12-13-08 Tournament in Durango, Colorado, 12/20

The Durango Chess Club cordially invites New Mexico chess players to cross the border into Colorado for a fun mini-tournament. 3-round Quads (4-player sections, divided by rating) at Game/75 (5 second delay) starting 9am on Saturday, December 20th, at the Durango Rec. Center, 2700 North Main Street. 5-round Quick tournament (G/15 with 3-second delay) Friday evening, starting at 6pm. Full details online at http://coloradochess.com/pdf/2008DurangoWinterChessTournamentFlyer.pdf. For more information contact tournament organizer, John Mical, at micalorama@gmail.com.

12-1-08 Wired Kings February-June 2009 schedule

As we stated in our previous post, we have set our schedule “not to coincide with other major tournaments in the region.” The library that we have chosen for our primary site sets their schedule for the meeting space six months in advance, twice a year. The Wired Kings CC will also set its schedule in six-month blocks. We have made sure that our tournaments do not conflict with other advertised tournaments in the state, like the Memorial, Pir Maleki, and the Albuquerque Open. We also request that when we advertise our tournament schedule on the NMCO and USCF websites, the other organizers in the state will do their best to accommodate our tournaments.

Here are our tournament dates for February-June 2009.

  • Saturday, February 28 – Quad tournament G/60
  • Saturday, March 28 – Octagon tournament G/60
  • Saturday, April 4 – Blitz tournament G/5
  • Saturday, May 2 – Quad tournament G/60
  • Saturday, June 6 – Action Open G/30

All tournaments will be USCF rated. Details and entry forms will be posted soon about all tournaments.

Our primary site, the Erna Fergusson library, is ideally located on San Mateo and Comanche. There is quite a bit of free parking, although there has been a lot of construction on San Mateo in the last few months. Lots of places nearby to grab a quick bite, including Venezia’s, Wing Stop, Popeye’s, Souper Salad, Mac’s, Church’s, Subway, and Del Taco. The meeting room is set off to the side of the library’s foyer. Tournament players don’t even have to go into the library to get to the room. It has enough room, chairs, and tables for 40 players. It also has good lighting, nearby restrooms, and free but limited wireless internet access.

If anyone would like more information about our tournaments, please send an e-mail to wiredkingscc@gmail.com. Thank you.

Scott Kerns and Chad Schneider
Wired Kings Chess Club

11-30-08 Tournament planning

Chess Playing Site Criteria

I currently wear three hats for the New Mexico Chess Organization: President, Desert Knight Team Member and Tournament Organizer. The following is an explanation of what is kept in mind when NMCO seeks a place to organize a chess event. Although we have several suitable venues for playing chess, past V.P., John Baxter, wisely point out that we cannot always count on availability. Also players seem to enjoy a new and different site from time to time.

The criteria can be explained by the letters: C.L.A.A.S.P.

COST: What is the total cost for the playing site including such things as: Do we have to rent tables and chairs? Does the venue require insurance. Will it fit our budget? The reality is that the lower the cost, the more money is available for prizes.

LOCATION: Is the site on or near a main road and/or a highway? Is there public transportation and is it easy to find?

AVAILABILITY: Can we have it when we want it? Good private and municipal venues are often booked well in advance for such things as conventions, weddings, corporate meetings, etc.

AMENITIES: Is there fast food as well as a reasonably priced regular restaurant within a short distance. The lack of such has disqualified the Balloon Museum as a future site. Is there a place to analyze games and play skittles without disturbing the competing players?

SPACE: Is it suitable for 50 boards or only 20?

PARKING: Is there sufficient free parking space available. One of the problems of the UNM Student Union Building, for a weekend tournament, is that when there are several major events on campus, both garage parking (which is expensive) and on-street parking space can be a real problem.

A couple of weeks ago, on behalf of NMCO, I began negotiating for a municipal site that can easily hold over 80 boards — or by closing sliding partitions, many less. It has plenty of tables and chairs, in first class condition. If I am successful, the potential venue will be brought before the executive board for discussion and vote on a new two day NMCO weekend tournament in May of 2009.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

11-30-08 Re: Wired Kings Chess Club

Good evening Chad & Scott,

Your forum post is really good news. The more the merrier!!

A few suggestions:

1. Be sure to check the scholastic web site for possible date conflicts. Also remember Pir Maleki is in April 2009.

2. NMCO is currently negotiating for a municipal site for a 2-day weekend tournament in May 2009. I will keep you posted either way – success or no go!

3. The Valencia County CC has done some preliminary planning for a one day Spring 2009 chess tournament at the Belen public Library. As that location will save, players living well South of Albuquerque, some lengthy driving, stay in contact with Dale Gibbs.

Thank you for your initiative!!

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

11-24-08 Wired Kings Chess Club

After all of the discussion on the NMCO boards and outside discussions with other chess aficionados, I decided to take some initiative. Scott Kerns and I have put together the Wired Kings Chess Club. It has the single purpose of hosting USCF-rated tournaments in Albuquerque. It is our plan to host one tournament per month at the Erna Fergusson Library. The tournaments will begin in February and have been plotted as not to coincide with other major tournaments in the region. The tournaments will start with a quad tournament in February, an Octagonal in March, Blitz Chess in April, and so forth. These will be one-day tournaments for the most part. We are already affiliated with USCF.

The Erna Fergusson library has a good room for us to use. It is a lot like the room that the old Westside Chess Club used to use at the North Valley Library. However, there are two issues with having the tournament in the library. First, we cannot take entries at the site. All entries must be sent in to the address that will be provided. Second, we cannot have more than 40 players. The library has a limited space; therefore, anyone hoping to play should enter in advance, and as soon as possible.We will be circulating information on tournaments through flyers, postings on the web, in Chess Life, etc.

We are also creating a mailing list so that we can send out information about our tournaments directly. If you would like information about tournaments, please send your email address to: WiredKingsCC@gmail.com

When we have finalized our schedule for the first half of 2009, we will provide dates and details.

Thank you for your support,
Chad Schneider and Scott Kerns
Wired Kings Chess Club

11-24-08 Feedback needed

Is there any interest in having a list, on the web site, of the names of NMCO internet chess players and their handes?

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

11-21-08 Desert Knight Quiz

The November DK is now up on the website! So there are no more excuses… go to page 29 and look at the GM photos…every chess player will know who some of these GM’s are. Guess the other 2 or 3 and send us your answers. The closing date is 12/1. You could win a free entry to a NMCO tournament.

Jim Johnston

11-19-08 Continuing discussion with Chad Schneider

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

11-17-08 Inherent Tournament Barriers Revisited

I have never meant to downplay the efforts of past or current enthusiasts. I also did not want to diminish the inherent barriers presented by the population of New Mexico. I am simply attempting to move discourse to a level that creates further understanding, one that could provide potential benefits down the road.

As most club directors are aware, I have e-mailed each director asking for help providing facilities for tournaments. I figure that it would be hypocritical for me to address an issue and not try to take some initiative. In doing so, I have found some support for hosting tournaments at their venues. I would love to try to parlay this into actual tournament dates.

Also, I would like to put up for discussion the possibilities of bringing more scholastic players into the mix of adult players. If our senior leadership feels that New Mexico has a disproportionate dropout rate of high school chess players, does anyone have suggestions for how we might be able to change this? Three quick ideas:

1) Discounting scholastic entries. I know this has been done in the past, but I am not sure of the publicity level that is reaching our scholastic players.

2) Using high school sites more frequently as sites. In the past, I know we have used UNM as a site and in exchange offered discounts to student entrants. If we attempted this with some of our high school teams, it is possible that at least an increased dialogue and exposure could create more entries from site (and other) schools.

3) Co-mingling tournaments. Is it possible that we could have an adult open tournament with “scholastic team prizes.” I am particularly thinking of things like “super nationals” where there is a large tournament, but team prizes are derived by the success of multiple individual scores. This would take some initiative to actually reach out to scholastic coaches.

If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them on the forum or via email.

Chad Schneider

11-15-08 local club rated play

Responding to Chad Schneider:

Part of our problem is the actual number of ACTIVE chess players living in New Mexico. Although the USCF list may show something under 500 active NM USCF members, a lot, perhaps half, are Scholastic and the dropout rate is quite high -especially among those who don’t do well and also upon graduation from high school. Also, Scholastic players are able to play, once a week, at their school clubs – usually during school hours or just after school when adult players are working at their jobs.

A good attendance at the Foothills CC monthly meeting is 16 players of all ages. Many times it is fewer. Oren Stevens deserves many thanks for keeping that club going.

NMCO will send out Email Broadcasts to publicize all club tournaments open to all chess players. Requests for such are few because rated club tournaments are scarce. Next time you are at a NMCO tournament, ask Art Glassman about his many efforts to run weekly rated games or even just games. It is not a happy tale. Past President, Silas Perry, had a “free” venue (his office) for what he called the “Tuesday Night Fight Club” . It started O.K. and then attendance dwindled down after a few weeks.

The rooms at the Bear Canyon Senior Center are under real pressure M through F. Most groups only have a room for 1 hour once a week. I play at Bear Canyon. We play the noisy lobby, not a private room, with bridge players, etc all around us. We could not keep a private room as we wanted 3 to 4 hours and in that time they could satisfy the need of 3 or 4 groups instead of just one – and we play 3 days a week. Saturdays can be less busy and sometimes can have openings. When I got special permission to run a USCF rated quick tournament, it had to be on a Saturday when they had an all day opening. Then they had to find money somewhere in the budget to pay someone to stay after hours as B/C closes at 3 P.M. on a Saturday. The turnout was poor – so even though the room was free, the prize fund was small.

When I lived in the NY/NJ area, a club or local tournament could have a reasonable turnout because of the exceptionally high population count in the multi millions and the good road systems. A major tournament in NJ would pull 500 or 600, the majority of whom were from nearby NY or local NJ & PA (including Philadelphia). Look at the number of Chess Life TLA’s from New Jersey and New York City where weekly one evening tournaments have enough players show up to make them worth while. However, as a percentage of those many multi millions, the number of USCF member chess players is very minute!! Perhaps, just about the same percentage as NM has with our total population of about a million.

