12-30-07 2008 Memorial Tournament and Senior Championship

The 2008 Memorial Tournament will be held on January 19-20, 2008, at the Days Inn in Albuquerque at 2120 Menaul NE. The Memorial is open to all players (USCF membership required). In conjunction with the Memorial, the 2008 New Mexico Senior Champion will be determined as the top section’s highest scoring NM resident over the age of 50.

Advance registration saves you $10 on the entry fee and helps ease the registration process for us. The Days Inn is conveniently located near the I-40 and I-25 interchange in central Albuquerque. Hope to see you there.

The Memorial is designed to honor members of the NM community who have passed away. The tournament sections this year have been named in honor of Tom Keffer, Randall Greenup and Robert Zing. However, we wish to remember all members of NM Chess. If you have someone that you would like to see mentioned at the tournament, please forward any names or information to this Forum or to NMCO.

Dean Brunton
PNM Resources, Inc.
Alvarado Square MS 2812
Albuquerque, NM 87158
(505) 241-2618

12-08-07 Also Missing

Players at the Balloon Museum Quick Challenge -Please check your equipment!

Someone took Chris Candelario’s Zaitec Clock by mistake. If you find you have it, please post a reply on the forum so Chris can get it back.

There were a few “Coaches” at the tournament – perhaps one of them, in a hurry to leave, packed it up with all the stuff they brought for their students who played. Again, please check your equipment.

We recommend marking the bottom of your chess pieces, with a laundry marker, with your initials and taping your name and telephone to your clocks.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

12-08-07 Attendance

The NMCO officers are very pleased to report that the Balloon Museum Quick Challenge was a big success. The room could only hold 40 players and 40 we had! We were treated like royalty by Toni Fleischer, who is the development coordinator for the Museum. Toni gave us the impressive conference room so players who were finished could talk without disturbing the ongoing games.

At the next NMCO Executive Board meeting, we will discuss holding additional events at the museum – hopefully in larger quarters.

Everyone seemed to have a fine time. We were very pleased to see a few “Scholastic Coaches” at the tournament and doubly pleased that they brought some of their students with them.

There were a few pleasant surprises – Six unrated newcomers to official USCF chess played and all did respectably in their first “Quick” tournament. The best of the unrated was Sam Dooley, finishing 9th overall out of 40 players.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

12-08-07 Lost and Found at Balloon Museum

The Lost and Found strikes again!

Left behind at the Balloon Museum.

One chess piece: Name the piece, color and weighted or not weighted and you get it back.

One chess book: “Winning with the Scotch” – by Gary Lane. There is an inscription on the inside that the owner should know.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

12-06-07 Quick Chess Challenge

Just letting you know that at about 9:50 A.M. on Saturday Dec 8th, a NMCO volunteer will be at the front entrance to give chess players an entry pass to the museum. The Chess player Museum entry fee is included in the $10 you will pay to play. Registration starts at 10 A.M. We expect to begin play at about 10:40.

At the door you will also get an entry form to fill out for the Quick Chess.

Parent or guardian of youngsters – please pay your entrance fee at the ticket window.

Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Make a left turn and go down the hall to the playing room.

Remember, there is no food allowed in the playing site and no food facility in the museum. You may bring bottled water and small snacks like a granola bar or candy bar. There will be a one hour lunch break – Route #528, within a short drive, has places where food is available.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

12-05-07 Re: Susan Polgar Blog Article

Thanks, Dr. J!

I did a little Googling, and I believe the story was originally published in the November 29th issue of the Albuquerque Tribune:


John Baxter

12-05-07 Susan Polgar Blog Article

For those who haven’t seen it already, there is an article on GM Susan Polgar’s chess blog site atsusanpolgarblog.com. The article is about Albuquerque school children playing chess, from an on-line publication called Education Week. Scroll down about 1/4 of the way down from the top to find it (it’s entitled “Albuquerque kids compete”).

Dr J
(Dr Jeffrey Neil Burch)

11-20-07 NM Tech Retains Title

On Monday (11/19), the UNM Chess Club traveled to Socorro to play a match with the NM Institute of Mining and Technology team. NM Tech retained their NM State Collegiate Team Champion title for 2007 by defeating UNM 9-3. NM Tech and UNM tied for the “title” in 2005 and NM Tech won outright last year. The Tech Club was a gracious host, providing snacks and a nice playing site. The Tech team consisted of Alexander Kornienko, Alexander Mikhalin, Brock Romero, Charles Florance and Vineet Patel. UNM club members were Holly McRoberts, Jules Carter, Claire Jarmosevich, Anthony Chen, Rosy Gallegos and Dean Brunton. The Tech Club is hoping to sponsor a USCF tournament in the spring in Socorro on campus. It’s a short drive from Albuquerque and a nice campus; should be a good tournament.

