most prestigious chess tournament ever held in the great state of New Mexico. I also want to thank Damian Nash who did an outstanding job directing this tournament. I believe that the future for chess in New Mexico will be under the leadership and direction of creative minds like Chad Schneider and the organization of the Wired Kings. We all should be grateful for the time and energy Chad put into this event! All participants who came out to play in support for this event were part of history in the making! And like our friend, Lior Lapid, who won the tournament stated to us: he had to play because he did not want to be on the wrong side of history. Well, Lior, you were clearly on the right side of history, congratulations. For those who did not play in support of this (perhaps) a once in a lifetime event, they missed a golden opportunity, and therefore will not be remembered for this great event. Thanks again Chad for all you did, and I wish you the very best in a your future endeavors,


Ron Coraretti and family.

04-10-11 NM Class – 1 Week Away

Hi all!

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Class championship is a week away. Entry is $25 if received in advance and $35 at the tournament site. This is a chance for everyone to be called state champion and this is the qualifier for the Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge versus Colorado. I hope to see everyone next weekend!

-Chad Schneider

04-07-11 News from the Coronado Chess Club

Richard Sherman is moving out of town to live with family. We will all miss him very much. Richard has served the Albuquerque area chess community for over 17 years.

Munir Hammad will now be making the pairings on Wednesday evenings at the Frontier Restaurant. Play is not USCF rated game 30. Please check in with Munir by 6:45.

Only a limited number of sets, boards and clocks will be available – so it is suggested that you bring your own chess set, board and clock.

Previous rules will be extended until you are notified otherwise.

Art Byers

04-03-11 SF Rooks finale results

Congratulations to yesterday’s winners, with 2 1/2 points each:
Jim Johnston and Caleb Jaquish in the top section
Chris Hyde and Dan Tellez in the second section

Results have been submitted to www.uschess.org and should be posted shortly.

April will be a good month for chess in northern New Mexico:

The annual Class Championship will be held in Santa Fe April 16-17, at Desert Academy in Santa Fe. The winner of each class will be invited to represent New Mexico in the Rocky Mountain Team Challenge, tentatively scheduled in July in Taos.

April 30 is the 17th annual Pir Maleki Memorial, held at the United World College in Montezuma (near Las Vegas). BY far the most beautiful location for a chess tournament in New Mexico.

For more details and to register, follow the links from www.nmchess.org

It has been a pleasure hosting and playing in tournaments in the last couple of years, and I am grateful to know that Jim Johnston will be carrying forward the tradition.

Rick Lass

03-27-11 Chess news update

1. Lior Lapid, clear 5-0 winner of the Southern Rocky FIDE Open (over two GM”s and two IM’s,) will be moving to Albuquerque in the near future and will be available to give chess lessons to those, in the ABQ/Santa Fe area, who wish to improve their chess. All levels welcome. More details in a future Broadcast. Contact Lior atllapid@nmsu.edu

2. The Chess Group of the Meadowlark Senior Center has changed their meeting day from Thursdays to Fridays at 1 P.M.

3. The dates for the Hummingbird Music Camp’s annual chess camp in the Jemez Mountains is June 12 to 19th. contact Elliot Higgins elliott255@gmail.com for more info.

4. NMCO President, Oren Stevens, and Art Byers will be going to organize an informal chess tournament for in-patients and out-patients at the Veterans’ Hospital in Albuquerque on May 8th. We’d hope this will be a monthly event. If so, Oren will need some volunteers to take turns playing and assisting at the hospital. More details when we know more.

5. Richard Sherman will be back from Chile and will be making (not USCF rated game 30) pairings at the Coronado Chess club (Frontier Restaurant) on Wednesday April 6th. Check in w/ Richard before 6:45 P.M.

6. The annual Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Open is scheduled for June 25/26 at the Meadowlark Senior Center. Info at nmchess.org

Art Byers, Tournament Organizer for the New Mexico Chess Organization

03-26-11 NM Class Championship

Good morning!

I wanted to remind everyone that the New Mexico Class Championship is within weeks away. It will be held in Santa Fe this year, but most of the format will be the same as last year. Once again, the A-E sections will qualify for the 2nd annual Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge on July 31st! In case anyone forgot, Colorado soundly beat New Mexico last year in Manitou Springs.

