12-22-10 Memorial Acknowledgment

Each year, the Memorial Tournament gives us a chance to note members of the New Mexico chess community who have passed away. NMCO would like to acknowledge the passing of anyone who has been part of NM chess. If you have information on anyone who has recently passed or anyone who we have not yet recognized, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Ron Kensek has provided some research that identifies several folks (see below). If you have others to note, more information to add or if you would like to share personal remembrances, please send that to us either at this Forum or at dbrunto@comcast.net.


Max Wilkerson

Max Wilkerson was born in Texas in 1923 (some references give 1925), earned a masters in fine arts in Mexico, and worked for the Teamsters for many years both driving trucks and editing their newsletter. He became NM State Champion in 1959, though his stay in Albuquerque was relatively brief. He defeated Bobby Fischer in a simultaneous exhibition at the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco as part of Fischer’s 1964 tour (Fischer got revenge three days later in a clock simul at Davis). Max was the longest serving chess director of the Mechanics Institute (1980-1996) (though it is possible John Donaldson may surpass that in the future). Wilkerson was a strong expert through most of his playing career, and was equal second in the 1996 U.S. Senior Open. He passed away in 2009.

As an example of Wilkerson’s generosity, Max Burkett (NM State Champion originally from Carlsbad) said he [Max B.] moved from Albuquerque to San Francisco in 1964 after Max W. guaranteed him a place to stay and food to eat. (Although former Albuquerque chess player Walt Dorne, who had a similar arrangement, characterized the food as a “100 lb bag of rice”). So there is a tradition of strong NM players trying their luck in San Francisco and at the Mechanics Institute. A quote from e-mail from Burkett: “[Wilkerson] was one of the good guys and deserves to be remembered as such.

Don Dodder
Don Dodder was born in Los Angeles on July 4, 1924. He started college at Cal Tech and finished in the Navy’s V12 program. After Notre Dame’s Midshipman’s school, he continued graduate school at U. Minnesota, got married, and was employed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dodder played in all 9 (for which we have records) of the annual Albuquerque vs. Los Alamos matches in the 60’s, which saw him rise through the A Class. After the war and the Manhattan Project, there was a remarkable group of chess-science-computer folks at Los Alamos who developed the first chess computer program — Los Alamos Chess. The Los Alamos group included renowned mathematician Stanislaw Ulam and state champion Mark Wells. Dodder also played on the NM team in one of the 3 (for which we have records) Colorado vs NM matches in the 60’s.

Others mentioned on the USCF site “in passing”; we’re hoping someone has more information to share:

Kevin M. Severance from Tucumcari, NM, passed away on Jan 1, 2010 at the age of 50. He did play in the 1998 Pir Maleki tourney with an established rating in the 1600’s.

Mr. Carol H. Miller from Portales passed away in 2008 at the age of 78.

Floyd E. Lewis of Albuquerque passed away on May 3, 2010 at the age of 97.

12-11-10 Action Tournament – December 18th

Fellow chessplayers,

I just wanted to remind everyone that we will be having an action tournament on December 18th (Entry deadline is the 16th) at the downtown library in Albuquerque. There will be 5 rounds of chess. Most likely, we should have enough entries to split the tournament into two fields, separated by rating.

I have attached a flyer for the tournament. We hope to see you there!

-Chad Schneider, WKCC

12-02-10 Saturday Chess Tournament

Looks like we will be a rather small group Saturday. Registrations will be accepted on site from 9:00-9:20. Here is the list of players so far:

1893 Curtis Cooper
1865 Robert Hampton
1842 Sam Dooley
1823 Jim Johnston
1574 Richard Lass
1506 Chris Hyde
973 Jeff Jones

Also, I drove out to the site from the bypass. Here are some more detailed instructions.

From 599 take CR 62 South, the same exit as the golf course but the other side. Go maybe 100 yards to a dead end, make a left on the frontage road. Go about 1/4 mile to CR 62, also called Caja Del Oro Grant Rd, and make a right. Go less than half a mile to the second Prairie Dog Loop, make a right, and it is the only building in sight.

See you Saturday!


11-28-10 Chess tournament Sat Dec 4

Hi all,

The next Santa Fe Rooks tournament will be held Saturday December 4. It will be a three round, G/75 quad, beginning at 9:30. Please register in advance if possible, via the website www.santaferooks.blogspot.com or by sending check to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502. Onsite registration is available from 9:00-9:20.

The tournament will be held at the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center in the traditional village of Agua Fria. It is located on County Rd 62 between Agua Fria and the bypass (599). Take highway 599 to CR 62 and follow CR 62 south to the center, which is across from the volunteer fire station.

Entry fee is $10, and there is a $30 prize in each quad. Hope to see you there.


11-23-10 Annual UNM/NM Tech Match

In what has become a regular event, the UNM chess team went to Socorro on Saturday the 20th to battle with the NM tech team. Led by Dean Brunton the team arrived on campus like the chess gunslingers they are. Anchored by Perry, Thigpen, Stuart and Archuleta, They proved a strong and deep team. Attesting to their ability, the usual excuses-“my chessmen betrayed me”, “I forgot my analysis”, “he was really lost…” , were replaced by the NM tech team with- ” He’s so good, I don’t know what I can do”, “I got lucky…” With a total of 14 games played, there were only 2 draws. Fighting spirit was everywhere and many games were decided at the last minute by blunders and time trouble. NM tech edged UNM by a score of 8-6. It was decided in case of a tie, the challenger would be declared the winner and get custody of the coveted NM collegiate trophy. UNM and their players proved to be a class act not only demonstrating ability but true sportsmanship. As always, it was a pleasure to compete with them. I am extending an invitation to any other team in NM which would like to compete collegiate or otherwise.

Mark Schwarman

11-12-10 Upcoming SF Rooks tournaments

Our next set of tournaments has been finalized and posted in the right hand column ofwww.santaferooks.blogspot.com. Note that most locations are yet to be determined, for a variety of reasons.

The December 4 tournament differs from what you may have received at the NM Open. We found a new location, the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center near Agua Fria, and were able to lengthen the time control as a result.

There is a lot of good chess coming up this year, including the Memorial Open in January, the FIDE tournament featuring two grandmasters in February, the class championships and Pir Maleki in April, as well as the wired kings series. See nmchess.org for details!

We are looking forward to another fun season of chess, and hope you will join us!

As usual, if you would rather not receive these emails, please let me know at ricklass@newmexico.com. If you received this as a forward and would like to be added, likewise let me know!

POB 4764

11-11-10 The recent New Mexico Open

First, I’d like to thank Senior TD, Arthur Glassman, for being the section chief for the top section and Bill Daly for helping out as assistant TD. In a good part, the tournament went smoothly because of them.

