Autumn Breeze is rapidly approaching. This tournament is designed for top end players or those seeking rating points. This is by no means a simple and easy tournament to win. If you have a desire to become an expert, master or just increase your rating points, this event is for you.

We have hosted similar events in Las Cruces and have had fantastic results! I have heard from many strong players in the Albuquerque area that travel to Las Cruces is much too challenging and a burden to endure. So, I am bringing the event to you!!

Here are the top 4 rated players registered so far:

IM Dionisio Aldama       13557810  RATED 2532

NM Ben Coraretti            12705539 RATED 2249

NM Stephen Sandager    10424101 RATED 2203

and Philip Bauer              12729793 RATED 2094

If you have questions, please feel free to email me,


Will Barela