Robert Zing & $1,400G 2nd Annual Al Ufer Memorial Tournament, Manitou Springs, CO,
6 January, 2007, 4-SS, G/60

It was with sadness I heard the passing of Robert Zing. He was a very congenial, active chess player that was
a pleasure to play. He participated in most of the 2005-2006 Springs chess tournaments. I’ll miss him.

Two years ago we suffered the same fate with the passing of Allan Ufer, also a very active Colorado and
New Mexico Chess player.

In his honor we are holding the Second Annual Al Ufer Memorial Tournament this coming Saturday (6 January).
This one-day tournament comes with a solid guaranteed prize fund of $1,400. Last year, New Mexico players
took a good deal of the prize fund back home with them.

Please come up and play in Al Ufer’s memory. In the spirit of the past New Mexico Memorial tournaments,
In Robert Zing’s honor (a last year participant of this tournament) I will name a round after him and guarantee
an additional $100 to the New Mexico player with the highest point score.

If I don’t see you on 6 January, I plan to play in the Albuquerque Open and I will see you then.

Dean Wm Brown, Al Ufer Memorial TD

Dean Brown

* * * JESSE GETS 2nd GM NORM * * *



Congrats Jesse! Way to keep fighting.



I checked ICC today and Jesse Kraai and Milman tied at 7.5 of 10
in the FIDE Swiss tournament.

Both earned GM Norms.

Wayne Hatcher


Jesse in the bay area

This from John Donaldson.

Jessie Kraai leads East Bay Chess Club GM Norm Event
SWISS standings after round 5

4.5: Kraai
4: Milman
3.5: Friedel, Rensch
3: Lee, Sharavdorj
2.5: Panchanathan, Pruess, Fedorowicz
2: Roussel-Roozmon, Mezentsev, Sarkar, Shankland
1.5: Gutman, Tuvshintugs
0.0: Ballard

New Mexico IM Jesse Kraai is doing well in his hunt for his second GM norm. He drew last night and now has
5 from 6 and White today versus GM John Fedorowicz today. Kraai will likely need 7 from 9 for a norm in the
ten round event. We wish him good luck!



Jeff, we’re sad to see ya leave town today. . .

Dr J has been an energetic organizer for New Mexico chess in more ways than most people know.

It takes a cohesive group of officers (like our NMCO guys) to accomplish so much. But it also takes a
charismatic leader, and that was Jeff. He was part of so many new NMCO projects while he was president,
such as Chess Day in Old Town, new tournaments, lectures and analysis at UNM, his articles and annotated
games for Desert Knight magazine, free equipment for new clubs, the fundraiser yard sale, contact with the mayor,
donations, and tons of his photos of NM chessplayers posted on the website. Look on nmchess.org later this week
for a whole new crop of Jeff’s pictures of y’all! For those who volunteered to help at local chess events, there were even
parties at Jeff’s house, complete with skywatching and live music! (Many local chessplayers sat down
to solo at his grand piano.)

And there’s another surprise from Jeff, yet to come. Next week, be sure to look for his article about New Mexico
in the new edition of Chess Life Magazine.

– Susan Koenig



All good things must come to an end, and my stay in New Mexico has reached such a

It has been a pleasure to be part of New Mexico chess as an officer of NMCO for the past
six years, and I am certain that its leadership is in good hands with the current crop of

As most of you know, during my tenure in office, I preferred not to play in tournaments,
due in part to the physical exhaustion I experienced in setting them up, taking entries,
assisting in tournament direction, and making a myriad of decisions which impacted
these events. The only exceptions (other than blitz) were a handful of NM Memorials, owing
to a desire to honor a good friend, Tom Keffer, who passed away far too early in life. Now
that I am free of administrative responsibilities, I am looking forward to regaining the expert
rating I held for 19 years, and perhaps even making a stab at a master’s rating (hopefully
I’m not too old to achieve this). Unfortunately, due to employment circumstances beyond
my control, my return to tournament chess will not take place in New Mexico.

Of course I plan to return for vacations in New Mexico every few years, so I’m sure I’ll run
into many of you again. And if anyone from the Land of Enchantment ever makes a trip to
the Bluegrass State, be sure to look me up. My cell phone number and e-mail address will
not change.

Vaya con Dios!

Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch)
Former President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)

Robert Zing – No One loved chess more.

My friend and frequent skittles chess opponent, Bob Zing, passed away on Thursday, November 16th. Bob was
a good natured pleasant man who was always gracious when he won or lost. He was fun to be around –
fun with whom to analyze a skittles position or play through a Grand Master game.

Bob often “played up” at NMCO tournaments saying that one learned more when you took on the better players.
Yes, as a result he did not finish among the prize winners very often, but on occasion he would produce good games
against higher rated opponents. It was my pleasure to annotate (with the help of Fritz 9) one of his wins. See the
June 2006 DK, page 19, in which Bob, playing the Sicilian as black, understood the positional factors better than did
his opponent, who had a backward d-pawn.