-Dean Brunton

11-19-07 Congrats to Douglas Thigpen

Congrats to Douglas Thigpen on his 9-0 first place victory at the All-American Cup held in Scottsdale. Especially nice was his 8th round victory over a cocky 1800 Arizona player.
Well done.

-Dennis Hedges

11-15-07 Albuquerque’s hidden chess scene

Have you been to the Coronado Chess Club?
You might want to check it out — taka a look at this week’s review in the Alibi.

The NMCO Board

11-12-07 Barony of al-Barran


We’ve had some preliminary conversations with members of the local Albuquerque Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (more formally known as the Barony of al-Barran, located within the Kingdom of the Outlands) about joining forces for some entertaining chess events this winter and next year. If you have any connection with the Barony of al-Barran — or any chapter of the SCA — please contact me at your convenience.

John Baxter

10-21-07 UNM Class Tournament

The UNM Chess Club invites you to the UNM Class Tournament this coming weekend, October 27-28. There is still time to register early. Details and a registration form are at www.nmchess.org. Early registration saves $5 on your entry fee and helps the organizers get started on time. And you can sleep in an extra hour on Saturday morning.

The tournament will be held in the UNM Student Union Building, on campus at 117 Cornell NE (one block north of Central). The tournament will be in SUB Ballroom C; a very spacious room with excellent lighting and acoustics. The SUB has plenty of room for skittles and analysis and also has food vendors in the building.

Hope to see you there.

Anthony Chen

10-21-07 Volunteer Chess Mentor

We’re looking for a strong chess player who wants to mentor chess to an interested group of learners (Jefferson Middle’s A team) on Mondays betw. 3-4 pm. You don’t need fingerprints or a long application process since you’d only be working with 5-6 players in the club, while the Jefferson Chess Coach worked with the other players. This is strictly volunteer for someone who wants to share their knowledge of chess and strategy to a small group of interested and competent players. Thanks! laurablalock@yahoo.com

10-10-07 Special thanks to KOB-TV

If you missed the Columbus Day news coverage of National Chess Day on KOB-TV Channel 4, here is a link to the segment that ran during their 5 p.m. newcast:
Special thanks to KOB-TV and KOB.com for permission to reproduce the link.

John Baxter

9-21-07 WOW! Congratulations to both the ‘winner’ and ‘designer’
[Refer to 2007 Series with Jeff Sundell at the top; compiled by Jeff Sallade]

I would like to recommend a retroactive prize (perhaps a free tournament entry) for the winner. And that NMCO quickly vote to decide on making additional prizes for all the class winners for the following season to begin with the 2007 ‘class’ tourn. I’m sure everyone will enjoy this piece of work. Thanks Jeff.
Art Glassman


Is there anybody out there who wants a free entry to the next big ABQ tourney? All you have to do is to show off how much you know about chess in New Mexico. No stress. Last Monday, after his Border’s lecture, I quizzed GM Kraai about the Jesse questions and he missed a couple! and NOBODY knows who beat Kraai at the ’85 Santa Fe Open. So here’s your chance to outsmart a Grandmaster!!! Email your answers to me cuanto antes… that means rapido.. if there is a tie then the 1st answers received are the winners. Don’t be afraid to guess the ones you can’t find. Regular contestant and last year’s winner, Jeff Burch, has moved out of state. Previous winner,Ron Kensek, is too busy to give his time to chess! Another past winner,Ryan double exclam, is winding down from his editorial strains…So… are you going to let yet another out of state player come and win our NM competitions like they did in the last few NM tourneys? Who will take up the challenge? PLEASE email me your answers no matter how manyquestions you were guessing..you could win. The questions are in the latest DK magazine which is also readable on this website. Good luck. Google well, Jim Johnston


Jefferson Middle Needs a Chess Coach – Jefferson Middle, located blocks from UNM,
is seeking a Chess Coach for its Chess Club. The Club meets twice per week, Monday and Wednesday, and currently has 12 eager and able players. Duties would be twice per week chess instruction to streamline and improve play, maintain a ladder, and prep for and attend six ASCL evening meets. Times of coaching are 3-4 pm Mondays/Wednesdays. Pay is $18/hr for licensed APS staff, or a higher rate for an independent contractor (must do fingerprints and standard APS job clearance). If interested, please contact: laurablalock@yahoo.com, or cell: 379-3764.


Chess Team/Chess Club Instructor needed for local elementary school
(Monte Vista) near UNM for Fall, 2007.