Special congratulations are due to USCF Master Stephen Sandager who won the NM State championship for the 13th time (first time was in 1974) with a 5-0 sweep. Second was Expert Doug Thigpen with 4 points (losing only to Steve). There was a five-way tie for third at 3.5 points: Lior Lapid, Silas Perry, Alex Korienko, Zach Stuart and Gabe Ewing. The Open was the most popular, and toughest section, with 34 players originally signing up.

In the U1800, Derek Garcia won clear first with 4.5 points – going undefeated, only giving a draw to Julian Trujillo. Second/third was shared at 4 points by Evan Liu and Jeffrey Sallade. Close, but out of the money was Tad Snediker with 3.5. All the above played very well.

For the second tournament in a row, Scott David Wade won first place in the U1400 section, 4.5 in the Santa Fe Open and 5-0 in the NM Open, and has now bumped himself up to a higher rated group. Another U1400 achievement was made by Harsh Bhundiya whose starting rating was 1043. Harsh gained 157 rating points with a performance rating of 1440.

There were two hiccups when two cell phones rang during play. We’ve been issuing warnings on the first violation by a player. In the future, if I am the TD, the first offense will result substantial deduction of minutes from the phone owner’s clock and a forfeit on a second violation.

The New Mexico Cup winners were announced before the second round by Webmaster Jeff Sallade: Overall top winner was DK Editor in Chief Jim Johnston. Other winners in their classes: Silas Perry, Bob Hampton, David Baca, Carl Stein, Harsh Bhundiya and myself.

The next big NMCO event is the Annual Memorial/Senior Championship on January 8th & 9th at the Rio Rancho Meadowlark Senior Center. Details are in the November & December Chess Life TLA’s and on nmchess.org.

Art Byers
NM Open Chief TD

11-04-10 9 days to Chess Fest

Chess Fest supporters,

The 13th Annual NM Chess Fest is nine days away! Scholastic players still have time to get their entries in before the entry deadline on Wednesday, November 10th. The tournament is Saturday, November 13th. Please visit our website at www.nmchessfest.com for details and to download the entry flyer. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at nmchessfest@gmail.com or call us at 263-9824. We hope to have a great turnout this year. Thanks for supporting Chess Fest!

Scott Kerns

10-29-10 To All who will be playing in the forthcoming NM Open November 6 & 7

1. Set up at the Meadowlark Senior Center is at 5 P.M. on Friday November 5th . The more of you who show up to help put tables and chairs in place, the faster it will go. We should be finished by 5:30.

2. We will have three TD’s for this last major NMCO event of this year, which includes the New Mexico State Championship for 2010. Senior TD Art Glassman will be the section chief for the Open, I’ll be the Chief TD and Bill Daly of Las Cruces, who is a club TD, has asked for some training on the software and will be an Assistant TD and share the computer work. Bill will available as a “house” player. in the U1800. Of course, Bill and I will be available to answer questions from the U1400 & U1800 sections.

3. As usual, My Cell phone (505-440-9754, will be on until about 8:35 – 8:40 A.M. on Saturday — so if you have unexpected car trouble or some other unfortunate happening that prevents your arrival prior to the start of Round #1 at 9 A.M., Please call and let me know. Remember, you will have until 9:59:A.M. to arrive and still play without a forfeit – so if you think you will make it before then and let me know, you will still be paired in Round #1. If you can’t make it, we’ll discuss your options on the phone. Please try to be on site at8:45 at the very latest, if at all possible on Saturday.

4. There will be a bridge table right near the main entrance to the playing room where the advance registration list will be for your inspection. Please double check your bye & other data and circle you name as a form of “check in”. (for on site registrants, a final list showing byes etc will be posted prior to Round 1.) Also on this table will be the “withdrawal sign out” sheet. If you must withdraw during the tournament, please personally notify one of the TD’s AND sign out on the sheet. This is proof that you did give the USCF required notice and is for your own protection.

5. Please remember the first round on Sunday is at 8:30 A.M. Please arrive by 8:15 A.M.
Looking forward to seeing you all,
Art Byers


10-25-10 tournament results

Hi all,
The tournament results have been posted at uschess.org.

We will be announcing our next series of tournaments shortly.

In the meantime, there is a tournament in Los Alamos, Saturday, October 30, and the NM Open will be played in Rio Rancho November 6-7. See nmchess.org for details.


10-20-10 GM Aronion #1

Based on the ongoing results of a tournament featuring Super-GM Levon Aronian, he has moved into #1 in the world FIDE chess ratings ahead of Magnus Carlsen. Of course, the tournament has not concluded and FIDE has substantial lag between tournaments and official reporting so this could change. However, I specifically mention this because his primary coach growing up was GM Melikset Khachiyan who is playng in the Southern Rocky FIDE Open. He is also playing in the blitz side event, giving a simul, and hosting a Q&A breakfast!

Congratulations to GM Aronian and GM Khachiyan!

Chad Schneider

10-13-10 Chess Tournament, October 23

The next SF Rooks tournament will be October 23, at Desert Academy, 313 Camino Alire (last season’s site). Registration is 8:30-8:50, first round begins at 9:00.

The format is match play. Players will be paired by rating, and play each other twice, once as black, once as white. Time control is G/120, with 30 second increments. Those with clocks incapable of incremental will play with a ten second delay. We will use the most up to date player ratings.

Entry fee is $10, with no prize money awarded. Onsite entries are allowed. Please arrive by 8:50 even if you are pre-registered.

There are already four class A players signed up, so we expect a good turnout and some good games!

Also, please mark your calendars for Oct 30, the spooky tournament in Los Alamos, and Nov 6-7, the NM Open in Rio Rancho.

Santa Fe Rooks will be taking November off, and we are currently planning our winter/spring series. We welcome input on time controls and formats, location, and anything else.


10-07-10 upcoming tournaments

Hi all,

This is a reminder that the next SF Rooks tournament will be held October 23, at Desert Academy, 313 Camino Alire. This will be a G/120, with 30 second incremental as the time control. Players who do not have a clock capable of doing incremental time can instead do G/120 with 10 second delay. Incremental time control means that after each move is made, 30 seconds are added to the players remaining time.

This will be the last tournament in this building, as Desert is moving to a new building next semester. We again thank Desert, and faculty liaison Paul Hedrick, for accommodating SF Rooks tournaments, both this month and during last season!

