Hello Everyone,

For those of you who were wondering, no, we have closed our doors in spite of the difficulties of dealing with NMCO. I had asked NMCO Officers (Scout, Larry Kemp, and Will Barela) to sit down at the beginning of last November. So we could all plan a schedule together for 2016, because Jim Johnston and I had an agreement. He would hold his tourney’s on the third week of the month, and I, the first. Well that didn’t happen. They took first pick of all the dates, because they are too tied to the Meadowlark site they couldn’t get the dates of their normal weekends. Messing everything up, but that wouldn’t be chess in New Mexico if things ran smoothly, and they collaborated with others. As a result we have been hibernating for the winter, sort of speak, while we deal with NMCO, and seeking alternatives for dates. Consequently we have finally come up with our schedule. The details are being worked out, but we have sites for all of our dates (still negotiating prices in a few cases) so the official details will follow in the weeks to come. Here are our events:

2/20/16 Simultaneous Exhibition with the NM State Champ
2/27/16 NM G15 Championship & Blitz Tournament
4/2-3/16 Spring Open
6/4-5/16 Summer Open
7/16/16 Quad/Matches
8/20/16 Quad/Matches
10/23/16 Quad/Matches
11/4-6/16 SW Autumn Open
12/3-4/16 Winter Championship.

We hope to follow in Chad’s footsteps, and hold large tournaments with GMs, IMs, FMs etc., but it is only possible with your support and attendance. So we hope you will attend as many events as possible.