We players, at Bob’s favorite chess club at the Bear Canyon Senior Center, miss him. We know that somewhere in
heaven he is seated in front of those 64 squares, hopefully, dazzling some opponent with his skillful Knight play.
written by Art Byers

I will be visiting the family at the French Mortuary on Wyoming, Tuesday evening, 11/21, and attending the funeral
mass on Wednesday Morning. (10 A.M. at Queen of Heaven Catholic Church on Clermont just East of San Mateo.)
– Art

I am looking to purchase a particular type of chess set called,

“Player’s Choice” which was sold by the Drueke or Carrom companies around 10-15 years ago.
It is a plastic set in which the king is 3.75″ tall and double weighted. The “white” pieces are actually a natural or
carmel color, and the rooks have the word “Drueke” stamped on their tops;
any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Don Lubin


Kudos to Robert Haines

I’d like to publicly express my thanks to Robert Haines who recently came to Alabama
and put on a chess seminar for my scholastic team of about 20 players. I’m the chess coach at
Bayside Academy in Daphne, and I met Mr. Haines on a trip to Russia earlier this year on the
Chess for Peace tour. He travelled here at my invitation, and I found him to be great working
with kids, especially in small groups.

They really respond to his enthusiasm and passion for the game.

Robert worked tirelessly through the weekend, conducting a three hour practice, putting on a four hour
seminar, and then giving individual instruction from my home throughout Sunday afternoon and into the evening.
You certainly have a great chess advocate and teacher there in New Mexico in Robert Haines, and I hope
your scholastic players are availing themselves of this tremendous resource.

Eric Nager


There are only 58 days left to send in your entries for the latest quiz (see page 44 of the current DK. )
Alert reader Dr. J has already pointed out an error… In question 11 the date the well known book came out
in algebraic was in fact 1995 …hey even I make mistakes!

You could win a free entry if you email your answers to me.

Jim Johnston

Remember, no UNM club meeting tonight (Oct. 31). Enjoy your Halloween.

Dean Brunton

I was wondering if there was interest in creating a New Mexico (possibly multiple) team for the online team
chess league on ICC
(http://team4545league.org/). It requires the commitment to play one game a week at 45 45 time control
and you can schedule it whenever fits best as long as your opponent and you agree to a time. There are multiple sections
(U2200, U2000, U1800, etc) based on average rating of the team members. Currently they are stalling to start season 32
because of some reprogramming, so that should give us time to organize teams etc. Contact me if you are interested or
have questions: carsten _at_ unm.edu

Carsten Steinbach

I like Jesse’s idea – it’s an interesting concept, perhaps expand it to a 3-day tourney (long weekend and
invite 7 or 8 players).

Another concept would be make it a 4-rd closed tourney to the top 16 players w/no byes and some sort of playoff
if there was a tie. Personally invite the players one-by-one until you get the top 16 that want to play and have a couple
of alternates for emergencies. The longer the time controls the better because it produces the best chess (G/2 SD/1).

Probably the best thought though is just change it back to an Open – Top finishing NM player is the winner like always.
Go back and look for the past 35 years or so and you have maybe a couple of players that wouldn’t be considered one
of the top contenders to win (only Cooper and Kerns aren’t experts or better and they played the best NM chess that weekend).

Robert Hampton

I support Jesse’s suggestion for the state championship.
I will also add that it is flexible enough to allow for
minor changes in form such as allowing any GM in the state to participate…most active state member over 1800…
increasing participants to 9 over 2 weekends,etc. One drawback of the current system is that three dynamos could
dominate a swiss and one of them sneak through (not necessarily the strongest player).

A round robin would probably be much more accurate in awarding the title.

Mark S.

(Jesse’s suggestion is below)


I’ve come up with an idea I would like to put into public circulation. My idea aims to incorporate
Dean Brunton’s idea of a ‘Grand Slam’, Dr. J’s desire for a closed tournament and some of my own concerns
on time controls, number of rounds and ‘foreign’ players.

1. To hold a six player round robin on the same weekend as the ‘NM Amatuer Open’.
This will be the State Championship.

2. Participation in the event will be granted as follows:

– 1. Defending NM Champion
– 2. Highest placing NM player in the ‘NM Amatuer Open’ not already qualified
– 3. Highest placing NM player in the ‘Memorial Tournament’ not already qualified.
– 4. Highest placing NM player in the ‘Abq. Open’ not already qualified.
– 5. Highest placing NM player in the ‘Pir Maleki’ not already qualified.
– 6. Highest rated NM junior player (K-12).

3. Time contronl will be 40/2 sd/1 with 15sec. increment

4. Rd. 1 will be on Friday evening at a separate location, Rd.s 1-2 Sat., Rd.s 3-4 Sun. at the site of the NM open.

5. Each place will receive a monetary prize!

Justifications for the new proposal:

1) State championships used to be regular style tournaments without further consequence. They are now used
as qualifiers for the us champ. and other events. As such, we need a system which is more likely to produce
the best player as state champ.

2) It is a system which rewards ambitious players and will hopefully give a chance for a fide rated event in NM.
These benefits are seen in So. Calif., Arizona and Colo. who all have similar events.

3) The events in the surrounding states have attracted more media interest than the traditional opens.

4) It excludes the possibility of out of state players upsetting the fair course of the tourney.

5)Tthe current floor of 1600 for participation in the top section is meant to be inclusive by giving everyone
a chance. I think that’s great. This system gives the ambitious 1600 every chance at qualification.


Our very own IM Jesse Kraai
made it into an article in the Santa Fe Reporterfor Wednesday,
October 18, 2006. Check out the URL below for his interview and photo:


Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch)
President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)

Volunteer needed… to help out with a new Chess Club
for grades 3-5 at Corrales Elementary.
We hope to create an environment where experienced players can play and assist with teaching,
and new players can learn the game.

The club will start out (hopefully in November) meeting on Wednesdays for an hour
(30 minutes for 3rd grade & 30 minutes for 4-5th grades) during lunch recess periods.
If you love chess and love kids
please reply to

Janet Phillips at sunfish@jnj-designs.com Thank you!

