12-25-09 Foothills Chess Club Mid-Winter Octagons

Tuesday December 29th…All details are on the flyer. Yes this is short notice, but with the Winter school and college break, this is a chance to have some fun!! Entry fee is only $10.

Art Byers

12-16-09 Bad weather on the day of a chess tournament

We have received an inquiry about how to reach NMCO if inclement Winter weather prevents you from reaching a tournament to which you have advance registered to save the $10 late fee.

I expect to be the TD for the January 30/31 2010 Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Chess tournament at the R/R Meadowlark Senior Center. My Cell phone will be on until just before 1st round pairings are made — aproximately 8:40 A.M. (Cell 505-440-9754). In addition, the front desk is manned by a Rio Rancho Employee- 505-891-5018 who will relay any messages PLUS, there is WIFI at the center and we will check for Email atnewmexchessorg@gmail.com before pairing the 1st round.

However, just to make certain there are no problems, at the January 11th NMCO Executive Board meeting, I will ask for a strong resolution forbidding bad weather on January 29,30,31 and February 1st. Rest assured, I have sufficient votes in my pocket and it will pass.

Art Byers, NMCO Tournament Organizer

12-14-09 Dec 12 results posted

Thanks to everyone for playing in the second Santa Fe Rooks tournament yesterday. We had six players who won both games in their match, and will be sharing in the $120 prize money. Checks will be mailed tomorrow.

The results were posted last night and now appear at uschess.org.

The next tournament is January 16 at Desert Academy. The format is G/45 with 5 second delay. It will be dual rated (quick and regular), and we will use regular ratings to determine pairings. It will be 6 person round robin.

Please register ahead of time if at all possible. Also, it is important that everyone arrive by 8:45 so we can finalize the pairings and start on time.


12-11-09 preregistration closing for tomorrow’s tournament

Hi all,

The list of regristrants for tomorrow, with updated ratings, is up at santaferooks.blogspot.com. Late entries will be taken between 8:15 and 8:45 in the morning. Please arrive by 8:45 whether or not you have preregistered so we can get the pairings set in time for the 9:00 AM round.


12-10-09 December 12 tournament: Santa Fe Rooks

There is still space available for this Saturday’s tournament at Desert Academy in Santa Fe. We will waive the late fee if you let us know you plan on playing by 6:00 Friday. Onsite entries will be available between 8:15 and 8:45. Round one begins at 9:00 AM. Format is match play, G/100 with 5 second delay. More info at santaferooks.blogspot.com

So far, the following players have registered. Please note, these ratings are subject to change based on last weekend’s tournament results being posted (so, don’t pull an all nighter studying your potential opponent’s past games and then complain if you play someone else!) For an added variable, I will only play if there are an even number of players, but will not play if there are an odd number.

See you Saturday!

1964 Chad Schneider
1792 Hector Flores
1772 Nitant Kenkre
1762 Jim Johnston
1718 Kyle Leeds-Tilley
1640 Brock Romero
1609 Jeffrey Sallade
1525 Rick Lass
1287 Dan Tellez
1272 Chris Hyde
1263 Tom Pigott
1222 Art Byers
1176 Gabriel Maestas
980 Annabelle Romero
850 Alfredo Vigil
761 Jasper Rodriguez-Watts
445 Isaac Fischer

12-05-09 Update information for chess players in NMCO Events

New NMCO President, James Scout Veitch and myself – also assisted for a couple hours by Santa Fe Rooks’ club TD, Rick Lass – spent most of December 3rd in Santa fe looking for a playing site, within a reasonable budget, for a 2-day Santa Fe Open in 2010.

We found two possible sites – both with some pro’s and con’s: A Mason’s hall and one hotel/motel. At one additional possible interesting site, the Santa Fe Community College, the person, with whom we needed to meet, was not available. We will be following up via telephone and will set up a firm meeting day/time IF we are told the facility is available on weekends.

At the Coronado club 12/3, I asked Senior TD Art Glassman for advice about the feasibility of 8′ tables instead of the usual 6′ because the Masons only have eight-footers. With the needed 3 boards per table, Art G explained that the players at the ends have both the support legs and the bar that braces them in their way plus the table would be crowded when you consider the need for room for score sheets, clocks, water bottles, etc. This means that, in addition to the site cost, we would have to rent 6′ tables and the bar was raised by the request that we be insured – which is an added cost.

At the motel/hotel, again, there were no suitable tables. The sales person advised us that the table size we needed might be available from another facility owned by the same outfit – and so we are awaiting a reply. In addition, there is a general parking problem on the narrow streets near the center of Santa Fe. This motel asked for $8 per day for parking. there is a “government” parking lot nearby but we need to find out if it is open on Saturday and Sunday.

Just to show what else we ran into – at one of the first class Santa Fe hotels we were quoted $2500 for the use of a suitable room for two days plus $9 per day per car for parking – that, of course, is a budget buster – like being busted with an atomic bomb!!.

Next, on 12/4 Paul Morton and I met with one of the managers of the Rio Rancho Meadowlark Senior Center where we had a very successful event last June and where the January 30/31 2010 Memorial Senior will be held. We inquired about the possibility of the site being available for the 2010 NM Open; We did not get a “yes” or “No” – but the possibility is active and you will be kept in the loop when we have final information.

I have also looked at a couple of additional possible sites in Albuquerque for the 2010 NM Open .. thus far none were found without the problems caused by a busy hotel having many nearby events that would generate disruptive noise. Unlike Santa Fe hotels, however, parking seems to be free in Albuquerque and rates, though steep, are within the high end of NMCO’s budget.

So the search continues and this forum will be used to keep chess players informed.

Art Byers, NMCO Tournament Organizer

12-03-09 NM Class Championship

The New Mexico Class Championship will be held the weekend of March 6th and 7th. This tournament will determine qualification for the Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge in May. This tournament will also include the Master/Expert tournament; however, there is no M/X qualification for the Rocky Mountain Challenge and the format (EF, TC, PRZ, etc.) for the M/X could be different.

Dante Archuleta has secured UNM as a site for the tournament, he is currently working on extending the hours allotted so we can hold longer time control and hopefully a 5th round. Once the hours are set, I will post a TLA on relevant New Mexico Chess websites and in chess life. Thanks again should go to Dante for all of his help.

I will continue to update the forum as well as the Wired Kings Chess Club website

-Chad Schneider

12-03-09 Monday Chess Club

Monday Chess Club will begin on Monday December 7, 2009
Play Chess at the Loma Colorado Public Library 755 Loma Colorado Dr NE, Rio Rancho

Mondays 4:30pm-6:30pm

Chess players of all ages are welcome!

Bring your board or use one of ours. Meet other chess players. or bring a friend. Round-Robin or Single Elimination Tournaments may be held with at least 6 interested players.

Please note that this is not a chess class, though there may be players present willing to instruct new players. Participants in informal tournaments must know how to move the pieces and play a relatively quiet game of chess to completion. Players are welcome to converse quietly across the board as needed.
Questions? Contact Janet Phillips, Youth Services
891-5013 x3032

12-02-09 Forum Comments

Why not provide reduced tournament entry fees to seniors over 65 who participate in the senior tournament in January?

Why not provide reduced tournament entry fees for NM players who have to travel more than 200 miles to attend a NMCO promoted event?

Also, if NMCO were truly interested in promoting chess statewide an occasional NMCO sponsored tournament south of T or C would be offered. Clearly NMCO is only interested in providing playing opportunities in the Alb/SF area.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Daly, Las Cruces

12-01-09 Santa Fe Rooks upcoming tournament

Saturday, December 12 is the date of the next Santa Fe Rooks tournament. We will be playing two person match play, G/100 w/ 5 second delay. Registration is from 8:15 to 8:45, and the first game begins at 9:00 AM. If you plan on attending, please register in advance. (by email, phone, or to: SF Rooks, POB 4764, SF NM 87502). Looking forward to seeing you there!

Rick Lass

11-14-09 13-14 year old male needed for performance art

Young teen needed for a performance art installation for a UNM fine art graduate student. The actor will need to be able to memorize and reenact 21 moves of a chess game. It would also be helpful if this individual could instruct me on proper tournament procedure and format. The actor will be needed at least twice in the next month for a few hours, and possibly on a regular basis in the spring. It is fine if you can’t commit to the spring. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at heychrisory@mac.com or by phone at 719-4068769. Payment is negotiable.

11-13-09 Chess Fest Accepting Phone Entries Until 7:00pm Friday 11/13

Chess Fest is accepting advance entries over the phone until 7:00pm Friday night, November 13th. If you would like to register by phone, please call Kim Hughes at (505) 263-9824. Entry fees will be collected at the tournament. Thank you!

Scott Kerns

11-10-09 Update: Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge

The match between Colorado and New Mexico will be held on May 22nd in Manitou Springs (just outside of Colorado Springs, CO) at the Masonic Lodge.

