Congratulations to Corbin Gustafson our New State Champion.  No one has had better results in New Mexico this year.  Well deserved!

Also, thank you to last year’s board, your service is greatly appreciated!
Congratulations to our new board members, and thank you in advance for serving this year.  Our board looks very different.  As such you can expect very different things.  We know many of you have grievances with NMCO, and we look to correct the past, make for a brighter tomorrow.  We want to grow New Mexico chess, better playing conditions, stronger tournaments, fresh blood, and to make playing in New Mexico fun again.  Before any of this is possible, we need your participation.  We need to get our numbers up.  None of this is possible with each and everyone of you playing in tournaments.
So I invite you all to come out in play.  We’re off to a great start, we already have our first tournament planned.  The Senior Memorial will be held February 9th-10th at the Meadowlark Senior Center.   I hope to see all of your there.   Registration will open in the next week.
Andrew Flores