Hello, I was thinking of a great idea to draw players from El Paso, Las Cruces, Roswell, Alamo. and Albuquerque to play together in one area which is Truth or Consequences, NM. TorC, is at least 2 Hr drive to El Paso, and also same as , Albuquerque slightly little more. Also, From Roswell to TorC  2 and half hr drive . I think this is an ideal city to have more players bigger event yearly. El Paso would probably like to challenge Albuquerque for once. If, Im correct players down south would save alot of money from traveling up to Albuquerque for an event . This idea would save everybodys pocket book especially with this economy in this region. Please, dont write to me to get this started. Im not intrested. I just want to play. If, you are serious about this contact your club.