As previously stated, the team challenge will feature 7 boards per team.

Board 1: State Champion (We are using NM Open, Colorado is using Colorado Closed)
Board 2: Scholastic Champion (Denker Rep – decided at Scholastic Closed)
Board 3: Class A Champion
Board 4: Class B Champion
Board 5: Class C Champion
Board 6: Class D Champion
Board 7: Class E & Below Champion

Boards 3-7 will be decided by a class championship tournament to be held in March (date based on space availability – Dante Archuleta is working on finding space at UNM). In the event a person declines their position, the invitation will be extended to the next place finisher in the appropriate division.

Time Control will be G/90 + 30 second increment. This will allow games to be played with minimal time scramble and will also ensure that games are 100% recorded.

There will also be additional side events. On Sat. May 22nd, there will be a G/85+5 second delay 4 round swiss; on Sunday – Open Event: G/29 Super Sunday Tournament. 6-rounds, G/29 time control, no delay. $12 entry fee, $9 for juniors, seniors, unrateds. Rounds will run at 930am, 1045am, 1230pm, 145pm, 3pm, 415pm.

The Saturday event will be nice for those who want to travel with the team and play in a new environment. The Sunday event would provide an extra day of chess for those making the trip who want added incentive. Regardless, it should be a fun weekend of chess.

Additionally, the colorado contingent is working on securing a block of rooms at a discounted rate for this weekend.

Chad Schneider

10-07-09 Desrt Knight Quiz

The October issue of the DK is already available on this website! YOU could win a free entry to one of our tourneys in 2010 by answering the quiz questions on pages 92 and 93. In the hard copy version some of you picked up at the NM Open the closing date for entries was squeezed out. The full version reads …”send in your answers by 12/27/09. You could be the next big winner” So email me your answers and the winner will be announced in the January issue. Guess well….. Jim Johnston


11-04-09 Sandia Prep Chess Fest deadline extension

Sandia Prep Chess Fest is being held on Saturday, November 14th. Details are at nmchessfest.com. We are extending the entry deadline from Wednesday, November 11th to Friday, November 13th. If you have a last minute entry for Chess Fest, please call Kim Hughes at 263-9824. Thank you!

Scott Kerns
Chess Fest tournament director

10-30-09 Santa Fe tournaments

Congratulations and thank you to the new officers of the New Mexico Chess Organization. And Congratulations to our new New Mexico champions!!

As it is the beginning of a new chess year, I am happy to announce a new series of chess tournaments: The Santa Fe Rooks will be hosting a series of monthly tournaments beginning on November 14 at Desert Academy in Santa Fe. The other tournament dates are listed on the NMCO events page and atwww.santaferooks.blogspot.com.

We are keeping the entry fee low at $10 per tournament! Please register in advance to help us with the setup and other details. We have tried to do a variety of tournament styles and time lengths, but please feel free to send input for future tourneys to me via the blog. I look forward to seeing some more northern New Mexico chess players that haven’t been making the trips to Albuquerque.

These are NMCO sanctioned events and both the November and December tournaments earn NM Cup points.


10-21-09 Master/Expert Tournament

I have spoken to a couple masters/experts who have said they would be interested in playing in a closed tournament with other masters/experts. If any masters or experts have such an interest, I could run a small section with another tournament we host. Please let me know so that I can accommodate players.

Best Wishes,
Chad Schneider

10-16-09 Updates on NM vs. Colorado Chess Match

Both the New Mexico and Colorado Chess Associations have each unanimously voted to play this competition:

Dates: Sometime in May-July of 2010 and 2011. The Colorado contingency is currently working on producing a specific date which will not coincide with NM tournaments or the holidays.

Location: The first match will be held in Colorado Springs, the second match will in Santa Fe. Sites within the cities have yet to be determined.

Team Composition: 1st board will be occupied by the respective state champions. In NM, if the NM Open champion turns this opportunity down, we will move down the placement from the NM Open. 2nd board will be from the State Scholastic Closed Championship; likewise, alternates will be in order of placement at this tournament. 3rd through 7th boards will be from class A (1999-1800), class B (1799-1600), class C (1599-1400), class D (1399-1200), class E & below (1199 & below). The determination of class representatives has not yet been decided upon in NM. In Colorado, they have a class championship which will determine this. In New Mexico, we will either conducted a NM class championship, use 2010 NM Cup standings, or have some combination thereof.

Format: Two Rounds, each player gets 1 white and 1 black, versus the opposing board. Time controls will be either G/90+30 second incriment or G/2 with 5 second delay.

Prize: Art Byers has offered to buy a traveling plaque that will be engraveable with the annual winner and result.

As always, if you have input, feel free to comment on this page or email me at wiredkingscc@gmail.com orIdinnaeken1@aol.com

-Chad Schneider

10-13-09 Chess Lessons

If you or your child are interested in taking chess lessons, I’m available on weekdays after 5:30pm and on weekends. I have coached several students, both one-on-one and in group settings. I’m also an experienced tournament player currently rated 1800, and I am also a tournament director. I’m also available for group lessons for families, schools or teams. Please contact me at (505) 280-9824 or scott.kerns@yahoo.com if you would like more information. Thank you!

Scott Kerns

10-06-09 WKCC Schedule Discussion

After securing all of our sites, we have posted our 2010 (January-June) Wired Kings Schedule. The schedule is available through the regular channels, both at NMChess.org and Wiredkingscc.Blogspot.com.

As usual, we are hosting one tournament per month. Four of the tournaments will be regular rated (30 to 60 minute time controls). The tournament in April will be our only blitz tournament (G/5) and will be followed by a bughouse tournament on the same day. We are also holding a chess 960 (Fischer Random Chess) tournament in June. To our knowledge, it is the first chess 960 tournament in the state’s history. It should be interesting to see how everyone fairs at this reorganized chess format which discards our general opening knowledge.

Scott and I look forward to another series of tournaments which should provide for some good chess!

Best Regards,
Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

10-06-09 October Chess life Items of interest

Note on page 10 that regular USCF dues (magazine on line – not in the mail) will be increased on December 1st from $29 a year to $34. If you have a regular membership coming due in 2010, you might consider early renewal to save the $5. Apparently, premium membership will remain at $42 – (magazine by snail mail).

Also, those of you who are wondering how Jesse Kraai is doing, check out page 42 for his picture and the brief info about him starting with the third paragraph under “Welcome USCF Members”

Art Byers
President NMCO

10-02-09 New Mexico Open Chess Tournament October 24/25

New Mexico

Oct 24/25 New Mexico Open. MCM Elegante Hotel, 2020 Menaul NE, Albuquerque.5/ SS. Sat. G/2 Sun. 30/90 SD/60 Rds 9-2-6:30, 8:30-2:30 Bye 1 max 1/2 pt request prior Rd 1. Best finish by NM resident in Open is 2009 NM Champion. EF: Open: $35, U1800: $30. U1400: $25. Rated U1100 playing in U1400, $20.PRIZES b/80: Open $250-$125-$75,U1800 $175-$100-$50. U1400 $120-$60-$30 Best U1100 $30. Unrated50% of prize except in Open. Reg: Sat. 8-8:30. $10 late fee. $5 Family discount after one full price entry.NMCO Annual meeting & elections Sun 2:10. Ent: received by 10/23. Pay to NMCO, Box 4215 ABQ 87196. info, & entry form: nmchess.org

The MGM Elegante is a first class hotel and rooms are priced accordingly. There are more modestly priced overnight accomadations at the Days Inn, on Menaul, right next door and across the street at La Quinta.

Note Above: There is a $10 late fee charge for on-site registration – so get your entry forms in the mail.

Art Byers
President NMCO

09-30-09 New Mexico vs. Colorado Challenge

I sent an email today to Colorado Chess Organizers to propose an annual NM v. Colorado match.

The idea is inspired by the Minnesota v. Manitoba match we held annually in the north. Seven players from one region would travel to the other region and play a white & black vs. the other team; the host region would alternate. I am guessing we’d do something similar if this ever happened here.

At this point, I am looking for organizers in Colorado to work with me; however, it would be good to hear from players who are interested. This would be helpful if we ever get to a planning stage for this event (picking dates, sites, determining format). I look forward to hearing from you all.

Best Regards,
Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

09-24-09 Reminders – The New Mexico Open is a month away

The 2009 NM Open is being held at a first class hotel, The MGM Elegante On October 24/25. It is East of I-25 on Menaul and within sight of the highway.

Reminder #1 is for out of town players: The NM Open is well after the week of the annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta so rates at hotels and motels go down considerably from what they were during that fiesta week. There is no special “Chess” room rate at the Elegante. However, close by are two modestly priced motels. The Days Inn is half a block away and across the street is LaQuinta.

