I’m having a difficult time generating players at the Senior Center facility. The name of our club in TorC is The King’s Indian Chess Club. I’ve been trying everything that I could think of getting people intrested in chess in TorC. I posted two events at chess.com that was suppose to be going on each week in TorC. I had someone post one of my events in Facebook. And, I got only one phone call from someone inquiring about the event. I also typed up a free entry contest to see If I can get people to arrive at my events. It didn’t work. I’m still looking for other indoor venues to generate players to the Senior facility. I’m also trying to get the Bowling Alley as well as a pastry shop as venues to use. Everything seems slow not many results. I also tried to work with El Paso because I feel that TorC should be part of Southern New Mexico Chess. TorC appears to be closer to El Paso according to an online distance map. I figure a chess camp of charging $10.00 seems reasonable. Nobody showed up to the Senior Center to signup. I have tried local newspaper advertisements and making fliers to post them at bulletin boards in town. In general, It seems to me I can’t charge more then $10.00 entry fee when I organize. I’m guessing Sierra County is one of the poorest County in the State of NM. I believe our branch from Western New Mexico University also shut down. Right now I’m looking for sponsors to help with further advertisements. Because, all my funding is gone. I’m out of money! Some people had ask me inside the Senior Facility general questions about chess. But, then I find out they end up walking out of the main room. While back, I also tried to work with the Boys and Girls Club. I believe there was a survey conducted to see how many youths are intrested in chess. Only 3 kids signed up. I also tried to see if an organizer or TD from El Paso would like to work with kids in TorC. I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m really running a club that accomodates only 21 yrs and older. I prefer not to work with kids. But, I did try to see if anybody would get involved with the kids. In my opnion, cities in NM that are very poor should have workshops to educate people how to start chess clubs and run events. My other goal was to create a shuttle system from TorC to Las Cruces and then to El Paso. So,that players from TorC can participate in events down South. I have no experience in Organizing as well as Directing. I have only a High School diploma. I have no technical skills what so ever. I was raised in the eighties before internet. Sorry