One afternoon per week, traditionally Mondays from 4-5pm, with
occasional extra hours to prime for meets and tourneys.
Will attend six evening scholastic meets with the team during Oct-March time frame.
Moderate (1200/1300 USCF rated) chess skills needed, as well as good classroom management/communication skills.
Approximately 8 children currently on team, waiting to play chess!

Expectations: some teaching, coaching, pairing of kids, maintaining a chess ladder,
and general oversight of the students to keep kids engaged in chess-related activities (1st-5th graders). Standard APS fingerprinting/screening needed.
(One parent attends each team/club practice after school to help the coach and
to bring nutritious snack and assist players).

Pay – Bi-weekly:$18 per hour for a licensed teacher, or $10 per hour for
non-licensed staff.

Other option: Can negotiate a contractor rate ($20 per hour), but this only pays
twice per year.

Questions? Contact: Julie McIntyre at julmc@unm.edu or 573-4556.

Many thanks.


Check out the September Issue of New Mexico Magazine. Good article on Jesse Kraai
written by Susan Koenig.

Great job Susan

Dale Gibbs

[ *** Thanks for your supportive comments. However, I’m a little embarrassed by
editorial changes that made parts of the article incorrect (such as Foxwoods and
the paragraph about FIDE). Perhaps the magazine was just trying to make chess
more user-friendly for casual readers. And that can’t be so bad. I am happy, though,
to see our GM-Elect featured as one of New Mexico’s great artists. – Susan ]

. . . here’s that article before the rag’s rewrite


All Ages Chess Night at Loma Colorado Library is coming to an end with the end of
summer vacation.

Thank you to all who attended – we hope you enjoyed the time at the library! We also hope to
revive the chess night
next summer. Please remember that players are always welcome to use the library as a place
to play a quiet game
of chess. There are study tables in all the areas – children, teen, adult – which you are welcome
to use for chess.
If you have any comments or questions please contact Janet Phillips, Youth Services
Librarian, email:


Congratulations, Jeff.
I’ve enjoyed playing in two events where you were TD or Assistant TD, and I think you’re doing
a great job.

John Baxter

7-24-07 NM’s newest TD

I just got the news from Larry Pond that I passed the local TD test with a grade of 95%.
Special thanks to Art Glassman for his coaching and perspective. Thanks to the rest of you for welcoming me as a TD
in recent NMCO events.

Jeff Sallade

7-21-07 Synergy versus Alchemy

Early Saturday morning, a team from all around NM crowded into my van and carpooled to Socorro for fun, food and chess,
hosted by Alex Kornienko’s very hospitable Chemistry Department at NM Tech.

Long games between a dozen closely-matched opponents made for dynamic rated chess. Battling on board one, former Master
Steve Harrington brought out the creative side of Expert Luke Calhoun. Luke is back from college to dazzle the
NM chess scene this summer before going back to Harvard Divinity School to complete his master’s degree.

But these guys were just warming up! Most of them play again next week at the Team Tournament in Albuquerque.
We will try to post some of their games here shortly. Oh, and thanks to Art Glassman for organizing these events!

Susan Koenig

7-19-07 Interesting news on chess’ close cousin checkers

I just saw this on Yahoo! News: “Computer program can’t lose at checkers


I’ve seen the Chinook program in action before, although I’m not enough of a checkers player to really appreciate it.
I think the interesting question is: how long until chess is “solved,” if ever. I’ve read at least one chess author
(Hans Berliner) who thinks it will be about 30 to 40 years.

John Baxter


Did anyone else not get their Chess Life this month? I think I’m having a mail delivery problem, but wanted to check
to see if anyone else failed to get the Jesse Kraai issue of Chess Life.

John Baxter


Some of those players who signed up to be put on the email broadcast list – did so with handwriting that could not
be read correctly and messages came back ast not able to be delivered.
If you did give us your Email at the Memorial Senior tournament June 23/24 and did not get the broadcast sent today,
please send a message to Secretarynmco@msn.com
thank you
Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196


FOUND !! At the Memorial Senior closing cleanup. one Sweatshirt. Call or Email with accurate description to
prove it is yours 505-323-2433
Art Byers
Secretary NMCO


Edward Lu (current rate 1660) is looking for a first team for the upcoming team tournament July 28.
Please reply to pinglu@nmt.edu or 730-0078.


House Player(s) wanted (rating 1000-1799) for Memorial/Senior Tournament this weekend (June 23-24).

Play one or more rated games for free if there is an odd number in one of the sections.
You must be present before pairings for any round(s) and let TD know.
Your odds of playing are better than 50-50.

contact TD or any NMCO officer when your arrive.