All that being said, – I just finished updating the NMCO Excel data base from the entry forms of the NM Open. I will pull all those who have Santa Fe Addresses. Unfortunately, many do not have phone numbers listed even though we ask for them. Using this list, you may find enough players who want longer games.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

11-13-08 Chessfest November 22nd


We need floor directors for Chessfest on Saturday, November 22nd at Sandia Prep. Any help is very much appreciated, even if you can stay for just an hour. Floor directors help resolve situations between players, which are usually things like illegal moves, “is this checkmate?”, “he keeps touching me” and other fun disputes. You do not have to be a USCF tournament director to work at Chessfest. Floor directors can always come to me if they can’t resolve an issue. Please e-mail me at scott.kerns@yahoo.com if you’re interested, and feel free to pass this on to any other experienced chess players that might be interested. Thanks!


11-13-08 Re: Improving the Santa Fe Chess club.

In response to Arthur Byes reply, “Improving the Santa Fe Club”

I am aware that individuals are responsible for starting and maintaining chess clubs. Nowhere on my post did I mention the NMCO should create one for me. The purpose of my post was to see if there are any other Santa Fe chess players who may feel the same – not to “complain” as your reply post defensively mentions.

I would like to note that the NMCO chess club listing describes the Santa Fe chess club as, ” Casual chess, lots of blitz, and sometimes slower rated matches. Some of the newest players mingle here with some of the state’s best.”

There are no slow/rated games at the SF borders chess club. As mentioned previously – it is simply too loud and noisy to house any serious games. Perhaps a description change is in order.

I will take initiative in contacting SF players with efforts to stir up rated play, with your help I have no doubts something can get off the ground. Will contact shortly.

Jordan Ogas.

11-13-08 Addendum to “more tournaments”

I also feel there “should” be more tournaments. However, it seems like at this point it is an impossibility due to lack of resources and/or manpower. I started playing chess when I lived in Minneapolis and used to play rated chess weekly at chess clubs and/or the bi-weekly tournaments held by various organizers. There was also an unrated chess league that had about 15 teams of 4 (+1 alternate) players. I found that with more tournaments I was far more motivated to study on my own and be involved in the chess community.

Unfortunately, after speaking with tournament organizers in New Mexico over the past 12 years, I have found one consistent theme that resonates. This being, tournament facilities are difficult to find for even break-even profitability. Unless A) someone has access to tournament-quality facilities at a beyond reasonable price; or B) you can pre-arrange a league/tournament schedule that charges advanced entries fees which guarantee cost coverage; or C) someone knows daddy-warbucks who can sponsor tournaments despite a down market; then it appears that we will have to settle for having one tournament every two months and buying memberships on ICC.

It should also be reiterated that there might be possibilities to speak with club directors that already have facility arrangements. These entities should be able to hold rated tournaments at their discretion. For example, the WestSide Chess Club hosted Blitz-rated octagons and the Foothills club has run multiple “slow-rated” octagons. This would seem like the most viable solution. If Foothills Chess Club, UNM Chess Club, Bear Canyon Chess Club, Valencia Chess Club, etc. all used one meeting date every three months to host a tournament, then New Mexico would meet your goal of “one or more a month” and there would possibly be a reciprocal increase in attendance to their respective clubs.

-Chad Schneider

11-12-08 Improving the Santa Fe Club

In reply to Jordan Ogas’ interest in a different type of chess club in Santa Fe.

Jordan, the New Mexico Chess Organization’s official mission does not include starting chess clubs. These are organized by individuals who want to play chess. For example, the new Valencia County chess club was started by just a few players and now meets regularly at the public library in Belen.

We have donated chess equipment to new chess clubs once they have a regular place to meet and a secure place to store the sets and boards. NMCO also gives financial support the Polgar and Denker local winners to help with travel expenses to those national tournaments. Our funds are limited. Our volunteers are all completely unpaid and we have difficulty getting enough volunteers to fill all the offices needed to run the organization.

The only reason I have had time to devote to NMCO is that I am a retired widower. All the other officers are full time students or have gainful employment (or both) and/or have families to whom they must devote a good portion of their spare time.

FYI: NMCO is the official State Affiliate of the USCF. We are required by the USCF to hold at least three “major” tournaments each calendar year. Currently they are the January Memorial/Senior, the June Albuquerque Open and the NM Open which is usually held at the end of October or the beginning of November. For the last few years we have held one day chess tournaments at the Santa Fe Womans club. We also have held minor tournaments with the co-sponsorship of the UNM Chess club at the UNM Student Union Building and even held one day “quick rated” tournaments at the Albuquerque Bear Canyon Senior Center and the Balloon Museum.

There are plenty of chess players in the Santa Fe area.

If you are really serious about a better chess club, NMCO can help by supplying you with the names of SF players who show up with some regularity at NMCO tournaments and even make a special Email broadcast – only to those Santa Fe players who have given us their Emails. We would ask them to contact YOU about improving the current club. Rather than complaining about the lack of a Santa Fe club where you can play long games, our best advice is that you take some action on your own to change and expand the SF club. If you can convince a much larger group to attend at the current meeting place, you should find others interested in slow play and chess study.

Please send me your Email so we can correspond directly.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

11-12-08 Desert Knight Games as pgn data bases

Is there any interest in having the games, printed the issues of Desert Knight, available on the NMCO web site in the for of PGN? PGN files can be loaded into Mac’s and P.C.’s and in to any of the free chess programs available on the internet such as Winboard, etc.

Arthur Byers
President, NMCO

11-11-08 NM State Collegiate Title Match

This semester’s match between the University of New Mexico chess club
and the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology chess club was
held on Wednesday, Nov. 5th, in the UNM Student Union Building. There
were lots of close games and exciting time scrambles. At the end,
Tech was able to carry the match by a score of 9.5 to 6.5 and retain
the title of the NM State Collegiate Champion, along with all the
glory that goes with that title.

The match has become a regular event between the two schools and was
well attended once again. 22 players were on hand and friendly
competition was enjoyed by all. Both clubs have players with a wide
range of experience and playing strength and invite everyone
interested to attend the regular meetings of either club. The Tech
club meets Thursdays in Jones Hall, Room 202, on the Socorro campus.
UNM meets Wednesday evenings in the SUB.

More information at www.nmchess.org

For info on the UNM club contact Anthony Chen at 610-8678 or

For info on the NM Tech club contact Charles Florance cfloranc@nmt.edu,
or Alex Kornienko akornien@nmt.edu

NM Institute of Mining & Technology — “The Fighting Mine Shaft Canaries”
Steve Harrington, Alexander Mikhalin, Akanni Olatokunbo, Brock Romero,
Charles Florance, Jonathan Amdahl, Sam Olmsted, Mike Brown

UNM — “Lobos”
Christian Von Huene, Anthony Chen, John Flores, Zach Stuart, Gabe Ewing,
Dante Archuleta, Alex Resovsky, Steven Calvin, Caroline Rempe, Holly
McRoberts, Daniel Spohn, Lazaro Cardenas
(Thanks to Art Glassman and Pierre Cudanov for sitting in for extra

11-10-08 USCF Dues

It looks like there will be some dues changes a/o January 1st. This may be a good time to renew your membership. Note there are meaningful discounts if you choose to receive Chess Life on line instead of in your mailbox.

Art Byers
President, NMCO

11-10-08 More tournaments – better Santa Fe chess club

I too would like to place some pressure on one of the NM chess organization’s “ideal squares.” I would like to see more tournaments. Once a month is ideal if not more!

As a resident of Santa Fe, I must confess my location is limiting my progression in srength. The SF chess club at borders is really a joke. It is a loud, busy atmosphere where all four chess players are only interested in blitz. I would like to see a Santa Fe chess club in a quiet, serious club player enviornment with – dare I say it – SLOW, rated games.

More NM chess tournaments! Better SF chess club.

Jordan Ogas

11-10-08 ISO Chess Lecturer

St. Michael’s High School Chess Club in Santa Fe meets on Mondays and Wednesday at 4:30 – 6, and we are interested in somebody teaching a few classes for a modest fee to our new players.

Steve Aarons
St. Mikes’s Chess Coach/Parent Sponsor

11-10-08 A Note On the Monte Vista Tourney

Just an update to let people know that I will not be organizing a K12 tourney at Monte Vista this year as has happened the last three years. Last spring and this summer I spoke to a couple of people and encouraged them to contact the principal at Monte Vista Elementary if they were truly interested in trying to continue a Monte Vista K12 tournament. Monte Vista Elem. is an excellent site for K-12, but especially for the younger players who enjoy the fenced play area at the school. And the site is great for families of players – especially those with younger kids – since there is that nice sandbox and kids’ area there. Being right near UNM and all the local restaurants, isn’t such a bad thing either. Anyhow, point being, if you’re feeling like you’d like to organize a scholastic tournament, you may wish to approach the principal of Monte Vista Elementary.

Laura Blalock (laurablalock@yahoo.com)

11-10-08 What happened to tie-breakers?

Speaking of political correctness, what kind of a tournament is it where all sections (even open!) have two players tied for first place? What happened to tie-breakers? A real tournament has one, clear, distinct winner. There is no such thing as a “co-champion”; there is a champion and a runner-up. This looks like one of those “let’s all just have fun and get along” type of tournaments.

Or Amit

11-5-08 Two Issues

I’d like to put out two things into the open:
1) I feel that the best way to improve my own skills are to play in the pressure of a tournament. Studying and going to a club every now and then can only take one so far and las month we had zero tournaments. I wasn’t able to make it to the elctions so I am not sure who are holding the various positions (and their functions) but on behalf of me and several other people we’d like to challenge who ever is in charge of organizing tournaments to organize one tourney a month. Whether this tourney is an octogon, quad, or simple swiss…at least one a month would be a great goal that would be appreciated by any chess player.
2) Also, I’m not sure who is running the webpage now but I know in the past, after a tournament, it would read in big bold letters who won the various sections and congradulate them…Now it just says: “Thanks to all who participated.” I’m not sure if this is an attempt to be “PC” or something else b ut I definatly prefer the way that portion of the website used to be run.

