I created a signup sheet for my home town. It says, If you would like to participate in indoor/outdoor chess tournaments yearly in Truth or Consequences. The person would provide name, email, phone#, and Age. I have been placing newspaper ads trying to get someone to start a chess club as well as running chess tournaments. And, its costing me to much money. So, I decided to see if I can find out how many players would participate when there is a tournament present. The signup sheet would give me an idea what the numbers are in the area. The signup sheet may speed up the process of getting a chess club going. The signup sheet also mentions Please, make yourself available to participate when there is a tournament. The signup sheet would also I hope reach all the schools as well as Boys and Girls Club. The signup sheet should be able to cover the whole community. Which, It is a small community. Chess directors if you are intrested to find out how many players are in the TorC area that are willing to participate. Then let me know. I would be glad to fax you guys the signup sheet. I really feel that this approach would help tournament organizers in the future if there is going to be a tournament in TorC.