Competitors Needed
Three horsemen have come together to form the first team of the 2007 team competition. Advertising on our
FORUM works. Start preparing your favorite strategy (will board three try and copy board one moves?) against
“N-KB3, White or Black, every board – every game”.



Knight Riders,
If you are a capable equestrian then you are welcome to apply to join my team, “1. N-KB3, White or Black,
every board – every game”
for the upcoming team tournament July 28th. My rating is 1893 and goal is
team average 1799.




I was wondering if anyone found a black chess case at the Frontier last Wednesday. My son accidently left it.
Please email me at mspace2@comcast.net if you found it, or call me at 350-4924. Thanks!



Announcement: Hummingbird Chess Camp held July 22- 28 2007 will be on the campus of Hummingbird Music Camp.

Brian Wall, Life Master of Colorado and Anthea Carson of Colorado Springs and Robert Haines of Albuquerque
will make up the Chess Faculty this Summer.

Information on Brian Wall can be found on the internet at several sites. Additional information : Write Elliott Higgins at Ehig@zianet.com.

5-27-07 (author of this post has withdrawn it)


Re: The Donaldson Event

It was great. John is a very pleasant fellow, he did a nice lecture on the accelerated dragon and talked about other chess
related topics.

He played a simul against 19 good tournament players (like Silas, Brad Peterson, Robert Hampton, Dean, myself,….)
and gave a choice of color to the players which was very generous and courageous of him. The simul resulted in 16 wins
and 3 draws with John Flores, Dale Gibbs, and Rodelio Ronquillo. Donaldson played fast and viciously.
I took some pictures. I will post them tonight.



All Ages Chess Night is coming to the Loma Colorado Public Library in Rio Rancho this summer!

Every Tuesday evening, starting on 5 June, chess players of all ages are invited to come and play chess
at the library from 6:00-7:30pm.

Please bring your own board. If you are able to come early or stay late to help move tables & chairs – great! Pairings will
be informal, and game results will not be recorded. There are vending machines in the library with water, coffee, and sodas.
The library is located at 755 Loma Colorado Dr NE (in between Rio Rancho High School and Blades Ice-Skating Arena).
For further information, or to volunteer to assist with pairings & answering questions at the event, please contact
Janet Phillips, Youth Services Librarian, email: JPhillips@ci.rio-rancho.nm.us


Evening Summer Scholastic Chess for 850-1300 rated  players.  Still have slots for 2-3 more players for scholastic
chess group that will meet once per week for 1-1/2 hrs at Frontier during June and July. Need 1 month commitment at a
time to attend.  Write laurablalock@yahoo.com with ?s,


Sorry for the question… have a 10 year old boy who is looking for a chess club in ALB. Please help!

Lisa Grover

5-10-07 In response to: Chess 960 (Fischer Random Chess)

I did enjoy playing one 960 game with you.
Give me a count of how many devotees you have and we’ll see what can be done. Because USCF does not rate 960,
that would ease things as no USCF membership w/b required. Since it is a novelty, perhaps other regular players would like
to try  a 960 tournament once. .
The problem is two-fold:  (1) the 2007 NM chess schedule is already pretty full. Under the leadership of the new NMCO
president, Munir Hammad, we have set a record for number  and variety of events –  and (2) finding a playing venue.  I will
check with Dean Brunton, the NMCO mentor of the UNM Chess club. Maybe it could be arranged at the UNM  chess club
in the Fall.  Perhaps, two sessions a week apart (the club meets on Tuesday eve’s but will not start again until the Fall as
exams are on.) would be sufficient.
Let’s say it is on the back burner for now – but I’ll stay on it.  See you at Bear Canyon.
Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

5-10-07 Blitz

The NMCO chess calendar has set a record, in 2007, for the number and variety of chess tournaments offered – AND –
we now have one additional tournament.

The kindly powers that be in Rio Rancho have generously offered us a free playing venue at the R/R Meadowlark Senior
Center for Saturday November 17th. Since we did not schedule a New Mexico Blitz Championship for the Summer, this
will be it!!. Details will be forthcoming after the Executive Board has a chance to decide on such things as entry fees,
sections etc.

We’ve had one successful Blitz event at that senior center. Those who took part know there is plenty of room for 50, 60
or more players. Because there is no fee for the hall, prize money should be very good. – especially if we can fill the hall.

Incidently, if you want to be on our Email broadcast list, send your e-address to: secretarynmco@msn.com.
We don’t give our broadcast list to any other organization or outside person. We send it via “Blind Carbon Copy”, known
as BCC, so that no other recipient sees your Email address. We use the list to announce chess tournaments, chess events
or all types such as picnics and simultaneous chess exhibitions, directions to tournament sites, etc.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196

5-08-07 Chess960

I was wondering if the NMCO had any future plans to host a Chess960 tournament, and if there is small,
but loyal group following using this particular format when coming together and playing chess locally?

