S0 many people have asked me to continue my poem, so here is the rest of it.

What is chess??

It is the intricate blend of ideas which endow the pieces with magical powers.

It is the climactic scene of battle in the triumph of Mind over matter.

It is the sensation of ecstasy in the struggle of life and death.

It is Chaturanga. It is the Royal Game, the world of Chess.

I watched the surging waves of ivory and ruby clashing, intermingling.

I watched as a General surveying his men on a great battlefield.

I watched the chessmen writhe and fall, only to rise again.

I watches the Eternal Game unfold full of mystery, splendor and intrigue.

The eternal  game! The eternal struggle of mind against mind.

In life our struggles are not so suddenly ended as in the game.

Our eternal struggle waxes on….freedom against tyranny, white versus red.

Great leaders rise and fall, greater ones rise to take their place.

We are the Pawns of Chess, the tools of the conqueror.

We die a thousand times, yet live to fight another day.

We are the Pawns of Chess, waiting for the cry “SHAH-MAT!”

The King is dead but  we ourselves can never die!

And now the red army marches across the board on a new offensive.

The red pawns close in on the white forces, surrounding, crippling, terrifying!

One by one the white pieces fall as the red menace swarms onward.

The instruments of war have changed but war remains the same!

Before we wore a coat of mail and carried sword and shield.

But now we hurl atomic bombs and wield atomic spears.

Watch the frenzied chessmen fall in their mock war.

What hidden force drives them on?

What demonic power dominates the pieces?

The Ancients long ago tried to understand the mystery of the chessmen.

And now after 5,000 years of chess, we’ve come as far as nuclear tests.

Stand! Arrogant Chessmen! heathen and beautiful. Stand on the squares that

comprise the globe, for soon the might hand of God will sweep you from the board!