Reminder #2: Youngsters under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and he/she must also sign the entry form. Forms can be downloaded from this website.

Reminder #3: This is the final “major” two-day chess tournament of this year. Highest finishing New Mexico resident in the Open section will be the 2009 official state champion.

And a last reminder: Free with your entry, in any of the sections, is the October 2009 Issue of Desert Knightmagazine. We try to print enough for all entrants but only advance entries are guaranteed a copy. So get your entry form in the mail and save $10 over on-site entry.

We look forward to seeing you play chess at the Elegante.

Art Byers
President NMCO

09-22-09 Guest Speaker on Chess Wanted


I am the supervisor for the S.A.F.E. program at Enchanted Hills Elementary in Rio Rancho NM. We are a before and after school program that encourages Students Achieving For Excellence. I am looking for guest speakers that will come out to my program in the afternoons to share a variety of information with my children so that they can learn and grow in our ever changing society. I wasn’t sure if you have some type of outreach program to come and teach the kids how to play chess. Some of them know how and absolutely love it!!

If you could please let me know a little more information it would be greatly appreciated. I hope that you have a wonderful day and I will be looking forward to hearing back from you!

Sarah Lindell

S.A.F.E Program Supervisor
Enchanted Hills Elementary

09-17-09 NM Cup Update

The 2009 New Mexico Cup points have been updated with the latest results from the Santa Fe Open. There is only one event left for this season, the WKCC Final Four on October 3rd. Awards will be presented at the New Mexico Open, which will kick off the 2010 NM Cup season.

Jeff Sallade
NMCO Webmaster

09-15-09 Santa Fe Open

Many thanks to NMCO for inviting me to TD the 2009 Santa Fe Open. I had a great time and a fantastic vacation weekend here, including the burning Zozobra, a visit with a former student at St. John’s College, a day in the Plaza, and mass at the St. Francis Cathedral that included a mesmerizing Native American buffalo dance. Directing this tournament gave me a chance to reconnect with dear old family friends (my sister lived here for many years while attending St. John’s College) and to be inspired by the culture of this unique town.

It was great to meet Rick Lass and Rudy Saarheim of Santa Fe, among others, and I expect to see the Santa Fe Chess Club grow in numbers because of Rick’s enthusiastic and organized attention.

I am curious what other players thought of the brief chess history vignettes before the start of each round. I’ve been alternating between chess history, chess jokes and chess trivia in different tournaments I direct in UT and CO, and most players seem not to mind the unusual “extra feature” while waiting for the round to begin.

As I mentioned to Art Byers over an excellent Italian dinner at Pranzo’s last night, I would like very much to become the “regular TD” for the Santa Fe Open in future years. Although retired from competition, chess is still my best excuse for travel, and Santa Fe is one of my very favorite destinations. It helps that I have a wonderful little guest house to stay in, free of charge, with dear friends. Their son, Isaac Fischer, just enjoyed his first tournament this weekend, won a game, and looks forward to playing more tournaments in the near future.

Best regards,

Damian Nash
USCF Senior TD and Expert

09-14-09 Santa Fe Open Results

The results from the Santa Fe Open of September 12th are posted on the USCF site. Go to “Clubs” then choose New Mexico and then click on the NMCO tournament list.

This event had the largest turnout of any Santa Fe Tournament in quite a few years, 65 players’ games in the four sections plus some “extra Games” through the courtesy of our volunteer House Player, Hy Tran.

Believe it or not, there is already the start of work in progress towards more Santa Fe tournaments in 2010 – including the possibility of a two-day Santa Fe Open.

As is usual in NMCO Tournaments, The advertised prize fund of $500 was increased by $100. We have exceeded the advertised prize fund in all three NMCO tournaments this year

Art Byers
President NMCO

09-10-09 12th Annual Sandia Prep Chess Fest

The 12th Annual Sandia Prep Chess Fest will be held on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at Sandia Prep. This is a wonderful tournament for scholastic players from K-12. There are USCF-rated and unrated sections for players of all abilities. After the tournament, we host the New Mexico state bughouse championship. For more information and entry flyers, please visit our new website! www.nmchessfest.com.

Scott Kerns

09-03-09 16th Annual Pir Maleki Memorial

will be APRIL 24, 2010 (Saturday) at United World College in Montezuma, NM. Details pending.
Note: the organizers are open to suggestions to improve the 2010 tourney.
Email comments by November 30 to Andy Nowak, anowak@cybermesa.com

09-01-09 Poll Update & State Championship Reminder

We have two days remaining until the closing of the poll that determines the June 2010 tournament type. Here are the updated results:

Fischer Random: 18%
Octagons: 53%
Slow Chess: 8%
Quads: 4%
Random Pairings: 15%

If you would like to have your voice heard, please go to the website and vote – http://wiredkingscc.blogspot.com/

I would also like to remind everyone that the State Speed Chess Championships is coming this Saturday at the downtown library. The entry deadline is this Thursday. We are not accepting onsite entries.

Thanks for your participation, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards,
Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

08-27-09 Hotel/Motel Rates and Board Vacancies

In 2010, NMCO will be running two major events at the Rio Rancho Meadowlark Senior center. The Memorial on January 30/31 and the Albuquerque Rio Rancho Open on June 26/27. We have had some feedback, from out of town players, that the motel that was suggested by the Rio Rancho Tourism department, for the Open last June, was a bit pricey. Well, it did have an indoor swimming pool and had been recently renovated – but I guess its hard to play chess under water.

Remember, Rio Rancho is much smaller than Albuquerque. Also it is somewhat of an upscale community. Last, there are not the huge number of hotels and motels that compete against each other that there are in Albuquerque. Normal rates in Rio Rancho start at over $70 a night and go up from there.

However, last week, in response to requests from more than one player, Paul Morton, of the R/R Chess Group, and I went to the Super 8 Motel on Barbara Loop, quite close to the Meadowlark Senior Center, and began negotiations for more reasonable rates. Yesterday, we received confirmation of a special “Chess Rate” of $54.88 a night for single occupancy and $59.88 for double occupancy for the January Event. Of course any applicable taxes will be additional. A map, directions and the Super 8 telephone will be on the Memorial entry form when it is posted for D/L on this website.some time in mid-September.

As you can see from the above, player feed back is important!! The NMCO Executive board encourages you to speak up with any positive suggestions for improving our chess tournaments.

Next subject: There are two vacancies on the New Mexico Chess Organization’s Executive Board. We need a secretary and someone to take one of my two “hats”: Either Tournament organizer or President. NMCO board members are all unpaid volunteers but if there are enough of us to share the work, our jobs are easy. If you want to help keep major two-day tournaments going in New Mexico, please consider joining the Board. Contact me at newmexchessorg@gmail.com.

Art Byers, President
The New Mexico Chess Organization

08-20-09 2010 tournaments in Santa Fe?

Fellow chessplayers,

inspired by the success of the wired kings events in Albuquerque, a few of us in Santa Fe are considering a similar series of one day tournaments in Santa Fe beginning in December or January. We certainly do not want to compete with the WK events, but we think there might be enough interest, especially from players in Los Alamos and Taos, to do monthly events here. We would probably focus on the third Saturday of the month. So, we are putting out this message in hopes of a positive response from players. Please respond either to this forum, or to me directly at ricklass@newmexico.com, with comments about viability, format, etc.


08-18-09 Tournament Poll – June 2010

Hello Fellow Chess Players,

The Wired Kings Chess Club requests your assistance in choosing a tournament to complete the first half of its 2010 tournament schedule. We have selected 5 different types of tournaments to start the year and left the June tournament up to our players. Please go to our website http://wiredkingscc.blogspot.com/ to vote on any one of five choices and to view the rest of our early 2010 tournament plan. As always, we appreciate your support.

Best Wishes,
Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

08-13-09 Sabotaged email – nmchessorg@live.com

Please do not to reply to any messages dated after 8/12/09 and block any further messages from nmchessorg@live.com.

All who want to remain on the NMCO Email broadcast list, please send your Email to Arthur Byers at artjbyers@msn.com

Arthur Byers

08-06-09 2009 Colorado Open

If you know any Chess Player who would like to play in the 2009 Colorado Open on Sep 5th and 6th (two days only! Still leaves you the Monday Holiday to recover), please forward this reminder to them. Let’s get the best attendance we can. Remember when the Open used to draw 100+ players? We can have that again if we all spread the word! Details at www.colorado-chess.com.