Don Lubin

Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26 is the annual NMCO fund raising Yard sale.

Place: 10400 Arvilla Avenue NE. The SE corner house of Arvilla & Morris, two short blocks South of Comanche.
Time: 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. both days

Last year we raised over $400 – and that helped everything we do to support chess in New Mexico, including our prize
funds. Remember, NMCO is run by completely unpaid elected volunteers.
100% of the net proceeds goes to support Chess.

If you have good useable stuff to contribute (no clothing please) contact me at secretarynmco@msn.com or
505-323-2433. Oh Yes, this year we will have some very nice Chess items to offer at very sharp prices, sets and boards,
a chess table, and a beautiful real marble chess board with an Onyx chess set.

Art Byers
Secretary NMCO
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196


IM John Donaldson is coming to Albuquerque May 24 to lecture and give a simultaneous display. John and I had a mutual chess expert friend (David Collyer) whom passed away about 15 years ago and players in Spokane Washington gather each year for a memorial tournament in his honor. John has flown from his home in San Francisco to Spokane playing in many of these. To help pay for his trip he does a simul and lecture the Friday night before the weekend tournament. I have been to two of these and have thoroughly enjoyed John’s incredible lecture playing him in these simuls once. The New Mexico chess community is in for a real treat when John comes to town later this month. Readers may enjoy this game I played at the simul he gave on 2/20/04 in Spokane WA. John lectured and began the simul making the first 28 moves until Eric arrived after his flight delay from Tacoma Washington at move 29 in the shared simul. Eric made a questionable bishop move on move 38. Eric touched his bishop, began to move it then placed it back on its original square asking me if this was touch move. The organizer said we were playing under touch moves therefore his Bishop unfortunately had to move.

Best of luck to those whom play in the upcoming simultaneous. Most likely you will be playing black. It is hard to prepare for a player of International Master John Donaldson’s caliber. John said at the 2004 lecture that he used to begin with d4 but in recent years has been making the transformation to an e4 player. Even though this game begins as a d4 opening John is clever to transpose in to an e4 opening. Best you prepare to play against either d4 or e4 opening.

-wayne hatcher

approx. 30 Board Simutaneous Display at Aunties Bookstore in Spokane Washington February 20, 2004
White: IM John Donaldson (thru move 28) and IM Eric Tangborn (move 29 onward)
Black: Wayne Hatcher
1. d4…..Nf6 2. Nf3…g6 3. Nc3…Bg7 4. e4…..d6 5. Be2…0-0 6. 0-0…c6 7. a4….Bg4 8. Be3…Qc7 9. Qd2…Re8 10. Rfd1…Nbd7 11. a5…..Rad8 12. h3…..B:f3 13. B:f3…b5 14. ab (e.p.)…ab 15. d5…..c5 16. Nb5….Qc8 17. Na7…Qb7 18. Nc6…Ra8 19. c3…..Nb8 20. Ra8…Qa8 21. e5…..Nfd7 22. e6…..Ne5 23. ef…..Kf7 24. Ne5…Be5 25. Bg4…Qa4 26. Be6…Kg7 27. f4…..Bf6 28. f5…..Nd7 29. b3….Q:b3 30. B:d7…Ra8 31. Bh6….Kh8 32. Rf1….Ra2 33. Qd1…Q:c3 34. fg…..hg 35. Qg4…Bd4 36. Kh1…Ra1 37. Qf4…Bf6 38. Bg5…R:f1 39. Qf1…B:g5 40. Be6…Qc1 41. Q:c1…B:c1 42. Bd7….Be3 43. Kh2…Kg7 44. Kg3…Kf6 45. Kf3…Bd4 46. Ke4…Be5 47. Bb5…e6 48. Ke4…ed 49. Kd5…Bg3 50. Kc6…Ke5 51. Kb6…Kd4 52. Bf7…g5 53. Kb5…Kd3 54. Be6…Kd4 55. Bf7…d5 56. Ka4…c4 57. Ka3…Kc5 58. Kb2…d4 59. Bg6…d3 60. Bd3…cd 61. Kc3…d2 62. Kd2…Kd4 63. Ke2…Ke4 64. Kf1…Bh2 65. Kf2…Kf4 66. e2…Bg1 67. h4….g4 68. Kd3…Kg3 69. h5…Bc5 70. Resigns 0-1

When I first heard of the news that Jesse Kraai had achieved the title of Grandmaster, I wanted to post my congratulations like others had done. But I realized that a simple congratulations was not good enough for this extraordinary achievement, and I was for a loss of words! So I had to ponder my thoughts a while for the right things to say.

