I’d like to thank all the officers for their service, first of all.

Second, I’d like to propose that future elections be held separately from tournaments. While I appreciate that that’s when a large number of voting electorate are present. However, the energy and focus for playing are far different from assessing candidates.

Also, I’d like to propose that voting be conducted differently. I’ve attended two votes and the free-for-all style and campaigning and politicking I’ve witnessed are counterproductive. The gentlemen and ladies I’ve met here deserve better than the drama that went down today.

Last, I’m a parent of a player and am ineligible to vote. I’d like to propose a change to the bylaws to incorporate those of us over 18 who have financially committed to NMCO are eligible to vote. My son competes; I support him and others in the competitions.

I wish the board and members well and appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts. Thank you.