Thank you to the Chess Community. I am honored to be elected as your new NMCO President. Furthermore I wish to thank Steve Perea for all his work as the TD at the State Championship tournament this last weekend.

The other officers elected at the state meeting are: Vice President, Will Barela, Treasurer, Dean Brunton and Secretary Willow Letard.

A BIG THANK YOU TO OUTGOING NMCO BOARD MEMBERS: Scout Veitch, President, Steve Perea, Vice President, Larry Kemp, Tournament Organizer, Jeffrey Sallade, Web Master, David Lewis and Will Barela, Members at Large. Also Thank You to Dean Brunton for his service as Treasurer last year, and thank you to Matt Grinberg Former Desert Knight Editor.

Our next Board Meeting will be held at the Cascada Hotel at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday October 11, 2016, as was previously advertised.

Two primary issues to be discussed at this meeting are: (1) the future location, time, and date for NMCO monthly Board Meetings, and (2) the appointment of the following Positions:

Tournament Organizer:

    The Tournament Organizer will be responsible for organizing all NMCO sponsored chess tournaments which includes, submitting the tournament design and financial estimates to the Executive Board well in advance of any tournament; finding and contracting in a financially responsible manner a suitable playing site; submitting the proper tournament announcement and payment to the USCF in a timely manner; and procuring a USCF qualified Tournament Director and assistant Tournament Director(s) if required (who may receive payment as designated by the Executive Board). The Tournament Organizer shall cooperate with the Secretary in maintaining an up-to-date list of active NMCO members. The Tournament Organizer will not run any NMCO sponsored chess tournament without prior approval of the Executive Board. Moreover, the Executive Board officers will assist and follow the Tournament Organizer’s leadership in setting up and running chess tournaments. The Tournament Organizer shall provide the Executive Board a report on any completed tournament to include site issues and other pertinent information affecting the tournament outcome. The Tournament Organizer will provide a copy of the tournament results, winners, prizes, etc. to the Newsletter Editor for inclusion in “Desert Knight”.

Newsletter Editor:

    The Editor will be responsible for compiling and publishing a NMCO Newsletter, entitled the “Desert Knight”; the goal is three times a year. The “Desert Knight” should be released in conjunction with the three NMCO sponsored traditional chess tournaments. The “Desert Knight” may carry advertisements of future events, news about NMCO, results of past events, and any other information the Executive Board decides to include.


    The Webmaster shall maintain the official NMCO Website, keeping it current in a timely manner: active domain name, active ISP, resolve issues/problems, etc. The Webmaster shall post on the Website such important documents as NMCO Constitution; NMCO Bylaws, Rules and Policies; information as may be instructed by the Executive Board; tournament results and any other amenities that the Webmaster believes enhance the NMCO Website provided such are approved by the Executive Board. The Webmaster shall cooperate with the Secretary in maintaining an up-to-date list of active NMCO members.
      Please contact me at:

    if you are interested in an appointment for any of the above positions. (The descriptions for the positions listed above are from NMCO bylaws).

CONGRATULATIONS: To Andrew Flores and Mark Schwarman New Mexico’s State Co-Champions, Reserve winner Andrew Ackerman, Fisher winner, Quinn Fredine, Marshall Winner, Alex Velarde and Morphy winner Rik Bhattacharyya.

Annabelle Romero