I do not know how many people realize what a profound and difficult achievement this really is! It is a great tribute to his skill, perseverance, and strong will. First of all, I would like to say what a gentleman he really is at the board; I played him twice and he treated me like a professional. He is very kind, respectful, and well mannered — a model person.

His achievement is truly extraordinary, monumental!
To go from a class player to an expert is no easy task, and to go from an expert to master level player is even much more difficult. But to go from a master to an IM and finally to a GM level player – that is truly remarkable! Most players will not even come close.

Mr. Kraai is a remarkably gifted player. He is dedicated to his profession and has worked tirelessly for this achievement. It means much more to him than I believe most people truly realize! Chess is an extremely hard game to play at his level. As an expert chessplayer, I truly appreciate this achievement and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

I know that the New Mexico chess community is proud of Mr. Kraai’s achievement. On behalf of myself and my father I would like to offer my most sincere and profound congratulations to Grandmaster Jesse Kraai!

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Coraretti


Soren Andersen of Denmark won the Pir Maleki Memorial in a 15 minute playoff with Jeffrey Sundell
of Albuquerque
. Each won $175. Soren is a visiting graduate student in civil engineering at UNM. He has no
USCF rating but played under his Elo rating of 2046. We are sorry he is leaving for his home country later this summer.

It was the largest ever Pir Maleki Memorial, drawing 126 players from northern NM, including a few from CO and TX.
TDs Andy Nowak, Tom Blog, Dennis Hedges and co-organizer Alan Wicks of the UWC were up late on Friday scrambling
for extra tables and processing last minute entries. About three quarters of the participants were under age 20. The annual
tourney is jointly sponsored by the United World College and the Northern Schools Chess League.

The large turnout allowed the overall prizes to be increased from the advertised $1300 to $1800. In addition, the proceeds
were used to help the state’s Denker High School representative, Derick Arellano, and the state’s Polgar girls representative, Deanna Kristek,
towards their expenses to the US Open in New Jersey this summer. They received $200 and $100

Other winners were:

Tutor Section – Kyle Leeds-Tilley. Sophomore Section – Claire Jarmosevich and Michael Martinson. Scholastic Section –
Yunhao Yang. Youth U/Age 19 – Arjun Bhakta, Sam Goin, and Francisco Guevara. Youth U/Age 14 – Emma Thompson.

Full results here

Andy Nowak


Trying to form a group of Albuq scholastic chess players to meet once per week during the summer, early evening,
for chess instruction and chess games. Likely time of chess lesson plus chess play = 1-1/2 – 2 hours one evening per week.
Would look to split cost of chess instructor among a group of players, with players paying instructor up front for four weekly
chess sessions per month, to equitably cover chess instructor costs. Players pay this cost whether or not they attend all the
sessions that month. Prefer players in the 850+ range, but also understand there are excellent chess players who are not rated.
Am trying to set up this group instruction for 6-10 players, on either Monday or Wednesday early evening (4:30 to 6:30?
5 pm – 7 pm?), to meet probably at the Frontier restaurant. . Still need to finalize if M or W night, and the times, based upon
chess instructor preference and player preferences, but need a group of interested scholastic players or parents to share
their interest in joining group.. If insterested, please write me, laurablalock@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Laura Blalock


Yesterday’s Polgar Playoff in Santa Fe was exciting. At the end of four games we had a four way tie –
Deanna Kristek, Sarah Blog, Rebecca Deland
and Jera Davis. There was a three game round robin. Deanna Kristek
was the winner
. Seven games in seven hours – there were four very exhausted girls. Deanna will be representing NM
in the Polgar championship in Cherry Hills NJ July 29 to August 3. There is a small article in the www.freenewmexican.com
and on Susan Polgar’s blog (see the NMSCO link).

Mike Kristek


Look in today’s (Sunday April 15) Santa Fe New Mexican and the New York Times for articles on Jesse Kraai!

Pam Albin


Fantastic run, Jesse!

I remember a quiet post several years ago on Al William’s Forum where Jesse said something like “I’m beginning to take
this IM thing seriously” (before he achieved his IM title). The steady, rapid improvement was (and is!) just amazing.

-ron kensek


Congratulations to Jesse for his overdue GM title. Thanks Jesse for putting NM on the chess map!!