Unlike at the library, we will be able to accept onsite registrations. Please register in person between 8:30 and 8:50. Even if you preregister, please check in by 8:50 so we can prepare the pairings for the day. As this is match play, you will play the same opponent twice once as black and once as white. Official round times are 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM, but if you do not use all of your time, you can agree with your opponent to begin the second game earlier, with a short break between games. But do please remain quiet while setting up the second game, as others will be in the midst of their games.

For those who can’t wait, be advised that Foothills Chess Club is hosting a three round G/90 event this Saturday, October 9. It is a team event, but I believe they can accommodate single players. To register or for more info, see nmchess.org or contact organizer Oren Stevens at 298-2534 or orenvstevens@aol.com.

And of course, the NM Open is the weekend of November 6-7 at the Meadowlark Senior Center in Rio Rancho. The highest scoring players in the open section will be crowned NM Champions. It is a five round tournament with G/120 for the first three rounds and even longer time controls for day two! Again, please see nmchess.org for details.

By the way, if you do not want to be on this email list, or if you are not on it and want to be on it, please contact me at ricklass@newmexico.com.

thanks for your participation,

09-20-10 SF Open Sept 25-26

just want to remind everyone that this coming weekend is the SF Open at SF Community College. It is a 6 round, G/60 event. For more info and to register, go to www.nmchess.org.

hope to see you there!


09-17-10 13th Annual New Mexico Chess Fest – Saturday, November 13th

The 13th Annual NM Chess Fest will be held on Saturday, November 13th, at Sandia Prep. Please visit our website at www.nmchessfest.com for details, contact information, and the entry flyer. We are looking forward to another successful tournament for both rated and non-rated scholastic chess. And we are very excited for the state bughouse championship, which is open to adults and students as well. Thanks to everyone who has supported Chess Fest over the years. Hope to see you there!

Scott Kerns
NM Chess Fest Tournament Director

09-12-10 today’s results submitted- upcoming events

We had a total of 30 players in today’s tournament including a busload of 10 players from Los Alamos- thanks for making the trip, and thanks again to Dave Poston for helping organize the group!

Congratulations to our winners (4 points possible) –

Octo One- tie
Tim Martinson (3)
Sam Dooley (3)

Octo Two
1st- Chris Cruz (3)
2nd- tie
Don Poston (2.5)
Dan Trujillo (2.5)
Mike Martinson (2.5)

Section Three- tie
Colin Redman (3.5)
Henry Poston (3.5)

A lot of good chess events are coming up!

Sept 25-26: SF Open: 6 rounds; G/60
Sept 29: Art Byers presents unrated Blitz
Oct 2: Wired Kings: 3 rounds; G/60
Oct 23: SF Rooks: 2 rounds; G/120
Oct 30: Los Alamos Kickoff: varies by section
Nov 6-7: NM Open: 5 rounds; G/120

Please visit nmchess.org and nmsco.org for more details

thanks for participating in New Mexico Chess!

09-08-10 last call- Chess tournament Saturday Sept 11

Hi all, just a reminder to please submit your entries to this Saturday’s tournament by the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday). I plan on doing the sections and first round pairings Friday.

Entry fee is $10, and can be mailed to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM, 87502, or via Paypal atwww.santaferooks.blogspot.com. If you mail a check, please also email or call, so I know you are planning on playing (505-920-0540).

Here is the list of confirmed players (I have not been to the post office this week, so again, if registering by mail, please also let me know by phone or email.)

A note about ratings. SF Rooks tournaments use the most up to date ratings found at the US Chess website, under a player’s “Tournament History” page. So these ratings include all play through last weekend’s Colorado Open.

Please check in between 10:00 and 10:20, so we can begin the first round at 10:30. Location is the Southside Branch of the Santa Fe Library, located at the corner of Jaguar Drive and Country Club Drive.

1865 Tim Martinson
1861 Sam Dooley
1854 Jim Johnston
1803 Robert Hampton
1765 Leroy Quintana
1582 Rick Lass
1531 Donald Poston
1493 Jordan Ogas
1347 Dan Tellez
1280 Zach Lott
1265 Mike Martinson
1146 Colin Redman
1036 Alex Ionkov
1023 David Poston
973 Elizabeth Cooper
949 Henry Poston
910 Annabelle Romero
671 Alfredo Vigil
632 Philip Ionkov


09-04-10 Chess tournament- Sept 11

Hi folks,

Just a reminder that next Saturday there will be a tournament at Southside Library in Santa Fe. To register, go to www.santaferooks.blogspot.com, or send a check to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502. Entry fee is $10.

We will play four rounds, G/45 with 5 second delay. Registration is from 10:00-10:20, First round begins at 10:30. Prizes awarded for first and second places in each octagon.

So far, there are only two entries. Whoever said planning ahead is a skill that chess players possess?!

Hope to see you there,

08-21-10 GM Khachiyan News!

Great news about Grandmaster Melikset Khachiyan who is coming to the Southern Rocky FIDE Open in February 2011 (both playing and doing other events)…In the past three months he has been selected as captain and first board for the new US Chess League team out of LA. EVEN BIGGER news is that he has been selected as the coach for the US Women’s Olympiad Team!! What additions to an already incredible resume!! We’re lucky to have him in Albuquerque.

-Chad Schneider

08-17-10 Last call- Chess tournament Saturday, August 21

Hi all,

Here is a final reminder that SF Rooks will be hosting a tournament this Saturday at the Southside library, beginning at 10:00 AM. It will be a three round round robin with G/60 time controls.

The library does not allow us to accept money at its location, so there will be no onsite entries. Please let me know by Thursday at noon if you’d like to play. $10 entry fee may be paid online via paypal at www.santaferooks.blogspot.com, or a check can be mailed to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502. Please email me or call me at 505-920-0540 to let me know you are entering the tournament.

So far, we have the following entries. I may play to round out a section.
(PS- these ratings may not be completely up to date)

785 Dimitri Lopez
809 Campbell Galon
930 Ian Lucero
1084 Harsh Bhundiya

1158 Krishan Bhakta
1286 Dan Tellez
1303 Art Byers
1372 Chad Robert Frantz

1600 Oren Stevens
1726 Nitant Kenkre
1769 Sam Dooley
1850 Jim Johnston


08-03-10 Kudos to New Mexico

I’d just like to state that New Mexico is the 5th most represented state at the US Open as of the preregistered on August 1st, behind California, Texas, Washington, and New York (well, foreign too). I think that’s great and shows how good chess players have it in this state. Now hopefully one of us won’t play horribly over there.


07-30-10 Santa Fe Rooks Chess Tournaments

Hi everyone,

Hope your summers are going well! I am pleased to announce the fall season for the Santa Fe Rooks Chess tournaments. We had a great time last year and look forward to another season of fun.