Longtime Albuquerque chessplayer Randall Greenup passed away last Friday.
Randy was a USCF Life Member and held a 1600 rating at the time of his death.
His final tournament was our Albuquerque Tricentennial Open, where he scored 3 out of 5.
He won his last game! He tied for 2nd in the 2005 Albuquerque Open’s Reserve section.
He achieved this despite 13 years on dialysis. It seems like we chatted with him almost every year,
for many years, at the Albuquerque Open. He was rated over 1800 in the late 1990s.

Randy’s funeral will take place on this Wednesday, Oct. the 18th, following
a short eulogy. The eulogy will begin promptly at 1:00 pm, on Wed., at Aspen Funeral
Alternatives, 1935 Juan Tabo NE, (West side of the street) Albuquerque. He will
be buried immediately afterwards (following the drive to) at Vista Verde cemetery
in Rio Rancho, 4310 Sara Rd., which is reached by a right turn (eastward) from the
stop light at State Rd. 528 and Sara Rd, by Intel. I believe the cemetery is not
too far down the road, after one makes the turn. There is also expected to be a
short graveside ceremony.

There will be a visitation held from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm tomorrow, Tuesday,
at Aspen also, for those who wish to pay respects but do not want to, or cannot,
attend the funeral.

thank you to Randall Greenup’s chess friends for sending us this information.

For use in high school classroom:
Used versions of Chessmaster that can be run on Windows 2000 . . Or, other teaching computer chess games.


. . . Today I had the chance to attend the casual blitz games at theAlbuquerque’s Old Town Plaza.
I took some pictures and I thought you might find some that you might want to post.

The last picture is a game between Dr. J. against a visiting (retired) FIDE Master.

more photos


Rodelio Ronquillo

I am new to Las Cruces
and can’t find any USCF chess club . . . ANY HELP???

David Lither
USCF expert

It is again time for the UNM v NMTECH chess match.

It will be This Thursday October 5 at UNM, 6:30 P.M.
New Mexico Tech will bring an ‘A’ team the “Atom Smashers” (Harrington, Schwarman, Barefield, Kornienko,
Mc’Alekhine [our mystery russian]) and a ‘B’ team the “Fighting Geckos”….

The last time our teams met in 2004, somebody escaped with a drawn match 21/2 v. 2/1/2….
We are still not sure which team escaped.

Mark Schwarman

Once again we had some lost and found items
from the recent Santa Fe Open.

Recovered items included a black knight piece, a baseball cap with the Deer Horn
Lodge logo, a navigation divider (heaven only knows how we ended up with this
item – it was laid on the TD table next to Andy’s computer), and a pair of eyeglasses.
We still have items from the Albuquerque Tricentennial as well, including a t-shirt
with Ecko Unltd printed on the front, and an electronic game player.

If any of these items is yours, please contact me or any NMCO officer and we’ll make
arrangements to get them back to you… we’ll bring these items to the next couple
of tournaments as well. If no one claims them by next spring, they’ll be sold in next
year’s fundraising Garage Sale.

Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch)
President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)

Many Albuquerque players have indicated to me that they’ll commute each day to the
upcoming Santa Fe tournament. If however you are thinking about staying inSanta Fe
over the weekend
, here are some relatively closeby accomodations (prices come from a
quick search on the web – with effort you might be able to do a shade better):

Santa Fe International Hostel
1415 Cerrillos Rd, 505-988-1153, $15/night dormitory, $25/night shared bathroom, $35/night private bathroom
Residence Inn, 1698 Gallisteo, 505-988-7300, $139/night (lowest I could find on their website)
Pecos Trail Inn, 2239 Old Pecos Trail, 505-982-1943, $70/night
Budget Inn, 725 Cerrillos, 505-982-5952, $95/night
Travelodge, 646 Cerrillos, 505-982-3551, $70/night

Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch)
President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home) 505-307-9069 (cell)

October 9th is National Chess Day.

NMCO will be playing chess in the Albuquerque Old Town Park from 9:30 A.M. to 4 P.M.
Volunteers Needed:
To play casual chess for at least two hours during this time period. Volunteers will play against other volunteers
or any park visitors who are interested in playing a game or two.

NMCO President, Jeffrey Burch

NMCO Secretary, Art Byers

‘Lo Again. I was wondering if I could get info regarding the registration
(affiliation, or if some other term
is proper) of a school with the USCF. In this case, Sandia High School, since its affiliation expired in 2003,
that I remember in my brisk browsing. We have an existing chess club, but there is no participation at a school-wide
level in any k-12 tournaments. I think, (correct my so fallible mind if I am wrong), that in order to participate as a school,
there must be a sufficient number of players who have memberships presently in the USCF.
Thank-ya, hope to hear back,
(The annoying and most despicable meddling teen)

Daniel Breen

The UNM Chess Club will meet on Tuesday, Sept 5
, upstairs in the Student Union Building.
The room is subject to change, so check with the SUB information desk or the schedule displays
when you get there.

Drop-in games will probably start around 6:00, with a brief business meeting starting about 7:00.

Dean Brunton

The UNM Chess Club begins this semester with a meeting Tuesday, August 29 at 6:00.
The club will meet
in the Lobo B room upstairs in the Student Union Building. Beginners and non-students are welcome. Watch the
NMChess.org website for info on future meetings.

Dean Brunton

Once again we had a terrific blitz championship
with a predictable result (Jesse didn’t drop a game).
We had 38 entrants, which makes us think we need to find a larger site!

