First, Congratulations to all the winners at Charlie’s Spring Open this weekend at Hotel Cascada: Eddie Wyckoff and Andrew Flores in the Open, Hector Martinez and Peter Lattimore in the Under 1800, and Akshay Warrier and Marcus Santillanes in the Under 1400. We had players from New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas.

Second, Lessons Learned – I found out that SwissSys could not handle a 6-player, 4-round section. It paired the first three rounds as a Swiss without any undue difficulty but because of pairings in the first three rounds two players were forced to play again in the final round. Note: my version of SwissSys is the penultimate version not the latest. A possible solution would be to pair it by hand as a 6-player round robin using the charts provided in the USCF rule book and just use four of the five pairings.

Third, Slow Time Controls – One of the reasons that Andrew was able to talk me into helping with Charlie’s Chess Club was the founding tenet of improving NM chess. One of the ways to do this, I believe, is to offer slower time controls that allow players to formulate plans, calculate tactics, and play endgames! The time control we just used in the Spring Open is the same one offered at last year’s North American Open and is also used at the World Open, Washington Chess Congress, and Millionaire Chess Open as well as other prestigious tournaments. Thank you for helping us support this idea and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next tournament.