2009 Colorado Open, September 5 – 6, 2009
5 round Swiss system tournament.
Time Control: Rd 1: G/90, Rds 2-5 40/90 G/60
Site: Indigo Room, Double Tree Hotel, 7801 E. Orchard Rd. Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Open: Open to all USCF members
Reserve: Open to U1600 and unrated players
Entry fee: $45, $10 less for Jr/Sr/Unrated, $5 less if rec’d by 9/2
Prizes: $2000 b/80 (72 players last year). Open section: $300-$180-$120. U2000/U1800
$120-$60. U1600 section: $240-$160-$120. U1400/U1200 $120-$60. U1000 $80, Unrated $80
Registration: Saturday 8:00-9:00, Rounds: Sat: 9, 12:30, 6 Sun: 9:30, 4 (membership meeting at 3).
Entries: Richard Buchanan 1 Sutherland Rd. Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Phone: (719)685-1984
E-mail: buckpeace@pcisys.net
Double Tree Phone # 1-303-779-6161. Ask for chess rate ($69).
First CO Tour event of 2009-2010!
CSCA membership req’d ($15, if rec’d by $10), OSA.

Jeffrey Baffo

08-03-09 Lost and Found

The New Mexico Chess Organization has the following unclaimed chess pieces, the standard inexpensive Staunton type approved for tournament play, accumulated over many years of running chess tournaments:


  • 6 pawns not weighted. 1 pawn weighted with larger base.
  • 1 Rook; 2 knights – all 3 not weighted.
  • 1 King and 1 Queen – both weighted
  • 1 King marked “CV” on the base felt.


  • 1 King and 1 Queen – weighted
  • 1 pawn, 1 Bishop and 1 Knight – all 3 not weighted.

If you are missing pieces from one of your chess sets and can use any of the above, please E-mail me at nmchessorg@live.com.

Art Byers.

07-27-09 More on Don Wilson

I am saddened to hear of Don Wilson’s passing. He will be missed.

Don began to get into chess organization before he came to NM. He started a chess club in Casper, Wyoming, which “still survives” as he liked to say. (I don’t know how to check up on its status today) In NM, he became involved with the NMAA State HS team tournament, which by his own account he didn’t create, but which made clear the need to create something like the Albuquerque Schools League (at first a HS League). As mentioned by Dean, he directed [and more] both events for considerably more than two decades and is probably best remembered for that from the chess community.

However, he was also a major organizer / director for NM adult tournaments. Due to Don’s considerable experience, Col. Ed Edmondson (at the time USCF president) asked Don to organize and direct the 1964 “US Air Force Worldwide Championship” at Albuquerque’s Kirtland AFB. This tourney determined the Air Force representatives to the Armed Forces Championship later in DC. Don did organize the event, but had Edmondson himself come and direct due to the event’s considerable prestige.

Don was also a player, dutifully representing Albuquerque in 9 annual matches with Los Alamos from 1960-1968, working his way up from board 8 to board 3. (Aside: in 1960 the Los Alamos board 2 was the world-famous mathematician Stan Ulam who helped coin the phrase “Monte Carlo” for a mathematical technique which is so commonplace now that computer chess engines such as Rybka are offering it as an analysis option.) Don also represented NM in three matches with Colorado in the 60’s and occasionally received recognition for a Class prize in other events as indicated in scattered, old Chess Life articles.

Don let his involvement with the 800-player 1988 National K-12 Championships, held at the Albuquerque Marriott, be essentially his last in chess organizing / directing (hard to go out with a bigger bang!). As Dean pointed out, there were many other facets to Don’s life, and he was beginning to slow down (just a little). Oren Stevens continued to encourage Don to play rated chess which resulted in Don’s participation in a 3-round Swiss in 2001. In one round he was paired against Andy Nowak who has not only picked up the baton for directing most of the NMAA championships, but also created in the mid-70’s scholastic leagues in Northern NM inspired by Don’s success in Albuquerque.

In 2006 I was able to coax Don in making an appearance at the 45th anniversary of the Albuquerque League. He was quite reluctant due to chronic back pain he had from a bicycle accident some years earlier (bicycling had been his favorite transportation to/from work. What is it with chess players and bicycles?). He was presented with a large sheet of parchment paper which was signed (in multi-color) by many of the players, coaches and parents. Don wore his hand-crafted bolo tie with a chess King (an award from years ago for decades of dedication and endurance in promoting youth chess. Brad Earlewine was present and wore his bolo tie with a hand-crafted Knight. Andy Nowak has a third — reported to be a hand-crafted Queen). Don spoke briefly about respect for the game, the people and the rules. He stayed and played a casual game with Oren Stevens so some of the HS players could note that the “old guy” could still play.

-ron kensek

07-24-09 Wired Kings Statistics

We have had 6 tournaments so far with 99 different players that have entered at least one tournament; 95 New Mexico players, 3 Texas players, 1 Oklahoma, and 1 Missouri player. Here are some other statistics regarding the first six tournaments:

Most Tournaments Entered
Sam Dooley – 6
Ling Wang – 6
Leroy Quintana – 6
5 players tied – 5

Most Games Played
Sam Dooley – 34
Lin Wang – 34
Leroy Quintana – 34
Edward Lu – 31
Shaddi Battah – 29

Most Wins
Edward Lu – 24.5
Ling Wang – 23.5
Sam Dooley – 20
Chad Schneider – 16.5
Hector Flores – 16

Highest Win Percantage (Min. 2 Tournaments)
Albert Kwong – 83.33%
Tony Schroeder – 81.3%
Edward Lu – 79.0%
Dinh KQ Nguyen – 75.0%
Reuben Sbarge – 71.1%

Chad Schneider

07-23-09 Remembering Don Wilson

Donald Everett Wilson, 81, passed away on July 19, 2009. Don was one of the true stalwarts of the New Mexico chess community. Don was a founder of the Albuquerque High School Chess League in the early 1960s and directed the league for 29 years. Literally thousands of young New Mexico chess players competed in matches and tournaments directed by “Mr. Wilson”. Along with the tasks of organizing and directing, he was always available to counsel and assist the coaches of the various school teams. Many times helping a teacher (who might have little chess knowledge, but with a common dedication to students) organize and train a team to join the league — “teaching our teachers”. In addition to chess, Don was long active in the Boy Scouts of America and in church youth activities. His legacy of service to the youth of our community will rarely be matched.

More information

Dean Brunton

07-20-09 Hub City Chess Tournament

We still have open spots for the 1st Annual Hub City Chess Tournament located in Belen, NM. The tournament is a one- day event 3 round swiss sys G/60. To play, it will cost you the low low price of $10.00 for each and every section including your up-to-date USCF membership. To add to the excitement and winnings, every single entry fee will be added into the prize fund for each section (sections will be based on entries, currently OPEN and U1600 are the two sections). Also, there will be an additional $30.00 that was kindly donated for the winnings. That means the more players the more prize money, currently we have $160.00 for prize giveaways. So if we have just 50 players sign up there will be $530.00 in prize funds for the taking. Plus, if you win, you will have plenty of money to buy all those fancy chess books so you can win even more tournaments.

The Belen Public Library facilities are state of the art from their snack bar to the newly added wifi. If the free wifi doesn’t sell you maybe the comfort of their chairs will. They are padded seats with padded backs including arm rest for your comfort, that way you can stay comfortable during your check mate escapade. Also to add to your one stop shop, the Belen Public Library’s snack bar will also be open so you don’t need to leave for lunch. From donuts to snacks, to drinks, or even a nice hot Carne Adovada Burrito for lunch, you’re all set as long as you have cash to eat. For your convenience, registrations can be done online viahttp://hubcity.vcchess.net using your PayPal membership. Also, this Wednesday July 22nd at the Frontier Restaurant, Dale Gibbs will be accepting registrations as well. Please make sure you have a valid USCF Membership handy. Act fast so you don’t miss out on a fun day of chess, good food, large cash winnings and also points that can be used towards this years New Mexico Cup. All you need to do is register, and find your car pool buddy. We can’t wait to see you there.

Sponsored by the Belen Public Library and the Valencia County Chess Club

Tournament Directors are Dale Gibbs and Joey Troy

Current registered players

Don Coppock – U1600
Joaquin Baca – U1600
Ruben Martinez – U1600
Rick Lass – U1600
Joey Troy – U1600
Peter A. Lupsha – U1600

Charles Roli – OPEN
Hector Flores – OPEN
Jim Johnston – OPEN
Munir Hammad – OPEN
Chad A Schneider – OPEN
Kevin Kerns – OPEN
Wayne Hatcher – OPEN

07-17-09 Continuing Comment and explanation about NMCO Chess tournaments

I truly appreciate Leroy’s feedback and wish there were more of you responding.

Right now, even with Jesse having moved to California, our Albuquerque resident masters such as Ron Kensek, Steve Sandager and Chris Candelaria simply do not play in ANY USCF regular rated tournaments.

Unless we have some municifant donor, we will never have very large prize funds – we don’t pull the mult -multi hundreds of players that I saw when I lived in New Jersey and New York – NOR DO WE CHARGE THE HIGH ENTRY FEES that they continue to get.
There simply are not enough USCF members (roughly 500, of whom probably half are scholastic) in New Mexico and many simply do not play in rated events but are just happy to get the magazine. Some are life members getting on in age and no longer willing, or perhaps able, to play. (No, Dean I do not mean you!!)

