Dear NMCO Members:

I am writing to thank the Members for attending and participating in NMCO events throughout the chess year, and for your patience as we (NMCO Board) tried new or different ways to organize and run events.

I also especially want to extend a thank you to the individual Board Members for their unwavering commitment and highlight their individual contributions:

Will Barela, Vice President.  Will mentored Peter Lattimore through the process of becoming a Tournament Director and was an assistant Tournament Director in 4 NMCO events, as well as participating as a board member and on several occasions driving from Las Cruces to attend NMCO Board meetings in Albuquerque.  Will also developed and organized a State Closed Championship event.

Dean Brunton, Treasurer.  In addition to attending Board Meetings and Tournaments, Dean continues to track our organization’s finances, with cautious restraint and attention to detail.  I also want to thank Dean for his steady presence.

Willow LeTard, Secretary.  Willow assisted as a Tournament Director for 3 NMCO events and her contributions from the perspective of a scholastic female chess player and tournament director, frequently provided an invaluable focus.  As State Women’s Co-Champion, Willow participated in the New Mexico vs. Colorado State Tournament.

Tournament Organizer, Peter Lattimore.  Peter took on the challenge of becoming a Tournament Director and directed 5 stellar events and is now a Local Tournament Director.  Peter dedicates countless hours to ensuring that entries are correctly recorded and results accurately and timely reported to USCF.

WebMaster, Joey Troy.  Joey redesigned our web presence, developing a NMCO store, and an online publication, including photos, stories and other contributions.  Joey contributed countless hours to ensure that we can now register and pay for NMCO events online. He has also graciously hosted NMCO and NMSCO websites free of charge to help save money for our chess organizations.

This year NMCO produced 5 major events:  The Senior Memorial at the Hotel Cascada, the Albuquerque Open and the Class Championship both at The Crowne Plaza, the New Mexico vs. Colorado Team Tournament and Capital City Tournament at the Capitol Rotunda in Santa Fe, and finally the State Championship at the Sheraton Uptown in Albuquerque.

Eliminating same day registration for all events resulted in all rounds starting on time.  An achievement that this Board is proud of and was accomplished with the support and zero complaints from the membership!   This year NMCO purchased a laptop and Swiss System Software and Joey Troy donated a printer (and lots of IT expertise).  I am happy and proud to report that we are ending the chess year with a small financial gain on the books!

As NMCO President it was my privilege to serve with Board Members listed above and it was my honor to serve the NMCO membership.

-Annabelle Romero