The New Mexico Chess Organization (NMCO) Board has begun a new program to assist Scholastic Chess families dealing with either temporary or extended financial hardship. The program is to administer United States Chess Federation (USCF) Vouchers to any Scholastic Chess Family in need. A voucher will allow a student to register with the USCF for free, this is essential to register for most scholastic chess tournaments. We want to make sure that our youth who want to get into chess have the ability to do so. Our expectation of each applicant is to play in multiple New Mexico rated tournaments within the year. We have a limited number of vouchers. Applicants or Legal Guardians who meet and agree to abide by  our expectations may apply by simply sending an email to Anthony Romero at with the students name, grade, and reason for hardship. Please help spread the word of our Program to all areas of New Mexico.