NMCO increased the prize fund over the advertised amount by about 30% at the ABQ/RR Open. In fact, my memory says that we’ve exceeded the advertised fund in almost all our tournaments – going back to Jeff Burch’s days as President. I seem to remember only one tournament where we payed less than the advertised amount because of low attendance. Usually, we’ve met the advertised fund even when we lost a few dollars.

I note that the higher rated players want fewer sections but the lower rated players want more sections so that their chances of winning, a prize of some sort, are better. My opinion is that with two sections, in the first round, ALL the high rated players in the top half of each section would be shooting at sitting ducks.

It is important to remember that it is the participation of the lower rated players that help keep our tournaments in black ink and make them possible.

Most of us play for the love of the game – Everyone of us knows we will never get rich playing in any New Mexico Chess tournament.

As to the September 12th one day Santa Fe Open – the TLA went in to the USCF for entry into Chess Life some time ago and can’t be changed now. It was run by the Executive board more than a couple times, receiving modifications, before being Emailed to Joan DuBois.

Santa Fe attendance, even when we had a two day tournament there, a few years ago, has been nothing about which to write home – and we no longer have a reasonably priced playing venue. it looks like 9/12 open may well be our last event at the SF Woman’s club & Library as they have raised their fees. Jim Johnston is talking about using the SF main Library but they will only let us reserve a room 30 days in advance and have the same limiting hours as do the ABQ Libraries.

We do have a new site, that has been very favorably received, in the Rio Rancho Meadowlark Senior Center and will be using it for two major tournaments in 2010.

Art Byers, President
The New Mexico Chess Organization

07-15-09 Response to the upcoming 2010 Memorial/Senior Tourney

Why have more sections? Our major tournaments have averaged between 75-80 people since I have been playing 2 years ago. The upcoming Santa Fe Open shouldn’t have 4 sections considering that it’s a one day tournament. I think we should have less sections. I think 2 sections:Open and Reserve(under 1600) would boost the prize amounts and allow class prizes as well. More sections will just diminish the prize amounts. I would like to see more Masters and Experts play in our tournaments, not less. Bigger prize payouts and less sections will help that.
Leroy Quintana A.K.A. ReddDogg

07-13-09 Wuthering Knights Team Open Entries

So far we have 8 teams (3 of which qualify for the Under 1400 prize) and a couple
other teams that have indicated that their entry is in the mail. Here are the
entries we have so far:

The Bookworms
Jim Johnston 1814
Charles Sandoval 1755
Reuben Sbarge 1746
Average Rating: 1772

Hannibal Schlecter
Mitch Robison 1765
Robert Hampton 1652
Leroy Quintana 1571
Average Rating: 1663

Team #1
Edward Lu 1748
Albert Zuo 1701
George Zuo 1530
Average Rating: 1660

San Francisco Street Chess Lab
Chad Schneider 1918
Wayne Hatcher 1890
Rod Avery 1030
Average Rating: 1613

Hector Flores 1648
Derek Garcia 1465
Carl Stein 1100
Average Rating: 1404

2nd Street Brewery Knights
Rick Lass 1424
Daniel Tellez 1255
Dennis Cronin 1083
Average Rating: 1254

Team #2
Ling Wang 1379
Valentino Ulibarri 1087
Shadi Battah 864
Average Rating: 1110

Team #3
Tom Montoya 1206
Chad Frantz 1096
Jesse Montoya 1013
Average Rating: 1105

07-13-09 2010 Planning – feedback wanted

The 2010 Memorial Senior will be held at the Rio Rancho Meadowlark Senior Center on January 30/31. This site received much favorable comment from players at the June ABQ/RR Open – They cited excellent lighting, tables of better quality and in better condition than those at previous playing venues and , more than sufficient space – Plus nicer restrooms that were well maintained. In addition, the parking is free and more than sufficient.

One frequent player from Farmingdale, Preston Herrington, said the location saved him about 30 minutes drive time each way. Was this also true for any of you Northern NM and Southern Colorado players??

The NMCO Executive Board had been considering a return to the Ballroom at the UNM Student Union Building – but parking can be a problem in that busy area of Central and Cornell – especially if there are other on-campus weekend public events – AND, the public on-campus parking garage is relatively expensive.

As NMCO Tournament Organizer I’d like some feedback on sections for the 2010 Memorial Senior.

For example the ABQ/RR open had three sections : Open, U1800 and U1400 with a special prize for the best result by a player under 1100. The coming Santa Fe Open on Sep 12, however, has four sections: Open, U1700, U1400 and U1100. If we do decide on four sections for the Memorial, perhaps we could name the Open in memory of Robert J. Fisher and assign our usual names to the next 3 sections: the Keffer, Greenup and Zing. Where would you preferr the breaks?? I was thinking of Open, U1800, U1500 and U1200.

Oh yes, remember this for future tournaments – we had a “Cell Phone problem” at the ABQ/RR Open. In general, your cell must be turned off the moment a round starts. If you have some sort of family urgent situation where you must leave the cell turned on- it must be on “Vibrate” and you must notify the Tournament Director that your phone will not be off. That way the TD can place you at a peripheral table where you can easily & quickly walk away from the playing area and talk without disturbing chess play.

Art Byers, President & T.O. NMCO

07-13-09 Feedback from ABQ/Rio Rancho Open

Art, I forgot to give you feedback, but I liked the facilities at the recent Open much better than the Days Inn on Menaul! Better lighting, better restrooms, better tables. Plus coming from Farmington, it probably saved me a good 30 minutes travel each way.

Preston Herrington

07-02-09 Rio Rancho/Albu. Event – David Bonner

I would like to thank Art Byers, Paul Morton, and others for making this event happen for me. Art is a kind man and he shows compassion, concern, and dedicates himself for chess players to bring out their best. Rarely, have I seen other tds’ show this display amoung chess players. By the way, Leroy Quintana played an awesome game against an underdog like myself. He played the London system or close to it slight move order difference. He defeated my d6 system the phantom pin. I will prepare myself against this line closely. I think e5 should of been pushed after B f4. I thank Leroy for my analysis. Soon AKA ReddDogg will meet David Bonner AKA Python in a future event.

07-01-09 Chess Lecture & Simul in Rio Rancho

Chess Lecture & Simul in Rio Rancho
by Chess Coach Robert Haines & Special Guests
Saturday July 18, 1:00pm Loma Colorado Main Library, Auditorium
Learn some new chess moves and test your skills. Register to play starting July 1, or just come and watch. Players of all ages are welcome.
To register stop by the Youth Services desk or call 505-891-5013 x3032.

06-30-09 Kudos to NMCO President Art Byers

Kudos to NMCO President Art Byers on a well directed, well organized ABQ/Rio Rancho tournament. I think Art deserves some praise for helping getting out of towner David Bonner to and from the event so he could play chess. Looking forward to beating you guys at the next tourney! Where my dogs at!? Woof,Woof!
Leroy Quintana a.k.a. ReddDogg

06-06-09 SF Club Update

Hi there,

Please note that the Border’s ‘club’ in Santa Fe meets Mondays from 7-9PM, not 5-6PM, as previously indicated on the nmchess calendar.

Rick Lass

06-03-09 June 6th Entry Deadline

The published deadline for the June 6th tournament is June 3rd. I am willing to accept entries over the phone or via email if you have not sent your entry in the mail. Many people have already sent their entry via email. Please reference the list below.

I am leaving for Las Vegas (National Open) on Thursday during the morning, so I will not get last minute mail. If you have sent your entry in or are thinking about doing so, please email me. Any email sent to the wired kings email (wiredkingscc@gmail.com) can be checked by me or Scott Kerns (who will be directing this tournament).

Thanks, as always, for your continued support. I hope this tournament is another success. When I get back I will be sure to give everyone updates from my projected disaster in the National Open. If pairings were made today I would play “GM Varuzhan Akobian” who is rated 2659 in the first round.

06-02-09 bus schedule from David Bonner entrant for Rio Rancho event

I checked out my bus fare. It shows as of now that on June 27th, My bus will arrive in Albuquerque at 6:05am. I live in Truth or Consequences, NM. The duration time from my town to Albuquerque is 2hr 30min. I’m looking for somebody who is interested of picking me up from the downtown bus station. Please send email at davidbonner22@yahoo.com. I will update you guys about any changes that might occur. I want to attend this chess event in Rio Rancho, NM I love chess alot.

