2020 New Mexico Scholastic Chess Championship Representatives
The New Mexico Chess Organization has taken pride in achieving our mission of “Rebuilding New Mexico Scholastics through membership, participation, fair playing conditions, and safety.
Due to the Covid 9 we will be canceling the 2020 Girls Championship, Denker, Barber, and Rockefeller tournaments.
We are living in uncertain times and the safety of our children is our deciding factor.
In a discussion with USCF Mr. Jon Haskel, it appears the Ruth Haring National Girls, Denker, Barber, and Rockefelller tournaments will be done somewhat in an unconventional way this year. The details are not yet finalized, although it appears it will be online and this alternative approach is to keep our children safe. Also in my discussion, I was looking for some guidance regarding what my approach should be to qualify the New Mexico Representatives if we do not conduct a tournament due to the concern of Covid 9. Mr. Jon Haskel relayed most States are having the highest rated players as their representatives.
Although, it appears most States are utilizing the highest rated player to be there representatives. My opinion is we had a 2020 State Chess Championship on March 7, 2020, and we should utilize the data to determine our 2020 New Mexico representatives.
The determining factor of our representative would be the winner of the championship sections and they meet the age requirement. In case of a tie, the highest rated player at the end of the tournament, wins the tie break.
If the player is unable to play, we will then ask the next highest rated player that meets the age requirement and completed the tournament.
Our K-12 State Chess Championship are Co Champions:
John Jules Scott USCF rating 1888 (NM Representative)
Alternate: Andrew Corliss USCF rating 1368
Our K-8 Champion is:
Victoria Outkin USCF rating 1351 (NM Representative)
Alternate: Sherlock Chen USCF rating 1380
Our K-5 Champion is:
Marc Tarrago Plaza USCF rating 1432
Alternate: Manuel Castillo USCF rating 1347

The March 7, 2020 Scholastic State Championship did not have a Girls only section, we planned on having this tournament on April 25-26, 2020. Again due to Covid 9 we had to cancel. I believe in this unique situation it is fair that our New Mexico Ruth Haring National Girls Tournament of Champion representative should be the highest USCF rated female and who meets the age requirement.
Sophia Moore USCF rating 1414 (NM Representative)
Alternate: Isabella Hays USCF rating 1068