Into the Abyss we marched, out of the Abyss we crawled.  The Borderland Abyss held on the campus of NMSU Las Cruces on June 3 and 4 proved an exciting affair.  The strength of the tournament was demonstrated by Matt Grinberg being in the second tier.  Showing his great chess tenacity, he drew in the first round with eventual co-winner master Lior Lapid.  Lior’s partner at the top master Ben Coraretti gave up a draw in the second round to the ever dangerous Jonah Romero.  After the third round, there was no longer any perfect scores; the then tournament leaders Ray Fourzan and Omar Garcia drawing in what was  a hard fought Bishop endgame.  The outcome was not clear until both Lior and Ben edged their opponents in the last round to assure a tie for first and second place.   The tournament was unusual in that virtually every game in every round was bitterly contested and a higher quality of opening play was present.  An example of gladiatorial determination was round 3 when Philip Bauer and Jonah Romero played a 115 move game while both were in severe time trouble; no quarter was asked and none was given.  A special thinks has to be given to the TD and organizer, Will Barela and Augie Valverde for presenting the participants a plaque/poster of having “Survived the Border Abyss.”   All-in-all, not a  tournament for the weak of heart.