I have accepted with a heavy heart a lot of changes done by NMCO administration that does not promote chess in our state. But now enough is enough! I have participated in the 3 major tournaments Memorial, Albuquerque open and the Nm open since 1998 missing few for being out of town, but now I feel I have to speak up!!

Why $ 60 entry fee? Why 3 day tournament without option to play in 2 day format?
Why capping the entry in the top section to 1900 rating and charge extra $40.00 just to play in that section. It feels as we are getting over our heads with all the changes.
And most important question of all, why the chess community has no says in these changes?!!!
The questions I have raised are not only mine, they are shared by many people in the chess community.
Appeasing masters and high rated chess player is one thing, but charging players up to $100.00 to play in a tournament that unlikely will win anything is outrageous to say the least. I have not ever posted a complaint on the form before, but i feel this is going too far and needs to stop.

Thanks for listening.