Best Regards,
Chad Schneider

*April 16th-17th, 2011
New Mexico Class Championship
*Presented by the Wired Kings Chess Club
Qualifier for the Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge versus Colorado
*This is a 2011 New Mexico Cup Event*
Desert Academy, 313 Camino Alire; Santa Fe, NM
*Entry Form http://nmchess.org/NM Class Champs.pdf *
4 SS, 5 sections: Game/90 + 30 second increment
$25 Entry Fee if received by 4/13/2010, $30 after that
Prizes b/20 per section: 1st $225, 2nd $100, 3rd $50
Class A, M/X (1800 and above), Class B (1600-1799)
Class C (1400-1599), Class D (1200-1399), Class E (Under 1200)
*Highest scoring NM resident in classes A-E will be invited
to represent NM in Rocky Mountain Team Challenge*
Registration: 8:00am – 8:45am on 4/16
Rounds: 9:00, 1:45 both days
Checks payable to Wired Kings Chess Club
Mail entries to Chad Schneider, 12004 Prospect Ave. NE, Albuq. NM 87112
Info: Chad Schneider (505)550-4654 WiredKingsCC@gmail.com
Website: http://wiredkingscc.blogspot.com

03-23-11 Tournament results and next tournament

Hi all,

Results from our match play tournament have been posted to the uschess website. Thanks to all for playing on Saturday.

The Season Finale will be Saturday, April 2 at the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center in Agua Fria village. It will be a G/75 with 15 second delay, 3 round tournament.

First place prize will be $200 in each octagon, with a $25 entry fee.

Onsite registration is available, but please sign up in advance if you know you will be playing. Registration is between 8:30 and 9:00, first round starts at 9:15.

I am also pleased to announce that Jim Johnston will begin hosting SF Rooks tournaments after this season. I will be moving to Silver City for the summer (and beyond??), and am looking forward to the move.

Thanks to every one for making my Santa Fe chess life fulfilling.

Stay tuned…

03-17-11 Saturday tournament reminder and entries

Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder this Saturday is the SF Rooks Match Play G/100. You can register online atwww.santaferooks.blogspot.com or register Saturday onsite between 8:30 and 9:00, First round starts at 9:15.

The event will be held at the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center in Agua Fria village.

Below is the list of registrants as of this afternoon. The ratings are the most current USCF ratings including the recent Southern Rocky Open (thanks again to the organizers and directors!!!)


1923 Wayne Hatcher
1911 Sam Dooley
1854 Caleb Jaquish
1851 Robert Hampton
1818 Jim Johnston
1591 Charles Gillespie
1539 Julian Trujillo
1518 Rick Lass
1468 Dan Trujillo
1070 Ian Scott
953 Annabelle Romero
814 Alfredo Vigil

03-13-11 Next Saturday’s chess tournament

Hi everyone,
So far we have 6 entries for next weekend’s tournament.

1923 Wayne Hatcher
1818 Jim Johnston
1591 Charles Gillespie
1518 Rick Lass
953 Annabelle Romero
814 Alfredo Vigil

Registration is available onsite between 8:30 and 9:00, but please sign up in advance if you know you are coming.

Again, it is a match play tournament, G/100 with 30 second increment time control. First round starts at 9:15.

$10 entry fee, no prize money.

Questions? www.santaferooks.blogspot.com or 505-920-0540


03-07-11 Raise your fist for NM Chess!!

Raise your fist for Chad and his story on the tourney (last weekend) for Chess Online!
Raise your fist for Chad and his cajones to put together the 2011 Southern Rocky Fide Tournament!
Raise your fist for all the tournament organizers involved !
Raise your fist for the hospitality we showed to out-of-staters!
Raise your fist for NM chessplayers taking First in all sections!!
Raise your fist for NM Chess!! Raise your fist!!

Leroy Q. a.k.a. ReddDogg

03-03-11 Santa Fe Rooks Chess Tournaments

Hi folks,

The final two SF Rooks tournaments of the season will be held Saturday March 19 and Saturday April 2. The format has once again changed slightly.

March 19 will be a two round match play event. You will play the same player twice, once each as white and black. Pairings will be determined by ratings. It will be G/100 with 30 second increments. Entry fee is $10, with no prize money.

April 2 will be the season finale. It will be a swiss system octagon, sections determined by ratings. Time control will be G/75 with 15 second delay. Entry fee is $25, with $200 first prize per section.

Both events will be held at the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center in Agua Fria village.

To sign up. or for more info, please visit www.santaferooks.blogspot.com. Alternately, checks can be mailed to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502

Onsite entries will be allowed between 8:30 and 9:00, but if you know you are coming, please let me know ahead of time.

Thanks a lot,
Rick Lass

03-03-11 Southern Rocky makes Chess Life Online


03-01-11 Southern Rocky FIDE Open results

Chess players, The results for the 2011 Southern Rocky Mountain FIDE tournament are rated and official. You can see the results on our webpage:


Congrats to Lior Lapid for his 5/5 performance in the Open section and to all our section winners. Thanks to everyone who played and supported our tournament!

Scott Kerns

02-23-11 New Venue for Santa Fe Chess

Santa Fe chess players are now meeting at The Flying Star in the railyard in Santa Fe, just 100 yards down the line from the old venue at Borders Books. Borders closed their coffee bar last weekend and we were lucky to be welcomed straight into our new premises. Food available. Meetings will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 till 9 pm for blitz and slower chess. Hope to see you there.