Desert Academy is in the middle of some changes, and we wish them well in their 2010-2011 school year. A special thanks to Paul Hedrick for helping make arrangements last season!

Our next tournament will be Saturday, August 21, at the Santa Fe Library Southside branch, at 6599 Jaguar Dr. It will be a three round quad round robin style, G/60 with 5 second delay. Rounds begin at 10:30; 1:00; 3:15.

Registration is from 10:00-10:25. No onsite entries. Please send entries to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502.

Entry fee is $10- first prize in each quad pays $30.

A note about the site: The Southside library is open from 10:00 until 6:00 on Saturday. We have to be out of the room by 5:45. There is a no food or drink policy at the library, so plan on a “tailgate” lunch or a quick trip over to Cerrillos or Airport Rd for carry out. The library in Santa Fe will only book 30 days ahead of time, so we are not able to confirm the location of future events beyond August.

However, we have our tentacles out, so mark your calendars for our other tentative fall dates, September 11 and October 23. Watch for updates at www.santaferooks.blogspot.com.


06-23-10 Southern Rocky FIDE Open

Southern Rocky FIDE Open
February 25-27th, 2011
University of New Mexico – Student Union Building

The Wired Kings Chess Club is extremely pleased to announce that we have organized what we anticipate to be a large regional tournament on the weekend of February 25th-27th, 2011 to be held at the UNM Student Union Building. This tournament is highlighted by the following features:

$5,000 Projected prize fund + Trophies, $1,000 guaranteed to first place in Open Section and numerous class prizes in all sections!

40 Grand Prix Points available! Open Section is FIDE rated.

5 Sections – Open, Reserve (U1800), Booster (U1400), Saturday Scholastic and Sunday Scholastic (both U1200 & under age 19).

2 Grandmaster Simuls! GM Melikset Khachiyan and GM Mikheil Kekelidze will each hold a simul on Friday at 4:30PM. Prizes will be given out to players who win in the simul.

Blitz Tournament! (5DSS, 5 min) to be held Friday night after the simuls with a guaranteed 80% cash prize payout.

Our GMs will be playing in the blitz tournament, the main tournament, giving simuls and hosting other side events including:

Breakfast with GM Khachiyan! GM Khachiyan will be hosting a breakfast on the Sunday before the tournament. He will answer questions about chess, life, or his history. Food and drinks will be provided. Mr. Khachiyan has won several major tournaments, competed in 3 of the last 4 US Closed Championships, coached Levon Aronian from start to IM (he is now ranked #5 in the world rating list), currently coaches 4 All-American student chess players, and was formerly coached by world champion Tigran Petrosian!

Mr. Khachiyan, the winner of Aeroflot B (an exclusive GM-only tournament) two years ago, chose to come to Albuquerque over the prominent tournament in Moscow. Let’s give him a warm welcome!

GM Kekelidze Pizza Party! GM Kekelidze will be hosting a pizza party/blitz with a GM session after the last round on Sunday. Tickets to the pizza party will also allow you to play blitz versus GM Kekelidze who won the National Open G/5 Championship this year. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Bring your best blitz game and finish the tournament with a bang!

Chad has spent considerable effort in getting these two Grandmasters to come to the Southern Rocky FIDE Open in Albuquerque, so let’s make the most of it! This tournament will be advertised in Chess Life, Chess Life Online (feature story and in TLAs), and other avenues, but you are hearing all the details first!

Chess equipment & literature from Yetman Brothers available for purchase at the tournament site. We hope that other local vendors will join us as well. If you are interested in vending chess equipment at the Southern Rocky Open, please send us an e-mail. Vending space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Plaza Inn of Albuquerque is offering tournament players a nightly rate of $56 with full amenities andfree shuttle service to the tournament site and anywhere within 5 miles. This block is available for four nights (24th, 25th, 26th, & 27th), but room must be booked by 2/11/11 to ensure the best rate.

We know there is lots of time until the tournament; however, there are many reasons to book/enter early.

  1. Simul space will be limited to 20 participants per GM at this point. If you want to play a certain GM, you should book the simul soon.

  2. The Breakfast with GM Khachiyan will be limited to ensure a more intimate setting with the GM and to allow your questions to be answered.

  3. The Pizza Party/Blitz with GM Kekelidze will be limited because he can only play a reasonable amount of blitz games after the tournament.

  4. Early entries will not be charged additional fees for registering late.

  5. The Best hotel price will only be available until the sooner of 2/11/11 or until hotel rooms space runs out.

Check www.SouthernRockyOpen.com for all of the details and announcements of the tournament. Jeff Sallade has given us incredible support in creating the tournament website. We owe him endless thanks for programming the online entry forms which link to the USCF site (to pull ratings) and Google Checkout which will allow for Online entry! We will also accept entries through the mail. The tournament flyer is here and posted on the Southern Rocky FIDE Open website (www.SouthernRockyOpen.com) and on the NMCO and WKCC websites as well.

Thanks to Dante Archuleta and the UNM Chess Club for arranging the use of the SUB!

We hope to see you all there!

Chad Schneider & Scott Kerns

Wired Kings Chess Club

06-22-10 Ebony Chess Set Collection for Sale

Sunday at the Albuquerque Open I will display and offer for sale six Staunton style Ebony wood sets (also several wooden chess boards; possibly additional wood sets). Prices will vary from $125-$500 and include two legacy registered/numbered sets for collectors and a 1920 style antiqued set. I will also be there Saturday with chess equipment, sets, boards, bags, etc.
You may contact me for preview if desired.
Art Glassman

06-13-10 Inquires about accepting entry fees by Credit card or Pay Pal

At least once or twice each year, we receive inquiries asking if we can accept payment for NMCO events by Pay Pal or credit card : The NMCO Executive board (All unpaid volunteers) has thoroughly discussed accepting credit card and Pay Pal payment a few times and it never got a favorable vote.

First of all there is a fee for each transaction. We operate at about the break-even point and there was considerable reluctance to take on added expense.

Second, for valid reasons, we have players that have to cancel – and we have to make refunds. Dean Brunton, our treasurer, usually holds on to the checks until the actual tournament and simply returns such checks if a player has canceled with notice in a timely fashion* or if it is O.K. with the sender, just tears up a check. That is much simpler than with a credit/debit card or P/P.

Third, A payer can dispute a Card or P/P payment while a check is prima facia evidence of the debt. (That’s about all the High School Latin I remember and only because it has something to do with money).

* To received a refund, cancellations must be received prior to pairing round one OR the player supplies a valid reason why he/she could not notify us in a timely fashion – i.e. “Dean, I was in Jail and the one phone call was to my lawyer”, “The dog ate my Blackberry so I couldn’t call or send Email” If the excuse is inventive enough, Dean might allow it even if he knows it could be an outright lie.