David Bonner

05-29-09 Visitor for Abq RR Open

My name is Dave. I will attend the Albuq. Rio Rancho event. And I was wondering, If somebody or more people can put me up for the night. I’ll pitch in 10 to 20 dollars. Or I’ll buy pizza. I don’t know the maximum occupancy per room. Email me please at davidbonner22@yahoo.com

5-12-09 Expert or Master needed in Salt Lake City May 22-23

Hi. We are looking for one more player for a strong “Expert Series” tournament in Salt Lake City on May 22-23. The format is 7 rounds of G/60 (delay 5) starting 4:30pm Friday and finishing 9pm Saturday. Participants are required to commit to at least 3 rounds (average is five). No entry fee, no cash prizes, just top-level fighting chess, USCF rated. Would you please forward this message to NM players rated 2000+ who might be interested?

Damian Nash

4-28-09 May 2nd Quad Update

We currently still have spots available for our May 2nd quads tournament. In our previous tournaments we have always received entries at the last minute. For this tournament, we will be pairing a couple days early and pre-setting all rounds. Therefore, if you are intending to play in this tournament, please let me know if you are planning on playing and are not listed as an entry on the website. The updated list of entries are posted on our website wiredkingscc.blogspot.com

Best Wishes,
Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

4-22-09 Response to Input

After the input I have received thus far I think I have enough information to make some determinations. Nothing is set in stone; however, it appears that some views are unanimous and others are near unanimous.

We will likely have 2 sections; 1 section will be round robin with 6 teams, the rest Swiss paired with unlimited teams. In the first year of play we will feature the top 6 (average) rated teams in the top section. (The average rating will take into account the top 3 players regardless of whether or not they are listed as alternates). There will be no rating caps for teams. There was a split in feelings over this point; however, I feel as though the 2 section system will mitigate the absence of a ratings cap. The second section should create two highly competitive sections where most teams will have a realistic chance. We can also potentially offer class prizes pending the number of entries. It is highly unlikely that the bottom section won’t have a glass ceiling given that the 6 highest rated teams will be in a separate section. It is hard to imagine more than 6 teams having abusively high ratings so that the 7th or 8th teams would be unbeatable in a bottom section. At the Teams of the Knight Tournament held in February of 2008 the top 4 rated teams had average ratings of 1811, 1737, 1660, and 1636. I know that another team was discussing playing in said event and would have had an average rating of about 1750. If we happened to have more high rated teams enter then I think it would be a boon to the league and to chess in the state since it would mean that more masters and experts are playing again. Moreover, I would guess that some players would not play if not given the opportunity to play with other friends as teammates. I think a rating cap would marginally affect a couple teams and discourage some potential for higher rated players to play. Subsequently, we will most likely not have a rating cap and will have a relegation/promotion system.

We decided to take Art’s advice and start with a 5 month league (5 rounds). If we feel like 7 is necessary later on then we can always change the following year. Also, I am not sure how much participation we will have. I have an idea, but can not speak with certainty.

At this point it seems like people want rated games. I definitely understand the desire to play rated chess, especially since these games can be slow given that there is not much slow rated chess in the area. Of course, this will somewhat increase the cost of participation (rating fees). There is still a case for unrated chess as it could draw players to the community that could eventually play in rated tournaments, we could advertise to a greater base, etc. However, at this point we will move forward with the plan of having ratedchess.

As far as the weekend vs. weeknight dilemma, I have reached no conclusion whatsoever yet and still am researching potential weeknight venues. I just think it would be nice to have a tournament that doesn’t take up weekend time, albeit, only a portion of a Saturday (for the players and organizers). The polling seems somewhat split on this point.

We are definitively having non-monetary prizes. This will probably come in the form of a traveling trophy for the captain (or players of) the winning team and also engraved clocks (or something similar) for board prizes. I think it will add some pride to the event; money comes and goes. Also, these would actually be prizes we could show off on the final day at the venue (as opposed to cash).

Finally, we will have 3 player teams with up to 2 alternates. I think this was unanimous. New Mexico, at this point, does not have enough active chess players to support 4 player teams. Any further commentary, reaction, or general input is greatly appreciated. In the next couple of weeks I will try to have everything together so I can give out information at the May 2nd Wired Kings Chess Club tournament at Erna Fergusson Library.

Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

4-18-09 Anonymous Comments on Albuquerque Chess League

*We had someone email me these comments. I will leave them anonymous since they emailed me and did not actually post to forum (Chad Schneider).

I too like the Team Tournament idea. I agree with 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a

1a I like this because it allows for the upper teams in the lower division to be rewarded with a higher division the next year. This encourages good play.

2a Games need to be rated. If someone is going to place all that effort in to the game they might as well be rewarded with rating points, otherwise the higher rated player may lack enthusiasm for the outcome and not play well.

3a Saturdays are by far the best. I find myself playing at a much higher level when rested and Saturdays work better then weekdays evenings when play is poor because of work all day, etc. Of course there are those who work weekends and would rather play during the week but if my rating is on the line, you may not find me at a week night game.

4a Unless we are talking large dollar amounts, I think the trophy-plaques are nice. Maybe the team captain could get to keep for a year the revolving 1st place team trophy engraved with the name of team including players names and year.

5a I like the 3 player teams with 2 alternates best as it would probably be easier to get 3 player teams together on a regular basis than 4 player teams.

Also, there should be some type of rating cap – say average of all three cannot exceed 1700 rating……or 1600….something like that.

4-17-09 Quick Chess, Bughouse and Fischer Random Chess960 in Utah in June

The Utah Summer Games will host two days of quick chess and fun chess variants on June 19-20 in beautifulCedar City, near Zion National Park. There will be a 12-round, USCF rated quick (G/15) tournament, an unrated quick tournament, a Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess) tournament, and a Bughouse(!) tournament. These events should appeal especially to young chess players. The web link for the tournament is:


Please forward this information to any young players and their families who might be interested. Or simply any young-at-heart players who still like the energy of Quick Chess, the freshness of Fischer Random and the friendly mania of Bughouse.

Thanks, and we hope to see you there,

Damian Nash
Moab, Utah
(435) 260-2789

4-15-09 Proposed team league

In reply to Chad’s request for feedback:

With two sections, I would suggest a maximum team average rating for each section. Perhaps 1700 for the top section and 1300 or 1400 for the lower section.

To start, perhaps 5 rounds SS, one round each month starting in the Winter.

Remember, NMCO is committed to to the USCF for two “major” tournaments in the first half of the next year: the Memorial Senior in January and the usual Open in June. While team tournaments are not a direct conflict if held at least two weeks before or after, there is some chance that too many tournaments possibly might cut down on attendance at the majors.

Of course, also there is the possibility that, instead, more chess activity will increase the paid attendance at the major tournaments. We will have to see, what we pull on Jun 27/28 at the ABQ /RR Open after this current run of Wired Kings Saturday events, to make a more accurate judgement.

As USCF Affiliates, I believe that both NMCO and Wired Kings should be promoting rated games.

The use of public libraries as a playing sites for one day tournaments has worked out very well – especially since they are at no charge.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

4-14-09 Albuquerque Chess Team League

New Mexico Chess Team League

I have done my best to gauge interest in having a chess team league in Albuquerque. Thus far, I have 30-40 people that have claimed an interest in having a league. At this point, it is enough to move forward with the hopes that we could meet necessary numbers to create something that will be worthwhile and lasting (I am hoping for 80). The current projected start date is some time in the 4th quarter of this year. I am currently trying to pin down the specifics and critically need input from the local community.

The team league would feature a 7 round (one day per month) format where you would be able to team with other players. Each month you would play a different team (highest rated from A plays highest rated from B, 2nd rated from team A players 2nd highest from B and 3rd highest from A plays 3rd highest rated from team B). The combined scores determine the winner of the match each month. I am currently trying to pin down the specifics and critically need input from the local community.

Please take time to either post to this forum, at wiredkingscc.blogspot.com or email me atIdinnaeken1@aol.com The former is preferred so we can generate some real discourse. For each facet that we are trying to determine, I have done my best to include two or more options. I have emboldened anything that is pretty much settled on already.

We will have 2 sections. The top section would be a 7RR and the lower section would be 7SS. *We might do 6RR/6SS with a bye month.

Choice 1A: These sections will be initially determined by rating. In other cities that run chess leagues I have found they start with ratings determining the sections. In some of these cities, each year they will promote the first and second teams in the bottom section and bring down the two lowest finishing top section teams for following seasons. This would work similar to soccer in Europe. I favor this idea since it promotes movement in sections and encourages serious play through the last weeks (in the last week a one-win upper level team could be facing demotion and might need to win). The ability to do this likely depends on the number of teams participating (it is possible the bottom section will also need to be RR).

Choice 1B: The alternate choice would be to run seasons with re-seeding by rating regardless of previous results.

Choice 2A: The event will be rated. This will give an additional opportunity to pick up rating points in New Mexico. There are a relatively small pool of tournaments to play rated chess in New Mexico. This has changed somewhat with WKCC. I know some people simply like to play rated chess over unrated chess as the games would have a more personal impact. Also, the time controls would probably be a bit slower than WKCC games which would allow “slow-only” players a chance to play rated once a month.