NMCO President

Munir Hammad


Congratulations to Jesse for making his final norm and becoming New Mexico’s first resident GM.
Now make sure the director and the USCF do the paperwork, Jesse. Fifteen years ago Tom Keffer told me
you’d make it to GM. Wherever Tom is, I’m sure he’s smiling now.

Robert Haines


Thanks for all of your support. It looks like I made it! I crossed the 2500 fide mark and got the final norm.

– from GM-elect Kraai!

Go Jesse!! Jesse Kraai has followed up his win against top rated US player GM Hikaru Nakamura (rated 2755!)
with another win over GM Shabalov. (6.5/8) He plays his last game this afternoon at the Foxwoods Tourney
beginning at 2:30? Follow it live on Monroi.com. Good luck Jesse!!

-Dennis Hedges


Congratulations to NM’s scholastic junior high school players who represented NM so well at this weekend’s
K9 Nationals in Sacramento CA.

Gabe Ewing, an 8th grader from Bosque Prep, , WON the National K9 U1250 section
with 6.5 out of 7.0, drawing only with NM’s own Tiange Peter Li. Tiange Peter Li, a 7th grader from Academy, took
25th place in the U1250 section with 4.5 wins. John Flores, a 9th grader from the Southwest Secondary Learning Center,
took 5.0 in the K9 Open section, placing at 22nd place. And Isaac Ewing, a 6th grader from Bosque Prep, placed near the
top 100 players in the K9 U1250 section. . Congratulations to these fine players for their outstanding accomplishments at
the 2007 National Jr. HIgh School Championships!

Results at: http://www.uschess.org/tournaments/2007/jhs/


The UNM Chess Team defeated a team from Public Service Co. of NM at the Tuesday night meeting this week.
The final result of five wins and a draw was very impressive. My PNM team did give a good battle — almost all the games
were close and most not decided until near the end. Thanks to PNM for the match and also for the contribution to the Club.

Next week we will have a regular meeting. We expect to have Jeff (Dr. J) Burch visit.
Dr. J has been a long-time supporter of the club and is past-president of the New Mexico Chess Organization.

We have reserved the Alumni Room on Tuesday evening for the remainder of the semester. The Alumni room is at the
south end of the upper floor of the S.U.B. We have the room from 6:00-9:00 PM each Tuesday.
Guests are invited to come anytime.

Dean Brunton


Wow! An actual 40/2 SD/1 tournament in New Mexico!
And I thought that I had a lot of time to think at the Winter Matchups.
I applaud the EB for finding time for such a tournament in the midst of all of our hectic schedules. I hope that this adds to the
strength of NM chess and also attracts some out-of-state participants.

Gabe Ewing


Jesse Wins in Chicago

See detail at

George Z. Zuo


There is a Chess camp this summer at Manzano Day School July 16-20.  The information is atwww.chesscamp.com
Munir Hammad

Summer Chess Opportunities
Is there a single site that lists all the opportunities for kids to practice chess during the summer? Or a list of summer
chess camps? Several parents have asked me how their kids can continue to play chess during the summer. I and other
parents would appreciate any information you can give us regarding summer chess for kids. Thank you.

Marie Maestas
St. Mary’s School, Albuquerque

ASCL K-5 Results

Congratulations to the Dennis Chavez Panthers for winning the ASCL K-5 League with a perfect 6-0 score.
The Manzano Day School Knights finished second at 5-1 and the Monte Vista Penguins third at 4.5-1.5.

Full standings will be posted later.


We are looking for a tutor for our chess club at Gonzales Elementary School in Santa Fe. Our chess club meets every
Thursday at 3:15 pm at the school for an hour. We are looking for someone to help us every other week until summer break.

Please contact Sibylle Rossetti at sibylleros@aol.com for more information.
Thank you.

Sibylle Rossetti


Is there a leadership crises in NMCO’s future ?

I sincerely believe that 2007, under the excellent overall guidance of President Munir Hammad, will be one of the best in
New Mexico Chess History. The sheer number and quality of our chess events will probably set a record.

NMCO has been fortunate in recent years to have devoted, hardworking, officers. Our new president has real leadership
ability and has energetically given freely of his time. We have a fine web site run by webmasters Susan and Ed Koenig.
We have secured new playing sites found by tournament organizer Scout Veitch. Desert Knight, with the skill of
editor/publisher Ryan McCracken is one of the best state chess publications in our nation. Our finances are stable under
the careful supervision of Treasurer, Dean Brunton. We have a great USCF TD in Vice President Dale Gibbs – who is a
former NMCO President.

Remember, all NMCO officers are unpaid volunteers.

