ITS BACK: Return of the NMCO three person Team Championship

Gather your friends and parents, coaches grab your best students. Unrated moms and pops welcome (new unrated with USCF memb. will be entered as with the avg. rating of the other two players and therefore play on board two).

It will be Sat. June 1st. four rounds of game 60 min. at a theater near you.

Average rating of teams must be between 1000 and 1800. Directors welcome!

Early arrivals get the best seating (8-8:15 am). Enjoy the previews!

Good eats by Rhubarb and Elliot café at the site.

NMCO will help find you players in need of a team.

Tune your dial to: CHESS TOURNAMENTS on the NMCO web.

Tourn. Organizer: Richard Warren 505-850-8063
Technical Info: TD Art Glassman 505-321-4763