Art Byers, NMCO Tournament Organizer

06-05-10 Two Chess tournaments June 19th at the Foothills Chess Club

Sorry about the short notice, but the site has just now become available:

Chess tournament #1: “Candidate Squires” Not USCF Rated BEGINNERS CHESS TOURNAMENT

Chess Tournament #2: Knights and Squires Octagons USCF Rated Chess

Section One: Quest Knights. FOR PLAYERS RATED 1000 AND OVER.


Section Two: Quest Squires. FOR PLAYERS RATED UNDER 1000


Art Byers

06-01-10 Learner’s Chess Academy for K-6


I’m hoping to have this flier posted on behalf of the Learner’s Chess Academy, which is a school that is focused on teaching kids K-6 chess skills this summer.

Claire Jarmosevich

05-27-10 RMTCC Results

Round 1
Board 1 –  Mitesh Shridhar (2087)      vs.        Chad Schneider (1911)                      1-0
Board 2 – John Flores (1973)          vs.         Jackson Chen (1896)                           0-1
Board 3 – Nino Neilson (1979 based on 8 games)  Doug Thigpen (1998)                  1-0
Board 4 – Robert Hampton (1780) vs. Adin Umana (1727)                                       0-1
Board 5 – Daniel Picard (1623)     vs.         Preston Harrigton (1540)                     0-1
Board 6 – Chad Frantz (1365) vs. Dennis Bolshakov (1275)                                    0-1
Board 7 – Zach Umana (1108)         vs.    Joe Schrader (1185)                               0-1
Colorado 5 – New Mexico 2
Round 2
Board 1- Chad Schneider vs. Mitesh Shridhar  1/2-1/2
Board 2 – Jackson Chen vs. John Flores 1-0
Board 3 – Doug Thigpen vs.  Nino Neilson vs  1-0
Board 4 – Adin Umana vs. Robert Hampton 1-0
Board 5 – Preston Herrington vs. Dan Picard 0-1
Board 6 – Dennis Bolshakov vs. Chad Frantz 1/2-1/2
Board 7 – Joe Schrader vs. Zach Umana 0-1
Colorado 5-2
Cummulative: Colorado 10 – New Mexico 4

05-23-10 Wild West Chess


My name is Lee Lahti and I am the President of the Colorado State Chess Association. I am emailing you to see if I can get your help to promote a regional chess event I am running at the end of July.

I was contacted earlier this year by someone who wants to begin running a larger tournament each year in Wyoming, with plans to make the event a regional event that chess players in the Mountain states area will want to attend. In speaking with him about sponsoring the event this year and looking at future plans, we are looking for a reasonable turnout this year but hoping to eventually make the tournament larger in scope and size in upcoming years to compete with the small-mid sized CCA events. (There has not been a larger tournament in the Mountain states area since the 2ndEdward Levy back in Denver back in 2003 and the CCA has no plans to come back to our region any time soon because they lost money on that event.)

The resulting event from our discussions is called Wild West Chess and will be held at the Saratoga Resort and Spa in Saratoga, Wyoming the weekend of July 30-August 1, 2010. The tournament is being promoted as “Your Chess Vacation in the West” and will feature the main tournament and other events for players and their families. The goal is to have a top-level chess event and an opportunity for chess players to go on vacation with there families at the same time! The main event this year has a $4500 prize fund based on 100 players, with $3000 Guaranteed. Prizes are split fairly evenly among the sections, so both top players and class players are playing for good prizes. The advanced entry fee is only $35 with $25 for each additional family member playing in the event. To help draw in top players, there is free entry with no deduction from any winnings for GM/IM/WGM/ and WIMs. In addition to the main event, there is a Players Social and a Simul with GM Alex Yermolinsky, a Family BBQ dinner, and activities at the resort for both players and their families.

I have enclosed a flyer with the ad for the tournament that is being run in the June and July editions of Chess Life magazine and a copy of the registration form as attachments to this email. There is also a website setup that lists information about the tournament – www.saratogachess.com. More detailed information about the event can also be found here.

Lee Lahti

05-20-10 New Mexico Team Depart Tomorrow

The New Mexico contingent in the Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge leaves at 10AM tomorrow (5/21); the rounds are at 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM on Saturday. For those that haven’t taken notice, here are the matchups with New Mexico listed first:

Board 1 – Chad Schneider (1923) vs. Mitesh Shridhar (2087)
Board 2 – John Flores (1973) vs. Jackson Chen (1896)
Board 3 – Doug Thigpen (1998) vs. Nino Neilson (1979 based on 8 games)
Board 4 – Robert Hampton (1780) vs. Adin Umana (1727)
Board 5 – Preston Harrigton (1540) vs. Daniel Picard (1623)
Board 6 – Chad Frantz (1365) vs. Dennis Bolshakov (1275)
Board 7 – Joe Schrader (1185) vs. Zach Umana (1108)

Each player has one game with each color. We’re taking any available donations of luck available.

*If anyone wants to go at the last minute – there is still space in the vehicles and hotel room. Just let me know 505-550-4654.

05-19-10 Go, Jesse

Former NM state champion Jesse Kraai has had a spectacular run of great results at the US championships in Saint Louis this week. In round 1 he drew with Shabalov, then lost to Akobian in round 2. Since then he has scored straight wins against Bhat, Benjamin and Ehlvest! Today, Wednesday, he has black against top seed, Nakamura. After 7 rounds the top 4 players will play a quad for the championship. Currently Jesse is in equal 3rd place. If he wins either of the next 2 games or makes 2 draws then he could be in that group. Those who don’t make it into those heights play some more rounds to determine 5th through 24th places. The prize for fifth is $10,000….You can follow the games live on your computer if you take the link from uschess.org. It’s all very exciting.

Jim Johnston jdjohnston@earthlink.net

05-17-10 Finale results posted

The results from Saturday’s tournament have been posted. It was a great turnout, featuring Aspen Elemnetary students just returned from the national elementary champonship in Georgia, and a match between two of our current state champions.

Congratulations to winners Silas Perry, Larry Dunlap, and Zak Naranjo-Morse. Prize money will be mailed Monday.

It has been a great pleasure to meet so many chess players this past season, and I look forward to hosting more tournaments beginning late summer or fall.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to stay tuned to www.nmchess.org and www.wiredkings.blogspot.comfor all of the great tournaments taking place over the summer.


05-08-10 May 15 entries

Saturday’s tournament promises to be the best turnout yet for a SF Rooks event, a fitting close to a fun season.