I just offer this to help, “I don’t got beef with anyone”

Zach Stuart

11-4-08 CLOCK found at NM Open

Please identify and give serial number and its yours.

Art Glassman, TD

10-20-08 Desert Knight

1. The November Issue of Desert Knight is off the press!! 44 pages with some new features: i.e. The top 100 list of ACTIVE (in the past year) New Mexico Players and an index of games, by player and issue for all three 2008 DK magazines. There are lots of photo’s inside. There is a typo on the Letters to Desert Knight game. Move #8 should be axb4. DK was proof read by three different people before printing but this one escaped us all.

The November 08 Desert Knight will be distributed free to all who enter the New Mexico Open on November 1st and 2nd. If there are any extra copies, you can buy one additional at the tournament for $2. If you are not going to attend the NM Open and want a printed copy mailed to your home, send your $3. check payable to NMCO, marked Nov. DK, to P O Box 4215 Albuquerque NM 87196. Include a return self addressed label – PRINTED LEGIBLY!!

Read the next three sentences before you send for a mailed hard copy. Any and all profit, after expenses, from the sale of extra copies, mailed printed copies and CD ROM data bases (See #3. below) goes directly to the NMCO treasury. If we run out, I will print extra copies off my computer. For your information, All the 2008 Desert Knights will be available on the NMCO web site, nmchess.org, in two PDF versions: a printing version and an on-screen reading version. January & June are up now. November will be up for d/l about December 1st.

2. We are taking orders for all the games in the November 08 DK issue as commented Fritz interface data bases on CD ROM. For those who do not have a Fritz interface program such as Chess Base, Chess Base Reader, Fritz, Shredder, Junior etc., you can download a free version of ChessBase Light. The CD contains data base games from: Quads by Knight, the Albuquerque Warm-up, The Albuquerque Open, two “Swindles”, One additional game from Pir Maleki (Young Vs. Kraai), and the Santa Fe Open.

Again, send your check for $3.00 payable to NMCO, marked CD-ROM, to P O Box 4215 Albuquerque NM 87196. Include a return self addressed label – PRINTED LEGIBLY!! Deadline for receipt, of your letters requesting the CD ROM databases, is Wednesday , November 5th. Disks will be mailed approximately one week later.

3. The best games from the coming New Mexico Open will be forwarded to former NMCO President, Jeffrey Burch, who will decide the “Best Game prizes” and biggest “upset” prize (250 minimum point difference). ACCURATE score sheets must be submitted in the bins provided and marked at the top for consideration for “publishing in DK” or ” Best Game from section xxxx” – and/or “Biggest Upset.” Prize winning games will be published in the January 2009 Desert Knight.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

9-22-08 Head Coach Assistant Needed

Interested in assisting head coach at elementary school chess class on Wednesdays from 3:15 to 4:15? Pay is $20 per class. Contact Silas siperry@gmail.com.

9-22-08 Report from the NMCO Executive Board

Change is in the air!!!

(1) It appears that, at the November 2nd elections, there will be at least three Executive Board vacancies.

Current officers are: President, Silas Perry; V.P. Vacant; Treasurer Dean, Brunton; Secretary, Art Byers; Webmaster, Jeffrey Sallade; Desert Knight Editor, Jim Johnston; Youth Liaison, Gabe Ewing. Only the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary are elected position. All the rest are appointed positions and all but the Youth Liaison, if the person is under 18 years of age, are voting members.

President Silas Perry is going to be out of New Mexico from October to January and possibly longer. Wayne Hatcher will be resigning from the office of Tournament Organizer as of November 2nd. John Baxter has moved much further North and has already resigned as Vice-President. Dean Brunton has been our treasurer for many years and would like someone else to take over. I (Art Byers) plan to run for the office of President and that will mean vacating the position of Secretary.

This is a very serious matter as without capable volunteers there can be no NMCO Chess tournaments. All Board service is unpaid and involves one meeting a month for 1 to 1 1/2 hours – and of course, fulfilling the obligations of the position.

We believe anyone in the chess community can serve effectively. Please don’t feel you are not qualified just because you have not been an officer before. The current officers and several past officers are very willing to assist any new officer as they learn the ropes.

If you enjoy playing in NMCO events and want the tournaments to continue, please consider joining the Board. If you are willing to serve, send Email to me at the address below.

(2) At the November 2 meeting, we would like to Amend the NMCO constitution to allow the Youth Liaison position, when held by persons under 18 years of age, to be a voting position.

(3) For your information: Wayne has reserved the Days Inn for the annual Memorial/Senior chess tournament to be held January 17th & 18th 2009 and for the Albuquerque Open to be held June 27/28 2009. In the Spring, there may be additional chess events run by organizations other than NMCO such as the UNM Club and the Valencia County Chess Club.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

8-28-08 Re: What time is the Krush/Pruess lecture/simul?

The Krush/Pruess lecture/simul will start at 6:30pm


8-28-08 What time is the Krush/Pruess lecture/simul?

What time is the Krush/Pruess lecture/simul?

Dave Tall

8-25-08 Re: Visitor from Israel

Come on by the Coronado Chess Club on Wednesday night. It is located in the
back room of the Frontier restaurant (SE corner of Central & Cornell). Games
start @ 7:00, but players begin to show up around 6:00.
You can call Silas (505) 907 9840 if you have any questions.

Silas Perry

8-24-08 Visitor from Israel

I am ~2200 from Israel and will stay in Albuquerque for business next week Wednesday-Thursday. I will have free evenings and I’m interested if there will be a place to play some chess similar to my level during those nights.

Gadi Markovich
F28 Program office

8-4-08 Chess Sets, Chess clocks and Summer heat.

Take head and warning:

I was quite surprised, when unpacking my standard weighted plastic set at the Coronado club, to find the set had suffered from being left in my car when it was parked in the Summer sun. Automobiles, with the windows rolled up have a “greenhouse effect” and temperatures can reach 120 degrees F. or hotter.

First, some of the felt circles on the bottom of the pieces had come off and second, one of the weights in a black rook had fallen out when the heat literally melted the glue. Probably “hot melt” glue had been used at the factory as it is quick and easy to use and would have sped production.

One of my two digital chess clocks came with a specific warning about the possibility of damage if exposed to excessive heat and so I had not included it with the set that is normally stored in my auto. An old analog clock was in the bag but suffered no damage.

The repairs were easy enough – and fortunately, the lesson not to leave a chess set in an overheated car was learned on an inexpensive set. One cannot help but wonder what damage might have been done to an expensive Rosewood set.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

7-23-08 Mexico FIDE event


Could you contact me at Idinnaeken1@aol.com about the Mexico tournament. I’m intrigued and had some more questions. I have had the opportunity to play in Mexico before and really enjoyed it.

-Chad Schneider

7-12-08 Labor Day Chess Festival in Moab, Utah

Greetings NM players! I would like to invite you all to spend Labor Day weekend in beautiful Moab, Utah, enjoying a weekend of chess, chess variants (Chess960, Blindfold Chess and Bughouse), and exquisite classical and jazz music. Moab is 6 hours from Albuquerque and 3 hours from Farmington. Details about the Southern Utah Chess Festival are online at:http://www.utahchess.com/Event_Flyers/Southern_Utah_Chess_Festival_2008.doc

Damian Nash

7-12-08 Tournament Formats

Since you are soliciting opinions on tournament formats, let me chime in.

I think a good format is to take the highest rated 16 players at an event and put them into the top class. They then play a four round swiss. The new FIDE time control of 90 minutes plus 30 second increments looks like the control of the future. With this control one could play the rounds at 11 am and 5pm. Sixty move games would take under four hours leaving plenty of time between rounds. This is done for every block of 16 below the top.

As for prizes, I don’t really think amateurs should win cash, and NM events are almost all amateur events. I think a medal and a handshake are appropriate. However I am aware that this is an unpopular idea, so if you must pay cash, I suggest that you pay the top 4 finishers in each group from the funds generated by the entry fees from within that group; no using lower groups to support higher classes. In addition there should be no class prizes. This grouping into 16 player sections should supplant class prizes. Class prizes were always unfair anyway. States with less chess culture will often have 4 times as many C players as A players making it harder the lower rated player. Grouping by ratings allows each geographical area to reflect its own culture, and accommodates changes in that culture.

How one splits those prizes means little to me. Just tell us up front and I’ll be happy.

The awarding of cash is, I think, a bad idea. It fosters problems similar to gambling addiction and encourages sandbagging and other forms of cheating. But what to do? Silas Perry and I have decided to try an experiment. We will be running a club on the first and third Tuesdays of each month (maybe weekly if there is interest) where rated games will be played using Fight Club rules. To wit: names are thrown into a hat and matches are randomly drawn. There are no tournaments or prizes, just rated games on a regular basis. The cost will be just what is needed to cover rating fees. Players may agree upon their own time limit and if no agreement is reached there will be a default time of 60 minutes plus 30 second increments.

So allow me to invite you all to meet us at 10010 Indian School NE July 15th at 6:45 pm. If you have any questions you can call me at 254-2542.

Robert Haines

7-8-08 Suggested Prize Distribution for the New Mexico Open

I see no other postings regarding suggested prize distributions for the New Mexico Open. Hence here are my suggestions (after the previous postings regarding this matter). There is a NMCO board meeting next Wed. at the Frontier so perhaps this is a good time for your input and hopefully NMCO will then provide advanced notice and not decide the prizes at the tourn. at the last minute after the first or second round when there is not time and input (especially from board members who may be playing).

Suggested Prize Fund for the $1000/based on 80 entries, as specified in the TLA for the New Mexico Open Nov.1-2. (see ad on “Upcoming Tournaments” page). This distribution is not dependent on the monies or entries received per section (that is; it is not the same concept as the egalitarian payout of a few of the other original posters).

