I am giving an interview to the local newspaper about the fun we are having here in the chess world. I think when our youth see the benefits of chess playing to their future careers. Quit a few of my former students are now working as University professors, Software engineers, Wall Street stock traders, and teachers.  We are all one family!  “GENS UNA SUMUS” is our chess motto. When Steve Perea becomes General Chang of the Klingon Empire, or Major Payne or when Peter Lattimore is Einstein and Randy Greenup was “Black Death”.  I was called Doctor Karma because I kept telling people about the Karma Café, where everybody eats free. We are all a big happy family  composed of different cultures, genders, ages, races, religions etc. When we come together to compete in chess either on the net or in tournaments, we enjoy each other’s style of play, and their “persona”. At age 72, I am having the best time of my life and I want to share my skills with the younger generations. Steve Perea and Will Barela, and Jim Johnston and many others give of their time, talent and treasure generously. My friend Art Byers started a group of chess enthusiasts at Meadowlark Center in Rio Rancho. I hope to be able to continue the legacy and vision that Art left behind. One of my chess games will be in this Sunday’s Albuquerque Journal and I give credit and respect to my opponent for such a fine and exciting battle on the chessboard.