Hopefully our next blitz tournament (which will be in Albuquerque) will be in the November-December
time frame.

Final note – someone left a clock behind. NMCO has it, and whoever lost it should contact us to
identify it and reclaim it. We still have a t-shirt and an electronic audio device which were left at the
last Albuquerque Open as well.

Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch)
President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)

I had a great time at the Denker tournament
this year and would like to thank NMSCO, NMCO, and NSCL
for their financial support to make this trip possible. I expected games would be challenging since most of the
players were higher rated than me (I was ranked 35 out of 46), and I’m happy that I managed to pull off three
upsets. In the end, I finished with a 3.5/6.0 score, taking 20th place. It was a great opportunity for me to meet
strong players as well as explore Chicago. I have enjoyed playing chess in the past ten years and appreciate
many of you for making scholastic chess in New Mexico so successful. This coming weekend, I will be heading
to Houston, Texas for college. I was extremely lucky to receive a full-tuition scholarship from Rice University.
I may be occupied with many activities there, but I will certainly check NM chess websites to keep myself informed.
Thank you all!

-Frank Chen

Here are the three upset games.

Round 1
W: Frank Chen (1697)
B: Ricky Selzler (2126)

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. a3 Bxc3+ 5. bxc3 c5 6. Nf3 0-0 7. e3 Nc6 8. Bd3 d6 9. 0-0 e5 10. Bc2 Qc7
11. d5 Ne7 12. Nd2 Ne8 13. e4 Ng6 14. Re1 Nf6 15. Nf1 Kh8 16. Ng3 Ng8 17. Nf5 N6e7 18. f4 f6 19. Nxe7 Nxe7
20. f5 g6 21. g4 Rg8 22. Kf2 Kg7 23. Qd2 Kf7 24. Rg1 Bd7 25. Rg3 h5 26. fxg6+ Nxg6 27. gxh5 Nf4 28. h6 Qd8
29. Qd1 f5 30. Kf1 Qh4 31. Bxf4 exf4 32. Rg7+ Rxg7 33. hxg7 Qh3+ 34. Kg1 Rg8 35. Kh1 Rxg7 36. Qf1 Qxc3
37. Bd3 f3 38. Rd1 Ba4 39. Rb1 Kg8 40. Qxf3 Bc2 41. Qxf5 Bxb1 42. Qc8+ Kh7 43. Qh3+ Kg6 44. Qe6+ Kg5
45. Qf5+ Kh6 46. Qh3+ Kg6 47. Qe6+ Kh7 48. Qh3+ Kg8 49. Qc8+ Kf7 50. Qd7+ Kf8 51. Qd8+ Kf7 52. Qd7+ ½-½

Round 5
W: Matthew Carlson (1869)
B: Frank Chen (1697)

1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. c4 e6 4. g3 c6 5. Nbd2 Nbd7 6. Bg2 Be7 7. 0-0 0-0 8. Qc2 Re8 9. Ne5 Nxe5 10. dxe5 Nd7
11. f4 Nf8 12. b3 Bd7 13. Bb2 Rc8 14. Kh1 Qb6 15. Rac1 Red8 16. e4 Be8 17. f5 Bg5 18. f6 d4 19. h4 Be3
20. Rce1 Nd7 21. Nf3 gxf6 22. exf6 Nxf6 23. Nxd4 Bxd4 24. Rxf6 Qa5 25. Bxd4 Qxe1+ 26. Rf1 Qxg3 27. Bf6 Rd3
28. Rg1 Kf8 29. Qc1 Qe3 30. Qa3+ c5 31. Qb2 Rd4 32. Bg5 Qg3 33. Qc1 Bc6 34. Bf6 Bxe4 35. Qh6+ Ke8
36. Be5 Qh3+ 37. Bh2 Bxg2+ 0-1

Round 6
W: Frank Chen (1697)
B: Jared Defibaugh (2037)

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. e3 c6 6. b4 0-0 7. a4 a6 8. c5 Bg4 9. h3 Bxf3 10. Qxf3 Nbd7 11. Bb2 e5
12. 0-0-0 e4 13. Qe2 b6 14. g4 bxc5 15. dxc5 Rb8 16. Na2 a5 17. Ba3 axb4 18. Bxb4 Rxb4 19. Nxb4 Qa5
20. Nxc6 Qxc5+ 21. Qc2 Qa3+ 22. Kd2 d4 23. Bc4 d3 24. Qb3 Qd6 25. Bb5 Nd5 26. Qxd5 Bc3+ 27. Kxc3 Qa3+
28. Qb3 Qc5+ 29. Kd2 Qd6 30. Qc3 Rc8 31. Ne7+ Qxe7 32. Qxc8+ Kg7 33. Qc3+ Ne5 34. Bxd3 exd3 35. f4 1-0

http://chessforlife.com/chess/denker.html for complete results.

A reminder: The New Mexico Blitz Championships will take place at Salvador Perez Park in Santa Fe
on August 26th.
Registration starts at 12:15 P.M. Games are Quick rated.Prizes depend on the number of entries.
7 round Swiss (game with White and Black against each opponent). USCF Blitz rules. Advance Entry $12
Late entry $13. Mail to NMCO P O Box 4215 Albuquerque 87196. More details are posted on this website.
Art Byers, Secretary
New Mexico Chess Organization
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196
Email: secretarynmco@att.net

Hey! I haven’t written to this forum in about a year, so hello again. I was wondering how much
activity there is here in New Mexico in Computer Chess
(games in which each human player is allowed
the use of computer assistance: especially helpful tactic-wise, but the win is supposed to depend on the human
player’s skill in strategical decision making). I have the same address,dnlbreen@yahoo.com; I would appreciate
all or any responses on the topic.