Registration is from 8:15 to 8:45. Please arrive on time so we can begin promptly at 9:00. Rick can be reached at 505-920-0540 the morning of the tournament if necessary.

This will be a four round, G/60 (5 sec delay) tournament. Please bring your boards and clocks.

Rounds are at 9:00; 11:15; 2:15; and 4:30. Lunch is scheduled for one hour. There is no food on site, but several restaurants are nearby.

The following players have signed up as of this morning’s mail. There could be slight changes, but the current sections are delineated in groups of sixteen.

top section- first place prize = $500
middle section- first place prize = $300
bottom section- first place prize = $150

2038 Silas Perry
2000 Carlos Santillan
1977 John Flores
1918 Jeff Serna
1905 Chad Schneider
1893 Curtis Cooper
1891 Jim Johnston
1883 Edward Lu
1851 Reuben Sbarge
1836 Hector Flores
1834 Tim Martinson
1825 Gabe Ewing
1806 Munir Hammad
1778 Robert Hampton
1774 Leroy Quintana
1755 Sam Dooley

1748 Dante Archuleta
1745 Larry Dunlap
1649 Andy Nowak
1629 Charles Gillespie III
1560 David Baca
1512 Donal Poston
1456 Raul McElroy
1358 Matthew Niemiec
1332 Dan Tellez
1302 Chris Hyde
1261 Tom Pigott
1226 Mike Martinson
1130 Douglas Field
1106 Kedron Cobb
1079 Hassan Bilal
1058 Henry Poston

949 Duron Parrish
936 Ian Lucero
930 Mike Wylie
903 Craig Stamm
860 Alex Ionkov
836 Philip Ionkov
834 Harsh Bhundiya
823 Dmitri Lopez
819 Alexander (Sandy) Sadler
815 Derek Nez
801 Jay Notah
633 Nick Koskelo
499 Daniel Atine

Rick Lass

05-12-10 Unrated Beginner Chess Tournament May 15th

On short notice because the playing site is suddenly available,the Foothills Chess Club will be holding anunrated beginners chess tournament on Saturday May 15th. Details

Art Byers

05-10-10 SF Rooks entries

Dear fellow chess players,

As of this mornings mail, there are 20 players registered for this weekend’s tournament. Based on previous experience, I expect a few more entries before the Thursday deadline.

That means there will probably be two sections, probably equal in number (16 in each is the ideal!)

Here is the list of players with current ratings:

2000 Carlos Santillan
1905 Chad Schneider
1893 Curtis Cooper
1891 Jim Johnston
1883 Edward Lu
1745 Larry Dunlap
1649 Andy Nowak
1629 Charles Gillespie III
1560 David Baca
1332 Dan Tellez
1106 Kedron Cobb
1079 Hassan Bilal
949 Duron Parrish
936 Ian Lucero
834 Harsh Bhundiyan
819 Alexander (Sandy) Sadler
815 Derek Nez
801 Jay Notah
499 Daniel Atine

Rick Lass

05-08-10 chess entries; May 15

As of Thursday, May 6, the entries for the Season Finale are listed below, Ratings are approximate, and will be updated next week before the tournament.

1905 Chad Schneider
1891 Jim Johnston
1754 Larry Dunlap
978 Ian Lucero
1893 Curtis Cooper
1560 David Baca

If you should be on his list but are not, please contact me ASAP!


Entries can be sent to:
SF Rooks
POB 4764

05-05-10 SF Rooks Grand Finale

Dear friends and fellow chess players,

The end of the first season of Santa Fe Rooks tournaments is coming to a close, and we plan to mark it by having a big event.

Saturday, May 15, at Desert Academy, we will be hosting a four round, G/60 tournament with a $500 grand prize for the top section.

Depending on the number of entries, we will also have a second section with a $300 grand prize.

The entry fee is $25 and can be mailed to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502

This will be a swiss style system, with each section will be composed of 16 players. So, if a player wins all four games, that player will take home the grand prize.

If there is no player who wins four games, the prize will be equally divided between the highest scoring players.

We really appreciate all of the support over the past few months, and look forward to continuing to host tournaments in the future.

Rick Lass

04-11-10 SF Rooks Saturday April 17

Hi all,

This is a reminder of next Saturday’s tournament. April 17 at Desert Academy in Santa Fe. Entries are due by Thursday.

This will be a three round, G/90 (5 sec delay), with two sections based on ratings. First round begins at 9:00.

Chad Schneider has graciously agreed to host the tournament so I can visit with family. If there are problems on the day of the tournament, Chad can be reached at 505-550-4654.

So far, there are 8 entries. The TD may opt to do only one section if there are not significant entries for two sections.

Thanks for your support of chess in the city different.

Rick Lass

04-06-10 Additional Space for Colorado Trip

We have some additional space in our vehicles on the way up to Colorado if anyone is interested in joining the New Mexico caravan which is traveling for the Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge (Trip will be May 21st-23rd). There will be chess events on Saturday and on Sunday in Manitou Springs for those who might be interested. The cost of transportation will essentially be a portion of gas ($25) – we have already rented the SUV space. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested so that we can discuss lodging possibilities and other details.

Chad Schneider

04-06-10 WiredKingsCC.com

I just wanted to notify everyone that the Wired Kings Chess Club has purchased the domain namewww.WiredKingsCC.com

Either www.WiredKingsCC.com or wiredkingscc.blogspot.com can be acceptably used to go to our website. Websites that currently link the blogspot address do not need to be changed. For future use on our advertising material, we will be using the new website.

Chad Schneider

03-31-10 Santa Fe Rooks: April 17

Hi all,

The next Santa Fe Rooks tournament will be at Desert Academy Saturday, April 17. It will be a three round, G/90 event with two sections.

Chad Schneider has agreed to guest host the tournament. Thanks Chad!

Please send entries to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502, no later than Thursday April 15. There will be no onsite entries. The entry fee will be $10, with a prize fund equal to 66% of the entry fee total.

Please sign in by 8:45 so the first round can begin promptly ay 9:00.

Also, mark your calendar for the season championship, May 15, with a $500 first place prize (based on a minimum of 16 entries)

Rick Lass

03-23-10 Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge

Barring any drops, we have our team for the Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge in Manitou Springs (May 22nd).

1st – Chad Schneider
2nd – John Flores
3rd – Doug Thigpen
4th – Robert Hampton
5th – Preston Herrington
6th – Chad Frantz
7th – Joseph Torres

I have sent out an organizational email to the list of qualifiers and first alternates. If you have not received the email and are on this list, please email me.

Thanks and congratulations to all.

