As a parent of 3 young chess apprentices, I’m questioning the omittance of the Morphy section in the NM Memorial Senior Championship Open on 1/31. This weekend (1/23) my sons will be playing at the Winter Warm-up, where the flyer promotes it as a time for “everybody to stretch their chess muscles” in preparation for the following NM Senior Championship Open. Apparently, pivotal changes were made after this flyer was created, namely by leaving out some of the most enthusiastic of your chess players (the Morphy section). While I do not play chess, I have been pleased up until this point with the fact that NMCO has treated the sport as an apprenticeship–issuing in the youngest of players and having them shadow their elders. The move to omit any Morphy section from any NMCO function works to distance this intimate NM chess community, while limiting the potential of the youngest of players. This is not only an unsound financial decision (Wouldn’t you want to grow and then support your patrons?), it is also a decision that reflects badly upon the many NMCO chess teachers who have worked to make chess functions a multi-generational affair. Please consider the youngest of your players when making decisions to omit an entire division–they are learning from you, even if it is only by your example.