I am unrated, but I’d be pleased to accept any correspondence challenges, even if you think (or know) you’d crush
me. But maybe I should talk about that elsewhere…

Daniel Breen

Chess Team/Chess Club Instructor needed for local elementary
(Monte Vista) near UNM. One afternoon
(one hour) per week, with occasional extra hours to prime for meets and tourneys Will attend six evening
scholastic meets with the team during Oct-Maarch timeframe. Moderate (1200/1300 USCF rated) chess skills
needed, as well as good classroom management/communication skills. Expectations: some teaching, coaching,
pairing of kids, maintaining a chess ladder, and general oversight of the students to keep kids engaged in
chess-related activities (2nd-5th graders). Standard APS fingerprinting/screening needed. Pay – Bi-weekly:
either $10 per hour for non-teacer staff, or $18 per hour for a licensed teacher. Other option: Can negotiate
a contractor rate (~$15-$20 per hour), but this only pays twice per year. Questions? Contact:

Jeff Burch played a 26 board Simul at Albq. Academy
this past Friday 6/14/06 and won all 26 games.
This was the third Simul. at Albq. Academy in six weeks, the first one had 28 boards and the second Simul.
had 21 boards and all games were won. That makes a total of 75 games played at Albq .Academy without
a loss. Very impressive. In addition to this Jeff played 12 boards last Fri. at the Cherry Hills Library and won
all 12 games. That makes a grand total of 87 Simul. games played in the last six weeks without a loss or a
draw. !! Very Impressive!!. Thank you Jeff and Congratulations

Dale Gibbs

I have been reviewing the 100+ entry forms from June’s Albuquerque Tricentennial Open Chess Tournament
and entering any new names of players that are not in the NMCO data base. The data base has everyone who
particpated in any of the previous three NMCO major chess tournaments.

About 35% of the players in the Tricentennial were “new”
– that is they had not played in any of the three
major tournaments (two in 2005 and the Memorial in January 2006). Although quite a few new players were
students of highschool age or younger, there were also many whose USCF ID numbers showed they had been
chess players for some long time.

Last year’s June 2005 Open also had about 100 players. So compared to last year, we had many players that
chose not to repeat. We also did not have as many “out of state” players as we did in 2005. The slack was
picked up by the 35 new players. We had room at the Marriot to accomodate almost 150 players if needed.

The officers of NMCO would be very interested in feedback, on this forum, from those who played
in the Tricentennial. What was good or bad about the playing site, what you liked and did not like
about the tournament.
We’d also like to hear from those who played in NMCO previous major tournaments
and did not participate in this years June Open.

Your input will help us to plan and run better chess tournaments in New Mexico.

Art Byers, Secretary
New Mexico Chess Organization
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196
Email: secretarynmco@att.net


NEW! on the DK Website: All games are displayed in an interactive javascript viewer. You can play
through all the games
(and see variations and comments) without ever leaving your web browser.


 -Ryan McCracken

Rod Avery asked me to mention some club news on the Forum for him.

The Cherry Hills Club will be meeting on August 5 (the first Saturday of the month) 1 – 3 pm at its usual
meeting place in the Cherry Hills Library.

Rod is making a request – if anyone has old, unwanted chess trophies, he wants to recycle
them for his current class at the library. Please contact Rod at rlavery@flash.net or call him
at 821-8482 if you can help with this.

Finally, I will be giving a simul at his club this coming Friday morning at 10:30 AM – and
another simul at the Albuquerque Academy chess camp of Eddie Sedillo and Dale Gibbs
the following Friday at 3:30 PM. There will be small prizes for those who can win or draw.

Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch), President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)

Jeff Burch played 21 boards on June 30th at our chess class at Albuquerque Academy and won all 21 games.
The students did very well and two games played by two young girls was very close. The kids really enjoy this
activity and our plan is to have a a final Simul with Jeff on July 14th.

Dale Gibbs

NMCO ended up with a small number of lost items
at the Albuquerque Tricentennial Open
last weekend – if you’ve lost something (other than rating points), please contact Dr J.

Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch)
President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)

Jesse managed to go 19-0 last night at the Westside Club
– we had quite a few spectators from the
bookstore (and 6 more advance entries into the Albuquerque Tricentennial Open). The
Barnes and Noble Bookstore manager seemed thrilled with the crowd and the audience (and Holly gave the
coffee shop girls a tip to cover the reduced sales, although lots of folks bought stuff from them). She definitely
seemed willing to do this again.

Only a small handful of people (the higher rated ones) had particularly stressful games for Jesse, and even so I
don’t think he was ever in serious danger of losing (I do think, however, that I might have had a draw against him
if I had been more patient). He was finished within 2.5 hours of starting. B&N offered a free chess book for
anyone who beat him, but no one could win it.

Have attached several photos of him mowing us down.

Dr J
more in the Photo Gallery.

All New Mexico USCF members should have received a USCF ballot in the mail.

You are all urged to look at the candidates’ statements in the June Chess Life, choose candidates for open
positions, fill out the ballot and mail it back to the USCF.

Please note that Tony Schroeder, listed at the top of the ballot, is the volunteer New Mexico delegate to the
forthcoming USCF meeting. In the past, ballot response from New Mexico has been sparse. New Mexico
volunteers are far and few between. Your support, shown by voting for Tony will be much appreciated.