-Chad Schneider

03-19-10 Coronado Chess Club at the Frontier Restaurant

There will be no formal “Pairings” at the Coronado Club until Wednesday April 7th. However, Casual skittles play should be available. Richard is recovering from a virus.

Arthur Byers

03-14-10 Free Chess Life Magazines

I have 30-40 Chess Life Magazines mostly in years 04-06. If you would like these, please send me an emailsiperry@gmail.com

03-07-10 Match Play Challenge

I will be offering match play (best of 3 plus tie brakes if neccessary) to any 1900 plus player. I will put up to a $200 (but may be be willing to play for a smaller pot) pot to be matched. All rated games.
Brian McNiece.
Cell #505-506-5874.
Playing site will be nice and well-lit, and refreshments will be provided.

03-06-10 NM Class Championships – Playing Venue Information

Hello all,

I just wanted to give some information to registered and potentially registered players about the playing site – the UNM Student Union Building (“The SUB”).

The website for the playing site (UNM – Student Union Building) can be viewed here: http://sub-test.unm.edu/

Specifically, we will be playing on the 3rd floor in Acoma A & B and Santa Ana A & B; registration will be located just outside of these rooms (from 8AM-8:45AM). The map for the 3rd floor of the sub is located here:http://sub-test.unm.edu/images/PDFs/sub-upperlevel.pdf

Zone parking permit and meter enforcement are waived over the weekend (From Friday at 6PM until Monday at 7AM). This does not apply to the regulation of parking spaces reserved for handicap permits and emergency vehicles. There are several parking lots that will be free and available along central avenue (N-Side) between Cornell and Girard. To access these lots use Yale or Vassar entries. A map for parking can be viewed here: http://pats.unm.edu/Images/UNM PARKING MAP 2009-10.pdf The parking areas have large letters, A & B should best suit our use. In addition, there is a parking structure inside of UNM, directly across from Frontier restuarant. If you choose to use the parking structure, walk North (away from frontier) on the main thoroughfare and the SUB will be on your left. It is marked on the map as “THE SUB.”

Should you get lost, feel free to call me at (505) 550-4654. If you do not save or bring the number with you, just ask any student on campus where “The SUB” or “Student Union Building” is located and they should be able to tell you. At the sub we will try to have directions well-marked to help you find the playing rooms and registration. However, once you get upstairs, you should have no problem finding us. Elevators are centrally located and there are stairs on each side of the facility.

I think everyone will enjoy this site. Once you are there, you will see that there are plenty of food options. I am not sure what will be open, but if some things are closed then a quick walk to central should suffice for Saggio’s and Frontier. Leave a bit early and bring my number and even in the worst of scenarios, we should have no issues. Thanks again for playing, I look forward to a fun weekend with a lot of exceptional games.

-Chad Schneider

03-05-10 NM Chess: Class Championship this weekend

Hi chess players,

I encourage everyone to make it down to Albuquerque this weekend for the championship tournament!


03-05-10 New Mexico Class Championship

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that at the pre-registration deadline we have reached 60 entries for the NM Class Championship! If you have not yet entered into this state chess championship, there is still time. We are accepting entries up until 8:45AM on the first day of the tournament (March 6th).

For further information, here is a link to the tournament flyerhttp://nmchess.org/NM%20Class%20Champs.pdf. In addition, information can be found on the Wired Kings Chess Club website at http://wiredkingscc.blogspot.com

Here is a list of those registered thus far: http://wiredkingscc.blogspot.com/2010/02/nm-class-tournament-entries.html

Thanks for your continued support and interest in both Wired Kings Chess Club and New Mexico Chess Organization events.

Best Regards and Best Chess,
Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

02-23-10 Site Change March 20th

This is a notification that the “On the Road Again Octagons” tournament to be held on March 20th, 2010 in Santa Fe, NM has moved from the Desert Academy to the La Farge library (also in Santa Fe). Unfortunately, the school liaison who has been helping the Santa Fe Rooks will no longer be available on the subject weekend.

The Oliver La Farge Library is located at 1730 Llano Street, Santa Fe, NM. This change has been made on all flyers and on the NMCO, Santa Fe Rooks, and WKCC websites.

I hope our players will not experience any sort of inconvenience from the site change. I will email all those currently registered and offer a refund, of course, if these inconveniences are insurmountable. I appreciate your patience and I hope that everyone enjoy their participation in this event.

Most Sincerely,
Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

02-23-10 Feb 20 results and upcoming events

Hi all,

The results from last Saturday’s tournament have been posted. There was a glitch in the first report. I won’t go into the gory details, but if you looked at the results before today, please look again as they have been corrected.

Santa Fe Rooks will be taking off March and hosting tournaments again April 17 and May 15. May 15 will be the grand finale of the first season and will include a $500 first prize for the winner of the top bracket. Details at www.santaferooks.blogspot.com.

I want to encourage everyone to play in the Wired Kings events in March. March 6-7 is the class championships held in Albuquerque at the UNM SUB. Class winners will be invited to represent New Mexico in the Southern Rockies Challenge, a match between teams from New Mexico and Colorado in May. Wired Kings will also be hosting “On The Road Octagons” at the LaFarge Library in Santa Fe March 20. Let’s welcome them to town with a big turnout! Register for these events in advance at www.wiredkingscc.blogspot.com

Thank you all for your participation and your patience as I learn the ropes of becoming a tournament director!


02-21-10 Santa Fe Rooks results

Thanks to the 24 players who participated in the fourth SF Rooks Tournament. The results were just submitted and should be updated at uschess.org by noon Sunday.

Congratulations to the winners. (6 points possible)

Quad One:
Gerard Jungman 4
Tim Martinson 4

Quad Two:
Gabe Ewing 4.5

Quad Three:
Gabriel Maestas 4.5

Quad Four:
Trevor Turbov 5

Quad Five:
Matthew Niemiec 5

Quad Six:
Campbell Galon 6

We will be taking March off to participate in the Wired Kings “On the Road” Octagons event at Santa Fe’s La Farge library on March 20. See wiredkingscc.blogspot.com for info and entry.

We will be ending our first season with April and May tournaments at Desert Academy. More details are available at www.santaferooks.blogspot.com

Rick Lass

02-11-10 Feb 20 chess tournament

Hi all,

This is a reminder that Santa Fe Rooks will be holding our fourth tournament next weekend, February 20, at Desert Academy. As usual, sign in is from 8:15 until 8:45, and the first round begins at 9:00. The format is G/29, with quads using a dual round robin system. That is, each player plays each other player in the quad twice, once as white and once as black. Quads will be determined by ratings, i.e., the top four rated players make up the top quad, the next four the next quad, etc..

This will be the last tournament that allows onsite registration. The events on April 17 and May 15 will require preregistration by the Thursday before the event.