Yet, there is potential for a coming serious leadership vacuum. Both, Munir and Dale have expressed a desire not to accept
office in the elections that will take place during September’s Labor Day Weekend New Mexico Open Tournament.
Dean Brunton, our excellent treasurer, has hinted that the time pressures of business and family make it difficult for him to
continue to devote the needed time to NMCO.

NMCO needs an influx of new blood in its officer crew to replace those who will be leaving. In addition, I believe that
because we are the official USCF affiliate for the whole state of New Mexico, NMCO needs more input from members
outside of the Albuquerque area.

Without some of you stepping up to help, the future success of NMCO will be in doubt.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of the New Mexico Chess organization, please contact any of the officers –
at any tournament, by Email, telephone or via this forum. We will welcome you to any of our monthly meetings so that
you can see what makes NMCO tick so well.

Arthur Byers
NMCO Secretary


Congratulations to the Albuquerque Academy HS Chargers for winning the ASCL A League with a 6-0 team score,
thereby capturing the rotating trophy – still the original from school year 1961-1962. Del Norte HS Knights came in another
heart-breaking second place at 5-1.

Congratulations also to the Albuquerque Academy MS Chargers for winning the ASCL B League also with a 6-0 score,
thereby capturing the new rotating trophy which now includes winners since its creation in 1975 (though with 6 yrs of missing data).
The Bosque Bobcats came in 2nd at 5-1, and the Jefferson Jets were third at 4.5-1.5.

Full standings will be posted later (first ron needs to catch up with the ASCL C League results).

– ron kensek (rpkense “at” comcast.net)


Congratulations to Gabriel Ewing and Wayne Hatcher for scoring draws in the Cherry Hill simul
against master ron kensek (yours truly). Rumor has it 21 players participated.

Gabriel was winning handily with a 2 pawn and huge center advantage, but fell into tactical complications.
I thought I was being generous in accepting a draw, but after the game it was discovered if Gabriel was careful enough,
he was still winning! Wayne stubbornly defended what I thought was a very promising position (I still have much to learn).
Other games had their share of scary moments for me, but luck generally was on my side. Hope all had a good time.

-ron kensek (rpkense “at” comcast.net)


Master Ron Kensek will be conducting a SIMUL at the Cherry Hills Library from 1:00 til 3:00

Saturday, February 3rd. Seats are limited to about 28 students due to space limitation.

Please bring your boards and pieces. If any information is needed call Rod Avery at 821-8482.

Rod Avery


The UNM Chess Club will meet next on Monday, February 5. We’ll meet upstairs in the UNM
Student Union Building in the Sandia Room (north end). We have the room from 6:00 to 9:00, visitors are welcome.

Dean Brunton


Scholastic Chess Coaches –
The NM Scholastic Chess Organization (NMSCO) is setting up for the three upcoming State Tournaments
the K12 on Feb. 17th, the K-9 on March 10th, and the K-6 on March 17th We’re trying to set up experienced
floor TDs for all three tournaments, for all the sections, especially Reserve and Championship sections, ahead of time..

If you”ll be at the tournaments with your players, and you can devote a few hours or even all day helping out by floor TDing,
please contact laurablalock@yahoo.com and advise which tournaments and times that you can volunteer at. We’ll try to
match floor TDs with appropriate sections based upon your section preference (higher rated or higher skilled TDs will be
covering the highest tournament sections). .Thanks in advance for your assistance.

—– from The NM Scholastic Chess Organization


Jesse posted an article in Chess Life Online
about the “East Bay Fight Club” tournament where he tied for first and got his 2nd GM norm last December.

Rodelio Ronquillo

I will be at the Frontier Restaurant Wednesday evening from 6PM to 9PM and will accept
entries for the Albuquerque Open
Entry forms and details can be found on this Web Site under Upcoming Events

Dale Gibbs


Hi Everyone,

I would like to put the word out that I’m doing a free lecture every Monday night at Borders
(Dowtown Santa Fe)
from 6-7 before the Club. The Lecture is usually geared for players in the 800-1300 range.



I have a son that goes to Zuni Elementary and is in 4th grade. He went to a summer chess camp with Rod Avery
and loved it. We talked to Rod about starting a chess club at Zuni. and he suggested we ask NMCO to help us.

So, I thought I would write you and see if you know any Chess person that would be interested in
starting up a Chess Club at Zuni Elementary.
I have already talked to the principal about it and she said yes.
She said the best time would be in the mornings. I do have a couple teachers that are willing to sponsor it also.
If you could put the word out that we have some young chess players out there that would love to have a club started at
Zuni Elementary and see if anyone would be interested in teaching these children. They can contact me via email or phone.
My email is this one I am writing from…nm_anj@yahoo.com or my phone number is 888-6581. Thank you!

Antje Sandoval