Celebrate National Chess day, October 9th, with a kid friendly Under 1200 tournament! It starts at 1:30pm (please arrive be 1:20pm) and we will play three rounds at the Learners Chess Office at 532 Adams Street, Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA. Eight player sections will be decided by the tournament director based on rating and known experience of unrated players. Each section will play it’s next round 5-10 minutes after the conclusion of the previous round. The end time is estimated conservatively at 4:30pm (we usually end earlier). Trophies will be awarded to top finishing players in each section.

Bughouse will start at 4:30-4:45pm and we will play as many rounds as we can fit in before 6:00pm and trophies will be awarded to top finishing teams.

Clocks will be set to G/25 minutes with a 5 second delay. Notation (writing down your moves) will be required.

Directed by NMCO Secretary, Willow LeTard