Im going to have to refer you to Rebecca Dow from Appletree Education Center or Our Chamber of Commerce in TorC. To help resolve the venue issue. Im not an expert on venues. Or have a clear understanding what criteria to look for in a venue. My job is only to modovate someone to start a chess club and for that someone to help run events. Im not in charge. Im not starting a chess club or running events. Also, my job is to only pass on suggestions and ideas . Its up to the other individuals to decide what they want to do with my ideas and or suggestions. I would prefer not to resolve issues, determine matters, research, or debate issues and so forth. One more thing, If you do set up tournaments in the area, Keep in mind that possibly that most players might not know how to use a chess clock or write chess notations. I would strongly suggest also leave ads in our local newspapers before you decide to have these events in our area. Thx