I am thanking the many dedicated volunteers who serve to keep New Mexico chess running. Without their efforts, organized chess here would be much more sparse if not nonexistent.

I would also like to recommend that even if you don’t participate in a tournament that you come down and watch the play. There are many interesting and entertaining games being played. In the NM open, the final round saw clashes between many NM heavyweights. Flores-Thigpen (State champions) saw a decisive penetration by Flores into Thigpens position resulting in a non-sacrificial crushing attack. Douglas “Capablanca” Thigpen had to resign to Andrew “Alekhine” Flores, a very exciting game. Yet another game saw many time state champion Steven Sandager fighting former state champ Jason “the Hammer” Kammerdiner. Sandager had a Bishop for four pawns. The game demonstrated if you want to win you must be willing to play unbalanced positions.

Finally, I would like to thank William Barefield for the many training games, endgame study and opening analysis he has provided for my benefit. He gave up playing in this event to assist and prepare me acting as my second. He made my positive result possible-thank you.