Dear NM Chess Community.

Happy Fall season!

On behalf of the Learners Without Borders 2016 team, I want to say thank you to all of you who offered support and encouragement to our chess coaching service trip to El Salvador this past summer. Thanks to all of the support our 2016 trip was fully funded with leftover funds to help next year’s LWB team take on a similar effort.

Our high school chess leaders, John Bennett and Jeremy Wesevich, taught the entire program in Spanish. They had a great experience and did a great job giving an under-resourced community’s children a gift for life by teaching them all how to play and enjoy chess and bughouse. Here is a video recapping our experience and here is our website that has pictures and a day-by-day recounting of our trip. Once again, thanks to all of you who supported our efforts!

On an unrelated note, congrats to Andrew Flores and Mark Schwarman on their recent state co-championship. Further, congrats to all new NMCO board members and my best wishes for productivity and success to all of you. And finally, congrats to all of us chess organizers, directors, and players for a year of more chess tournaments offered in NM than any year in recent memory. Job well done to all tournament organizers and directors. The number of USCF tournaments in New Mexico this past year (from NM Open to NM Open as reported on website) was up to 64, up from 58 the previous year, 55 the year before that and then 41 and then 34 for the 2011-2012 year of tournaments. With the continued dedication of organizers, directors, and players, there will continue to be plenty of opportunities for all levels of chess players to play competitive chess in New Mexico.

Best regards to all.