Speaking of April and May: The April tournament will be a $10 entry fee, and we will play a swiss style, G/90, 3 rounds. If there is sufficient interest, we will also run a 4 round, G/50 tournament for under 1200 (more or less), and a 2 round, G/120 tournament for over 1800 (more or less). When entering, please state your preference. Each player may also choose a zero point bye for the first or final round.

May’s tournament will be the grand finale of the first season of the Santa Fe Rooks tournaments. It will be a $25 entry fee, with a $500 prize for the top section and a $300 prize for the second section. The tournament will be limited to 32 players, and sections will be determined by rating. Each section of 16 can only have one player win 4 points, in which case he or she will win the entire prize. If there is a tie with fewer than 4 points, the prize money will be split. No byes allowed.

For the summer months, we are considering a weekly tournament a la Baba’s Bagels tourneys in Albuquerque. More on that as we locate a space and settle other details. Your suggestions are welcome, and more details will appear at www.santaferooks.blogspot.com

Thanks for your participation. From our point of view, the series has been a success!


01-18-10 SF Rooks results

The Santa Fe Rooks results have been posted to the USCF website. Congratulations to our winners!

All hexes played 5 rounds.

Hex I Jim Johnston 4.5
Hex II Leroy Quintana 4.5
Hex III John Sarracino
Derek Garcia
Hex IV Donald Poston 4
Hex V Derek Mackley 4
Hex VI Duron Parrish 4

The next Santa Fe Rooks tournament is scheduled for February 20. Hope to see you there!

Rick Lass

01-16-10 Wired Kings Chess Club (Checks Payable)

Scott and I opened a Wired Kings Chess Club checking account today. If you have already submitted payment or if you forget the change, it is ok that a check is still made to me (Chad Schneider); however, I ask that future checks be written to “Wired Kings Chess Club.” This should help in case we transfer directors in the club and of course, it will also prevent me from having to file a 1099.

If you have not cashed a prize check that is written from the personal checking account, this is still ok to cash; we have left sufficient funds in the previous account in order to cover all outstanding checks.

The entry flyers should reflect this change in payee. Please continue to send entries to the same address. Thank you for your support, we hope to see you on February 6th for our next tournament.

-Chad Schneider

01-14-10 Saturday tournament player list

Hi all,

Here is the list of registrants for Saturday’s tournament. Onsite entries will be allowed between 8:15 and 8:45. All players are asked to arrive by 8:45 for a 9:00 AM start. The final round is due to finish at 6:00 PM.

Format: Hexes in a round robin format, and a swiss system for the lowest bracket (approximately under 1000 and unrated). G/45 (5 second delay)

1931 Chad Schneider
1891 Jeffrey Serna
1878 Tim Martinson
1874 Hector Flores
1820 Jim Johnston
1748 Nitant Kenkre

1741 Gabe Ewing
1736 Caleb Jaquish
1730 Sam Dooley
1689 Kyle Leeds-Tilley
1676 Robert Hampton
1675 Leroy Quintana

1665 Jeff Sallade
1635 Charles Gillespie III
1599 Derek Garcia
1377 Chris Hyde
1360 Bailey Corry
1332 Donald Poston

1270 Orion Rojas-Grainger
1199 Josiah Ortega
1165 Kedron Cobb
1121 Hassan Bilal
1060 Colin Redman
1055 Matthew Niemiec

974 Elizabeth Cooper
879 Jasper Rodriguez-Watts
849 Henry Poston
837 Andrew Kaplan
662 Jonathon Jaquish
541 Dimitri Lopez
534 Isaac Fischer
503 Adam Melk
279 Jared Jaquish
unr Daniel Atine
unr Joshua Lochner
unr Derek Nez
unr Duran Parrish

01-10-10 Chess Tournament Saturday January 16

Hi folks,

Just a reminder that the next Santa Fe Rooks tournament is this Saturday, January 16, at Desert Academy (313 Camino Alire). More info is at www.santaferooks.blogspot.com.

Registration closes on Wednesday. Please let me know by mail, phone, or email if you intend to play. Saturday morning registrations will be $15 and will only be accepted to fill a hex.

Please arrive by 8:45 so that games can begin promptly at 9:00.

So far, the following players have registered. Ratings listed are based on the January Supplement. Ratings will be updated based on recent tournament results when registration closes.

1961 Chad Schneider
1892 Jeffrey Serna
1769 Nitant Kenkre
1743 Sam Dooley
1733 Jim Johnston
1707 Kyle Leeds-Tilley

1609 Jeff Sallade
1525 Rick Lass
1482 Derek Garcia
1404 Bailey Corry
1320 Chris Hyde
1118 Josiah Ortega

1060 Colin Redman
974 Elizabeth Cooper
792 Jasper Rodriguez-Watts

01-05-10 Wired Kings Event Locations

WKCC Participants,

I wanted to make everyone aware of a change in our event calendar. For the rest of 2010, we have secured space at the downtown (main) library in Albuquerque. This is pertinent to events in February, April, May, June, and each tournament in the second half of 2010 schedule. We will be releasing a new flyer on the WKCC website http://WiredKingscc.blogspot.com which will also be available on the NMCO website. If you have already entered in one of these tournaments, you DO NOT need to re-submit an entry form with the site change. If you have already entered and this site change adversely affects your ability to participate, please let me know and we will refund or move your entry to another date.

Please note that this change does not affect our March tournament which will be held at the Desert Academy in Santa Fe and it does not apply to the NM Class Championship/Rocky Mountain Team Qualifier which will be held at the University of New Mexico.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause you. Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you on February 6th at the downtown (main) library in Albuquerque.

Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

01-04-10 SF Rooks January 16 tournment

Hi all,

Our third installment of the Santa Fe Rooks winter series will be held Saturday January 16 at Desert Academy. Registration will be between 8:15 and 8:45. First game begins at 9:00 AM

Format is 6 player hexagons based on ratings, 5 round round robin. Lowest grouping may be swiss system. Games will be dual rated, but pairings will be based on regular ratings. A preliminary player roster will be listed next week. G/45 with 5 second delay.

Entry fee is $10. First place prize will be $45 per hex. Please send registration to SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502, or ricklass@newmexico.com to reserve your space.

We will be announcing April and May dates shortly. We are currently looking for a venue and schedule for the summer as well- feel free to send in suggestions.


01-01-10 Reminder on USCF dues change

REMINDER: Dues Change effective December 1, 2009
USCF regular adult membership increase from $29 to $34 when submitted online, and from $36 to $41 when submitted by mail or by phone, effective December 1, 2009.

A membership form is available at: