Dear Chess Folk
NMCO has not had a tournament in a while. Our new President, Andrew Flores, wants to bring about a new order to the organization. He has directed me, Richard Warren, as the new Tournament Organizer to offer more frequent tournaments and tournaments of a greater variety.
To this end we would like to start off with a warm-up competition to get players ready for the Art Byer’s Memorial. We will be offering a Quad based tournament with a 3 game Round Robin based on each group being closely matched. G/60 will be the time. It will be held On Saturday, Jan. 26 at the downtown Library
We are charging a minimal entry fee of $10.00 and the winner of each quad receives a FREE entry (That’s $40) into the Byer’s Memorial. What a deal!
Please sign up to show your support for an increased number of events both in quantity and variety. If we get a good turn-out for the warm-up this will signal to us that NMCO members and chess players in general will attend and support a variety of chess events: Quads, Team, Quick chess, Blitz, Classical Chess, Women’s Tournaments and anything in between.
Please sign up. Thanks. Richard Warren. NMCO Tournament Organizer.