Greetings to entrants of upcoming NM State Championship to be held this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Just like the big boys in major national championships with alternate competition days NMCO is going to allow the possibility of re-entering the tournament for a fee ($25). Here is how it works. The State Champs has a two-day and three-day schedule available for those players that cannot participate on Friday. Many of us have work, school, and other more important responsibilities. To that end NMCO offers the possibility to skip the Friday session by offering a compressed Saturday and Sunday schedule. Obviously more games need to be played each day. Some of the times of the 2-day schedule games are shortened to G/60 in order to fit the required six games in.

Here’s the re-entry deal. If a 3-day player does very poorly (say losing both games) on Friday that player may re-enter, for a fee, the 2-day tournament. In essence starting all over and playing the next six games with his/her first two games not counting in the standing of the tournament. The player is still rated for those first two games. One cannot make those games disappear.

There are certainly philosophical differences of opinion both pro and con about this feature. Your opinions are certainly solicited. The USCF Rule Book goes into considerably deep detail about various subtleties of the re-entry process. I invite you to read them. They are available online on the USCF website. Below I present just the first general paragraph, slightly edited for clarity.

28S.RE-ENTRIES . Tournaments with alternate schedules allowing players a choice of starting times for the early rounds often permit reentry, in which the player abandons or takes byes in the earlier-starting schedule in order to enter the later-starting schedule. For example, there may be a three-day schedule with round one at 8:00 p.m. Friday and a two-day schedule with round one at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, with the two schedules merging for round two starting Saturday afternoon. A player who loses or draws on Friday night may choose to start fresh by reentering the two-day schedule, in which case the Friday game, while still rated, would not damage the player’s chances for prizes. As per US Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess, V 7.1 Edition 7-19-19.

I hope some of you will take advantage of this feature

Richard Warren
Tournament Organizer
New Mexico Chess Organization.