Open: 25 entries: $500 total: 1st 250, 2nd 150, U/2000 $100
U/1800: 23 entries: $300 total: 1st 135, 2nd 90, U/1600 $75
U/1400: 20 entries: $125 total: 1st $75, 2nd $50
U/1100: 12 entries: $75 total: 1st $50, $2nd $25

First place does not meet the USCF suggested prize based on entry fee. However, I think it is impossible to meet that criteria given the size of our tournaments. Nevertheless, it is still considerably more than paid at the Albuq. Open for approximately the same number of entries.
Publicized prizes should not, in my opinion, be readily changed if there are differences in the number of entries received per section even if they are not listed as ‘guaranteed’.
Also, please remember that ‘based on’ prizes can be reduced if insufficient entries. Hence it is not likely that the event will be in the ‘red’. And more prizes can be added if there is a larger turn out or there are donations. Or surplus can be used to offset future loses.
This public discussion does not in any way compromise the NMCO.

Art Glassman, Senior TD

7-8-08 Tournament in Mexico

NM chess players,

There is a beautiful tournament coming up in Chihuahua. I’ve attached the info below. I would be very interested in sharing a car down there (couple hours from el paso).

Jesse Kraai

III Week the International of Chess FEFCD: National championship.

Library of the Faculty of Sports Science and Physical education
DATE: September 26, 27 and 28 of the 2008
Confirmed so far

1. – Grand Masters Juan Carlos González Zamora, National Champion 2007
2. – GM Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero, Player # 2 of Mexico
3. – GM Jesse Kraai, the USA
4. – International Masters Robert Martin Of Field C., Player # 5 of Mexico
5. – MY Alfonso Almeida Sáenz, Player # 6 of Mexico
6. – MY Rafael Araque, Colombia
7. – Woman MY Alejandra Guerrero Rodriguez, National Champion 2006, 2007
8. – Masters FIDE Jason Alford Phillipe, Player # 17 of Mexico
9. – MF William Wharton, the USA
10. – MF Jose Antonio González Pineapple, Runner-up Senior Nacional
11. – MF Juan Manuel Ramirez Ruacho, Third Senior National place

Under the following bases:
Ceremony of Inauguration: Friday 26, 9:00 a.m.
Category A. – OF CHAMPIONS: Library FEFCD
Category A. – OF CHAMPIONS: PARTICIPANTS: Swiss, Rate of Game: 2 hours by player for all the game
Number of rounds: 6. 1ª Ronda Friday 26, 10:00 hrs. 2a Ronda Friday 26, 16:00 hrs. 3a Ronda Saturday 27, 10:00 hrs. 4a Ronda Saturday 27, 16:00 hrs. 5a Ronda Domingo 28, 10:00 hrs. 6a Ronda Sunday 28, 16:00 hrs.
Prizes: 1er. Place $ 15.000,00 PESOS M/N
2do. Place $ 10.000,00 PESOS M/N
3er. Place $ 5.000,00 PESOS M/N
4to. Place $ 3.000,00 PESOS M/N
5to. Place $ 2.000,00 PESOS M/N
For information please to communicate with M.C. Fernando Mondaca Fernandez. Via electronic mail: fmondaca@uach.mx cellular telephone: 614 1639121
The rules of FIDE will be applied
System of Tiebrake: They will be used in sequence of priority: Cumulative (Progressive), Cumulative with you cut, Bucholz (Solkoff), Bucholz with you cut I, Bucholz with you cut II, major I number of victories, to begin with individual result, drawing. Arbitration: It will be designated by the organizing committee.

7-4-08 Tourney Prizes

I’d just like to say that I think that sacrificing 1st place money to give as intermediate prizes probably does not benefit that section. By doing this, you promote lower rated players to play up. This can be unfair to the higher rated players who joined the tourney to play other highly rated players and have little to gain from playing a lower rated opponent, both rating-wise and possibly learning-wise. By putting the bulk of the prize money into 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd place you promote players to play with in the suggested section for them.

However, I think we should still give players the flexibility to play up because sometimes players of low levels can surprise us and play extremely well.

Congrats Dante

–Zach Stuart

7-4-08 Lets Play Poker

The 2007 New Mexico Open had 21 players, no masters and only two experts in the top section. The next section began at U/1800. So if you distribute prizes in an egalitarian distribution according to the number of entries, as suggested on the Forum (and as done in the Albuq. Open), then there would be little available for the top section. How then can you reward excellence and attract strong players and how can you try to meet the USCF recommendations for first place prize? You can’t always depend on donations as in the past few years.

Well have a look at our upcoming 2008 championship tournament. It also has four sections and even worse there is only a 300 point spread between 1100 and 1400 (an overgrown class!). I wonder what the prize distribution will be there? Six prizes again for 300 points and maybe everyone also gets a trophy! Afterall, every kid gets a ribbon for participation. Will masters play?

And while I’m finding fault, I might as well mention the fact that there are many lower rated adults who would enjoy a slower game than the posted G/60 for the lower two sections. So must a 1100 rated person play in the U/1800 in order to enjoy a game of chess and play all their games against players most likely rated over 400 points higher?

Because a few players, young and old, move quickly (and probably entice their opponent to do so) is that a reason for the above tournament design? Remember, there are plenty of scholastic and one day tournaments with G/60 time controls.

Legislators feed on the pork. Which members of the ‘board’ play fast and who plays slow? Watch their games at the next event.

Personally, I do not like algorithms chiseled in stone to determine prize distribution for all events. Experienced organizers using good judgment should vary prizes based on many factors (including bank account) for each individual tournament and section therein.

Idea: Prizes for the 2008 New Mexico Open mentioned above have not yet been set or advertised. The organizers already know what the fixed overhead is and advertised $1000 based on the number of expected entries. Let’s all have fun with numbers, play with our calculators and everyone try for a ‘straight flush’ and post your results here. My distribution next time (don’t want to tip my hand).

Art Glassman,
oldster, slowpoke, and one time organizer

7-4-08 More On Tournament Structure And Time Controls

I agree with Jeff on his prize structure and that a $1000 prize fund is stretched too thin with 4 sections. We want to attract more players to tournaments and bigger payouts would help do that. I remember competing in tournaments in the past when there were 2 sections: Open and Reserve (under 1600). Fewer sections of course means more money for class prizes, upsets,etc…I think the 3 section format that Jeff suggested is excellent.

I think the time control structure for the New Mexico Open is a great idea. I prefer faster time controls but slower time controls (especially in the open section) will draw more class A, Expert, and Master players to this event.

But I think I can speak for many chessplayers that the thrill of competition is most important and the more different tournaments to play in the better.

Keep up the good work Tournament Organizers and Directors!

Leroy Q. a.k.a. “Redd Dogg”

7-4-08 Prize money distribution

At the NMCO Executive Board meeting to be held on July 16 , 6:30 P.M. at the Frontier, the subject of prize money is going to have a thorough discussion and, hopefully, a decision will be made to be put in effect for the two Santa Fe tournaments (Sep. 13 & 14) and the New mexico Open on Nov. 1 & 2.

Board meetings are open to anyone who has played in a NMCO tournament in the past 12 months. President Silas Perry has asked for “feedback”. Please attend and give us your ideas.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

7-3-08 Too Many Sections

The recommendation from Silas on Prize structure still does not meet the USCF recommended payout for serious chess tournaments as mentioned by Art Glassman — a 10:1 ratio between 1st place and the entry fee. On the other hand, it seems more important to have a larger distribution of prizes in the lower sections. It does seem like a stretch for a tournament based on a $1000 prize fund to support 4 sections. In the spirit of designing some kind of tournament structure to meet these ideals, how about this:

Open: 1st $350 2nd $125 ($35 entry fee / 35 entries)
U1600: 1st $225 2nd $100 U1300 $50 ($30 entry fee / 25 entries)
U1000: 1st $80 2nd $40 U800/Unrated $30 ($25 entry fee / 15 entries)

This structure has the following features:
– 1st prize in the top section is 10x the entry fee
– 1st prize in the second section is 7.5x the entry fee
– A total of 8 mutually exclusive prizes overall
– At least 20% of the players in the U1000 section get a prize

I’m primarily proposing this structure to try and satisfy the ideas other people have presented. I enjoy playing in the tournaments regardless of the prize structure. The important aspect of the prize structure for me is simply to draw more players. Do most players want a bigger prize to shoot for? Or a better chance at at least getting something? It just seems like the top section should have the bigger prize and the bottom section should have better chances for at least getting something. Please share your ideas!

Jeff Sallade

7-2-08 Would-Have-Been Prizes

Since it seems that there was a general dissatisfaction with the prize distribution, I would like to propose “A would-have-been” prizes. This is of course not to reminisce, but determine how our members would like to see prizes distributed in the future. As I stated in an earlier post addressing Leroy’s concern, I still think that a section’s percentage of total entry fees should reflect total prizes. The respective percentages are listed below. Since the prize fund is based off 1000, the open will be based off $375, the U1800 $250, the U1400 $250, and the U100 $125. I will leave out discussion of the Nouveau sponsor prizes since these may or may not be a factor in future tournaments. Gabe and Art both make the point that having so many prizes when there is already several sections is illogical. I have reflected this in the “proposed prizes” below.

Open 37.5%
U1800 23.4%
U1400 23.4%
U1000 15.6%

Open: 1st $175 2nd $125 3rd $75

U1800: 1st $125 2nd $75 3rd $50

U1400: 1st $125 2nd $75 3rd $50

U1000: 1st $75 2nd $45 3rd $30

Along with your feedback to this payout structure below, let us know where you would like to see additional prizes if prize fund was bigger. Class prizes? 4th or 5th places? Best game?

Feedback please!

Silas siperry@gmail.com

7-2-08 Run for Office

So perhaps run for office next time along with a few like minded friends (almost a guaranteed win) and provide some relief.