Choice 2B: The event will be unrated. This will allow for more team strategy. For example, take a situation where a 2000 rated player were playing a game versus a 1600 and the 2000 rated player only needed a draw for his/her team to win. If the game were rated they might play through a grueling endgame in hopes of finding the win (but also risking a loss) just so they wouldn’t harm their rating. If the game were unrated they would probably be more accepting of a draw for their team’s glory. Conversely, the 1600 would probably be less likely to accept a draw (and forego the chance to gain points from said draw), if only a win held their team. Essentially, rating points introduce personal accolade (rating) into a team setting. Also, if the event were unrated we would potentially be able to solicit people that are no longer members or who have never been members. Unrated might also allow for people that are protecting their rating to play games with some meaning. Finally, more of the costs of the league would be funneled into prizes.

Choice 3A: The event will meet on Saturdays. Saturdays already have a proven, free, venue to host the tournaments. Most likely meets would be held at the Downtown Library. This would really help players from Santa Fe and Belen/Los Lunas. At this point, however, only Jim Johnston from Santa Fe and the Quest teams have voiced interest). I would love to hear from more SF/South players. Additionally, since we are only holding one round we could play a G/2 hours and still have most of the day for non-chess activities.

Choice 3B: The event will meet on a weeknight. We would avoid potential saturation of Saturday chess. Currently, there are already about 1.5 chess events per month on Saturdays (not including the Cherry Hills and Foothills Clubs). This would allow play for people that can not normally make Saturday tournaments. However, it would make it more difficult for teams (or individual players) from Santa Fe and the South. The site also might add some cost on week nights (I have a few low cost, but not free options). Time controls could be no longer than G/90 and the rounds would probably start at 6:30 PM.

Choice 4A: Trophies/Clocks/Plaques. I feel like this is the best option, maybe we could do clocks with engrave plaque on them. We could do board prizes 1st, 2nd, 3rd boards and also give prizes to the first team. We might also do plaque or certificate prizes for “top corporate team” or “top club team.”

Choice 4B: Cash Prizes. We would award to similar winners, but I would think that for an event like this we would need something unique that gives some lasting bragging right.

Choice 5A: 3 player teams with up to 2 alternates.

Choice 5B: 4 player teams with up to 2 alternates.

This boils down to a numbers issue. I think most people would prefer larger teams if that capability exists. However, I think that we will only be able to have 3 player teams in order to have a number of teams appropriate to host two competitive sections. Most likely, we will run with 3 player teams regardless of input. I think alternates are key since this is over a long period and many people cannot foresee their schedule 7 months down the road. It shouldn’t be hard to commit to having 3 of 5 team players show up. “Up to 2 alternates” would be included in the language in case some teams want to chance only having 1 alternate. 3 Alternates would probably be too many because it is close to having another team; however, we could probably grant alternate exceptions in extenuating circumstances.

Once again, please respond and give input. The registration process will probably end at least 2 weeks before the season starts. I will use the WKCC team tournament as an additional springboard for interest. However, terms should probably be decided well before then.

-Chad Schneider

4-9-09 Chess tournament in Durango, Colorado, April 18th

The Durango Chess Club cordially invites all New Mexico players to a fun, USCF rated Game/60 tournament on Saturday, April 18th. The location is the beautiful new Durango Recreation Center, 2700 North Main St, (970) 375-7300. On-site registration is 9:00 to 9:30am, and the round times are 10am, 1pm and 3:30pm. Entry fee is $20, or $12 for ages 60+ or under 20. Prizes will be based on entries, and every player will have a reasonable chance at winning a cash prize. There will also be a team trophy for the 3-player team with the highest cummulative score.

Currently the highest-rated players who are planning to attend are 1700s, with a good assortment of players from 1000 on up. We expect 12-20 players total. There will also be a kids camp and mini-tournament on Friday at the Durango Rec Center from 3pm to 6pm ($19). If you have questions or want to pre-register, contact Damian Nash, chess@krusemer.com.

Durango is about 4 hours from Albuquerque, so it is possible to make it a long day trip. However, there is also beautiful camping very close to the tournament (Junction Creek Campground in the National Forest), and some players are planning to turn it into a chess camping trip. There are also several $40 motels within walking distance (recommended: Days End Motel, with creek view), and the walk along the Animas River is gorgeous.

Best regards,

Damian Nash
TD and Organizer

4-9-09 A Short Note from the NMCO President

Please read the “Legal Update” on page 11 of the April 2009 Chess Life. The lawsuits involved are a sad commentary on the constant politics, going on in the USCF. The only persons who will profit from this are lawyers. Our dues money and funds donated to the USCF by chess supporters will take the hit. As we are all dependent on the USCF for rated tournaments, we can only hope for a speedy resolution. Note that Sam Sloan, who sued the USCF for $20,000,000, is again running for USCF office. You may want to consider this when you vote for those who will run the USCF in the next years.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

3-30-09 WKCC Galaxy Octagons Results

We had a great turn out (42 players). The results will be posted in full this morning. Here is the list of winners.

Section 1

1st: John Flores 3/3
2nd: Tad A Snediker & Reuben Sbarge 2/3

Section 2

1st: Edward Lu 2.5/3
2nd: Dante Archuleta, Albert Zuo, Robert Hampton 2/3

Section 3
1st: Albert Kwong 3/3
2nd: Manuel Rios & Isaac Ewing 2/3

Section 4

1st: Lin Wang 3/3
2nd: Leon Moyer, Paul Sanchez, Dan Tellez 2/3

Section 5

1st: Dinh KQ Nguyen 3/3
2nd: Chris Hyde, Randy Zhang, Jeffrey Li, Alfredo Vigil 2/3

It should be noted that the winners of section 3 and 4 have won two straight tournaments. Also, Albert Kwong, the section 3 winner, was the lowest seed in his section and took clear first with 3/3. Congratulations!

The next tournament is the upcoming Saturday (April 4th). We will see you then!

Chad Schneider

3-17-09 Chess Team League

Chad Schneider of Albuquerque, Email: idinnaeken1@aol.com, is trying to find out if there are sufficient players interested in participating in a chess team league open to both adults and youths. Teams might have three members and one or two alternates. Play could be once a month. Contact Chad by Email if you would like more information or to show your interest.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

3-16-09 Chess Books & Set For Sale: Tax Deductible

I am currently training for a marathon to raise funds for the leukemia & lymphoma society.
I would like to sell off my modest chess library:
Title Author Pub Date Retail
The Amateur’s Mind Silman 1999  $19.95
How to Reassess Your Chess Silman 1993  $17.95
The Reassess Your Chess Workbook Silman 2001  $19.95
Modern Chess Opennings de Firmian 1999  $30.00
The Middle Game, Book 1 Euwe & Kramer 1994  $19.95
The Middle Game, Book 2 Euwe & Kramer 1994  $19.95
My System, 21st Century Edition Nimzowitsch 1991  $19.95
Pandolfini’s Endgame Course Pandolfini 1988  $11.00
The Black Knights’ Tango Orlov 1998  $15.00
How to Win in the Chess Opennings Horowitz 1951  $11.00
Winning Chess Tactics Illustrated Horowitz 1963  $1.50
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Fischer 1973  $1.50
Samurai Chess Gelb & Keene 1997  $16.95
Total  $204.65
I will also include my tournament set (vinyl roll-up board and nice weighted pieces) to
the highest bidder.  I can provide a receipt for tax deduction. I would like to sell the
whole lot, all in.  I am not looking for full-retail, just as much as I can get for it.
You can also visit my fundraising website at:
Thanks for your help!
Carl Goodwin
(505) 321-6364

3-3-09 David Quadderfield Results

The full, rated results will be posted within the next couple of days. In the meantime, here are the winners:

Quad #1: Zach Stuart 2/2
Quad #2: (tie) Jim Johnston 2/3, Craig Lewis 2/3
Quad #3: Munir Hammad 3/3
Quad #4: Eliot O’Brien 3/3
Quad #5: Richard Lass 2.5/3
Quad #6: Derek Garcia 3/3
Quad #7: Albert Kwong 3/3
Quad #8: Lin Wang 3/3
Quad #9: Shadi Battah 2.5/3

Congratulations to all! Checks are written and will be sent out this morning. Thanks to all for your participation. I think the tournament went as well as could be expected.

We already have 18 for the March tournament. I will post an entrant list on March 14th at wiredkingscc.blogspot.com

Next time (March 28th) here are some things we are going to attempt:

-We will try to get a chess discount for a restaurant or two downtown.
-We are going to survey the field to see what they want from tournaments in the 6 month period following June. (The library allows booking 6 months at a time, so we’ll put together a schedule for the next six months around May).
-We will try to have a package ready for anyone interested in joining the USCF in the future. *We had a few people come up and spectate that wanted membership information. We will also have information on how to buy sets (once again, spectators wanted to buy supplies).

