Nine players showed up on the 3rd to play 8 games of blitz followed by 5 rounds of G/15.  Thanks to all.          Blitz scores:   Bruce Bell   6.5     Sam Dooley  6        David Troncoso   5    Larry Kemp  4       Gilbert Mireles  4 Top Quick scores:    David Troncoso  5   Sam Dooley  4   William Barfuss  3                                                                So 1st prize was split between David and Sam, while William took the U 1500 rating prize.                                    I have postponed our Octos tournament which was to be on July 8th as NMCO will be running the Albuquerque Open that weekend.  The next SFR event will be an Action tourney – 5 rounds of G/30 ;d5 to be held at the Peruvian restaurant in De Vargas Mall on August 5th.   See you all there