Y’know what? I just might do that. In fact, I’d like to do that. Except, I quote article 3, section 1 of the NMCO constitution, “All officers must be 18 years of age at the date of election.” Looks like I can’t!
Gabe Ewing


Finally someone has offered up a public opinion regarding the current (and last few years) tournament design structures. Well said Mr. Ewing and Mr. Quintanna. All we need now are a few ‘unpaid’ lobbyists to show up at the NMCO meetings to ‘bribe’ the politicians for some changes. To many sections (almost like a Class tournament) and to many prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, U/1600, U/1500 all in one small section — phew!). Balance is possible without mediocrity. Most tournaments listed in Chess Life have as few sections as necessary to insure winners. Perhaps two sections and possibly an U/1000 to encourage beginners in five round tournaments of the size we have in Albuquerque (a four round event obviously requires more sections). The Pikes Peak Open which I will attend the first weekend in August has only one open section. One current board member was ‘offended’ that there would be a mismatch in the first round of a large section. (excused for lack tournament experience). But that is exactly what the Swiss System is designed to do. It provides variety and excitement and still allows players to gravitate to their level in subsequent rounds.

In response to Mr. Perry, NMCO president, regarding prize distribution by the current board for the Albuquerque Open: Reference 33A of current rule book; “A ratio of about ten to one between first prize and the entry fee is typical for serious tournaments as opposed to club events….” And in another section when the entire concept of prize distribution is discussed: “to reward the relative excellence of the chess played…”.

But a chess organization is entitled to offer what they would like. So perhaps run for office next time along with a few like minded friends (almost a guaranteed win) and provide some relief. But be sure and have a look at a few hundred TLA’s, which I do not think most organizers have done. Remember that our events are not ‘big money’ with many hundreds of entrants which necessitate an entirely different structure.

Art Glassman

6-30-08 More on Tournament Prizes

This is somewhat related to Leroy’s comment/ question about the sections. I think that one major flaw of the otherwise excellent ABQ Open (strong, well run) was that while we had a sponsor (another good thing), those prizes given by Nouveau were not taken into account when creating the rest of the prize fund. This meant that the first prizes were: Open, $150; U1800, $80; U1400, $75 (I didn’t see what it was for the U1000). In previous “Big Three” tournaments the prize for the Open has usually exceeded $200, and the U1800 has gone as high as $150. In both of these sections, there were two class prizes, the lower (rating) one given by Nouveau. In the Open, it was a U2000 and a U1900. In the U1800, it was a U1600 and a U1500. I think that the higher ones, the NMCO prizes, should be rolled into first place. Any player above 1900 in the Open or above 1500 in the U1800 has a reasonable chance of winning, and the 100 points between the class prizes in each section is not that much, realistically. Another thing is the $5 gap between the U1800 and the U1400. I use as an example my brother Isaac; if, in a few months, he can steamroll a U1400, why should he want to move up to the U1800 where he can bust his balls to try to tie for first and win $10 less than he could have gotten in the U1400? It only increases the incentive to sandbag to have equal or similar prizes. Yes, players that have good tournaments in the U1800, U1400 and U1000 should be amply rewarded. However, there should be a noticeable increase in rewards as one moves up in the ranks. Were my statements here reflective of my 2-way, $65 tie for first in the U1800 (At the Memorial/ Senior in January, a similar tie yielded about $80)? Almost certainly. However, I think that my points are still valid. Lastly, I would also like to congratulate Dante on his three 500-point upsets, and Jeff Sallade on getting 3.5/5 in the U1800. Both far exceeded what Professor Elo had in store for them.

Gabe Ewing

6-30-08 Response to Leroy on Prizes

It has been this board’s policy to more closely base prizes as per how much money each section brings in. I think this way is the most fair. There are of course many differing opinions on how the prizes should be distributed. Past boards have frequently ‘subsidized’ the top section with entry fees from the lower sections, which is precisely what would have been done to increase the prizes of the U1800 this weekend. Additionally your point that many players that may have otherwise played in the U1800 section played in the open or the U1400 due to this tournament’s format is certainly valid. However, your format suggestion is one that we did use just recently at the NMCO Memorial and since you cannot please all with just one format, I think a variety is still best.
As always we appreciate suggestions and will perhaps discuss this at our next board meeting, which NMCO members are always welcome to attend.


6-30-08 Open Challenge

I challenge anyone 1500-1800 to a match of 7 games. To make the match interesting , a $10 bet per game is part of the challenge. I would like the games to be rated so if anyone accepts my challenge I will look for a TD to rate the games. There are no tournaments in July so don’t be afraid!

Leroy Q. a.k.a “Red Dogg”

6-30-08 Tournament Suggestions

Question: Should a lower turnout for a section constitute less prize money for that section? The “Under 1800” section should boast the most active, competitive players in the state. ….. But because there are no section restrictions most of the 1700, 1600, (and soon 1500), players play in the open sections of most tournaments. to distribute the money prizes more evenly in future tournaments why not have 3 sections instead of 4? Example: Open(restricted to over 1600),Under 1600(restricted for 1200 to 1599), and under 1200. With 3 sections instead of 4 more money can be distributed amongst the sections.

Leroy Q. a.k.a “Red Dogg”

6-30-08 Congratulations To Dante

Oye Homie, Congratulations on your birthday! It’s in 3 days amigo! On a lighter note, Awesome tournament Bro!
Your performance gives inspiration to others and shows that “Ratings” Don’t make the player, performance does!

Leroy Q. a.k.a “Red Dogg”

6-28-08 Chess match at Hummingbird

Paul Morton of the Chess Group (Meets at the Rio Rancho Meadowlark Sr. Center) has arranged for a chess match
with the students at the Hummingbird camp on July 24th. A passenger van will be leaving the Meadowlark Lane Center
at about 9 A.M. If U R interested, contact Paul at p.morton@att.net.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

6-25-08 Event Questionnaire

Joey Troy & Dale Gibbs of the Valencia County Chess Club are looking
to host a 1 day, $10, 3 G90 rated Chess Tournament in Belen New Mexico
in the last weeks of August 2008. We are looking to see if anyone
would be interested in participating. We have an online “yes or no”
questionnaire. Please check out http://hubcity.vcchess.net/

Joey Troy

6-23-08 Volunteers needed

We will be Setting up the tables and chairs for the Albuquerque Open late Friday Afternoon, 6/27, starting at about 5:30. The more volunteers, the less time it will take. If you can spare an hour, please show up to help.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

6-16-08 Cross at the cross tables

After the Albuquerque Open Warmup tournament, I received an inquiry from a participant asking why he was shown on the USCF web site cross table, of the section in which he played, below a player he had beaten even though they had equal final total scores.

The answer is very plain if we read the top header of the cross tables: “Crosstable data is NOT SHOWN in tiebreak order and does not reflect any distribution of trophies or prize monies.” TD’s have no control of how the USCF lists the tables.

Yes, it would be pleasant if the cross tables were in order of finish but I have no idea of what would be involved or what it would cost to modify the USCF software to do so.

Tie breaks were in the computer used at the “Warmup” and the final computer wall chart for the person’s section did show him above his opponent. However, except as tie breaks may influence prizes, (Money, title or trophy), my personal opinion is that they they are not of any really meaningful importance for the balance of the player list.

Art Byers, TD 2008 Albuquerque Warmup.

6-12-08 Do it for the system and the players!

The primary benefit that I saw in becoming a TD was to submit rating reports as soon as possible. There is so much to gain in doing this from player satisfaction to a more efficient overall system. The key that I have found in making timely submissions is to be prepared — make sure you know how to use your pairing software and get all advance entries entered into it. After that, verify the data as you go. Even if you want to double or triple check the results, do it right away. If you have more than 1 TD, go ahead and have all the TDs check the results entered into the pairing software from the pairing sheets turned in. This approach will improve the accuracy of your pairings for the next round as well. When you know the data is accurate every step of the way, it will be much easier to get the rating report formatted for USCF and submitted at the end of the event. I know that large tournaments can get crazy with the number of players around your desk and the number of last minute changes they request. Aside from that, it just helps out tremendously to be prepared.

If you don’t use pairing software and prefer to do it by hand, it might be a good idea to find some one as an assistant that will enter the data into pairing software. This gives the assistant a great learning experience in terms of understanding both approaches to pairing while reconciling any differences that come up. The assistant should have plenty of time during rounds to make sure the computer pairings match the official ones done manually.

From one TD to another, please just do what you can and ask for help when you need it. Delays are understandable, but do what you can to prevent them. Thanks.

Jeff Sallade
Local TD

6-9-08 Response to 6-8-08 Prize Money Woulda,…

Still, one player in the QBK would definitely have been assigned to a different section had the Pir Maleki results reached the USCF before the close of business hours on the the deadline and been published in the supplement. There is a reasonable chance that the winner of prize money in one or two sections might well have been different with this reassignment.

You’re totally correct, Art. If the P.M. ratings had been used for this tournament, I would have been placed in the next higher section. In fact, using current ratings (post P.M.), I was higher-rated than 3 of the 4 in the quad above me. The player that won the “Bishop” quad (the one above mine) also would have been placed in the next higher had current ratings been used. By my count, this occurred in 4 groups out of 9. I would much rather have played in the “Bishop” group and not necessarily won all of them than beat up on three (still very tough) players rated 30-60 points below me to win $55.

Gabe Ewing

6-8-08 Community Person

I have take a few small bumps on the forum.

Although Art Glassman lashed me with a wet spaghetti and Scott Kerns also had his informative view, both are much more experienced TD’s than I – so I was glad their comments were signed as then I knew I should be willing to learn, for the future, from their expertise.

However, I do disagree with anonymous postings. It would never cross my mind to request that my name be left off a message submitted for posting on the forum – be it a simple announcement or something controversial. Of what are these anonymous persons afraid?

Anonymous comments, as far as I am concerned, are cowardly trash.

Art Byers secretarynmco@msn.com

6-8-08 Prize money Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda been different

Fortunately, the NMCO chess playing venues in Albuquerque, such as the rooms at UNM and the Days Inn, do have Wi-Fi access.

