Simul at Smiths

Our Senior Champion Tony Schroeder will host a simultaneous exhibition for anyone interested on Saturday the 29th of October starting at 11 a.m. This will be inside the Smiths grocery store at Mountain Run shopping center where Eubank meets Juan Tabo.

tournament details and other fuss

It’s now nine days until Charlie’s chess club has scheduled quads. But there are still no details posted. Are these events still happening? Also I’d like to see that when the NMCO gives free advertising to an organizer, there are posted results on...

Millionaire Chess 3

Congratulations to the New Mexico Youth who made it to the Millionaire Chess Tourney in Atlantic City. Orion Rojas-Grainger, Kian Sol Morgan, Jonah Romero. All these young men represented New Mexico well, with class and good sportsmanship. Even after a grueling 4 day...

Aging and Chess

Eddie Sedillo and others have commented about the challenges and opportunities for improving chess skills as one ages. Here is an article about the effects of age on the ability to learn chess. Learning chess at 40 Dean Brunton

National Chess Day Tournament

Celebrate National Chess day, October 9th, with a kid friendly Under 1200 tournament! It starts at 1:30pm (please arrive be 1:20pm) and we will play three rounds at the Learners Chess Office at 532 Adams Street, Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA. Eight player sections will...