Jim Johnston

02-10-11 FIDE Rule Difference – Please Read if You are in Open Section of SRFO

FIDE rules are compatible with USCF rules in most details. There is, however, at least one major difference.

Without the permission of the arbiter a player is forbidden to have a mobile phone or other electronic means of communication in the playing venue, unless they are completely switched off. If any such device produces a sound, the player shall lose the game. The opponent shall win. However, if the opponent cannot win the game by any series of legal moves, his score shall be a draw.

I recommend that serious tournament players read the FIDE rules in advance.

Chad Schneider

02-02-11 Feb 12 chess tournament cancelled

For a variety of reasons, I am disappointed to announce the cancellation of the Feb 12 G/29 tournament.

There are several other exciting events this month, including the Feb 25-27 Southern Rocky FIDE Open in Albuquerque. See www.SouthernRockyOpen.com to register.

We may replace the April 2 Fools Tourney with a G/29. Please let me know which is preferable at ricklass@newmexico.com.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Rick Lass

01-24-11 tournament results posted

Congratulations to Wayne Hatcher, winner of Saturday’s blitz tournament with 9 points in 10 games, and Sam Dooley, second place with 8 points.

The results have been submitted and should appear at the USCF chess site shortly.

Our next tournament will take place Saturday, February 12, and will be a G/29, Dual Quad. Hope to see you there!

Rick Lass

01-20-11 Chess tournament this Saturday, Jan 22

Hi all,

Sorry to be a little absent lately, lots going on in my non-chess life.

The next tournament is this Saturday, Jan 22, at the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center in Agua Fria (Santa Fe). The center is at #1 Prairie Dog Loop, off County Road 62, between Highway 599 and Agua Fria St. (CR 62 is also called Caja del OroGrant Rd.) For those coming from out of town, the best route is probably to take 599 to CR 62, and follow that. It involves a couple of turns, so if you have trouble finding it on googlemaps, please don’t hesitate to call me at 920-0540. From the south, take a right at the CR62 exit, then a left where the road ends, a right at the first opportunity (Caja del Oro Grant Rd), and the site is on the right just after the fire station.

The format has changed slightly from the original announcement, as several people more experienced with blitz suggested making it a dual round robin to allow for more games. Thus, each round listed below includes two games, one each as white and black. 10:00-10:20– registration (onsite registrations allowed, and check in for preregistered players) round times— 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30.

Please note there is no scheduled lunch break. There is a refrigerator and stove onsite, if you’d like to bring a snack.

So far, we only have a couple of registrations in, Wayne Hatcher, fresh off his grandmaster draw, and Sam Dooley. If you think you are registered and I didn’t name you, please let me know ASAP and I will add your name to the list.

If you know you will be playing, please let me know so the morning setup can go more smoothly.

Again, my apologies for the late announcement. I believe we will be using this site for the remainder of the season, which will help us keep the announcements coming in a more timely manner for future tournaments.

Rick Lass

01-19-11 Recent New Mexican Article

I read Susan Polgar’s chess blog every day, and was pleasantly surprised to see this article on the Northern Schools Chess League championship matches.

For those who may not have seen it, go to:


Dr J
(Dr Jeffrey Neil Burch)
770-672-0665 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)
doctor.j@mindspring.com (home)

01-10-11 Southern Rocky – Important Reminders

Hello Fellow Chess Players!

I just wanted to offer a few quick reminders about the Southern Rocky FIDE Open which is coming up in less than 2 months!

1) The Early Entry Deadline is on February 5th, just over 3 weeks away. Entry in all sections is $20 cheaper to enter before this deadline as opposed to entering at the site. Entry is available via mail or online atwww.SouthernRockyOpen.com (Mozilla Firefox is a recommended browser for the Online Entry).

2) The discounted hotel rate at the Plaza Inn is secured through February 10th.

3) If you are a sponsor of a club team or a high school team and are in need of chess sets/boards, we will be donating the boards used at our tournament to in-need schools/organizations. Please submit a short request to me including the requests number of sets/boards; we will determine the allocation of these materials once we have received all requests. We will have 100 commemorative tournament boards/set combinations to donate.

4) The rating supplement that will be used for this tournament will be the February supplement. This supplement will include all the tournaments submitted to USCF by 1/7/11. Any tournaments taking place last weekend (1/8-1/9) will not be included in the rating used for the Southern Rocky FIDE Open. Therefore, if you are rated 1799 in the February supplement and you have tournaments after 1-7-11 which increase your rating, you will still be able to enter either the Reserve or the Open section. Full rating information can be found on the USCF website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at wiredkingscc@gmail.com

Best Regards,

Chad Schneider
Wired Kings CC