However, at the recent Foothills Chess Club Quads by Knight, there was no internet access. The rating data on my laptop was the latest updated supplement available from the USCF. Those were the ratings used to assign players, who registered on-site, to quad sections.

After the Quads were posted, with printed ratings, not one player came up to Wayne or me and said that their actual rating, based upon rated tournaments not included in the most recent USCF supplement, should be different and, therefore, they should have been placed up or down in a different Quad. If a player had come forth with a claim of rating difference, could we have changed a section assignment lacking any way of verifying the claim on the USCF web site? I think not.

Still, one player in the QBK would definitely have been assigned to a different section had the Pir Maleki results reached the USCF before the close of business hours on the the deadline and been published in the supplement. There is a reasonable chance that the winner of prize money in one or two sections might well have been different with this reassignment.

Art Byers, local TD

6-7-08 Re: TD Submissions and Public Floggings

TD reports need to be submited within 7 days, the TD is not under the obligation to ensure that the report is received within the rating office within 7 days, correct? The 2008 Pir Mileki was received within 7 days (4/26 – 5/3) by USCF this year. It was received by USCF in 4 days in 2007 (4/21 – 4/25). The 2006 Pir Mileki obviously had some sort of glitch in it… 28 days to be received.. maybe illness or technical difficulties occurred. The 2005 Pir Mileki was received within 14 days – submit in 7, 4-5 days for snail mail….. that is 11-12 days there, +/- 2 days extra cause of late TD submission OR because of processing time to be received within USCF offices (weren’t they moving from NY to TN at that time period?). Sure, you want the info to be submitted the first time as cleanly as possible, and it is great to be able to submit online as a TD rather than via snail mail to USCF… But, it still seems that it is really too close a cut off (have to be received by USCF office, and rated by that Friday afternoon to ensure being in the new Ratings Supplement ) to bank on it working every time, to try to affect the new ratings for a tournament the following month. That is my point.

Community Person

6-7-08 Anybody interested in Chess960?

Is there anybody out there who is interested in organizing a Chess960 (a.k.a Fischer random chess) club? Are there other people out there who are far more interested in the spontaneity that Chess960 affords than in the endless memorization of openings that orthodox chess requires?

Alternatively, are any of the TDs who are posting here interested in organizing a Chess960 tournament? It wouldn’t be rated, of course, but it should be quite fun.

Please let me know.

Or Amit or.amit@gmail.com

6-6-08 Seven Days Versus the 11th Hour

Anonymous Community Person wrote, “Six days was not the main issue but rather that a more important deadline was looming at the 11th hour”. Well said. The seven day time frame as discussed by TD Kerns in his post was not the problem. But repeatedly not submitting in time for the following month’s deadline for inclusion in the new Rating Supplement and the problems created thereby is the main issue. I do not think USCF was making corrections to ID’s, etc. at 11pm on a Fri. night. Therefore I assumed that if the TD was waiting on corrections that he already had them in hand because he submitted an acceptable report Fri. night. My claim was that extra effort should have been made to correct any problems early because of the importance of “11pm First Friday of the Month”.

I did not feel you gave this very important issue coverage in your excellent TD post. Hence it needs to be mentioned again.

Art Glassman

6-6-08 More on TD Organization and Submitting Rating Reports

As a tournament director, my job is to make pairings, make rulings, and get the tournament started on time. Making pairings and rulings is relatively easy. Getting a tournament started on time can be unbelievably hard sometimes. I take that duty seriously because the majority of players rely on the rounds to be on time. This is very apparent at Chessfest. Parents often schedule bye rounds for their children so they can do something else during the day, like play in a soccer game. If I postpone rounds, then I have to make announcements for all sections, post the new round times, and hope everyone got the message. Players might have to rearrange their bye requests, make different arrangements for transportation, and it just adds more chaos to the tournament.

It’s no surprise to me that a lot of players will register on site if given the option. They like being able to decide the day before whether or not they will play. If on-site entries are allowed, the TD should make sure he has plenty of time between registration cutoff and the first round start time. At NMCO tournaments, we usually cut off on-site registration 20-30 minutes before the first round. That’s sufficient to enter the on-sites into the computer and pair the first round. If a player wants to register after the cutoff, and I can’t squeeze him in and get things started on time, I might give him a bye for the first round, then put him in the field for the second round. Don’t know if that would work for a quad tournament, but it’s an option. As for the idea that advance entries are for the players, not the TD, I would say that it’s for both. The more advance entries there are, the better chance that the first round starts on time. That benefits everyone.

I do remember the Westside quads. Quads are nice because they are pre-paired for all rounds. I didn’t use a computer at all for those quads. Just a quad results sheet and a pairings sheet to show pairings by round. All you need for quads is a name and a rating, then sort the field by rating and divide into quads, as Art Glassman suggested. Just a trick of the trade, I guess. As for the last non-quad section, it should be easy enough to pair that by hand, since the field is small and there shouldn’t be a lot of rounds. I suppose you could swiss pair the first round by hand, post pairings, and then enter it into the computer once the first round started.

Another trick is that it is usually possible to make up for a late start somewhere later in the day in order to get the rest of the rounds started on time. I prefer this option to postponing rounds. Again, as Art Glassman pointed out, most games don’t last the full time allotment. The TD has discretion to make sure those players whose games do last the limit have a reasonable break before their next round. He can do so while starting other games on time. If the tournament got off to a late start and is small enough to get a consensus from the players on what they prefer, cutting breaks short or postponing rounds, then the director has the discretion to do so. However, with a big field of players, it’s not practical to get a vote on what the players would prefer. As a player and a TD, I like rounds to start on time. So I go with that as much as I can.

As for another recent forum topic, regarding timely rating submissions. I have been accused before of not submitting a tournament in a timely fashion. Three or four days after one of my tournaments, a player sent out a broadcast e-mail asking why I hadn’t submitted the tournament yet. I was surprised to say the least, because per USCF guidelines, “reports should be submitted no later than seven (7) days after the ending date of the tournament.” It’s even at the top of the submission form. Sure, it’s nice to get your games rated quickly, and online submission is quite an improvement over how things used to be with USCF. However, remember that the TD has seven days to make his initial submission, which I think is reasonable. If there are errors in the report which prevent the event from being rated (incorrect ID’s, etc.), it may take more time to correct those errors and get the tournament rated.

Even so, a TD has the discretion to use a different rating than what is published if he feels that a player’s published rating is not reflective of his current playing strength. He also has the discretion to change a player’s rating during a tournament. If you register for a tournament and they use a rating that doesn’t include your most recent results, you can always ask the TD to consider using your unofficial rating from the USCF website. I have adjusted ratings up and down a few times based on unofficial ratings. It gets tricky when the adjustment disqualifies a player for the section he is playing in, but there are remedies for that as well. I wouldn’t expect a TD for a large event to consider using anything but the most recent official supplement, though.

Scott Kerns

6-5-08 Response to previous Post: 6-5-08 Response to 6-1-08 Its Not USCF’s Fault and 6-2-08 TD Organization Please

If a Forum only posts announcements, etc. It would not need to exist. The Front Page can easily take care of that. Open letters invite open response, ‘nice or not nice’, as long as opinion and factual matters are brought forward and there is no ‘hate mail’. A moderated Forum was discussed in detail a few years ago and guidelines posted. ‘Complaints’ were not excluded.

From my reading and interpretation, ‘Its Not USCF’s Fault’ mentions that this has been an ongoing problem and reference to ratings affecting future prize winnings in upcoming tournaments is only one problem caused by ‘lazy’ submissions. Six days was not the main issue but rather that a more important deadline was looming at the 11th hour. New TD, Art Byers, can submit a Saturday tournament on line and still have time to read the Sunday morning paper. Delayed submissions certainly affected me and several others who have expressed the same opinion currently and in the past. If talking to the TD does not help, then I’m glad someone posted it publicly.

The second post containing the ‘Pay Attention’ was certainly ‘not nice’ but perhaps there was additional interaction that could not be brought forward. After all, Mr. Glassman’s name was part of the original post. Perhaps that is why he responded? Perhaps the original poster was using delayed starting times as an excuse for increasing ‘late fees’ (mentioned at the conclusion of the post) and Mr. Glassman used this as a dramatic way of responding. I don’t know. Send him an email. If Art Glassman, aka, ‘nolosingchances’ wants to be ‘not nice’ that’s his problem. Open letters on blog sites are not ‘op ed’ journalism. Hence let’s ask why the critique or let the recipient of the ‘public lashing’ respond.

TD’s tell me they are used to this in the chess community and it has not stopped them from volunteering, nor will it stop me from playing no matter what section or what time controls an organizer or TD dreams up. But not having my new rating for the following month will cause me to vote with my dollars (entry fees)!

Another anonymous ‘Community Person’

6-5-08 Response to previous Post: 6-5-08 Response to 6-1-08 Its Not USCF’s Fault and 6-2-08 TD Organization Please

I’d like the chess forum to share worthy chess news and info. It feels like public bashing when someone is told to “Pay Attention” and given a list of everything that should’ve been done differently.

RESPONSE: I felt it was poor form for TD Byers to entirely blame the late-rounds problem on the players. Given this, a bit of chiding seems appropriate. And the suggestions that followed the chiding were constructive.

People won’t want to stay in TDing if they have to get a very public lashing for various glitches.

RESPONSE: The TD was the one who made the issue public in the first place. It is hardly ‘lashing’ to make justified criticisms in this case. How else will the new TD learn to avoid these ‘glitches’ in the future? And where’s the bit of humility that comes with being ‘new’ at something? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to examine the registration process and attempt to speed it up, rather than just blaming the players?

Six days to get the PirMileki rated? So what. TDs work too and have reasons… 6 days is not excessive….

RESPONSE: You might have missed the rest of Art G.’s argument. 6 days, in this case, meant that the MONTHLY deadline for rating was missed. That means, from a ratings standpoint, 6 days expands to 36 days [The monthly supplement rating is the ‘official’ rating used to pair people].

-Ryan McCracken

6-5-08 Response to 6-1-08 Its Not USCF’s Fault and 6-2-08 TD Organization Please

I’d like the chess forum to share worthy chess news and info. It feels like public
bashing when someone is told to “Pay Attention” and given a list of everything that
should’ve been done differently. People won’t want to stay in TDing if they have to
get a very public lashing for various glitches. Six days to get the PirMileki
rated? So what. TDs work too and have reasons… 6 days is not excessive….
The online ratings certainly speeds it up, but you can’t bank on it for a purse in
the next tourney. Be nice!

Community Person

6-5-08 Response to 6-2-08 TD Organization Please

I feel advanced entries are for the players not the TD’s. Anyone who wants to show up late and see there clock running should be able to do so. It seems to me the argument being put forth is meaningless trivia that ignores the feelings of the players who show up and participate. Granted, not many players voice opinions at tournament events for a variety of reasons but when tournament directors do not explore or flatly ignore what the majority has to say then chess play in this state will be greatly diminished. I also need to point out the disappointment of seeing no delegates from NM for which I can vote.

Douglas Field

6-3-08 Anyone going to the US Open?

Is anyone else going to the US Open in Dallas in August? If so, please give me a call or email me.
Gabe Ewing, 331-5334, gabe.ewing@gmail.com

6-2-08 TD Organization Please (in response to the previous post)

Starting the first round of chess tournaments close to “On Time”

The importance of advance entries in helping tournament directors begin chess tournaments on time cannot be underestimated. Just as important is that on-site registrants arrive as early as possible within the advertised window of time for on-site signup.

In the recent Quads by Knight event held in Albuquerque by the Foothills Chess Club, Wayne Hatcher and I, the two TD’s, were surprised by fact that 37% of the final total of paid entries were “on-site” AND that many players arrived in the last minutes of the advertised on-site entry time period. Because we turned no player away who was on line at the deadline, the first round began a half an hour late.

13 on site entries should not have caused any delay (requiring one hour from start of registration until start of tournament). It is quite normal for players to arrive at the last minute. And makes sense since they have traveled and also do not wish to wait for late starting tournaments. See my explanation below as to how to start on time.

Although we did not hear too much in the way of complaints, We both considered this a poor way to begin. Rather than take time off the allotted “Lunch Hour”, we chose to push the second and third rounds back by 1/2 an hour. This meant that some players, and parents of younger players, had to make adjustments in their plans for supper etc.

Some prefer the shorter lunch rather than finishing late.Since games do not take the complete time most have time for lunch. Opinion is divided on this issue, however you can always take a quick straw poll of what players would prefer.

Obviously, it takes time to move all entries from the initial registration section into set of 8 Quad and one small Swiss sections, keeping as much as possible within the USCF guidelines of about a 200 point range. The delay was increased as we had already began to assign players to quads when a few late entries were delivered to the computer desk. That meant considerable reshuffling and increased the delay.

When we had 10 quads at the old Westside club it only took me (or TD Scot Kerns) 15-20 minutes at most.
Now Pay Attention!

  • First: Post a pre-printed round robin table for quads (available in the rule book). This will inform as to the pairings/colors for all rounds.
  • Next: On a stack of 3×5 cards, write (using a pencil with eraser) only name and rating (look on your up to date computer data base or from the info the player brings with, etc. (player fills out any required extra info separately from your registration table which you will process later!).
  • Sort all cards according to rating and then into stacks of four cards (each stack of four randomly). Time for above step is three minutes.
  • Set aside lowest rated stack of 5-7 cards for separate processing (either as a swiss or predetermined selected round robin pairings from pairing tables, where obviously not everyone playes every other player).
  • Write names onto pre-printed quad sheets in order of randomly shuffled cards. {I can write 40 surnames in just a few minutes}.
  • Post and let players begin.
  • NOW, and only now, after tournament starts you fire up your technological marvel and begin to set up your software. There is plenty of time during the first round. And subsequent rounds will all be done and posted using your cute little printer.

I will bet $100 I can accomplish this in the allotted 30 minutes from close of registration until start of first round, and with time for announcements, and a sip of coffee! And I ain’t no blitz playing young’n, either.
Note that in round robin you don’t have to have the exact rating just as long as they belong in the proper quad. Hence don’t have to verify exactly before start. So don’t waste to much time trying to find the exact rating during registration. Also note that quads are not required to fall within the 200 point range guidline you mention above. In fact most times that will not happen. This can all be done from start with a computer if properly set up. However, any glitches and you wind up in the situation that you experienced. I can shuffle cards and use my ‘eraser’ faster than fixing section files and reorganizing the program etc.

If all but a few of the entrants had pre-registered, We would have had no more than a trivial delay.

It would have sped up the on-site registration if those who chose to do so had been better prepared by down loading an entry form off the internet and having it filled out in full.

Yes, however they could fill out whatever information you required while you register other players. From experience, you will never get all players to come prepared with entry form/check or exact cash/magazine label, etc. Not to mention equipment.

My viewpoint has changed! When I was a only a player I thought the added fee for on-site was, perhaps, unfair. Now as a TD, I wonder if it should not be increased to push players into advance registration. A suggestion would be to offer a few dollars discount off the late entry charge to those who arrive with a completed entry form and proof of current USCF membership.

Excellent suggestion for reduced on-site fee for those who bring the requested information. However small events should not require large ‘one-site’ fees. Large tournaments where they require notice of hotel reservations for logistic preparation usually require higher on-site fees. Large on-site fees will definitely turn away players. I know it has prevented me from entering such events in the past.

Art Byers, Chief TD for Quads by Knight.

If you are the TD for an event it is obvious that you are the ‘Chief’.

Art Glassman nolosingchances@yahoo.com

6-2-08 Advance Entries Please

Starting the first round of chess tournaments close to “On Time”

The importance of advance entries in helping tournament directors begin chess tournaments on time cannot be underestimated. Just as important is that on-site registrants arrive as early as possible within the advertised window of time for on-site signup.

In the recent Quads by Knight event held in Albuquerque by the Foothills Chess Club, Wayne Hatcher and I, the two TD’s, were surprised by fact that 37% of the final total of paid entries were “on-site” AND that many players arrived in the last minutes of the advertised on-site entry time period. Because we turned no player away who was on line at the deadline, the first round began a half an hour late.

Although we did not hear too much in the way of complaints, We both considered this a poor way to begin. Rather than take time off the allotted “Lunch Hour”, we chose to push the second and third rounds back by 1/2 an hour. This meant that some players, and parents of younger players, had to make adjustments in their plans for supper etc.

Obviously, it takes time to move all entries from the initial registration section into set of 8 Quad and one small Swiss sections, keeping as much as possible within the USCF guidelines of about a 200 point range. The delay was increased as we had already began to assign players to quads when a few late entries were delivered to the computer desk. That meant considerable reshuffling and increased the delay.

If all but a few of the entrants had pre-registered, We would have had no more than a trivial delay.

It would have sped up the on-site registration if those who chose to do so had been better prepared by down loading an entry form off the internet and having it filled out in full.

My viewpoint has changed! When I was a only a player I thought the added fee for on-site was, perhaps, unfair. Now as a TD, I wonder if it should not be increased to push players into advance registration. A suggestion would be to offer a few dollars discount off the late entry charge to those who arrive with a completed entry form and proof of current USCF membership.

Art Byers, Chief TD for Quads by Knight.

6-1-08 Its Not USCF’s Fault

The cutoff deadline for rating report submissions is 11pm Central Time the first Friday of the previous month. Therefore May 2nd at 10pm Mountain Time was the cutoff for the June 2008 ratings. This fact is well published and every TD who submits tournaments is supposed to be aware of it.

The Pir Maleki tournament was held on Saturday, April 26th. Six days should certainly be plenty of time to submit, especially with today’s current electronic submissions. It was not submitted until late Fri evening 6 days after the event, apparently to close, or past, the deadline for the June ratings. And if it was submitted just before the deadline but not rated until the following morning, then it is incumbent upon the TD to check on his tournament the following day and make sure USCF corrects the situation. Most TD’s submit within one or two days of their event!

Why is this so important?

Players whose ratings have changed considerably and perhaps have made hotel reservations for the National Open in Las Vegas (not to mention other important June tournaments such as our Albuquerque Open) may now be in the wrong rating ‘class’ and obviously their prize possibilities greatly distorted. Players many times base their entries to large expensive tournaments based on what they expect their current rating to be.

The same situation occurred two years ago when the Pir Maleki was not submitted until way, way, past the deadline — a player whose rating fell to a lower category was planning on entering a large expensive June tournament with increased possibilities of large prize money. Fortunately USCF returns advance entry cancellations. Well, hotels and airlines charge for last minute cancelled reservations.

Furthermore, several young players whose ratings have increased substantially will now play in our Albuquerque Open at their previous lower rating (in possibly lower ‘sections’) and thereby probably take away prize money (and self-worth) from established players who may choose their strategy based on what they view on the wall chart.

Perhaps there were extraneous circumstances but the above scenario has happened more times than in the above two mentioned events.

So don’t automatically blame USCF.
‘Ratings’ have been solved for some time now with the new updated technology.

Voice your opinion for timely tournament result submissions!


5-26-08 Congrats on Simul Performance (Updated 5/27)

Congratulations to the following Chess Players for their excellent
results at the Simul vs IM John Donaldson Thursday May 22nd.

Winners: Holly McRoberts, Silas Perry, Chris Saunders, Jeff Sundell.
Drawn Games: John Flores, John Baca, John Arthur, Wayne Hatcher, Gabriel Ewing.

(Note: please let us know if we’ve missed any other wins or draws.)

Along with the excellent lecture and simul, we were also treated to a
brief visit with traveling chess luminaries, GM Jesse Kraai, IM David
Pruess and 2007 US Women’s champion IM Irina Krush.