Art Byers, Secretary
New Mexico Chess Organization
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196
Email: secretarynmco@att.net

** USCF members 16 and over are eligible to vote.

Our friends in Los Alamos have forwarded information regarding chess at the 2006 Los Alamos
There will be a “life-size” chess set available for play from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday,
June 10, 2006. The set will be at the corner of Central Park Square by UPEX. According to the folks at the
Chamber of Commerce, it will be available for anyone to use during the event. For more information or
contact information, check out their web site at: http://losalamoschamber.com/

– John Baxter

New club for kids! Starts this Tuesday (5/23). (see attached flyer)

Given the recent requests about summer kids’ activities, perhaps a summary might be useful:
Of course, any of the various clubs in the state might prove useful depending on your situation (location,
schedule, interest) (http://www.nmchess.org/clubs.html)

Kid-specific clubs: Crusaders, Cherry Hills Friday summer afternoons (link to http://www.nmchess.org/clubs.html
but the Cherry Hills Friday afternoon club is not listed as such, the info is on a post dated 5-16 (note he is
describing two different meeting times there – the kid-specific Friday afternoon info is not on club page [yet?])

Kid-friendly afternoon clubs (kid/adult mix): Foothills and Kings Knights (http://www.nmchess.org/clubs.html)

Albuquerque Academy: (http://www.aa.edu/ftpimages/109/misc/misc_27166.pdf)
Hummingbird: (http://www.hummingbirdmusiccamp.org/artchess.shtml)



Our friends from Colorado
, Dean Brown and Kathy Schneider, have invited New Mexico players to come
to Manitou Springs, Colorado to compete in the “Albuquerque Open Warm-up”, which is also known as the
Southern Colorado Open. It will be June 10-11 in Manitou, which is just west of Colorado Springs.

Dean Brunton

I wanted to give you some dates of events that will happen at the CHERRY HILLS Library for the
upcoming summer
Every Friday during June and July we will be offering chess activity for children ages 8-12 from 10:am -12:00.
The class is geared to rhe basics in problem solving and lots of OTB playing. All intrested parties must register
with the librarian as class size is limited to 26 and is already half full.

The CHERRY Hills Club (formally the Westside CC ) meets the first Saturday in June and July
and will
try to keep it the first Saturday of each month if the meeting room is not already booked. One rated game will
be played each meeting.

Rod Avery

Where can kids practice?
I have an 8 year-old son who would like to practice his chess game during the summer. Unfortunately, there doesn’t
seem to be a chess club that meets during the summer which is geared towards kids. Most of the chess clubs meet
in the evening. Any ideas?

Marie Maestas

Just a note to say that Dale Gibbs will be at the Coronado Club tomorrow night, and I will be at the Westside
Club Thursday night
, to take final advance entries into the Post-Kentucky Derby Action Tournament this
coming Saturday

Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch)
President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)

Anyone who can volunteer to help at the NMCO fund raising yard sale on May 26/27/28 9 AM to 2 PM, please
contact me via phone or Email.

If you have items in good condition to donate, Please call me to be sure I can be at home to receive the donations.

Art Byers, Secretary
New Mexico Chess Organization
P O Box 4215
Albuquerque NM 87196
Email: secretarynmco@att.net


Two of our local Albuquerque youngsters really did “O.K.” at the USCF 2006 National High school championships
held 4/21 through 4/23 in Milwaukee,Wisconsin.

Greg Fenchel, in the K12 under 900 section, scored 5 points out of 7 rounds and increased his rating from 726 to 951 –
and won a trophy. Jeff Fenchel, in the K12 under 1200 section also scored 5 points out of 7 rounds and increased his
rating from 1108 to 1182 – and won a trophy.

Lloyd Gustavson, the President of the Bear Canyon Senior Center Chess club has been one of the teacher/coaches
for these two brothers.

Art Byers, Secretary
New Mexico Chess Organization
Email: secretarynmco@att.net

At the Pir Maleki —

Jesse Kraai won the professor section with 3/3.

Charles Sandoval took clear 2nd with 2.5/3. He beat master Chris Candelario and drew expert Ben Coraretti
(visiting from out-of-state) in the first two rounds. He won a long, tough game against Munir Hammad in the last round.

Candelario was off-form; he also lost to Hammad. He missed a threat to trap his Queen.

The turnout for the top section was low; only 7 players. This meant that, despite a loss to Kraai and a 2nd round
bye (!), I was still able to win the U2000 prize after beating Daniel Spohn in the last round.

Ryan McCracken

NMCO will be holding a fund-raising garage sale
on May 26-28 at the residence of Art
Byers, 10400 Arvilla NE. A flier will be posted soon on the web page with additional
information. Funds raised will support general NMCO activities (including the upcoming
chess picnic).

We would appreciate receiving items (chess-related and otherwise) donated by members
for sale, and we would also encourage people to volunteer to spend a few hours on Friday,
Saturday, or Sunday at Art’s garage helping to sell the items. And anyone who loves
garage sales should show up to shop! When we’re not interacting with potential customers,
most of us will be playing chess.

Please see the flier for additional details and contact either Art or myself regarding your
donations or the hours you could be available to help. Thanks.

Dr J
(Jeffrey Neil Burch)
President, NMCO
505-857-0096 (home)
505-307-9069 (cell)

NMCO is strongly considering holding a Santa Fe Open this coming summer, and would like to solicit input from
Santa Fe players regarding the time limits and dates for that tournament.

