Chess Players Take Note …

If you are no longer in the habit of looking ahead for NMCO tourn. announcements …The new NMCO has already published the format for the Memorial/Senior … and what a great format it is for serious chess (non-seniors, also).

Suggestion: Still time to add: Free Entry If you have not played a rated game in the last five years (three years ??). Of course an entry fee will be deducted from any prize you should win. Encourages the old timers to come play again or those that dropped out for college, work, or to just play online, etc.

Opinion: I am very much against allowing two byes in a four round event. Even one 1/2 pt. can almost guarantee prize money or tie for first. One example: A strong player (any section) wins the first two games, bye in round three means he/she does not have to play the player(s) in round four who have already scored three points thereby being paired down against someone not doing as well, winning, and now with 3 1/2 pts. will be guaranteed prize money and possibly tie for first. Many other are possibilities. If someone does not want to play a game they should not receive ‘handouts’ allowing them to surpass others who have put in the blood, seat, and tears to get their points. This is usually the result of tourn. organizers desperate for more entries. My opinion.

I intend to be the first to register, later today, and/or assist direct if the TD needs an assistant.
Art Glassman