This was the best attended Lecture/Simul we have had in some years – no
doubt due to the efforts of NMCO VP John Baxter who obtained excellent
pre-event publicity in the Journal and in the Alibi.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

5-25-08 Changes in Durango

There are some big changes happening at the Durango Chess Club. Damian Nash is moving back to Moab, Utah, so he won’t be running the monthly quick tournaments at the club or the monthly tournaments at the Recreation Center. However, Patrick Reilly and Anna Hopkins-Arnold will be stepping up to take over. Patrick is the new President of the Durango Chess Club and will be sending you emails from the address durangochessclub@gmail.com. Anna will be running youth tournaments with the help of Harry Bruell and other local parents.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

5-25-08 Searching for Michael Landolfi

I used to play chess many years ago on Cibola High School’s chess team. Looking at this site, I noticed that there is a Michael Landolfi listed, and I am wondering if you are the same Mike Landolfi that was head of that school’s chess team. If so I’d like to get in touch with you again.

My maiden name was Darlene Lawry.


5-20-08 Summer Chess Nights

All Ages Chess is back for the Summer 2008
@ the Loma Colorado Main Library in Rio Rancho

at the study tables in the adult & children’s sections

Play a game of chess Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm. June 3rd – August 5th
The library closes promptly at 8:00pm so please take notation on any game you would like to continue at another time.

Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Please bring your board if you have one.
Please note that this is not a chess class. Participants must know how to move the pieces, and play a relatively
quiet game of chess. Players are welcome to converse quietly across the board as needed.

Questions? Contact Janet Phillips, Youth Services Librarian, 891-5013 x3032

4-9-08 2008 Bobby Fischer Memorial 1st Prize Update

This is a Special Report….What you do not know and must now be told is that I, Joe Fromme, am not a reporter but
the Supreme Commander of the Rebel Forces against cultural depravity. We are victorious, all political leadership
and the Officer Corps of the culturally depraved have been terminated with extreme prejudice, and all enlisted persons
are now under elevated interrogation. My Generals have assured me that our methods are not torture. They are merely
watching 23/7 episodes of Blossom and Whos the Boss, and when that does not work then constant audio of Mariachi and
the rap music. With all the spoils in my possession, of course, I am happy to announce the guaranteed 1st Prize of the
Bobby Fischer Memorial Chess Tournament is now $600!!

Carry On my brave Chess Soilders…
Best Regards…
Commander Fromme, Manitou Springs Colorado.

4-9-08 Valencia County Chess

Valencia County Chess will have it’s very first meeting this Saturday
the 12th, from 1:00pm – 3:00pm located at the Belen Public Library.
For more information please come and check out http://vcchess.net.

Joey Troy & Dale Gibbs

4-4-08 NM Polgar

The NM Polgar Playoff results are posted on the USCF site

-Ron Kensek

4-3-08 Results from Polgar, Denker and Team Championships


Have these results been posted on any chess site yet? I have been unable to find those results.
Can you provide me with a link? I understand one of our students, Rebecca Deland, won the Polgar and
will represent New Mexico.

Mike Fallon
Bosque School Chess coach

4-1-08 Congrats Jesse!

Congratulations to Jesse Kraai on qualifying for the U.S. Championships from your first place tie
in Tulsa last weekend. The U.S. Championship will be held in Tulsa this May. Also, Steve Harrington
posted an extremely fine 3.0 score against strong competition.

3-26-08 2008 Bobby Fischer Memorial Chess Tournament May 3-4, Manitou Springs, CO

This is your reporter Joe Fromme speaking LIVE in the midst of an intense firefight…dont know
if you can hear me…chaos all around, our casualties are heavy but we have inflicted devestating
losses on the culturally depraved. Figures are sketchy however our official 1st Prize has risen to $500
with many officers expecting an even higher figure to come.
…arrghh…must leave now…
Joe Fromme on the Western Front…

3-26-08 Chess Club in Belen

I have talked with Joey Troy about the possibility of starting a chess club in the Belen area. Joey has
started a Domain and we are looking for possible players in the area.If interested please check out
www.vcchess.net/ I will be at the Frontier Restaurant on Wednesdays if anyone wants to talk to me
about this proposed club.

Dale Gibbs

3-13-08 2008 Bobby Fischer Memorial Chess Tournament May 3-4, Manitou Springs, CO

This is Joe Fromme reporting LIVE from the front in the war against cultural depravity at the
western front in Manitou Springs Colorado. The monetary tight wad insurgency is entrenched and
motivated, however the forces of good are making progress on a daily basis. I am proud to report
the guaranteed 1st Prize is now $400 as of March 13th…Please stay tuned for further developments…
Joe Fromme…joeychess08 News on the western front.

3-4-08 Thanks from UNM Chess Club

Thanks to everyone who came to the University of New Mexico Chess Club Octagon tournament. The tournament was held March 1 in the UNM Student Union Building.

Special thanks to Art Byers for directing the tournament. Great job, Mr. Byers! Thanks also to everyone who helped with the preparations and running of the tournament. Congratulations to the winners and all competitors. A special thanks to Mr. Byers and John Baxter for their donations to the UNM Chess Club.

We hope to host additional events and want everyone to feel welcome to attend. Also, a reminder that the UNM Chess Club meets on Monday evenings at 7:00 upstairs in the S.U.B. and guests are always invited.

Anthony Chen
President, UNM Chess Club

Dean Brunton
PNM Resources, Inc.
Alvarado Square MS 2812
Albuquerque, NM 87158
(505) 241-2618

3-4-08 Tournament Cancelled

There will not be a tournament March 29-30, 2008 in Socorro, NM

2-20-08 2008 Bobby Fischer Memorial May 3-4

BREAKING NEWS…February 20th…1st Prize is guaranteed at least $300 with donations continuing to roll in to the first prize. Free perks at the tournament site. Please stay tuned to the Colorado Site Event for further late breaking developments…this is Joe Fromme…Colorado Chess..reporting LIVE from Manitou Springs Colorado

1-30-08 Guest Chess Mentors Wanted

Dear NM Chess Players:
I am looking for players who enjoy mentoring teens to “guest coach” at the Saint Michael’s High School Chess Club in Santa Fe. The club is able to pay for the mentoring. I’m open to suggestions – the mentor could guest teach at just one meeting, hold a simul, work out a series of lectures – as he/she chooses. Call or email me for more information and to share your ideas. The club usually meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.

Melissa Lewis
SMHS Chess
phone 505-501-6477
email mlewisfamily@mac.com

1-28-08 Lost and Found from Monta Vista K12

LOST at Monte Vista K12 on 1/26 – A clear iPOD with white headphones. No questions asked; $20 reward. It has a code in it that is needed to activate, so no use without that code but desperately wanted back! Contact Marcelo Rosales at 897-CHES.

FOUND at Monte Vista K12: One child’s coat with hood; a second child’s warm-up jacket. Write laurablalock@yahoo.com, or 877-1067 with questions.

Laura Blalock

1-28-08 Back Issues of Desert Knight Available

NMCO has in storage some excess back issues of Desert Knight. They are available for $1.00 each (to cover the cost of a mailing envelope and postage) on a first come first served basis.

Send your requests payable to NMCO, to P O Box 4215 Albuquerque NM 87196. PLEASE PRINT your name and address on a separate piece of paper as it will be used as a label to mail the copies to you.

Available: October 2004 4 copies; October 2005 27 copies; January 2006 26 copies; Oct 2006 12 copies; January 2007 11 copies; ; June 2007 5 copies; September 2007 15 copies.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

1-18-08 R.I.P Robert James Fischer

R.I.P Robert James Fischer, 1943-2008
No matter how you chose to spend your later life, your games inspire us all.

Gabe Ewing

1-18-08 Bobby Fischer RIP

Have just seen from a number of news sources that Bobby Fischer passed away in Reykjavik

He was 64 — one year of life for each square of the chessboard. Somehow strangely fitting.

Dr J
(Dr Jeffrey Neil Burch)

770/793-1268 (office)
877/365-5491 (pager)
Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Company
Advanced Development Projects
Marietta, Georgia 30063

1-14-08 Memoriam — Pamela Minzner, A Supporter of NM Chess

Pamela Minzner, who was the first female Chief Justice of the NM Supreme Court, passed away this fall. Justice Minzner was also a supporter of NM Chess. Her sons Carl and Max were accomplished players, including a state high school championship. Husband Richard has been a longstanding club and tournament player.

Along with other support to the chess community, Justice Minzner served on the organizing committee for the 1988 National High School Chess Tournament held in Albuquerque. The 1988 tournament was a remarkable achievement for NM scholastic chess. It drew over 800 players, easily the largest turnout that tournament had seen. Tournament Director Andy Nowak has cited the tireless work of Pam and the other organizers as essential to that success.

At this week’s Memorial Tournament, NMCO hopes to remember those who have contributed to NM chess as players and supporters. If you would like to share memories of Justice Minzner or others, please join us at the tournament or respond to this Forum.

Dean Brunton

1-10-08 Welcome Wayne!

The NMCO Executive Board is very pleased to announced that at the business meeting of January 9th, WAYNE HATCHER was the unanimous choice to be the new Tournament Organizer. Accordingly, Wayne – by filling this vacancy – is now a voting Board member.

Wayne’s initial task will be to visit the Days Inn to finalize all details in preparation for the January 19/20 Memorial Senior tournament.

Welcome Wayne, we are glad to have you on the Board.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

1-2-08 Weather is Great for this Saturday’s third annual Al Ufer Memorial tournament

Warm up for the New Mexico Sr/Memorial by playing in the Third Annual Al Ufer Memorial (4-SS, G/60) in the Colorado Spring’s suburb of Manitou Springs.

The weather for the 6-hr trip from Albuquerque is expected to be great including over Raton Pass; fill up the car, share gas expenses and make it a beautiful end-of-the holidays roadtrip.

As always, if you need a floor to lay your sleeping bag down or a backyard to set up your tent for the tournament, drop me an email: Dean Brown at browndw1@mindspring.com.

Dean Brown