We’d considered holding it at either the Inn of the Governors or Hotel St. Francis, both sponsors of our Russian
Chess Summer festival in 2004, however those are rather upscale hotels whose playing rooms might be rather
expensive (we will check them out anyway). The Perez Park, where the 2005 blitz championship was played, is
probably not large enough for the size of the tournament we’d hope for (at least 60-80 players). We’d welcome other recommendations for tournament sites.

Another question is format – I had been thinking of something like the Albuquerque Open, with G/90 games or possible
G/90 for Saturday’s rounds and G/2 on Sunday. We’d like to keep the game time relatively short to allow for travel time
for those coming from Albuquerque, Los Alamos, or elsewhere in the state. Opinions?

Regarding the date, we’d hoped for late August or early September, although it has been pointed out to us that the
SF summer tourism season runs right through Labor Day, so perhaps waiting until the weekend after Labor Day
would be better. On the other hand, we could hold a 3-day event over Labor Day weekend itself, including games
Friday night and Monday, if that’s what people preferred.

Let us know…please respond either on the Forum or privately to any of the NMCO officers. Thanks.

Jeff Burch
President, NMCO

Hi! I am trying to find a chess club for my son
and possibly daughter to join. My son if very interested in it and loves
to play chess. He is 8yrs old, will be 9 in July. My daughter is 5, will be 6 in a couple weeks. If you could help me out that
would be great!

Thank you,
Antje Sandoval

Spring Break! No UNM Chess Club
meetings this week. Join us on Mondays and Tuesdays at 6:30 PM upstairs
in the Student Union Building, starting again on March 20.
Dean Brunton

Big Shout Out to all the floor TDs who came out and helped for the K12 in Sante Fe two weeks ago. There were
at least 12 of you who floor TDd, including Art Bayley, Tom Blog, Marco Rosales, Gayla Walden, Claire Jarmosevich
and Jim Gallegos, David Smoak, Charles Archuleta, Mike Fontanarosa, Jim Johnston, Mr. Chen, and Mr. Malone.
Thanks to all of you, and especially to Art Bayley, Tom Blog, and Marco Rosales, who worked the entire day on the
floor, and doubles to Art Bayley, who TD’d the longer championship room. We know how much chess runs on all the
efforts and work of people like you. Thank you. (And, BTW, anyone wanna help floor TD the K6 on March 11th?

Please respond to laurablalock@yahoo.com.

We wanted to make the chess community aware of classes being offered at the
Albuquerque Academy this summer on chess. IM Jesse Kraai will be teaching a
class from June 19-23 for players rated at least 900, and Dale Gibbs (NMCO
vice-president) and Ed Sedillo will be holding two-week chess camps on June
5-16, June 19-30, and July 3-14 this year.

For more information, check out:

Jeff Burch

Rod Avery suggested that I post some thoughts and explain what I had proposed at the general meeting (very noisy because it was taken place in a lobby) on this forum regarding K-12/Denker.
Let me start by telling you what the format was adopted last year and is effective this year
1. There is a K-12 championship (held last Saturday)
2. The winner of the championship section if that player is a K-8 NM student would be declared as NM K-12 champion (or co-champion if there is a tie among K-8 NM players.)
3. If the top scorer(s) is/are NM 9-12 student(s), then there is NO K-12 champion in the end of K-12 championship. The 9-12 players who scored 2.5 points or higher must come to another possibly 3 more round of tournament that will be held at the K-6 championship a few weeks later. Whoever can’t make it, they lose the chance to become the K-12 champion and the chance to go to Denker because they “forfeit” the next three rounds in a 7-round tournament.
4. If they do come, in the end of phase 2 whoever has the most match points after seven rounds or if there is a tie, the best tie-break will receive the K-12 champion and the chance to go to Denker. The other places/trophies will be awarded to 9-12 players came to the second phase.

Read the flyer on NMSCO website for detail.

My concerns about this new format:
1. We treat players differently and unequally. In the end of the K-12 championship, a K-8 player who won the section could take home trophy plus champion title but the 9-12 player is not allowed.
2. If that 9-12 player can’t come to the playoff due to schedule conflict, then that player is done/finished even though that player is the strongest player. It is not fair and is a punishment to that player.
3. There is absolutely no reason that we can’t have more than one champion a year especially we are doing two things differently, a K-12 open event (any K-12 student in the USA is welcome), and a Denker representative (must be a 9-12 NM student).

So my proposal:
1. Run the K-12 just like the way in the past 30 years. Award trophies/titles just like the way we did. The winner of the championship section is the NM K-12 champion (or NM player with the highest score if the overall winner is from other state).
2. NM high schoolers who scored 2.5 points or higher will be invited to a 3-round tournament to be held at the K-6 championship to compete mainly for the chance to represent NM at Denker tournament. We will award the winner the 9-12 champion title (or call it High-school champion, or call it 9-12 closed champion, whatever) AND mainly the Denker candidate. The Denker representative is likely to receive $700-1,000 scholarship to help offset the expense associated with traveling to the Denker tournament (a six-day event). Just the honor and the scholarship is a great incentive for 9-12 players to compete with or without another title (a title is a nice gesture though).

To me this modification makes thing nice and clear and FAIR (and not even one-minute of extra work from organizers). Yes, we may have two champions but these two champions are from two different tournaments and both have different purposes. By the way, many states have an open and a closed championships to serve these two different purposes. So we are not doing anything unique nor not normal.

The slight but to me very critical modification will be installed next year.