Any suggestions about the above would be greatly appreciated!

Chad Schneider

3-3-09 Tournament Venues/Board/ETC

I would think we could run the closed tournament with limited prizes and a chance to just play for the state title. I wonder if we could do something like playing for an engraved state championship clock (this WSOP bracelets). It could be run alongside an open tournament. This would cut down on site costs and essentially make the prizes the loan “cost.” If invites were declined, at least the NM Cup would provide a clear succession line for who to invite next. I can see how making the reward a huge prize would be difficult, especially considering there is no state membership fee.

Another thought would be to have a chess festival similar to ones they have in euro or a “Chess fest” that we have in Albuquerque. This could include incorporating a simul or two, having some alternative chess, etc. I am not sure how we could generate interest; however, if we could pull it off it could be good for the community. I know (on the adult level) these never seem to work in Albuquerque, but I’d love to hear ideas.

Finally, I have considered running for the executive board and am flattered at the invitation to run for office. It will definately be considered come October. At this point I’ll just offer as much perspective as I can without committing. WKCC offers enough excitement and work at the moment.

Most sincerely,
Chad Schneider

3-2-09 Chess Playing Venues

To continue discussion of the choices of chess playing venues:

Chad suggested using High Schools. >From what I have been told, by a knowledgeable person who was in charge of a Scholastic Tourney, there is no real monetary advantage. The requested “donation”, to cover custodians and building use, is just about what we were paying, per day, at the Days Inn. The schools are generally not available on Sundays. Therefore, only single day tournaments would be practical. However, we do need to keep all our options open. I will be helping out as a floor TD at the K-6 at Manzano HS, 3/21, and will try to get further info on just what is involved to secure a school as a venue, the allowable hours and thecurrent expenses involved.

It was with considerable regret that, for now, that we have chosen venues other than the Days Inn on Menaul in Albuquerque. There is an important situation that the Board feels must be “changed”. When we are assured that this has been done, NMCO will go back as the Days Inn has many advantages — such as having the whole building to ourselves, fast food across the street and within eyesight of I-25.

Certainly, within the limited hours of operation (10 A.M. to 6 P.M.), the public libraries chosen by Scott and Chad for one day Wired Kings tournaments are just fine, and they are FREE. It’s hard to beat that price!! If tournaments could spread out over two Saturdays, instead of having to finish in one day, longer time controls would be possible. Perhaps, Scott and Chad will consider that if/when they plan future Wired Kings CC events.

We are fortunate to have chess supporters like Paul Morton of Rio Rancho whose cooperation made it possible to secure the Meadowlark Center for our June two day tournament. In addition, the enthusiastic welcome our June tournament received from the Meadowlark center’s management is in great contrast to the response of some Albuquerque municipal venues that were investigated in the past.

Next, in reply to comment about a closed championship tournament: The closed tournament was a considerable financial loss to NMCO even though I made a personal donation of $500 towards the cost. In addition, despite the then president’s (Munir Ramzi Hammad) hard work, most of the top rated players turned down invitations except for Jesse and Steve, so it was not as strong a group, by rating, as we had expected. Remember, entry was free. Just as important: Spectator turnout for the championship was sparse — that said there was little interest from most NMCO members. NMCO tournaments cannot be run for just a select few players when the great majority’s entry fees make the major NM tournaments possible. Lack of support from lower rated players, to me, is one of the key determining factors in the present decision not to hold another closed tournament.

A side note: Without the excellent services of Senior TD, Art Glassman – to whom we owe a debt of thanks for all that he did, including two days of his time and providing first class sets and clocks, – there might have been no closed event!!

To sum up: Based on past experience, it is doubtful the current Executive Board would O.K. another closed championship unless some outside benefactor would provide the full cost of all the related expense. In these difficult financial times, finding such is doubtful.

Last, I welcome Chad’s interest and comment. It would be great if he would consider volunteering to be a NMCO Executive Board member when elections come up in October.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

2-26-09 RE: New venue/Tournament Ideas

Kudos on finding the new sites! I know substantial work went into the search.

As far as tournament ideas, there are two tournaments I would like to see.

1) Open Tournament, one section. Tournaments such as the US Open have always been my favorite tournaments when anyone can play anyone and there is great upset potential. It allows people to “play up” without having to sacrifice class prize potential. Also, it allows for people to play each other than might have never played. The pool of players in this state is relatively small and having class restrictions on tournaments artificially shrinks it more. I know this always been a contentious idea; however, I’d like to voice my favor.

2) Closed tournament. I know the previous closed tournament ceased. However, I think we could help increase general tournament attendance if we somehow attached it to the New Mexico Cup. I think if we attached reward to the NM Cup that is more tangible we could get people that would play for the sole purpose of earning points. My initial thought is that in our closed tournament (to maybe decide NM champion) we invite some combination of

NM Open Champion
Memorial Champion
Albuquerque Open Champion
Pir Maleki
State Blitz Champion or SF Open champion

Then the top 3 to 5 Cup champions (that don’t overlap the above) and create closed tournament. The closed tournament could be a RR (with 6 players) or it could be a 4SS with more players (10 maybe?). It could be run at the same venue as an open tournament or some other event. An event like this might be able to get some sponsor ship if we worked at it (although that is doubtful in the current market).

I hope this helps create some discourse.

Best Regards,
Chad Schneider

2-25-09 News From NMCO

News From NMCO

2009 will see two new playing sites for major NM Chess Tournaments.

First, On June 27th & 28th we will hold an open tournament at the Meadowlark Senior Center in Rio Rancho. (From I-25 take route 528 West and then North – past Intel and turn right onto Meadowlark Lane immediately after Smiths). The Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Open sections, and other details will be finalized by the NMCO Board in the immediate future. So as to make the deadline of Chess Life’s Tournament Life Announcements. This facility is more spacious, with better lighting, tables in better conditions, a separate room for analysis and skittles and plenty of free parking. We are indebted to the Meadowlark Chess Group for co-sponsoring this event with NMCO. Without their assistance this fine venue would not have been available.

The nearby shopping center, with entrances on both Rt#528 and Meadowlark Lane, has both fast food and other amenities. Route #528 is a major road with additional food sources. The Rio Rancho Convention and Visitors Bureau is in the process of negotiating competitive overnight rates at more than one hotel and motel for out of town players.

Next, the New Mexico Open, which features the 2009 NM Championships, will be held on October 24/25 at the MCM Elegante Hotel, 2020 Menaul — Next door to the Days Inn. Again, we will have more space and better lighting in a first class environment. Since this is eight months away, final details have set to be decided….SO…we would like feedback on the rating divisions for sections and the number of sections you think best.

Still in work and planning is at least one Chess tournament in Santa Fe — probably in September.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

2-15-09 WKCC Registered Players List

The Wired Kings Chess Club has potsted the most recent advanced entry list (as of 2-14-09) for the David Quadderfield Quads tournament that will take place on February 28th. Here is the link.http://wiredkingscc.blogspot.com/

-Chad Schneider

2-2-09 Thanks for a great NM Memorial Tournament!

Dear NMCO —

I want to thank you all for a great tournament at the NM Memorial and Senior in Albuquerque last month. Finishing tied for first, I’m happy with my result, of course. I sent Jim Johnston an article with all my annotated games and training secrets for the next issue of Desert Knight. Meanwhile, I want to express how much I enjoy the people I’ve met through the NM chess community. They are highly creative bunch over the board, and unusually gracious and interesting away from the board.

In particular, I want to thank Art Byers. Not only did he organize and direct the tournament — both of which are big and often thankless jobs — but he also provided hospitality over the weekend for me and my friend Bob Fordon, a former Colorado champion. We had a fine time over coffee in the morning and steaks in the evening. Art’s humor, vigor, generosity and dedication to the greatest of all games are a huge credit for the state chess organization and all the players that he represents.

Best regards,

Damian Nash
Moab, Utah

1-23-09 Valencia County Chess

Who: Valencia County Chess Club
Where: Belen Public Library
When: January 31st @ 11:00am

Visit our club and participate in a hands-on lecture with Art Glassman regarding “chess learning theory”. Art will present his theories and also the opinions of other top level players. Examples will be at ‘class’ level chess. VCC will start earlier than normal at 11:00am January the 31st in order to allow time for regular club games after Art’s talk.

New Mexico Rail Runner Express is now running on Saturday between Santa Fe and Belen. So no excuse regarding being able to get to Belen cheaply and comfortably and the library is only a few blocks from the station. Art will be arriving via the train. Join him and treat other passengers to “chess on train”.

Food and drink will be provided by the Belen Library snack bar. The snack bar only accepts cash so make sure to bring the green.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact info@vcchess.net