Hello My Fellow Chess Players,

I have started an initiative to raise funds to provide scholarships for our scholastic State Champions. So that they may go represent the Land of Enchantment at nationals. We are sending 3 representatives, one for the Girl’s tournament of Champions (or Polgar), Barber and Denker. Whenever, you travel for a chess tournament the cost is always substantial, and when a kid travels, the cost is even greater because they must be accompanied by an adult. This is just our way of trying to lessen the burden, and promote the intellectual minds of our future.

We are trying to raise about $600 per representative, $1,800 in total. All of the money donated will be given to our representatives. If we raise even more, that would be amazing, and any excess proceeds will be given to future year’s representatives.

No donation is too small, and every dollar received is greatly appreciated. Please donate any amount you can afford. To do so please visit our donation page.

It should be noted we’re a non-profit, but are not considered a charitable organization we are a 501 (c) (4) non-profit, so any gift given is NOT considered a charitable donation. Consequently, any amount given is truly just a gift and there should not be an expectation of a deduction. However, we are not tax officials, and we would direct you to consult with your personal tax preparer.

Thank you all,

NM Andrew R. Flores
New Mexico Chess Organization