I have to emphasize that my sole intention is to make things better and follow my personal belief (for example fairness in this case) and absolutely have no personal agenda nor bias nor favor toward anyone including my own son Frank who is a senior this year and already has a record 9 state champions under his name. So please don’t attack me unnecessarily like a few years ago after I proposed changing the K-12/Youth to K-12.

And please keep this in mind, it is quite easy to modify the constitution and bylaws at a NMSCO general meeting as long as you explain your proposal in a rationale way. All the parents/adults/coaches there are doing the good things to help our kids. And after they understand what you are trying to do they vote it with common sense. So you have a chance to revert my proposal and I will not be there to say otherwise since I will be out of scholastic scene next year. To end this posting, we appreciate what scholastic chess has done to my kids in the past ten years. I am glad to be part of it, being a father of two successful chess players, being a coach of a chess club at Chamisa, being a steering committee member to organize state chess tournament (was elected without my consent nor knowledge but I served it well with Kevin Elliott and a lady who did all the printings/mailings/trophy ordering), and being an observer who care about the scholastic chess future in NM.


Shuh-Rong Chen

I am selling all of my chess books
[EXCEPT THE ZEBRA ONE], Queen Holly wants my Russian chess books and Tom Licht wants my Bobby Fischer books. Rod Avery has asked for my Lasker books. Oren Stevens wants my King’s Indian books. Dale Gibbs wants my Colle books. No one wants my English books,which I’ll probably give to Jim Johnston. Munir Hammad might want my Martoczy Bind – Accelerated Fianchetto books. Art Byers has expressed interest in my Morphy and Capablanca books. There are still plenty of books left. Please ler me know if you have any preferences. You can e-mail me atbearlewine@hotmail.com or leave a message at 254-1280.

Sincerely, Brad Earlewine

Possible New Club!!

I would like to find out from the chess community if there would be any interest in holding a chess club on Thursday nights at Barnes and Noble (near Cottonwood Mall) at 7p.m. starting 02-23-06. Please e-mail me atQueenHJM@aol.com if you would be interested in attending so that I could confirm with Barnes and Noble. Thank you!


Time for a small bit of Boasting!

The Bear Canyon Senior Center Chess Club did very well at the Memorial/Senior January 21st & 22nd. Four members played and all achieved good results.
In the Reserve: Robert Zing won 3 lost 1 and Art Bayley won 2 lost 1 (Art missed one game because his car was stolen.)
In the Booster: Larry James won 3 and lost 1 and I won all 4 of my games and took 1st place.
Overall, Bear Canyon Club members scored 12 wins out of 15 games actually played which is batting .800 !!

Bear Canyon has a good club going and all you seniors are welcome to visit. We meet MWF 12:45 -4 PM.

Art Byers

The DK Webpage has been updated. It has everything from the latest issue (January ’06), including:
– PDF of the issue for Online Reading
– PDF of the issue for Printing
– PGN files of all the games and puzzles in the issue

DK Webpage

-Ryan McCracken, DK Editor

My name is Holly and I just moved to New Mexico and I am looking to improve my chess by playing slow unrated games.
My rating is approximately 1450. If you are interested in playing please e-mail me at


Dr. Jeffrey Burch, NMCO president, will be offering free lessons in the Russian
language to some of the New Mexico students who will be attending the US-Russia
scholastic match March 25 – April 1 in Moscow. A few others at the UNM club and
elsewhere have indicated an interest, so if you’d like to learn some basic words
and phrases in Russian, you’re invited to attend.

The first meeting will take place at the UNM Chess Club, Student Union Building,
Jemez room, at 6:30 PM on Monday, January 23. Subsequent meetings will
depend on the time the majority of students can attend (the club meets Mondays
and Tuesdays). The class is planned to be four or five 30-45 minute sessions
over the next couple of months and will be kept at a very elementary level. A
small amount of Russian cultural, historical, and chess information may also be
presented depending on the interest of the students.

The course will cover:
1) the Cyrillic alphabet (printed and script)
2) basic phrases
3) emergency phrases
4) chess terminology.

If you’re interested in attending, please contact Jeff by phone or e-mail. He will
be bringing copies of study material to the class and needs to know the number
of students.

The UNM Chess Club
will hold its first meeting of the spring semester onTuesday, January 17. We’ll meet in the Student Union Building, in the Jemez Room upstairs. The meeting will start at 6:30 PM. The club will be planning its schedule for this semester so everyone is encouraged to come. There will also be plenty of time for play!

For more information, contact Mariyam Qassem at mqassem@unm.edu 264-4136 or Anthony Chen at 610-8678

Dean Brunton

UNM club now meets Mondays and Tuesdays at 6:30pm

The 2005 Memorial and NM Senior Tournament is less than two weeks away. Everyone is encouraged to send in your early registration. Early registration helps us get started quickly on tournament day and saves you money. Info at www.nmchess.org

This year we have a lower than usual entry fee of $25 along with a number of discounts including $10 off for players renewing their USCF membership after a one-year layoff. It’s a great opportunity for players who haven’t been recently active in NM tournaments to return. The Memorial tends to draw a lot of spectators and visitors; especially among veteran players. The spacious UNM Student Union also makes it easy to chat with folks we haven’t seen in awhile. Come join us, even if only to visit.

Also, the Memorial Tournament is a chance to commemorate the passing of members of the NM chess community. If you are aware of someone who should be noted at the tournament, please let us know. Either a note on this forum or a call/note to anyone at NMCO would be appreciated.

Dean Brunton

UNM students receive $10 discounts.
Also, family members receive $10 discounts, after the first family member pays full entry fee.