It would be nice to have outdoor events. I really think we need to take chess to a new level.The streets. And, lets make chess more of an influence in New Mexico. We need to turn up the volume. And, why not. Central Park in New York has chess players playing in outdoor events look at Polgar in the 90’s. Lets step outside the bun, Setting tournaments outdoors would be a great attraction for alot of people. By having outdoor events, People’s attudes change about the game of stradegy. For example, People can set up their boards outdoors with confidence without feeling intimidated by others or stereotyped. Hiding chess indoors only leaves a bitter taste to some extent. Lets face it why spend so much money looking for a playing site? Back then early directors¬† would argue what playing site would cost less than others. Its too much of an burden. Im not sure today if directors are going through this ordeal. I guess the chess politics has changed over the years since the 80’s or 90’s.